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DJ Khaled & Lil Wayne Collabo Coming In January

Thu, Dec 9, 2010 by

In the video above, DJ Khaled speaks to MTV about his upcoming single from his We The Best Forever album dropping on the Cash Money label. The track will feature Lil Wayne, and Khaled says his verse is “amazing”.

His next project is his first for Cash Money Records, and he’s looking to kick things off with a lead single that would put “The Matrix Reloaded” opening scene to shame.

“I don’t want to tell you the name of the artist yet,” he told Mixtape Daily. “I want people to be surprised. But I have my first single.”

“I can tell you for a fact that me and Wayne did work together,” Khaled said. “I’m not gonna lie, he’s on it. We’ll let that one go.”

“When I work with Wayne, I always get the most classic verses, like ‘We Taking Over,’ ” Khaled said. “And this verse with my new one, it’s … I’m not even gonna lie: It’s amazing.

“It’s one of them anthems that I do,” he added. “The streets are gonna embrace it on another level. When you hear it you’re gonna be like, ‘This is what I’m talking about.’ It’s that anthem, I got them.”

Hit the jump to watch some HD footage from Weezy, Tyga, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Mack Maine and Lloyd all performing “Bed Rock” and “Deuces” at the Bayou Classic Fan Fest show in New Orleans on November 27.

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  • Tony


  • Mr.Lol


  • FGM


  • KnockMeOut

    ^^^ Fail

  • auwal1

    4th young mula baby

  • did that interviewer house nigger just say “dj khaled makes inspirational music”? jesus christ. And this guy always on other artists dicks. He is like mack maine. I bet if he was given a prom queen record from wayne he would say that it is on another level. dick riding faggots all of them

  • 757

    I cant wait but I am getting tired of all the hype. I want to hear da tracks ASAP not hear not amazing the verses is and shit. Need some new Weezy tracks!!!

  • steve757

    I want some new weezy tracks ASAP!!!

  • Chris

    The tracks going to be hott, i cant even wait. Khalid’s tracks are always insane.

  • lil wayne just get out of jail but he is not free dj khalid he is stuck with him some one shoot this guy . free weezy

  • iD.HILL

    ayy i kan wait to here dat

  • joe504


  • YM/CM

    man fuck @ymisshit…ALWAYS on here tryna get fame from dissing ymcm . LIFELESS ASS FAG… keep doing ya thang khaled

  • Kuba17

    stop giving him what he wants and ignore him

  • Weezy92

    Release a track ffs!

  • bmoney4204

    shut up with all the coming soon shit and put out a song

  • wiggy

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa booooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • YM/CM

    @kuba17 U RIGHT HOMIE!!

  • m.o.b.

    eventho he SCREAM ALL THE FUCKIN TIME & be MAD HYPE.whateva khaled put out be a FUCKIN HEATER AND ANTHEM! so i believe the hype on this shit. same people thats hatein’ NOW gonna be downloading and making it a RINGTONE n’ shit. WATCH..

  • kronnick

    ^^^ co-sign.

  • Brandon

    okay, this is bullshit.
    dj khaled is SHIT.

  • GCS

    nicki minaj tweeted
    that she love the romans revenge remix with weezy
    about to coming very soon !

  • kronnick

    Brisco tweeted, “@BriscoOpaLocka & @liltunechi mixtape #TrueBlood coming!!!”

    that’ll be fire too.

  • kronnick

    Nicki tweeted, “I have a surprise 4 that song cmn soon!” –> RT @miadamonk: blastin @NICKIMINAJ Roman’s Revenge!!!!!!!!!! I love this shit!!!!”

    So from Nicki’s lips, Roman’s Revenge (remix) ft. Wayne, comin’ soon. let’s goooo!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @m.o.b co-produce

  • I don’t think he said he had Wayne on the January single, I think he just said that he did work with Wayne. The secret artist he’s talking about is more then likely Eminem

  • WeezyFan4Life

    Ready for Tunechi’s Tha Carter IV

  • Jrweezzzyy

    Is dis da dedication 4 ??

  • Spetakkel :D
  • lil-rockstar

    birdman say weezy rap better than ever its magic
    all say wayne verses are amazing
    but just talk talk talk
    i will hear it
    i cant wait fuuuck

    Best Rapper Alive Lil Wayne

  • YungNizzy14

    Man i think i speak 4 everybody when i say we can expect big things 4rm Weezy in 2011 really YMCMB period they goin have like 8 albums droppin 4rm they label alone cant wait YMCMB 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m.o.b.

    hell yeah!! ^^^

  • GTLawlday

    man dj khaled sucks…he needs everyone else just to be successful

  • Alejandro


  • Dwayne Jr

    Patience it’s a talent.

  • vocker

    ya brisco did tweet about a lil wayne mistape called trueblood that is coming soon that is gonna be dope!, but is it him alone or is it a brisco wayne mixtape (wish it has wayne by his self :D)
    but not sure about the roman revenge remix lol, but i wish there is 😀

  • kronnick

    It’s a Brisco/Wayne collabo mixtape. I’ll say 80% sure that Wayne’s on the Roman’s Revenge (remix), rumors started late last week that Wayne is on the remix. Then she tweeted that she “has a surprise for that song comin soon.” If Nikki IS doing a remix, then who better to have her boss, friend, and role model on the track. She didn’t get to do ANYTHING with Wayne on Pink Friday, and i’m sure she would’ve wanted to. If you ask me, if she doesn’t get Wayne for any remix off Pink Friday, i would consider it a HUUUUGE missed oppurtunity, and YMCMB isn’t known for missing their oppurtunities. So with all of these evidences, maybe i’ll boost that 80% to 90ish% after convincing myself a llittle more. Leggggoooooo.

  • heeeeeeeeee is it….good we love’s………….

  • Joelbeezy(joelee)

    Hope weezy and khaled is gonna kill this one too!! Lol


  • Chazz

    khaled sucks
    3 songs from dj yoda who used weezy in em are 1000 times better than anything khaled ever made
    and he used verses from known songs where khaled got the real weezy on his shit trackz

  • ricardo laguna

    exelente noticias dj khaled es bien pero solo en sus canciones dice pocos versos si no fuera por victory dj khaled no es nadie en sus canciones con lil wayne pegan es xq lil wayne es el mejor y xq lil wayne no hayu nadie q lo supere y khaled se aprovecha de eso para mi opinion dj khaled es un novato seguidor de weezy .desde venezuela nro q idolo de lil wayne el mejor rapero en el maldito mundo weezy the best .dj khaled suck .lil wayne the best raper in the world

  • ricardo laguna

    @chazz tienes toda la razon dj khaled sucks

  • @kronnick i’ll fill in the rest 10%..100% babyyyy!!!!!roman’s revenge RAH RAH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGONNN!!!! HIS VERSE WILL BE FIRE LIKE A HUNDRED DRAGONS!!

  • yo men i just cant wait for that one.ha.

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