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Game Announces New Single “Bottles & Rockin’ J’s” Featuring Lil Wayne Coming Soon!

Fri, Jun 10, 2011 by

In the video above, you can watch Game speak to Rap-Up about a song he has on his forthcoming RED album called “Martians vs. Goblins“, which will feature Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator. Game says that Weezy will only have one line on the hook, but it won’t be a sampled line.

The good news is that we should be getting a new Game single soon that will feature Tunechi again, along with plenty of other artists including: DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, and Teyana Taylor. The single, which is called “Bottles & Rockin’ J’s“, will be produced by Lex Luger, and Game‘s RED album will be in stores on August 23rd.

I’m pretty sure Tune will have a verse on the single this time 😛

Game Announces New Single Bottles & Rockin Js Featuring Lil Wayne Coming Soon

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  • 1st in diz bitch

  • ely_youngtune


  • louliaak47


  • louliaak47

    I LOVE YA’LL 🙂

  • louliaak47

    Its the martian and i come for allll i swear i will fuck all of ya;ll bumper carsssssss ;))

  • SWAGGGG 🙂 #YMCMB Taken Over 😉
    –Twiitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me ! <3

  • louliaak47

    -Twitter: @louliaak47
    follow me <3333


  • tha business

  • Tyler the creator? Damn that’s dope! Hope weezy nd Tyler make a collabo! OFWGKTA

  • Ohh and weezy need to put Tyler on that c4 as well! (I’m a dreamer) aha

  • Heepnottik


  • wait a minute aint wayne the martian

  • Nak Nak

    fuck game and his bull shit only giving wayne a hook. nigga you scared wayne will kick your ass on your own track? fuck out a here and give wayne a verse!!!

  • StephenJ

    Just a few weeks ago noone wanted Tyler, The Creater’s “devil worshippin’ ass” on a song from Wayne now, everyone on his dick… wtf?

  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    tyler is fucking crazy. but in a way hes a ok rapper if u can get past the part about rapin bitches ahahah and i think he shoulda got the other verse for this shit an let ty get the hook.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    dont fuck with me..dont fuck with me!

  • Dude

    game has a daughter 18 ! niguh fuckk shit cuntt woaahhh

  • Real_G

    When Word Came Out That Wayne Was Gne Be Working Wit A Surmise Group Yaw Was Shittin On OFWGKTA!!! Now Yaw GEEKED About them ???? Mane Fuck dude and them

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    how can you be a LIL WAYNE FAN and then go so low been a fucking OFWGKTA FAN? THEIR FUCKING TRASH SHITTY RAPPERS!!!! FUCK YOU @What’s Goody that shit will never fucking happen!!! make your own fucking remix!!!!!!

  • WaynePod

    We need a Weezy track with Tyler and Wiz Khalifa… Wolf gang Taylor gang Blood gang

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • WaynePod

    @luiseey what he’s done song with britney spears and Enrique iglaseas

  • TONY
  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    tyler the creator aka creature is a freak. his rap should not be considered music, i’d rather listen to emo-pop than that bulllshit. fuck that creeepy ass “artist” i hope he overdoses on whatever shit he’s on…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    real talk

  • @Luiseezy F. Crazy Someone forgot to take there pills aha Nigguh You mad? We all have differ opinions and differ likes and dislikes… You fucking act like you own this shit or some shit… I didn’t come here on this site to fucking agreed what you like you dumbass…

  • scooty_mofo

    @Luiseezy F. Crazy can you shut the fuck up. no one gives a fuck what you talking about. stop being a dickhead and telling ppl what to listen to.

  • Real_G

    Why u mention my name @Luiseezy F. Crazy??????

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    if wayne ever graced tyler or wiz with a collabo then i would shit a brick… the only reason he worked with tech was to shut the people up who said he couldnt hang with him.
    #when are yall gonna get it?
    when there is no wayne there is no hiphop.

  • MKR

    IDK bout the Tyler track am not much of a fan cause he seems like he’s bitin Eminem’s old style yet is tryin too hard to show ppl that he’s unique but still he’s got some good music I think the Lex Luger track is gonna be hot weezy always goes H.A.M on his beats, & I have a feelin that he’s gonna make a song with that Chick Adele she has a decent voice, but it’ll be awesome if he did a track with Slaughterhouse for C4 that shit will be Crazy !!!!!

  • Teeeheee

    only one line?! are you serious? only one fuckin’ line?! i really like all of the songs Game and Wayne make together but .. uhm.. excuse me .. one line?!! o.O

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @FUCK ALL OF YOU WITH STUPID REPLIES im not saying who y’all should fucking listen , too i just made a comment on how you could listen to a good rapper(lil wayne) and then listen to a fucking garbage can rapper (tyler and tyler gang) thats wack!!

  • wAKE dA fUCK uP


  • WaynePod

    @loosey look u ride waynes dick too hard he’s probably the only artist on ur iPod like 50 cent was 7 years ago… Expand your musical horizons my man don’t take this as disrespect but ur defiantly a Wayne fan

  • Real_G

    @Luiseezy F. Crazy Why Did You Mention My Name????

  • SpencerHawes

    it clearly says wayne will have one line on the hook and then danny says he’ll have a verse? doesnt make sense

    • @SpencerHawes – I said Wayne will have a verse on the single, unlike “My Life” and “Red Nation”… not the “Martians vs. Goblins” song.

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    yoo this dude @ceej is a WEIRD fucking dude. he thinks he like knows wayne or something. dudes always commenting shit like “no wayne wouldnt do that”. bro, if u wanna blow him, have danny try to contact him or something.

    seriously bro, there is a life besides lil wayne.

    ~Kims Corner Store owner aka Big P aka Slime rothstein

  • yuckk

    tyler is to good to be on a track with lil wayne

    wayne has bein doing the same pattern for years now and its getting annoying

    tyler is fucking fresh compared to wayne

  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    tyler is ok for his style but i still dont really like him. call me a dick rider but no one will ever be as great as wayne… he has the NASTIEST flow and the way his confidence fits in with it just makes it better. why is it that EVRYONE tries to hate on wayne? eminem fans tech 9 fans etc… why when wiz khalifas OVERATED ass comes out or when mac miller or whoever comes out they try to compare them to wayne? because hes the best and hes the only one they wanna target. they never try talkin shit bout anyone else. so go ahead and call me a dick rider.. im just a real fan. theres a reason i come to this site haters. dont try to tell me to “expand the artists in my ipod” i dont have to do shit. yes i do have 80% wayne in my ipod. 20% of its drake and los. (top 3 rappers) wayne will always be the best so emenem, wiz khalifa, tech ….. etc. can all go eat a dick. tunechi= B.R.E best rapper ever.

  • kobebryant

    id love to see weezy and wiz khalifa do a song together

  • heepnottik

    Tylers not a fucking devil worshiper either look it up before you start talking shit.

  • gioboss

    Tylers athiest bitches!! Wayne would kill tyler though 🙂 or would he??

  • KadafI_213

    that whats up cant wait for R.E.D and the carter IV of course albums both are looking strong detox i think we will wait another couple of years lol

  • KadafI_213

    taylor raps not bad but i dont fuck with that attention seeker SWAG he dont believe in GOD so i dont believe in him Frank Ocean is a better artist imo