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Lil Wayne Honored At BMI Urban Music Awards x Tech N9ne Talks About Visiting Weezy In Jail

Sat, Sep 11, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Rikers Island Mugshot ID

Last night (Friday, September 10th), BMI honored songwriters and producers at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood for their annual Urban Music Awards show. Lil Wayne received the “Urban Songwriter of the Year” award for the second time in a row, and Birdman, Mack Maine and Tyga were there to accept the award for him. Cash Money’s Jay Sean and Kevin Rudolf also attended the show.

Hit the jump to watch a video of Tech N9ne speaking to Vlad about visiting Weezy in jail.

It looks like we will be seeing a collabo between them when Tune gets out.

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  • DR3W

    First. Of course he got songwriter of the year!!. FREE WEEZY!

  • pie148

    so they just spoke about god

  • ogeezy(rage it ent)

    Yup free tunechi
    Please don’t forget the F

  • LilTunechi

    thats his prison pic? and i thought he was Christian

  • Joy(South Africa)

    he mos def deserves it!!!! oh sh!t lilwayne does not write he just records!!!lol no author

  • firstly amzaing that wayne is winnin all this while hes in jail..wait till he comes out.
    misunderstood is a tuneee fam.
    wayne is a reall nigaaa no two ways about it 🙂
    also @dannym whats happening bout the entourage video and nino brown part 3, dj scoob doo messin wid us now!

  • kassie

    congratss to waynee for winning that award while being in jail, but wow that’t how lil wayne really looks ? mmm sorry but he ugly haha


    dats wussup still winning in jail!! and that’s a REEEALL BIG DEAL that TECH went saw him and what he posted that on his twitter BECAUSE mothafuckaz alwayz sayin “oh hell NO TECH9 WOULD NEVER WORK WITH NO FUCKING LIL WAYNE!!” AND NOW LOOK, i wonder how the haterz feel now!lol and @pie148 I THINK THAT’S THE BEST THING FOR HIM TO BE THINKING ABOUT AND TALKIN BOUT ((BACK THERE)) THE ONLY PERSON YOU SHOULD GET “CLOSE TO” BACK THERE IS ((GOD)) it’ll make him a better person, son, father, friend, and ARTIST! he’ll see things in a “different light” his music will make more sense and he’ll think TWICE about gettin in 2 trouble. “”he got good people talking to him back there””—TECH IDK WHO TECH was talkin bout but im glad someone is tryna give him some game back there & smartin’ him up a lil

  • K-Freshz

    dats wassup!!!!! nigga winnin shit while in jail!!!!! def. lookin forward to that collab wit Tech…….and wit andre 3K!!!! that shit would be so ill……..

    FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!

  • Ooohhh

    Wayne looks weird in the pic

  • i love you weezy yeeh i love you…… weezy mad fuck police

  • Laaaaaak

    hei guys
    it happened somethin very crazy today
    i walk on the street and then a car drive next to me which the driver heard lil waynes cascades in it
    i only thought in this mom if he had the full version of this shit
    and than i heard these words like umbrelle at the end
    in the snippet was that the end right
    but in the car it continue
    sounds damn hot
    i cant belive that
    why is it not released if he had that shit
    im so crazy now

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    kooool lil wayne is CATHOLIC thats was up free weezy

  • weezyhead4eva


    im pretty sure this is what wayne would look like bald headed…

    yes ik you see some dreads n the back…

    but it resembles a non dreaded weezyy..

    n the song that u are talkin about..cascades

    they have fake full versions out…so that guy was jus a chump

  • DaMarquis

    FREE WEEZY liltunechi

  • chuck816

    Swear to GOD! Tech n9ne and lil wayne? I can fuckin wait tech n9ne been doin it 4years and in my eyes 1 of the greatest rappers alive, that’s gonna be a calaberation I really look forword to….he’s atrue kansas city Legend

  • kyle

    i wonder if when weezy got song writer of the year he was like “nigga i take the award but i dont write my shit down” hahaha free weezy and this collab right here gonna be some hot shit cannot wait for wayne to get out!!!

  • Da GrimeStar

    He’s catholic because the churches down in NO are about all Catholic want proof watch My Life does the Father Son Holy Ghost



  • wayneJR

    ILY wayne! FREE WEEZY! 🙂

  • omgn

    man it will kill him if they cut his hair


    are yous all stupid. in that picture hes looking up so his hairline is not as visible. TREYSIDE BLOODS BX SOU WOU to the P UPTOWN POPPIN I BLED BLOOD I BLEED BLOOD I BE BLOOD what UP chicago what up g

  • Of course!!!!


  • dolo

    bruh y dey put dat pic of dat nigga lookin lyk dat on da web wtfff…but congratz… wayne

  • Rhupa (rhuu kelly)

    dats FREE WEEZY I know, he turns all days in2 a halloween day. u deserve dis weezy, get dem weezy.

  • billy

    FREE lil wayne

  • bignig


  • D-Boy

    dan nigga that fucking collab is going to be the shit i cant wait for weezy Fuckin baby to get out . he’s m nigga and to all the haters out there utalk shit bout weezy we will come and find you and i will personally kick ur ass ya heard dog.
    peace my niggas
    SOU WOU bitched blood fo life

  • D-Boy


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