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Bow Wow – Sweat (Feat Lil Wayne) [Mastered]

Sat, Oct 22, 2011 by

Bow Wow Sweat Feat Lil Wayne Official Single Cover
The official single cover for “Sweat”

Bow Wow dropped his new single just over a week ago from his upcoming Underrated album, which will be released on December 6th, but we now have the official mastered CDQ version of “Sweat” featuring Lil Wayne that was produced by Detail. The music video should be dropping in the next couple of weeks and you can stream/download the single below, courtesy of HHNM!

Check out the lyrics to the track here and hit the jump to watch some footage of producer Detail speaking about how this collabo nearly didn’t happen, because Bow and Weezy already have a record together.

“Obviously everybody knows I got a very diverse sound — I can do pop, I can do rock, I can do hip-hop, R&B,” the very confident “How to Love” beatmaker told Mixtape Daily. “For me it’s just a matter of studying the artist and kinda coming up with a formula that’s more natural for them.”

“At Lil Wayne’s Carter IV release party, I was talking to Maine about the ‘Sweat’ record. He hadn’t even heard it. He was like, ‘Wayne already got a record with Bow Wow,’ ” Detail recalled of his and Mack’s conversation.

Given Detail’s track record for crafting hit singles with Young Money, Mack agreed to listen to the beat, which the producer sent him right away. “He hit me back and said, ‘Damn that bitch is a beast,’ ” Detail said. “So when he said that, I knew off the top that this motherfucker gonna go.”

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  • ctwins3644


  • Akaash

    Thank God the cover changed.


    still dope song but i dont like club songs… only lollipop was the best fuck pitbull fuck justin beiber

  • Lil Wayne


  • lil wayne is the best if lil wayne n eminem make an album together i think it sell 2 mill first week

  • people say wayne fell off if he fell off n then what rapper gone fall in soo y is lil wayne still the best rapper alive

  • Junie

    Ymcmb has been dissapointing lately with the exception of drake and nicki i cant wait for that take care album

  • Olivia

    @fuckeminem whats the point of having that name like seriously how old are you everytime i come on here and i see your comment it always sounds retarded and wierd like are you slow or something

  • i hope lil wayne nd tyga come to the jamn 94.5 monster jam cause drakes there nd wiz khalifa that concers gonna be dope.

  • Mike D

    Its official….. Lil wayne has fallin off drake is now the front man of ymcmb tha carter 4 sorry 4 the wait and his vma performance proved that wayne has fallin off and his lyrics are repetative and awful


    @Olivia i dont care what you says whats your problem

  • tune974




    fuck junie

  • mcadef

    What is the difference from version one week ago? and that?

  • Mike D

    Nigga stfu why u worryin about my comment nigga u dont know me fuck you sayin you come to this fansite to comment on wayne not other peoples comments

  • Olivia

    @fuckeminem i know i dont know you but i would like to know in all seriousness like are you retarded or something? because your comments never make any sense.

  • Junie

    @olivia of course hes retarded the name he has is self explanatory and his comments look like it came from a 6 year old


    @junie olivia=junie 100% omfg it retarded idk if u a boy or girl ? wtf retarded dipshit fake ass fan

  • Jason mosely

    This song is garbage mastered or unmastared

  • Ha! stunna gonna be sick rich Take care and underrated november


    @Jason mosely why the hell u here if u hate everything?

  • Junie

    My nigga what are you talkin about write a correct sentence for once and i aint no fake fan you a fake fan nigga u been a fan since 08 groupie ass nigga

  • Fredd the godson

    Fuckeminem Has down syndrome


    @Junie why u always sayin since 08 im since 06 u dipshit

  • Cj

    Bow wow is underatted hhes a good rapper

  • Junie

    Nigga if u been a fan since 06 then u aint no real fan u bandwaggon ass nigga


    @Junie ok let me ask since when u a “fan” since no love?

  • Billy

    If you been a fan of wayne before 2004 then your ok but if you been a fan since 06 07 etc then you cant be a real fan of the man plain & simple


    ok i see u guys judge how real or fake thats stupid.

  • Junie

    I been a fan of wayne since the block is hot which came out in 99 when i was like 7 nigga and i been rockin with jigga ever since the blueprint i heard all jigga albums

  • yung_money

    @fuckeminem the biggest dickrider on this site man every comment this nigga holding wayne nuts like dat nigga can’t do no wrong wut da fuck is a fake fan my nigga be foreal unlike u niggaz gonna speak the truth wayne been putting out garbage all fucking year and dats a fact dat don’t mean niggaz gonna stop fucking with him he just need to step his game back up real talk and to say a nigga a hater look at yo fucking name clown really my nigga fuck eminem smfh stand on yo own two feet and stop piggy back riding wayne fucking weirdo


    @Junie im not an american whats why im so late a fan @ yung_money u always write hating comments fuckin moron

  • Junie

    Im not just a fan of wayne imma ny nigga so i fux with jay z jadakiss the lox and them niggas i like kanye eminem fab game i just love hip hop in general not just lil wayne most of yall are just fans of wayne and wayne only and thats cool but that aint the case with me i cant just rock with wayne even tho imma big fan

  • Junie

    And most of yall are the biggest dickriders ever u could still be a big fan and sometimes not like what your favorite artist does its like wayne could never do wrong according to yall its like he can say pudding and yall would like it smh and that aint being a fan its being a dickrider straight up its not hatin its being real and its called constructive criticism its like this my favorite athlete is dwayne wade now if wade is going through a stretch of bad games imma say yo wtf is this nigga doin he slippin …same with wayne if i hear a shitty verse imma say yo wtf is he doin he slippin if i dont like it im not gonna pretend to like it that would make me a dickrider and not a true fan

  • wayne fellllll offffffff!!!!!!!! start rapping you reptile stop it with the gay fuckn pop music i love his music but tha carter 3 wayne drought 3 wayne cant feel my face wayne is soo much better. keeping it a buck she will is not a rap song d end wayne lost swagger too. i love wayne own 400 song of his songs i love tha c4 but i need more rap

  • Billy

    Yo @junie some of these fans are gonna like what wayne does no matter what unfortunately

  • john.s

    this is the dirty version right?

  • Jc

    @fuckeminem I am on junie’s side 100% not only Bcuz he makes sense but also Bcuz you name alone shows that you are retarded. Eminem is a genius at twisting words and his approach. If you don’t think so google Lessons in rhyme eminem and you will see his type of rapping and poetry is insane. Simple minded people smh

  • Matheo22

    This joint is fucking crazy/insane great track can’t wait to hear whole album.

  • yung j

    bow wow + autotune = fail

  • Alicia

    why does every rapper try to go pop just to try to make a hit,…

  • 757

    I agree with Junie 100%!! It is a lot of dickriders on this site, and I am with you. I come on this site because Wayne is one of my favorite rappers but I do not just listen to Wayne, I am a fan of hip-hop and like anybody who I think is lyrical and can make hits (Ludacris, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, many more). And when Wayne is not on his top game, I will call him out and not dick ride and like ever song/verse he release….So to me this track “Sweat” is wack, I heard better from Wayne and Bow Wow…They can do better!!

  • pour a 4 in the 20 oz and call it 24’s

    nobody wants to hear this autotuned drowned bullshit in 2011 … this would have been hot maybe 3 years ago.

    and its not even getting any buzz, it would have been better if they made a hip hop record.

  • mike

    Whats the difference from this one and the old 1?

  • MJ

    lol at danny already putting up the countdown for the YMalbum. its cash money we talkin bout, we know they aint gonna drop that bitch till 2012

  • ken

    I’m a dude but id totally blow lil wayne, and wouldn’t feel gay about it…at all

  • scooty_mofo

    this shits banging fucken summer in australia gonna be bumbing this shit

  • Jason mosely

    @ken that comment alone shows that lil wayne has lost his real fans smh u serious my nigga

  • young+fly

    i do my thang bitch wats up

  • fungus fresh

    its ok to joke about sucking a guys dick, unless you’re a closet homo then it might make you upset

  • tykih

    BIG SUPRISE THAT JUNIE IS ON HERE AGAIIIIN……AGAIIIIIIN……AGAIIIIIN MAY I REPEAT…..AGAIIIIN SAYING HES A FAN!! NO MY NIGGA YOU WAS A FAN! WAAAAS! if we love wayne for what he is today WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to say someones not a fan???? you the gatekeeper for wayne???? YOU DICKRIDING COCK SUCKING STICK LICKING SCUM GARBAGE CAN ASS POSER POS, fuck you and whatever come behind you nigga! this a fan site we all here for 1reason bitch cause we all like wayne!! plain n simple! all that bs idgaf about it!

  • this song is sick πŸ™‚ this song goes hard πŸ™‚ i love it πŸ™‚ and wayne killed it πŸ™‚

  • To @Mike D. Wtf u twking abt man? Waynes V.M.A performance pure Classic Straight up! Sorry for The Wait one of the best mixtapes ths years, nd the most downloaded 1. Carter IV yeah wsn’t all gr8 bt the wre some real lyrical tracks in thre so shut the fuck up!!!


    @Dillon i agree!!

  • Tunechi lee

    @Dillon … I agree too homie πŸ˜€ !!!!!


    @tykih I agree dude. he act like a leader.

  • KiingxTunechii

    Damn, to say the truth, I been a big weezy fan but I think he lost it. Hopefully he steps his game up in I can’t feel my face. @Junie is right doe. you gotta admit he’s putting out garbage verses. I wanna hear the “wordplay Wayne” “The Best Rapper Alive” not this pop girl song Wayne. Remember when he was like, “I want to retire before everyone’s like, this nigga lost it, I want them to want me when I leave” I think that moments gonna come if he doesn’t go hard in I can’t feel my face.

  • WeezyFAN

    you guys are fucking stupid who cares what year someone became a fan you can become a fan whenever the fuck you want

  • dlsjr

    ya’ll are wack as fuck. there is no way to tell a real fan and fake fan, i don’t think there are any “fake” fans.. why would someone pretend to like someone they don’t actually like? they wouldn’t. so stfu. this record is fire, everyone hates on greatness. bow got one with this. and to anyone who says wayne has fallen off, who do it better? no one.. no one sells how wayne sells, no one has the fanbase that wayne has. get over it, best rapper alive.. always has been and always will be, when wayne passes he will be the biggest legend in hip hop history. believe that. ymcmb alll day.

  • dlsjr

    C4 sold nearly a mil, and people still hatin’ on it.. smh.
    ya’ll are hatin’ on his verses, but those verses are better than your favorite rappers verses.
    and if waynes verses are so bad then why does EVERYONE want him on their song?!??

  • Young Money Soldier

    my guess is that the other Tunechi x Bow Wow collabo turned into that Tunechi x Bow Wow x T.I. collab for Underrated?

  • Tunechi


  • BeleeDat

    Bow Wow? this sounds like omarion in I Get It In..Bow wow didnt rap in this and he will never be a good rapper again. Good verse from weezy. Detail go produce your How to Love’s and Sweat’s for justin bieber and soulja boy, the entire world and I are tired of this bubblegum pop music

  • BeleeDat

    Oh and take that gay nose ring out too

  • victoria

    BeleeDat your so annoying im done

  • pauly d


  • real shit

    ^^mostly followers/ non-leaders^^

    “my childhood was raped away from me”

    his words not mine..

  • yung_money

    @dlsjr wtf u talking bout my nigga it’s plenty of niggaz who woulda spit hotter shit then he spit on c4 r u fucking serious? the nigga been garbage this year point blank period but only this year i know the nigga still got it in him but the money took him away all this skinny ass pants pop/rockstar simple punchline bullshit is selling too much so i doubt he eva really go back to beast mode i mean come on this nigga talking bout pussy good as baby powder in a song where he suppose to be dissin jay-z ???? listen to i’m good again and then listen to ether i’m just saying if u the best rapper alive that’s how u gonna come at a boss like jay smfh call me wut u want to i know im a fan unlike yall tho im not just a wayne fan so dickride all yall want when truth is alot of niggaz lyrically been better then him lately he out sold erbody yeah i get it but nigga im straight my girl a faggit, all about my riches my name should be richard??? dat shit dope to yall smfh if so his old shit must be solid gold cause he was way better then to say some dumb shit like dat best rapper alive tho and my nigga jay who like 40 spitting tighter shit step yo fucking game back up wayne on some real shit da hood not feeling this leopard pants, colorful shoes, guitar playing bubble gum bullshit get back to murdering erbody shit my nigga

  • victoria

    post something else, same stuff gets old

  • Fredd the godson

    Lil wayne is a dissapointment he sucks his raps are corny and stupid he cant sing worth shit or play guitar jay z is waaaaaaay better than him and wayne stole mad lines from jay z but he disses him smh what gangsta u know wears womens pants gets lip rings kisses other men on the mouth and false claims shit wayne suxks i dont even know why i use to like that gay ass nigga lookin like a fuckin grimblin and shit fuckin whhoopi golberg ass nigga lil wayne is really awful at rappin his vma performance sucked he act like he killed it when he didnt he couldnt play the guitar for shit i mean cmon my nigga his raps are so repatative and weak and yes say whatever u want i dont care cuz im gone and i dont fuk with wayne no more

  • tykih

    since wayne aint spitn like other niggas how about all yall niggas go bump they shit and hit up they fan page! nigga WAYNE THE ONLY NIGGA THE ONNNNLY NIGGA THAT BITCH NIGGAS SEARCH TO HATE ON HIM! like why the same niggas be on here everyday sayin the same shit???? being that wayne is sooooo wack????? somebody please let me know! AINT A NIGGA ON THIS EARTH FUCN WIT TUNE! its not even close! everybdy n they momma get the bra on they track cuz they know the fcn deal!


    @Fredd the godson shut the fuck up gay-z suck balls

  • Mazin Carter

    Song As KKKKKKilah !!!!

  • Deedy

    lil wayne da beaaaast!


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    β€”β€”β€”β€”\β€”β€”β€”–(ο»Ώ Fuck the people whoο»Ώο»Ώ disliked

  • Pauly D

    Blee dat

  • Esseii-swaggalicious_MB

    @fuckeminem yo comments make you sound slow so if you think you ain’t please shut the fuck up bcuz u iz

  • its the same shit wtf did they changed >? stupidd!!!!!!!!@!
    ahhhhhh where all gnna dieee illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Esseii-swaggalicious_MB

    @gdawgg shut dha fukk up