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Video: Mack Maine Interview With MTV About Lil Wayne & More

Fri, Nov 5, 2010 by

In the video above, Sway from MTV speaks to YM President Mack Maine about Lil Wayne, his chef, what things have changed about Weezy since he was locked up being behind bars, what Tune looks like physically (says he has an eight-pack), reading, the Young Money crew, Mack‘s business including what he does in a day, and plenty more. Part two of the interview is after the jump with Mack and Sway discussing about Wayne wanting beats ready for when he is out, what they will be doing in the first 72 hours of Tune‘s release, Wayne still making decisions from behind bars such as choosing which songs to put on the I Am Not A Human Being album, Tha Carter IV and more.

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  • Raw Tune

    I wish they would release more

  • siduhsiuhd

    yeah niggge second

  • Dasha

    At first, now i think we must anderstand Weezy! Because who never been in geel, that he never know, what is it, when your freedom dont your. And u feels like animal in a …! Weezy i love u, stay strong

  • Dasha(Tymdash)

    Young Money help Weezy, love him and try to anderstanded him!

  • aight

    Weezy gonna blow out with som good sh

  • ricardo laguna

    quinto nojoda welcome home weezy

  • TmY
  • ymcmb

    weezy banned from alcohol and weed for 3 years…
    probation terms from arizona…
    thats f@#ked up…
    thats gunna b hard for weezy…

  • bloodbro

    i thought weezy was the owner of YM.
    somebody explain plz

  • Wowudumb

    Wayne is the owner he’s the CEO an Mack Maine is the president of ym duuuuh

  • me

    in a weird way… i kinda think prison was good for wayne.. i mean, think abt it, he got to clear his mind, away from the drugs (not that i am the kind of person who goes around people and tells them what to do.. if u wonna do drug, do them!) but u know, he has gotten the time to think and reflect about life and shit now.. and i prolly wouldt stop with the syrup if i didnt had to do time.. and in… lest say 5 years from now, i could have been pretty damn messed up.. the syrup could have killed him! for his one sake, i hope is more mature abt the whole drug scene and shit, cuz you know, we dont wonna se anything bad happen to him!
    lol all this shit got pretty messed up.. i think i need some sleep.. anyway, glad to have you home wayne! ur the fucking best! take care.. and stop messing around with all that ym shit, please do more solo, thats what ur the best with

  • me

    omg lol what a fucking long comment

  • jessica bond

    damn mack looked good ym a have you turning heads and screaming fuck other labels glad wayne home can’t wait for another video form em

  • yunglilbomb

    Finally a rapper who knows how to speak !! Great interview Mack !! u can tell mack is def no dumbass dude…