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Magnolia Shorty Mourned By Lil Wayne & Others At Funeral In New Orleans

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Magnolia Shorty Mourned By Lil Wayne At Funeral In New Orleans

As fellow Cash Money affiliates Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, Mack Maine and Baby made their way into the Fifth African Baptist Church in New Orleans on Thursday morning (December 30), hundreds of fans gathered outside the church to pay tribute to fallen hometown rapper Magnolia Shorty.

In addition to Weezy and his crew, a number of other local bounce artists made their presence felt at the funeral, including Partners-N-Crime, Kilo G, DJ Jubilee, Big Freeda and Ms. Tee, who was the first female artist to sign with Cash Money, followed by Shorty in 1995, who was the label’s second, and last, female member.

The closed funeral began at 11 a.m., and while more than 1,000 friends and relatives packed into the brick house of worship, the street outside was overflowing with nearly 1,500 fans paying tribute to the bounce legend. Many were wearing shirts in praise of Shorty (born Renetta Lowe), 28, with messages such as “R.I.P. Magnolia Shorty” and “We Love You Renetta,” as well as buttons that read “Forever ‘Shorty.’ ”

Wayne, Birdman and Mack Maine tweeted their condolences in the wake of Shorty’s murder last week, but on Thursday, it was former Cash Money rapper and Hot Boyz member B.G. who remembered his fallen comrade after the funeral.

“Magnolia Shorty was like a sister to me and it ain’t just what she meant to me; it’s what she meant to Louisiana, it’s what she meant to New Orleans,” B.G. told MTV News, noting that he was the one who brought Shorty into the Cash Money fold when she was just 12 years old. “She was the queen of bounce. She was someone you loved to be around. She was the best at what she do. I’m really speechless right now, but it ain’t sunk in yet. … She owned this city, but she was this close to ownin’ the world.”

The program for the service featured a photo of Shorty under the headline “A Homegoing Celebration for a Phenomenal Queen.” Shorty was gunned down last Monday alongside an unidentified man in a vehicle that crashed near a New Orleans East housing complex. Her murder came seven years after the November 2003 killing of another New Orleans rapper, James “Soulja Slim” Tapp, whose original stage name was Magnolia Slim and who grew up with Shorty in the Magnolia housing projects and gave her the Magnolia Shorty stage name.

The funeral was to be followed by a traditional New Orleans second line celebration in which her casket was be paraded down the street accompanied by musicians, friends, family and supporters. – MTV

R.I.P. Magolia Shorty 🙁

Magnolia Shorty Mourned By Lil Wayne At Funeral In New Orleans

Magnolia Shorty Mourned By Lil Wayne At Funeral In New Orleans

Magnolia Shorty Mourned By Lil Wayne At Funeral In New Orleans

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  • jordanTTTTT


  • tunechisthebest

    RIP. i hope the hot boys will get back together and make some music

  • 5 star damu

    rest in peace girl, you will be missed

  • Making Moves

    Why does it seem like everyone is dying lately =[


  • RIP

    did anyone read the full story? she got shot 26 times in total….thats messed up in every way, so shockin

  • Target

    2 people from CASH MONEY have died this month wtf

    Birdman will have something to do with it

  • LOVIE D.

    that dude must be killing everyone from te magnolia projects the only one that is left i think is magnolia chop

  • Jd

    @target what two people?

  • 5044life

    @target STFU!!! U SOUND DUMB AS FUCK…wth baby got to do with they death??! magnolia shorty was JUST at baby’s birthday party in n.o. go on and see. it was all love with them she was like a daughter to him. and idk what OTHER person you talkin bout. getya facts straight…that’s how BULLSHIT get started. SPEAK ON WHAT YOU (KNOW) & NOT WHAT YOU ASSUME

  • ashley

    SOOOOOO if EVERYONE was there to pay RESPECT to ShORTY , Y IN THE HELL THEY U ALL TAKING PICS. OF WAYNE AND THEM LIKE THEY NOT FROM THAT CITY AND THEY –>NEVER SEEN THEM B4??? some people r sooo disrespectful. i bet that’s y MOST of them came anyway. to c wayne

  • no504

    @target PLEASE KILL YASELF…cuz baby u sound REEEAALL STUPID. & @5044LIFE is RIGHT! so GTFO

  • 17thward

    r.i.p. shorty and coo… our city gonna miss yall. and that’s wussup wayne and them came to say they final farewell. NEVER FORGET yo people…


    @jd that dumbass talking bout shorty and teena marie. soooo i guess baby gave teena marie a stroke and killed her in her sleep too huh?? @target smf shut yo dumb ass up

  • brooklynwoo

    @lil tune lmao hell yeah…. i guess that jack ass didnt see her last interview that was posted on this site. where teena said she was thinking bout COMING BACK TO CASHMONEY and how good they was to her.

  • yo mama

    the killer(s) was REALLY after her boyfriend “ma man” from what i hear from the streets. and she just happend to be w/ him when they caught him. idk maybe false dont quote me

  • rika

    r.i.p. to her…. n.o. needsto STOP THE BULLSHIT

  • weezyf

    She achieved a huge accomplishment in her lifetime, to be signed to the greatest record label.
    Gone, but never forgotten.

  • просто я

    ха ха на фотке охранник хватает за задницу девчёнку , на которую Вейн сотрит =))

  • Jassy babe

    i wish ppl had more respect and didnt take pics during a funeral

  • tee

    @target I agree birdman could have least gotten her out of the hood

  • tunechi

    haha that cigar looks like a big black dick cmon son

  • Don_Prince


  • Young Money Soldier

    how is it that she was thwe second and last female to sign to Cash Money when this site says there are two other females siogned onto Cash Money [on the Cash Money section]
    and isnt the Young Money Crew also signed to Cash Money?
    so wouldnt that make Nicki part of Cash Money?

  • GCS

    look at me now is out got damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • No Need Relax Shorty For life RIP

  • nary rebecca fenty

    weezy in the pictiure so beautiful.

  • RIP…seem like the life is damn short

  • LaLaLa

    Ass tap 1st pic aaaaallriiiiight gigidee!

  • *nicole carter*

    Some of u are so messy and in the hell did birdman kill this woman! And to whoever said y didn’t he get her out,the hood.maybe that’s where she wanted to be maybe she ft like that’s where she belonged ! Not everyone thinks being famous means leaving ur hood. And tthis is a post where u can leave ur condolences, not wat u may think of lil waynes cigar or people taken pics of wat if she got shot 26 times no one knows that for sure.let’s not forget that there are people still mourning her death and

  • *nicole carter*

    Clearly nobody wants to relive that hurt if she really did expire that way. Some of u need to be more respectful towards others feelings.ugh!!! R.I.P magnolia short .

  • proper cool lil waynes smokein a cigar

  • lol i love this website its soo cool its got mizz rip on it lol

  • oxsmdox18

    all i got to say is RIP SHORTY and my respect is sent out to her family!!

  • Two heads are better than one.

  • do yall like them hmm yea if you dont hump the tree 🙂