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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Pushed Forward A Week x Not A Fan Of The “Anne” Song

Thu, Jun 23, 2011 by

Lil Waynes Tha Carter IV Pushed Forward A Week x Not A Fan Of The Anne Song

According to the very reliable Cash Money Records Senior Vice President of Promotion, Mel Smith, Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album has been pushed forward a week from August 29th to August 22nd. I suppose this is a little bit better, but I do think Tune needs to drop the “How To Love” music video and give us some more details on his Sorry For The Wait mixtape.

After the jump, Weezy F Baby tells XXL that he is not a fan of his “Anne” record and that it was originally meant to appear on Tha Carter III.

“That was actually a record for Tha Carter III that just leaked,” Wayne told XXL last week in Miami’s Hit Factory. “It leaked out and everybody’s thinking that it’s going on Tha Carter IV ’cause I was actually gonna put it on Tha Carter IV . But I had been listening to it and didn’t like it. I don’t like it ‘cause the song, all the verses are old. And me being a perfectionist, I hate going with old verses.”

Wayne’s right hand man Mack Maine and manager Cortez Bryant have expressed different sentiments. “Mack and Tez and them, they love it,” he said. “They be like ‘Man, you trippin, you killed it.’ I be like, ‘Did you hear what I just said? I don’t wanna do that anymore.’ But I heard that the ‘Anne’ song has been getting buzzed up and everybody’s buzzin’ about it so it might end up one of those you might have to put on the album, you know what I mean. But I ain’t trippin’ on it like that; I don’t like the song. I love the beat; I love the idea. I don’t like my execution. I don’t like what I did, I don’t like how I delivered on it. The idea that I had for it, I didn’t accomplish that, what I thought I was gonna do. ‘Cause I was tryna make it a situation song. And I just don’t like it.”

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  • asai adame


  • 1-800-Choke-That-Hoe

    First fuckers

  • Allen

    when is his mixtape coming out?????

  • G.O.A.T K.I.D.S


  • Darryl Darensbourg

    wayne is sooooo great & humble… only true wayne fans knew that anne song was a old verse, cuz he said something about lean… i didnt really like the song either, like its straight but not like not too great


    o yea !!!!!!!!! lol

  • Ahhh!!! itss Okaay ^.^

  • Step


  • Real_G


  • Brian

    I felt the same way..his lyrics were poor and no story was told but glad he felt the same way

  • morris

    glad u doing ur thing and not getting influenced by people …like most of the rappers today…like jada falling off caause he aint got a mind of his own

  • TONY
  • it was dope to me but he say that about every song he do except for WAYNE’S WORLD i wanna hear that shit like yesterday he said its his best work so damn it where is it

  • wayne07

    he does not like old verses yet he recycles verses on his tracks, Nightmares of the Bottom verse 1 and PLaying with Fire verse 3, u work your ass off yet you use old verses from 09 and 06-07

  • Tygaman

    yo bitches didnt even read this shit and yall sayin first !!! fuckers im last

  • Real_G

    Now everybody Gne agree n shit smh….. naw but if he not feeling it and it seem like he hate it…. plus it didn’t make Tha Carter III so dnt put no mediocre leftover on Tha Carter IV

  • druskey F. crazy

    Anne BETTER NOT be on tha carter iv.. Droppin it on 22 of august tho.. Haha.. Early birthday present for me.. Haha im on 23rd.. b’s up

  • Loyalty

    Yeah, I feel ya Mr. Carter! My suggestion is to make C4 a double disc…. one disc for the people who like Anne and one disc filled with that old Wayne, ya dig?! 🙂 But its all good, love ya!!! C A R T E R IV

  • Domo

    @Danny M -Is There Still a Single Coming In July?


    im so happy and sad together lol lil wayne retire with 35 not yet….

  • MyEr 11

    Leave anne off the carter iv and just put it on the mixtape

  • Teeeheee

    ehh i’m a bit scared about c4 release date .. 22n august … you know that r.e.d. is on august 23rd right?! it’s gon be a war .. but anyways I AM HAPPY! 😀 anyone knows any info for how to get c4 in Bulgaria .. any website or something … is there free shipping all over the world … or?! 😀

  • Danny

    Damn why can i ever be first to comment

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    lol i cannot very good english and when i read something with “tha carter 4… push…”

    then i thought shittttttttt but now its 1 week earlier 🙂

  • Charlie G

    check the brazilian Mrs Officer Remix

  • djbreezy

    thats wassup wit c4 being pushed up a week! when i signed on today and first read it i thought it said pushed back a week! lol. i was pissed, but its all good. i love how honest wayne is saying he dont like it! shouldnt be on carter 4 anyway, eminems ‘stan’ wasnt even on an album was it?

  • prime

    Hey follow me on twitter @lilwaynelyrics1

  • Real_G

    Yea stan was on his album smh

  • Hitesh Rajani

    I figures out the song is old from the line….*cocaine ans sprite can*
    My Man ain’t on drugs anymore,

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    The Words: “Album Pushed Forward” & “Lil Wayne” should NEVER be together.

    Im Just Kidding. I love Wayne to Death

  • Dude you should hear how niggaz be listenin to that jam,,,, if it misses on the carter IV, it will be disapointment. If its old, then its fine but guyz were not nodding to it earlier.

  • aish thaks

    yeah weezy i appreciate it …Young Money

  • ??????????

    unreleased wayne snippet within the chat its from this year

  • Christopher

    Put it on the mixtape! ;D

  • ??????????

    htt p : / / tinyurl. c(o)m/69lnu35

  • Random…..since when does Weezy push albums foward? o_O

  • ninab

    my weezy

  • heepnottik

    It’s a nice track.. you can tell its old by the sound of his voice. Put it on the mixtape!

  • G

    Wayne doesn’t fuck with cocaine. its codeine.

  • MJ

    the first time a see a nigga put out an album on a monday. i bet my ass cashmoney bout to change the date again. Do they really expect to ship 1.5million copies of the album and market on the same day?

  • CANT BAN Seth Gecko

    the guy finally admits that he sucked. maybe there is still hope for him.

  • i didnt like the song that well either. the ending was a mess compared to the eminem version

  • Aaron

    Weezy murders this beat i love it and Lil Tunechi <3

  • rare lil wayne video when he was only 4 years old MUST SEE !!!!!!

  • Matheo22

    What a surprise :O i have a birthday in 22nd August It will be a great gift ;D

  • Raymond

    i love wayne but , the thing about him not liking to use old verses is false o.O Nightmares of the Bottom , Runnin, and other songs have old verses in the beginning

  • PleaseSayTheBaby

    never thought id say this but weezy could of done better on that, i say scrap that song… weezy says there is going to be a track on the carterIV that is going to make rappers wanna quit right, dear anne in mediokre shit, does not deserve a spot on the greatest rapper alives album. Carter IV 22nd! YMCMB <3

  • YM Militia

    Ever think of re-recording it Little Wayne??????

  • bostons finest

    u should leave it offf C IV but put it on a mixtape

  • bostons finest

    its old you can tell cause hes smokin a blunt

  • BB

    Hey guys, check me out and give me feedback if you can. Just picked up rapping, and yeah. Thanks.

  • mmm

    weezy is nominated for best rapper ever…

  • Wayne-iac

    @wayne07 the playing with fire verse 3 was altered some. Plus, that was a verse from a carter III song that got leaked. So, technically it moved from one song to another but you still listen to it so stop trippin

  • rainbow_barbie397

    @wayne-iac shut up

  • michael

    yeah.!!!!tha carter IV is komin’ out on my birthday.!!! going too be dha best birthday present.!!!!:D

  • Rodrigo

    I wanna Tha Drought is over 7 D:

  • yung_money

    Dats wus up weezy pushing da album up a week wish yall woulda pushed it up a fucking month lmao but it’s all good anne was kinda wack only thing good about it was da sample and as far as c4 goes i hope u he drops 6’7 and john off da album they were aiight songs but they been out to long and alot of ppl don’t really feel em no more i know he recorded alot more heat since then to replace them i fucks wit how to love and erthing else i don’t wanna hear till the album drops that will make it worth da wait. and oh yeah sorry for the wait lmfao YMCMB

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    where the hell is that mixtape already? hype for see for is more inconsistant than the dow jones and the housing market combined

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    iam pissed!

  • im thinking anne remix then you can make it the way weezy wants it

  • Jodizzo21

    Damn the last album??!!?? I’m gonna die without his music but he’s doin it for his family so that’s awesome . . . Respect my man TUNECHI

  • N3RD

    Woow Thats Good ..But Yea Weezie Itz True That Song Was Ok..There Wasnt Anything In The Song That Made Me Say Woow ..Wayne Shud Remake The Song ..Change Up The Whole Story And Pick Another Name Like Ashley Or Sumthin…He Cud Make Up A Story About Sum Chick Who Lived Next Door To Stan And Stan Was Fukin Her Every Once In a Wjile And Say Dayt Stan Didnt Kill Him Self For Eminem He Realy Killed Himself For Ashley Cuz She Fuked Eminem At A Concert And Moved 2 Sum Other Place Far Away From Him

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    lets just all make suggestions for what his songs should be about…..

  • Jason704


  • Jason704

    So it’s the email I guess hmm

  • Real_G

    Naw Lowkey If Wayne Was To Remake Stan. He Should Make It As him Writing To Stan Lil Brother. That Makes More Sense. Or have stans lil Bro writing Wayne on sum crazy shit just like his big bro…… waynes concept was weak too simple forced and rushed…. writing to Anne or any other bitch is stupid… stan and his pregnant girlfriend died in Tha song …….

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    if u wanna get basic with it, both songs are a dedication to fans. eminem and weezy are not the same… literally nothing about them is similar except the genre hip-hop. but weezy shouldnt be riding on ems songs and vice versa, if wayne’s song anne is a tribute to em’s song stan and both are dedications to fans then whats the point of all of this speculation about this or that. theyre arent the same raper, they arent even affiliated with eachother in a recording sense and they dont do alot of collaboso either… the songs are good. personally i like stan better i think it was more emotional and dido made the track really bang on repeat, anne is a great song too its just sub par with where weezy should be at right now but alot of that is because the nigga hasnt put shit out since he got out and he’s acting like he owns the game still… anyways to the point comparing those two songs is just stupid.
    maybe if they were the same beat or something yall would have a point but naa they are two different songs entirely. besides nobody can say wat wayne should write his songs about? his opinion is the only on that matters when theyre his songs…

  • Real_G

    if its a part 2 to anything there will be comparison…..

    especially how everybody hyped it up to be and tha expectation of tha track…..

    name one thing thats a part 2 thats not compared to tha first….

    it wouldnt even be all hyped up to be like it was if it wasnt for comparison and


    If they aint wont comparison then they would have never mentioned stan and would have just dropped it…… den we woulda been like awww dude bitin off em n shit and then others would be defending that he’s not

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Real_G

    what they mean by ” FOR TAKING DOWN” ???

    yea he is pissed tho

  • who dont lik “anne”??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Real_G its like when you go to youtube but you cant watch a video because its consider infringement. that’s one way they take down a song.

  • Nastykid

    Lol,his lines kinda sucked,but it’s his fault he compared his song with Eminem’s,
    He should re-record it.

  • Anonymous

    niggas need to stop trippin. you can’t compare the two because this wasn’t even put out by wayne. he made it back for tha carter 3. it didn’t even make the album. and he don’t even like it.

  • Fly Dungas

    why are people saying put it on a mixtape? who cares, don’t we all have it anyway?

  • Hawk

    When’s “Sorry for the Wait” comin?

  • MOP15321

    I find it funny how all of you are agreeing with wayne now, no matter what his opinion I still think Anne is a real good song but I feel like things don’t add up. Wen C3 was made wayne didn’t smoke blunts while recording that started happening. around no ceilings and why wud lil wayne do a tribute to eminem after he declines him a song on C3 ? I think wayne shud either re-do it n make it better but I think he has a song on C4 about the letters his fans wrote him so that will be good. Ps I remember at the BET awards 08 after the C3 sold amilli in a week they all praised him for him at the award show so if he sells amilli in a week they will say it at the VMAs

  • T-Nasty

    yo how crack would it be if wayne put out a double disc with Tha Carter 4 & Sorry 4 the Wait being the other disc…it would give more incentive to buy C4…just a thought…i know he isnt going to do it

  • Pico

    “hate old verses”…. weezy how many times have you recycled ur verses on songs. smh.

  • Joseph

    Come on Bruh u pushed it forward a week, aint a real big deal kuz skool starts for me on tha 15th so it aint that big of a push back u should push it back to like August 1st or 8th. i mean in March u said it was finished

  • Real_G

    If it was Gne be a double disc it would just be a A and B Side…. like 15 on disc 1 and 15 on disc 2 .. it ain’t Gne be no mixtape den he gotta pay Tha producers off that too…. and dear Anne will never be on any of his mixtapes ever…. but lowkey I think Tha carter 4 will be a double disc…

  • Its CeeJ!

    i seriously doubt tha carter 3 is gonna be a double disc…. he’s never done that before and hasnt even mentioned thinking about doing it. it’ll probably be a disappointment honestly… look at the 3 he released so far. john banged. 67 is annoying as shit and if u listen to 67 and then how to love ull be about as confused as lil wayne himself. if anything i would expect 16 mayyybe 17 tracks on tha c3 and i would expect each song to be so completely different that the album wont make sense if u listen straight thru… kinda like c3.
    i dont mean to be bashin on my favorite rapper or ex favorite but lately he’s just a disappointment.. he had his head on when he got out and while he was in but now he just thinks he doesnt have to work to stay on top… how to love is bs

  • Its CeeJ!

    expect c4 to be double disk… disk 1 16 random songs… disk 2 lil wayne porno.. lmfao nigga is wack as crack… pure cocaine is wear its at

  • wayne dont add them songs personally it be all them mixtape djs like empire and drama and them other cats thats what you be hearin


    @stunna stunna!!

  • haki

    wow my birthday is tha 29th now it wont come out on my birthday =(

  • Teezy

    Weezy is right, “Dear Anne” is an okay, but I don’t think it should be on The Carter IV either

  • John

    Me personally I liked “Anne” and I wouldn’t mind if that song was to appear on Tha Carter IV. Weezy4Life

  • TuneMuzzyChi

    Anne?…who gives a fuck?….it’s already on ma C4 album… Chill out!!!

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