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Lil Wayne Speaks On Drake’s “Take Care” Album & Odd Future

Wed, Oct 19, 2011 by

“I actually haven’t got a chance to listen to all of it, but I heard a few songs,” Wayne told MTV News while on the set for Birdman’s “Y.U. Mad” video in Miami.

Weezy has never been shy with his “Best Rapper Alive” boasts, but when it comes to Drake and his new album, he plays second fiddle. “I can tell, you know, I don’t know nothing else out there that can touch it, including my stuff. That kid is on another planet,” he said.

It is that approach that Birdman Jr. appreciates and what he feels will ultimately drive Take Care. “To me, I call him a conversational artist, meaning he can make a hit song out of a regular conversation that you would love to have with any woman or anybody, and I think that is his expertise. The songs I heard, he just capitalized on that like crazy.” – MTV

After the jump, Lil Wayne speaks on Odd Future Wolf Gang and skating with them.

“I just rock with ’em. Shout out my man Taco that’s my dude,” Weezy F. said of OF and member Taco in particular. “I’m just real cool with the homies. Shouts out Tyler.”

While Wayne is surely busy touring, prepping releases for his Young Money collective and recording for his own I Am Not a Human Being 2, the fiery lyricist plans to catch the group while they are out on the road on there current tour. “I’m gonna catch a few of their shows, go check out a few of their shows and stuff,” he said.

“Shout to OF, Odd Future, Young money, Cash Money, Wolf Gang,” Wayne told MTV News with much emphasis. – MTV

I wonder if we will get a YMCMB/OFWGKTA collaboration sometime in the future ❓

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  • luis


  • weezyfanAM

    balls, cnt c d videos_

  • kjhaywood21


  • weezyfanAM

    get a grip luis

  • They Yell Skate Wayne!

    A Young Money/Odd Future collaboration would be fuckin sick!

  • MOP15321


  • DrizD

    I find this funny, because in a skate park interview Tyler the Creator says “Fuck Lil Wayne”. You can check it out at , Just search for it.

  • dave

    apic fail @mop haha, whats OFWGKTA??

  • Anton

    Lil Wayne said he heard a few songs. that concept terms that means he heard the whole album

  • Hunter


  • @DrizD you dumbfuck that video is hold AF! Search it on YouTube it came out almost 2 years ago! Learn your facts you fuck boy!

  • Ozzie F Bab’ee

    a YMCMB/OFWGKTA collaboration sometime in the future would be sickk af’ ! ^.^

  • Mybad a year ago. Plus he said it before he even met Wayne.. Perspectives change a lot.

  • @Dave Fail. OFWGKTA= odd fucking wiggers getting kacked too analy! You dumb fuck!

  • Honest_MOFO

    tbh Drake is gon’ take ‘watch the throne’ & ‘C4’ to the cleaners w/ Take care! “Dreams money can buy”, “headlines”, “Make me proud” & “Free Spirit” proves that fact. Drizzy brings something fresh to the rap game, if not anything, take care would be a breath of fresh air after the flop of C4 and even ‘Watch the throne’ to some extent…

  • Taylor Frank

    wats up wit the upside down cross onhis shirt

  • georgiaboy87

    yea im gonna cop that drake album i think drake can sell 500k units which will be like the second biggest album of the year behind wayne

  • Old wayne?

    0:47 the way he talked, the way he sounded, and the little swag was completely 2004 weezy

  • Old wayne?

    2nd video

  • Old wayne?

    this is the real wayne, the real thug wayne.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    that nigga got 2 much money not to keep them dreads twisted GET THAT HAIR DONE NIGGA

  • Aden

    dude love your site, i check it everyday. but lately i havent been able to watch any vids cause im from Australia and MTV blocks it, anyway you could get em from somewhere else

  • boi

    the upside down cross on his shirt was of Odd Future, he was just supporting them not the meaning behind that symbol cause we all know his religion. he would change the stars on the flags into crosses

  • Wayneandlink

    Odd Future and Ymcmb are my favorite music groups Swag!!!!! i hope they make a collaboration 😀

  • damn i can’t wait for take care 🙂 i love wayne 🙂 yeah i totally wanna see a odd future and ymcmb collaboration 🙂

  • reggie

    tyler says fuck lil wayne in a video on worldstar

  • LIkeMe

    Mannnnnn.. I hate this videos so much. i can’t watch this in Belgium. Crap

  • from Angola Danike

  • Kevyn



    the only decent from odd future is tyler the mastubator…other wack i want to hear the real her of drake take care album ft lil wayne

  • G

    pussies…know what the upside down cross means before y’all start whining.

  • Wayne be lying wen he say he has only heard a few tracks from “Take Care” he heard the whole damn thng alrdy. oh Follow me @DillonMrMU (i’ll follow u2)

  • C4

    Hmm.. OFWFKTA is a title of a group of rappers…and it stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. You can go on youtube and listen to their stuff. If your friend is into rap then I’m guessing its that… OR he/she just thought it was cool style.. haha

  • C4

    Fuck em videos I cant watch em in Gh.


    the sky is the limit we know it all

  • Lmao Wayne is perfoming in my country on the 09th December 2011

  • dillon

    can you please post another video, people in the UK can not watch these vids you are posting! @danny

  • eli

    fuckkkkk yeahhh! people in Europe can’t watch these vids

  • Tha dilly son

    Taco’s a lil cutie 🙂 & Fuck Tyler that gay ass nigger …hehe . But 4 real tho them my niggas too with their faggot asses. Young punks.

  • kjc

    Drake sucks. He’s only good on songs with wayne. Canadian bitch lmao

  • Joachim0512





    by the way, wayne does rock upside down crosses. in a recent vid he was wearing an upside down crucifix the whole time. there is a big big difference between spirituality and religion, and the upside down cross is a middle finger the the latter. wayne may be spiritual but he sure as hell isn’t religious. “i dont go to church cuz the line long and the preacher he be gettin his shine on”

  • Man let me jst make a comment abt ths “illuminati” shitb. First of all it’s a bunch of bulls hit. The people u directed nd produced tht shit had way 2mch time on hs hand, thy over thort way 2 mch of tht shit, secondly nd finaly tht whre the arts say they sold their heart to the devil, the “devil” is the music industry. Nd all u people wu keep say’in these arts are all anti crist. Ya’ll are the biggest non believers!! Shut the fuck up nw!!!

  • anyone who is religous wouldnt practice or even put off as a person who supports and innovates upside down crosses andd shii. we all have are own lives and really of us have different outlooks so stop talking about waynes beliefs and if youu like him then listen to his music….. haa dont be making opinions and assumptions. damnn

  • Chris

    YO DANNY!!! stop posting these format of videos people in canada can’t watch them!! the last three videos were only for a certain region. Its pissing me off man, come on.

    • @Chris – Well they are not uploaded anywhere else and it seems impossible to download them and upload them to YouTube etc, so what do you want me to do ❓ Just not post them ❓

  • yung_money

    man foreal the whole fucking ymcmb slacking rite now hopefully take care can save them this year wayne my nigga but dam his shit been garbage lately real talk and before yall say it i’m not a hater ima fan too but unlike yall ima keep it 100 and give the nigga tuff love he need to step his shit back up and yall know it stop da bullshit for example im a huge dallas cowboy fan and i’ll be first to say tony romo fucking suck and he need to step his game up but that’s still my team to the death same thing with wayne and young money the point is u can still be a die hard fan and speak the truth about the situtation


    wayne says he cant wait to comeback on weed & syrup we gettin the old wayne back!!!!!!! but weezy just need the weed fuck off with these syrup that killing him…

  • Twizzy

    First of all let me clear y’all on this illuminati shit. Wayne is not a fuckin illuminati, d inverted cross he wears is a significance of d humility St Peter had 4 JESUS CHRIST. He didn’t wnt 2 be crucified d way Jesus Christ was crucified, so he asked he be crucified upside down. And Wayne is not actually of his game he jst using this tym 2 tst his many different styles. He is not jst a Rapper he has conquered rap. He is a MUSICIAN.


    @Twizzy i agree with you and wayne is roman catholic.

  • GC

    The shirt Lil Wayne is wearing is an OFWGTA shirt. He points at the shirt when he says “Shout out to Odd Future”. So you people that keep complaining that he’s illuminati STFU!!!!

  • BB

    Anyone know when wayne’s probation started, and when it ends? I know it’s 3 years, but I don’t know when it exactly started.

  • Hunter

    haha danny

  • Please, please, please…

    Do NOT put MTV videos on the blog, because viewers outside of the U.S can NOT see the video…

    Think about your fans from europe!!

    Thank You!

  • Derikah

    Yeah, all Odd Futures stuff has inverted crosses and 666 on it, get over it. Wayne is wearing a Mellow Hype shirt which is Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future’s group.

  • Tim

    Odd Future and Lil Wayne both wear Crap Eyewear – so sick!!!

  • yo lilwaynehq you kiddinnnn’ us europeen fans stop postin mtv videos we can’t see shit seen you startin this give us Derik G videos we won’t visit this site no more , or a youtube channel ! fuck this bullshit

  • Man all these bitches … and niggas still hatin


  • yung_money

    tell u wut yall assholes stop fucking whining bout the video’s shit mtv is american shit feel me if yall outta country mothafuckas don’t like it then start yall own fansite straight up danny shouldn’t change how he do things for yall mothafuckas real talk goddam im tired of yall bitching bout it every video post


    lol u fuckin haters let danny what can he do?Lol fuck all who dislike this fansite

  • Can you faggots read?

    Are you people too fucking stupid to read? or blind?

    Danny clearly said – “Well they are not uploaded anywhere else and it seems impossible to download them and upload them to YouTube etc, so what do you want me to do Just not post them?”

  • Pauly D

    Danny m do you know if wayne is making a music video for ;she will ?

  • mrs

    limits and boundaries where it tha

  • mrs

    love you if you make videos show where i<m at

  • F-Beezy

    Watching yung money is motivating many people in Africa and I’m one of them.
    Thanks Tune chi 4 being so good with this genre.

  • Nookie

    i just wanna say im a big die hard fan of lil wayne and i cant say drake is good but he aint all that bad knowin that wayne can say drake is better then him i dis agree because i love lil wayne