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Mack Maine – Ryde 4 Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ] x T-Wayne Project Scrapped

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 by

Mack Maine Ryde 4 Me Feat Lil Wayne CDQ

Mack Maine just released the CDQ/tagless version of one of the first songs him and Lil Wayne recorded called “Ryde 4 Me“. The track appeared on Mack‘s Bitch I’m Mack Maine mixtape back in 2007, but was lower-quality and had DJ tags on. You can listen and download this joint to update your iTunes collection with below:

Download: Mack Maine – Ryde 4 Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

Hit the jump to check out T-Pain speaking to Rap-Up about how he got Weezy F Baby on “Bang Bang Pow Pow” (says Wayne recorded his verse in one night), as well as saying that even though they recorded about 8-9 songs together for the T-Wayne collaboration album, he thinks Tunechi is over the idea of it now.

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  • fman


  • kanye


  • Tommy

    T-wayne is always good combo’s

  • Birdman


  • U can get plugged like you gettin recharged!

  • ogeezy!

    Swagga I’ll wats up doc?

  • Amurph

    strait fire nigga!!!!!!!! and awh shit i was waiting for t-wayne, damn

  • Yall folks on here are crazy some of said wayne need to get back on drugs the doin better without them he aint tryin to die at an young age n yes 29 is young let the man b sober he tired of being on drugs n too let yall know yes drugs can kill you people dont care about wayne they just care about him being on drugs n rap while he doing it sad ass people in this world

  • @sidro21 ur absolutely right,if they are true fans like they say they are they would care bout the artist as wellas their music. But sum ppl can b so damn ignorant and dumb so they will neva understand..

  • I dont give a damn bout wayne I WANT HIM HIGH AND ON SYrUP so he canv give me sum good music cuz right now hes a gay and rapless fuck!!!!! 🙂

  • Keshawn4919

    that’s what im sayin if the dude don’t wana kill his self then leave his ass alone

  • Another banger I like it WEEZY killin shit YMCMB we the business

  • SLIM






  • @slim kick rocks pussy

  • Mike

    Ok so u want Wayne on drugs to give u some good music but don’t give af if he dies. Hmmm… Don’t think he’s gonna make ANY music when he’s dead!! If ur a real fan u would care about weezy. And all of u hatin on him being sober his worst verse is better than any of u niggas best so stop hatin.

  • Cop Em’

    Even Wayne wants to be back on drugs, he said in N INTERVIEW.
    And SIDRO you brought that up randomly…

  • the truth

    he just needs to smoke alot of weed fuck that codien shit thats gonna kill that ni66a

  • Y U MAD

    They say Lil Wayne has fell off huh? They are just hoping right., I thought so haha

  • damn it i was hoping for a t-wayne album 🙁 and this song is on fire 🙂 wayne killed it 🙂

  • youngtune

    Back when Lil Wayne was still reppin his hood like a mufucka. This shit go hard, both of them kill it! I wish this had been a 2011 song and not a 2007 song, then I would have gotten my hopes back up that Lil Wayne would go back to his street self.

  • quan

    ok i admit im white ,gay & 15 years old. 😀


    2 glock 40s nigga you got 80 problems.


    huh wheres gay-z why he not responds back ? 😀 old ass nigga


    @dwayne michael carter you dumbfuck i see your gravatar dumbass haha

  • smh

  • @FUCKEMINEM wtf is gravatar bitch??????

  • dave

    this is a beat from some blood video:

    anyone know the original song? would like to find it…

    as for the argument about wayne on drugs, he came up on drugs, went on and on in interviews about living fast and not caring about dying young and came out with some sick music as he rolled. he only stopped cos he’s on probation and can’t wait to get back on the green (just look it up). he knows as well as everyone he’s a shadow of his former self now he has to be sober.

  • irishx55

    Young Money isn’t siging T-Pain anymore…. bc they say T-Pain is a problem. Thats why the T-Wayne got scrapped.

  • Rick

    Dnt need syrup get high off some dank tht aint gunna kill wayne

  • Nopej

    people have always said Wayne is the hardest working rapper and he puts out the most music..I’ll have to disagree strongly.

    Wayne might be featured on OTHERS songs the most, but he definitely doesn’t put out the most music of his own. I mean what’s even music?

    Wayne doesn’t make very many REAL SONGS. he puts out a mixtape once a year or every other year and the songs on his mixtapes aren’t even his original songs..just freestyles now a days.

    why not take some time to release some actual music? instead of doing a million 30 second guest verses that aren’t even anything special. seems like he puts more into his features than his actual music now a days..cuz as we all know carter 4 wasn’t too good.

    look at his concerts most of the songs he does aren’t even his songs and if they are it’s a few carter 4 songs and a few old ass songs from old ass albums.

    I got tired of hearing him rap for 3 minutes on other songs with a bunch of random lyrics about nothing..not really music if you ask me. and he did the same shit on the carter 4 only difference is he paid for those mediocre beats.

    the carter 4 wouldve been an average mixtape at best, definitely a poor album. clear to me Wayne doesn’t know the difference between mixtape material and album material anymore.

  • ogeezy!

    @nopej shut up u whiney bitch..

  • dave

    @ogeezy wtf lol, got anything interesting to say??

  • John

    hearing this voice gives me nostalgia cuz wayne in 2007 was killing every song

  • n3rd

    i know wayne didnt giv a fuck b4 but now u cud tell he jus doesnt giv a shit at alll hes jus bored ……………………..

  • They shouldn’t have scrapped this project because these guys are power houses when it comes to ideas. Maybe they should rethink it and put out something anyway!