Video: Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Interviews Lil Wayne

Wed, Mar 30, 2011 by

Yesterday, Angie Martinez of Hot 97 interviewed Lil Wayne for her Angie Martinez Show! You can check out some footage from the interview above, were they talk about what being away for a year does to Weezy, Nicki Minaj, retiring at the age of 35, having no more kids, Eric Benet’s Sometimes I Cry record, never listening to Drake or Nicki Minaj’s albums, wanting to smash “Jersey Shore” girls, his favorite albums out right now, and Mack Maine giving Wayne‘s “Did It On ‘Em” beat to Nicki.

Listen to the full interview here

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  • TheWayneAcademy

    first !!!!

  • Fo real now if a hater comes hate here just ignore him, he will go away alone, coz them niggas are soft as fuck and thru do that just to get attention

  • Weasal


  • t

    that nigga wayne the truth


    yeaahhhh bitchhh

  • who gives a fuck if your first!

  • m.o.b.

    c4- may 16,2011 support .

  • jose

    hahaha cj better watch hisself. lmaoooo

  • kris

    lol @jose

  • adawd

    nine in this bitch

  • derick

    wayne is super funny yo. lol

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    weezy actin like he might be a lil faded. lol.

  • YungNizzy14

    Still dnt believe it 35 seems to close from now i kno the nigga only 27 but now tht he said it, it sounds right around the corner SMH!!! YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #Reply

    I’ll get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that wayne train.. YmCmb!!

  • bishop

    WAY better watching it…weezy is crazy funny…. c4 BITCH

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    yo is there a problem with releasing an album on a MONDAY?? im only asking because some people were saying thats stupid but i dont know why is that!!! anybody knows????

  • KIM

    i get a strong feeling wayne gonna push c4 back when it gets close to may 16th.

  • justin

    @luiseezy idk why but albums are supposed to be released on tuesday on down.because i remember nicki was tryna get hers out on monday too.but she couldnt *shrug*some industry shit i guess

  • TI King Of The South

    that nigga seem faded … it would be cool if he started sipping again, just to hear his old creative flows.

  • BloodGang

    @TI Kind Of the South:

    Yeah that nigga is fadded…has been since he got out the pen. And nah…Wayne slept to much on the syzzzurp. Now he needs to go hard on tracks and begin killing beats again. Also, he needs to stop going on dumbass songs like J-Lo’s bullshit. Although he only like does a verse for a song, he shouldnt even be doing that shit. He should just be going hard on them tracks…”I get on anybody track…and hit that bitch with that Wayne train”
    YMCMB….ya digggggggg.

  • Yo i’m heated that Wayne missed out on that sh*tt’d on em beat!!! yo he woulds killed it!!!! I think the fact she scored his beat and the subject matter says I stole ur beat and sh8tted on u. WEAK!! Looking good keep up the good work!

  • LA

    Albums are realeased on tuesdays because sales figures for albums are released on mondays. Just like films are ranked according to weekend sales. Billboard charts are determine according to weekly sales. To maximize their sales potential albums have to be released immediately after the posting of the previous week’s sales figues.-Dope interview! And who ever said ?get back on tha syrup? Hell no! Pimp c and dj screw die from that shit smh.

  • weezy

    hahah funny as hell xDDDDDD

  • BloodGang

    @LA…I dig the facts. Good work. Yeah I want Weezy alive as long as possible. But he needs to go hard on tracks as well as being alive.

  • antuonchris

    Weezy is so great sober.

  • Kenny

    did he say that carter 4 wont sell a milli in first week? i didnt hear him say that. i think it will sell fcuking 2 milli! LETS GET IT ON MAY 16 EVERYONE. SUPPORT THA BEST RAPPER ALIIIIVE! SPREAD THA WORD .

  • i am big fan of wayne now 🙂 weezy is a best rapper alive 🙂

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne dont doubt yourself bro leggo #teamtunechi!!!

  • he goin to due 2 milli

  • this nigga smoked so much weed for so long i think he got thc stored away in his body lmao he aint gotta pick up a nother blunt or syp no more lol

  • Weezy 6’7″

    if p diddy is still rappin’ when Wayne is 35 then Wayne shouldnt quit…
    what happened to ” two words you will never hear, Wayne quit, cause Wayne win and they lose”?

  • Aleckazee

    this guys a real funny cunt lol his like the only non-comedian that makes me laugh out loud. Can’t wait for c4!

  • Tj

    im getting 5 copies may 16 guys. already saved dat money lol. 1 for me, 1 for my girlfreind, 1 for my lil bro, 1 for my sister and 1 for u WEEZY. LETS GO!!!

  • nohomow

    @Tj haha i like that, btw f0cking nice intervieuw..

  • mena

    You have to love him for being just himself. Lol- no more kids, ‘my money ain’t that long’. Whoever said seeing the interview is a lot better, I agree. Nice.

    April 3rd, D.C. Verizon Center Floor seats- ready!

  • Kiid Tune

    Kiid Tune Look Me Up.. Google Kiid Tune Or UpTop Boyz/Uptop gang

    im next to do it.. Or Facebook Kiid Tunechi

  • Ror Rito

    weezy next single should come soon

  • yeah!!! bitch

  • Grandpa Birdman

    wait a second, did he say that on tour Nicki comes out after him? so its not the Lil Wayne tour, its the Nicki tour 🙁

  • lol

    @aleckazee eat a dick you bitch

  • Real G




    still my nigga til tha end tho!!!

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