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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs In Hawaii On “I Am Still Music” Tour

Mon, Sep 26, 2011 by

“My name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Junior and I AM the Best Rapper Alive!”

On September 24th, Lil Wayne took his “I Am Still Music” tour to Honolulu, Hawaii at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. You can watch lots of footage of Weezy performing live at the show after the jump below and if you missed his freestyle, then you can check that out here!

Lil Wayne’s entrance

Lil Wayne performs “Look At Me Now”

Lil Wayne’s introduction to his show

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”

Lil Wayne performs “Right Above It”

Lil Wayne performs “Steady Mobbin'”

Lil Wayne performs “Steady Mobbin'” and “Mr. Carter”

Lil Wayne performs “Mr. Carter”

Lil Wayne performs “John” and “I’m On One”

Lil Wayne performs “Mrs. Officer” with Shanell

Lil Wayne performs “Motivation” with Shanell

Lil Wayne performs “Lollipop” with Shanell and “How To Love”

Lil Wayne speaks to the females

Lil Wayne performs “Go DJ”

Lil Wayne performs “Ice Cream”

Lil Wayne performs “Every Girl” with Mack Maine and Lil Chuckee

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  • Austen R.

    Firsttt , sweet though

  • ronstar


  • mbemba


  • William Wayne

    young mula baby


  • RaWW

    When is he gonna perform more of c4 like blunt blowin or president carter that would be sickkkk


    yep tha best rapper alive

  • Ms Weezy

    Weezy turns 29 tomorrow!!!!!!

  • Junie….

    I bet some of yall “fans” dont even know why wayne named the carter albums after his last name

  • luis

    how to love without autotune, fucking awesome

  • @junie since u say we dnt knw why he named it after his last name, y dnt u gve us the reason 4 tht, since ur ass seems 2 b very smart.

  • ogeezy

    lol Raw tune

  • Danny

    Cant be the best rapper alive if u sayin dumb shit like all about my riches my name should be riches or strealin lines from jay z and dissin him on the same album u stole his line from yea on megaman when he said told the judge i couldnt budge it was him or mne and on mr carter when he said and i swear to everything when i leave this earth its gon be on both feet well u know the rest and the line is from a song called lucky me anyway i aint bein no hater u can say what u want say im lame whatever i just felt i should say that cuz im not a fan anymore i think he fell off im not feelin this nigga at all he says the same shit on every song so i just felt like sharing that

  • ogeezy

    I think it’s cool when u got haters on ur fansite idt any other rapper has that..
    The more u hate the more attention their getting so

    Dumb comment^

  • Junie….

    Its not lgoing through for sone reason

  • Junie….

    Nino brown hustled in a building callled tha carter

  • Junie….

    Im tryna post the answer but danny wont let me lol

  • wayne is so cool that i am gonna choose him over other rappers.ymcmb!we d best!young mula baby!we d best !

  • Idiotsiswear

    I realized that no matter what Wayne does good or bad you stans eat it up you’re in love with Wayne so you praise whatever he does good or bad Wayne could say nothing on a song and it would be the best shit you ever heard Wayne could mumble and then adlib it and watch you guys say it’s the best thing ever he recycles and uses the wackest punchlines ever yet you guys always say he killed it smfh don’t call me a hater if I’m telling the truth his lines are wack and recycled

  • Idiotsiswear

    I mean you got these clowns that’s always scream ymcmb for life and shit like that I’m like Nigga you not apart of them you got the other stans who name on here is either something to do with Wayne or young money cash money tunchi this weezyf that like c’mon son be original stop being a Stan then you got a whole bunch of fags that always gotta know what Wayne is wearing what’s the brand and where could they find it like c’mon be ya own person atop trying to be Wayne Wayne is wack and I blame you stans

  • Idiotsiswear

    This is what you fags usually say “first” “weezy is the best rapper alive fuck jay z KANYE EM” “Cole world suck” “c4 baby We sold a milli!!!!!” “c4 is the best album ever weezy f baby best rapper alive” “where can I get that hat Wayne is wearing what kind of boxers are those” “what brand are those camo shorts” “ymcmb 4 life we da best we da business” like stfu then you repeat wack lines and say he killed it when he did stop it son

  • First of sll everybody pay attention @idiotiswear I bck wit hs stupid ass comment (nah I ws jokin skip hs wack comments) nd 2 @junie NO!!! U dumb ass tht ws not y the carter series carries his last name, it carries hs last name becos hs tlin hs fans hs music is improtnt 2 hm so importnt hs actually willing 2 stake hs name on it (nd thts sumtin no other rapper will do)

  • First of all everybody pay attention @idiotiswear Is bck wit hs stupid ass comments (nah I ws jokin skip hs wack comments) nd 2 @junie NO!!! U dumb ass tht ws not y the carter series carries his last name, it carries hs last name becos hs tlin hs fans hs music is improtnt 2 hm so importnt hs actually willing 2 stake hs name on it (nd thts sumtin no other rapper will do)


  • Idiotsiswear

    Dillion you got to be the dumbest person on here deadass Wayne got the idea for the title the Carter from nino brown it was a building in Harlem that nino took over you dumbass if that movie didnt exist tha Carter series wouldn’t exist he didn’t name his albums just Carter he put the infront of it he got the name from the movie just like the nino brown DVDs where you think he got that name from?

  • Junie….

    @dillon no u dumass i saw it in an interview when wayne was like 20 he said it look it up u dickhead on youtube the bitch had asked him why he named it that and that what he said

  • Idiotsiswear

    See that just goes to show you Though you stains always do that come up with your own meaning for stuff trying to find some hidden meaning in Wayne wack recycled punchlines when there is no meaning let’s just say there is a meaning for the sake of this argument Wayne uses the same lines over and over so would that make ever song about the same thing every song should have the exact same meaning and they do they have no meaning I find you guys funny though

  • Junie….

    @idiots i swear exactly i was tryna post that but it wasnt postin but yea thats the reason why

  • and @idiotsiswear ur a fuckin retard fuck ouuta here bitch this site is so much better without u on it

  • Junie….

    Imma wayne fan and i aint no hater but i do agree with some of the shit @idiotsiswear is sayin like yall get on here actin like groupies and its acceptable for females but when u got dudes actin like groupies like the fuckeminem dude then thats sad and i think wayne has the weirdest fans like that x factor episode when the dude was doin that weird shit when he was rappin lil wayne raps

  • fuck you junie u probly wanna suck his dick too

  • TyeDye19

    @Dillon no he is right. Obviously he named the albums that because its his last name and its pretty much the most important part of his work, but it also has a double meaning of being the building that the original character of Nino Brown hustled in. If you don’t beleive me then you obviously did not listen to tha carter and tha carter II close enough because he’s always referring to it like a place. “You’re still in tha carter II people” or on the carter one he says welcome to my building, dont go upstairs, etc. etc…. later on the album “we upstairs… marley don’t shoot em.”

  • Idiotsiswear

    Yea junie after a while if truth telling the gay owner gets mad and stops posting comments. You stans kill me with this Waynes lyrics had deep hidden meaning no the fuck they don’t when he talks about eating pussy he’s talking about that and that only not the economy @weezy#1 you mad ??? Did I hit a nerve? Are you mad because I’m right did one of my comments hurt you? yeah you mad Stan you mad

  • TyeDye19

    more just to prove the point – “this is tha carter…. and in my building.. you must keep it real.”

  • Idiotsiswear

    “fuck you junie u probly wanna suck his dick too”

    Yoooooooooooooooo you mad gay son you just said you wanna suck his dick If you didn’t notice stop trying to hide your gayness be free You said he wanna suck his dick too meaning you also wanna do it

  • Junie….

    @weezy#1 u just waisted like 5 seconds of ur dumass time typing fuck u to a nigga u dont even know so how is that benefitin u my nigga grow the fuck up u wanna suck wayne dick and pull on his dreads gay ass nigga with a name like weezy#1 fuckin faggot ass groupie u a 08 fan nigga

  • Idiotsiswear

    Listen to that song it’s miss my dawgs off of c1 then listen to c4 tell me Wayne ain’t fall off I’m a honest Wayne fan not a Stan and I just realized I’m posting too much

  • lmao na bitches i aint mad at all just funny as fuck to me to see u dumb motherfuckers take this shit so seriously like forreal dis is a website and why da fuck u clowns even on dis one if u dont like lil wayne?? this website is so u the ones tht actually just the dumb fuckin retards

  • and i aint gay u lil faggot and u so fuckin retarded for tryna flip tht shit on me cuz it didnt even make sence

  • Junie

    Half of waynes so called fans have been fans since 08 which is the year his career took off and they hoped on the band wagon im from ny and i been a fan since tha block is hot but im not a hater cuz i like jay z more than him imma fan of hip hop thats why when i say shit like em or kanye better than wayne it means imma fan of them also and by the way i think drake is better than wayne in my opinion the dude has meaning in his music unlike wayne im not hatin im just keepin it 100

  • im sayin u dumb as fuck for sayin tht cuz jay and kanye arent better then him and imma fan of hip hop too not just lil wayne and jay z sucks ass kanye is better then jay z. ill agree with u on the drake part tho cuz when take care drops drake gonna be runnin the game

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nah you gay
    “fuck you junie u probly wanna suck his dick too” I mean you could’ve just said fuck you junie u probly wanna suck his dick but you add to meaning that you want to give Wayne dome ya self You so gay damn you should probably change your name or kill ya self either one works but you should try the second option first if that doesn’t work try it again and if you fail try the first then second one again I guess what I’m trynna say is…..NIGGA KILL YA SELF LIKE RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!!

  • LMAO u r such a fucking idiot and obviously way too dumb to understand my comments. i was talkin bout him suckin ur dick hahahah go fuck urself i lil fucking homo and dnt tlk to me anymore im too good for you lmfao

  • lopy

    why is yall arguing with junie and idiots???? shit is immature aF! these niggaz gonna keep coming on here every single day of their lives to convince us to all think the way they do. point blank period! they come on here every single day and say wayne is wack wayne aint this and how wayne aint that,why do you like wayne so much.lmfao like why would anybody be so damn repetitive. but niggaz wanna keep saying the same shit to get a point over,then let they fucking ass! i hear it doesnt pay well anyways!

  • Junie

    My nigga aint nobody here to convince u about shit that aint benefitin me idk u i aint even sayin nothin bad i just pointed out the reason why wayne name the carters after his last name so stop it my nigga cuz its just comments stop gettin mad over fuckin comments especially since its comin from people u dont even know

  • Idiotsiswear

    you actually digging yourself into a deeper hole you actually made no sense and on top of that you said “i lil fucking homo” see you can’t hide ya Elton John ways no matter how hard you try and why are you even talking about a dude giving another dude oral like WTF why are you even talking about my stop makin up gay porn in ya head fag and to the other dude I’m not on here everyday stop it

  • Idiotsiswear

    My dick* you said junie prolly wanna suck his dick too wether you was talking about my dick or Wayne you still admitted you wanna suck some dick you fag and no thank you I don’t swing your way weezy gaga

  • Junie

    See the thing with wayne is his rhymes are so fuckin simple like a fuckin 12 year old could write them but back in 07 it wasnt like that maybe jail changed that nigga or something and jay z is a better lyricist than btw @weezy1 he says shit that makes sense and has meaning and subject matter waynes carter 4 has mixtape lyriics and the album has no effort in it thats why wtt is better than c4 and thats why take care will be judging from a few tracks that were put out so far from tha album

  • Junie

    Yall niggas take this site to personal like this site must be yall life like dam stop bitchin its just comments my nigga i personally dont give a fuck about what niggas say on here im my own person say what the fuck u want i dont know u so how is it effectin me in anyway yall come on here like its facebook or somethin its just a site about a rapper stop defendin thsi nigga like he god or somethin he human just like all of us he just rich and famous thats the only difference he obviously dont care about his fans if he gon tell an exciting fan to shut the fuck up and say dont buy none of his albums which was some bitch nigga shit but cmon stop takin thsi fansite so personal its just comments from people u dont even know at that stop gettin mad u know ulike wayne why should u get mad at what somebody else says

  • Josh

    Wayne looks just like whoopi golberg i swear lol

  • Young_Mulla

    weezy did get the idea from the carter building but the only reason he did go through with it was because it happen to be his last name as well, which he does hold very close to him. And @junie why you on here caring about what other people say? let them embrase wayne any way they want. There fans. If people on a fan site gets under your skin then im sorry for you.

  • Young_Mulla

    and for the record jay is no where near on waynes level. Jay fell off after bp3. i use to like him but now he is trying to hard to be kanye and he cant touch ya with a 10 foot pole. WTT was a sad piece of work. C4 was a very good album. Complete differnt flow than any other album. It has some very classic songs on it.

  • Shizzle97

    Tomorrow’s Wayne’s Birthday! AND SO IS MINE!

  • junie you type gay ma nigga juss sayin weezy the god the boxer. he will box and beat anyone right now and gay z cant mess wit it yahhhh diiiggggg

  • best rapper alive

  • Tez Two-Times

    I Like How You Faggets Spend Time Out Of Your Day To Go On A Rappers FAN Site That You “Dont Like” To Talk Shit.. If You Dont Like Wayne… Y THA FUCK ARE YOU ON LILWAYNEHQ.COM ?!?!?

  • Tunechi is wack

    All about my riches my name should be richard -smh wtf now we get hiyahhhh call that shit karate-lmfaoooooooo wtf was that call me killa cuz i make a killin – cmon smh patatoe on the barol patatoe salad – smh and dont fuck up with wayne cuz when it waynes it pours smh im done with this 10 year old rappin ass nigga this nigga sucks bad please drake save ymcmb with takecare cuz that c4 shit is beyond garbage foreal

  • BURRRR !

    @Tunechi’s Wack
    Nigga YOUU Are Wack Wtf Are You Doing With Your Life?
    Do Any Of Yall Have One… ? FUCK NO!
    Wanna Kno Why? Cuz All Yall Hatin Ass Niggas Suck Fukkin Dick
    An Yu Aint Got Shit Better To Do With Yo Peasant Ass Life But Hate On What Another Nigga Doin Gtfo His Nuts How Bout Instead Of Gettin On The Internet Talkin Shit Bout A Nigga You Cant Touch Go Help The World, Damn Get Off Yo Crusty Ass & Make A Difference In The World. You Think Dis Nigga Give A Dog Shit About What Yall Monkey Ass Niggas Think !? He Dont Give A F U C K! Im Pretty Shure He Somewhere Washin His Ass Wit A Stack You Trick Niggas Would Swallow Balls For. Insignificant Ass Roach Niggas

  • Junie

    @junie @junie @junie dam get off my dick stop worryin about what i gotta say in my comments u just took time out ur life to go to a fansite and say some shit about what somebody alse says about lil wayne ans it aint benefitin u in now way and marci wjatever u givin mad head to wayne talkin about weezy will box anybody out smh i like wayne but i aint no dixkrider and u dickridin foreal my dude

  • that’s what’s up 🙂 i love weezy 🙂 c4 all the way bitches 🙂 😀 this is dope 🙂 😀 😀

  • Tunechi is wack

    @burrr lmaoooooo nigga what the fuck are you talkin about you dont even know me my nigga you just waisted mad time typin up some dumb shit about a nigga u dont even know lol

  • Burrrrr !

    Exacly Nigga NOBODY KNOWS YOU ! You Are No Bah Tee !
    Thats My Exact Point So Yyy Are Yu On Here Talkin Remedial Shit Like Somebody Gives A Fuck About Yo Weak Ass Imput

  • Burrrr !

    && Nothin I Said Up there Had Anything To Do with Me Knowing You Jackass
    Work On That Reading Comp.

  • E-Stitackin

    Ya haters go on and hate… Meanwhile, he sells out his tours, goes platinum, and makes mulaaa… Hate on that hoe = your favorite artist can’t do it like that in a consistent basis!! YMCMB bbbbeeeeeaaaaatttcchhh!

  • lopy

    JUNIE MY NIGGA YOU BE ON HERE EVERY FUCCCCN DAY MY NIGGA!! SAYING THE SAME SHIT,, lmfao HAHAHAHAHA faggot ass nigga said get a life????BITCH YOU IS A FAG MY NIGGA!! what type nigga come on here and the same shit everyday and then backdoor that shit by saying “ima wayne fan” lmfao you a fcn disgrace my dude! to the human race!! gtfoh and go suck a dick you fcn bitch ass nigga!

  • @idiotiswear fuck u!. Nd I totaly disagree ait both of u.

  • Hey wayne so i c that u gna be in bellville and ima be thre ohya wayne happy bday and i hope u enjoy ur day may god bless u

  • Come to Colombia Weezy please 🙁 i need you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okay i’ll b a bigger man nd accept mayb im wrong. bt @junie nd @idiotiswear r stuff 2 faggot idiots! nd hey danny i hear wayne announced hs nxt single true or not?

  • guest

    I cant believe he’ll still saying he the best, I thought he said he was no longer the best ?

    Now cause he sold a million again his he got back the confidence to say it.

  • Just have to say

    This site is full of dickriders and people who will never admit a line, verse or song is wack. Ima Wayne fan and like most his shit, but its th faggots that come on here with literally hundreds of comments a month just “expressing there opinion” of why Wayne sucks or “fell off” on a fan site that is ridiculous. Then they say its just a comment and don’t reply, when really all they want is the opposite, junie and idiotsiswear clearly looove the attention. So to these faggots, get a fucking education or some shit and a fucking job and a girlfriend so you can finally graduate from this immature bullshit. Same goes to the dickriders who wanna suck his dick, you guys argue with the fansite hating faggots but don’t realize you are practically the same person.. Thank you. Proceed with your useless bullshit now.

  • tune

    this is wat wayne said on facebook “Just kame out the booth and noticed it was my birthday…yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!now bak to work.”

  • @june u really retarded get friends…. u are the most pathetic person on this site foreal

  • Liljboyweezy

    Happi bday wayne

  • norumz

    why is he acting like this verse is the best he ever wrote or something? its not that dope compared to his old verses. Anyways, I was just waiting for him to take some shots at his screaming fans again

  • lopy

    junie is a dumb ass broad! i hope the bitch ass nigga never comes on this motherfuka ever again! just pathetic little scrub that blows everything until it explodes!



  • timi

    Happy birth day lil weezy

  • Tlk ol u wnt about lil tunechi bt wat evr u cy u cnt deny dat HIS THE BEST IN DA WORLD AT WAT HE DOES

  • hmm

    Atleast I like you Junie ♥

  • Weezyys#1Fan

    To all the haters, especially if you ain’t sooo wooo bangin, Wayne will send them bloods at yo ass like a tampon