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Lil Wayne Revisits “Tha Carter II” Style On “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album [Video]

Thu, Apr 12, 2012 by

Lil Wayne new 5BORO pigeon tattoo on the side of his face
Lil Wayne tattooed the 5BORO pigeon on the side of his face.

MTV aired the first episode of their new weekly show called Hip Hop POV at midnight last night, which included a “special” interview with Lil Wayne. DJ Amanda Seales took a visit to Weezy‘s Miami crib to talk about him resigning a new four-album deal with Cash Money Records, his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album (it’s going to have 16 songs on it), another project he has been recording called Devol, TRUKFIT, revealing all he could think about in Rikers Island while locked up was woman, and more.

Another thing you Waynaics are going to love is the fact that Tune let Amanda listen to his I Am Not A Human Being II album and at the end of the interview she said this: “A lot of us Wayne fans have said ‘where is that Carter II Wayne’… he is on this album!”

Check out part 1 of the interview below.

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  • wayneforlife


  • Second! Tunechi in this bitch haha!

  • Tunechi1

    Im a big weezy fan I love how he is now but kinda glad he still stickin to his old stuff to ymcmb!

  • Jaime

    Yeah right lol … I’ll believe it when I hear it.

  • Legend ()

    What has he done to his face?!

  • That tattoo is dope! But fuck yeah tha Carter 2 was hard! And I loved how he had interludes or talks or whatever there called before a song would start. And now we know it’s officially finished if he let Amanda listen to the album! Oh yeah YMCMB we are the best team!

  • I’m super excited for this album I can’t wait for it to come out:) but Tune you should release a single off of the album!

  • Style Geeb

    So we goy four albums left before Lil Wayne retires 🙁

  • YMCMB we winning!

  • rose

    can’t wait for both albums, now all we need is a release date

  • Ridiculous

    Why didn’t she ask him why carter 4 sucked elephant balls?

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  • 1509

    devol album gonna suck but im looking forward to iamahb2

  • Kizzle

    Hope there is a Hustler Muzik Part II

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  • Polo

    Tattoo looks stupid, a fucking bird?

  • Weezy F Baby 2289

    Everything is good news but wtf is the IDC part for. Of course u dont care about making money cuz u rich as fuck but at least still show that u care for yours fans.

  • nosleep

    No way weezy can go back to c2 days

  • WTF is Tunechi

    Jae Millz already said that the Carter 4 would sound like Carter 2 and that was a lie … friends of Wayne always lie to hype up his projects.

  • purp

    ha ya jus put the syrup in a different cup lmao im still drinkin it .. different presentation

  • Streetz

    2 Chainz was confirmed as a feature on this album, I’m hyped!

  • Im soooo fuckin glad that he’s back on that flow , I’m sure weezy gonna release a dope album , an album that we all Wayniacs are waitin for . Even though i hope amanda’s not lying :))

  • ….

    Lol the kids on this site don’t even know what tha Carter 2 is, why would he go back to that flow if his new fans don’t like backpack rap ? they like that mainstream jiggy rap.

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    if the album is done then fucking release it. no one gives a shit about other youngm oneys artists albums. drop that shit


  • Birdman

    wayne make a mixtape off the songs that didn´t make it to the album

  • weezy92

    tbh, am looking forward to some new projects, Devol sounds dope, sounds like theres gana be another “alias” for Wayne haha. just hope Wayne drops D4 before anything though! haha. or maybe Wayne is waiting to get back on weed and syrup before he can do D4?
    “two words you’ll never hear.. Wayne quit”

  • Norim

    heartattack coming

  • nolan

    ALL YOU WAYNE HATERS ON HERE EAT A DICK! devol and i.a.n.a.h.b 2 coming soon dick sukers

  • d boyce

    Danny dey aslo said dat wayne nn future n someone else will be on da show next week as well

  • aaron

    bout time c2 flow>>>> any other flow he got honestly

  • Slik

    Good rappers tend to drop a mixtape before an album … Hopefully that means a new mixtape and/or Dedication 4

  • To @Kilzzle Hell Yeah Dude, I won’t mind a second version to that Pure Classic Track right there! C2 bitchs. To all the new Mainstream Wayne Fans ya’ll gotta go take a listen to that album…

  • CMorrow2

    Is his hair cut?

  • seth gecko

    this shit will fucking suck. his guest verses are mediocre at best. this doesnt happen – go back to carter 2 wayne and release trash guest verses – DOES NOT HAPPEN. CARTER IV FUCKING PROVED THAT. we were all like “oh, wayne is saving up for carter 4, does not waste his verses on other shit” NO, FUCKIN NO, this indicates that his ability to rap now is SHIT

  • Carter 2 wayne!

  • Biorh Harris

    if he sucessfully brings back c2 wayne, everyone is gone start listening to him agian

  • Promises

    Lil Wayne needs to release something big soon. At least a mixtape or something. We keep hearing about these albums but nothing is being released about them. Show us something to show that we can actually expect quality stuff and get hyped.

  • Kay B

    Thank u God 4 bringin Weezy bck thnk u. I cnt wait

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    sound dope and wayne going hard with the tats

  • MoonMan

    yes finally after how mangy years?! hallelujah

  • here come the fake ass fans / casual listeners smh

  • dark^martel


  • dark^martel


  • Chris

    Fuuuuuucking doooooooope omg yes !!1

  • Amilli54

    Devol spells “Loved” backwards! Can’t wait until IANAHB II

  • Chris

    i remembered i first got addicted to wayne when i heard the drought 3, a long time ago, from them on, i heard all his albums, all his mixtapes and i’ve been a devoted fan of his raw real talent to this very day. I am super fucking excited to hear this i’m not a human being 2.

  • Yeah right.

    I highly doubt this. He’s completely lost it. He’s simply not capable of coming anywhere close tha carter 2 anymore.

  • Corey

    Omg i hope tht bitch aint lying…wayne owes the REAL fans some REAL rap before he goes

  • Cheez in the trap

    Like I’m pretty stoked for I am not a human being 2 because the first one was the shit but I feel like he’s never at his best on his albums like his mixtapes are so much better so I’m kinda looking forward to a knew mixtape a little more but this album is gonna be the shit and c2 flow really? He started to get lyrically good on c3 I’m not too happy about that but it’s prob not gonna happen anyway anyway DROP DAT BITCH

  • mark

    wayne will never go back to c2 days, IANAM 2 is probly gonna be all weird voiced shit like c4…lame..his voiced changed in his songs from his old days or is it jus me?

  • i been wanting to say, its fucked up! you already know. the motto and other tracks.. Yes i am waiting for this 2nd album too drop… I AM THE YOUNG MONEY MUTANT!!! I been here since are cash money chains was the size of a 5 yr olds hand and when we use to rock fubu and southpole…

  • Carter II is my shit I can’t wait till this shit drops!!!

  • Raw Tune

    I really hope wayne is not bullshitting…..C2 is his best album for miles on end.. just about every song on there is fire, especially tha mobb……..what are his 4 albums? There is: Like Father Like Son 2, I am not a human being 2, DEVOL, and I can’t feel my face with Juelz, but I can’t feel my face is a mixtape…

  • #We want weezie f… F for fuck tunechi

    Im hyped then a bitch were gettin ianahb2 well see wat devol is about waitin for I cant feel my face and like father like son 2 but shit we still need no ceilings 2 dedication 4 and maybe a new album name it I am music or sumthin an I want a lil wayne drake callabo album and end his career on the hardest shit he ever spit on carter 5 thats wtf I want

    #we want weezy f the f is for fuck tunechi
    Back to the old days fuck the skateboardin an drop some albums

  • Jen

    HELL YEA. 4 album deal and carter II style.. this is what ive been waiting for!
    always be a tunechi fan. and def cant wait to hear this Devol album.
    for real though they were talkin about whether he was drinking syrup, he sounded sober as hell, no slurring words or nothing. Id rather see him sober and prove the world the drugs arent making good music its all on him.

  • Raw Tune

    I want him to go to his the suffix flow….his raw tune flow!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly wayne has too much content….I doubt every devoted weezy fan has even listened to all of his songs…I’ve been listening to him since Carter 2, but every damn day I’m finding some shit from his discography…

  • RAW TUNE you spoke the truth i just found a new song i hadn’t ever heard today lmao and i been a fan since the first hotboyz album

  • Babsie F

    If IANAHB 2 Is What Carter 2 Is It Will Be Dope Cos Carter 2 Is The Best Album Wayne Has Ever Put Out Not As Commercial As Carter 3 But Its RAW Rap. # Young Money Cash Money Fuck The Other Side, This Is The Carter 2 People So You Made It This Far

  • sherif

    fuck all this lil wayne hype is becoming some sick shit the brother should just make music and we see whether we gon love it or not but bird tatoos just not cool

  • Tha Carter II was a classic straight up nobody can argue against that, a new Lil’ Wayne Album that sound anything close to that will be killer…… but i want that Like Father, Like Son 2 now.

  • K Dawg

    i really hope wayne and drake decide to make that collab album….cuz i heard that jay z and kanye are making another watch the throne album late this year

  • mrs drizzy

    Buh drake takes forever writin a song. . .evn thou they good, buh wayne can’t work wit sum1 lyk that, wayne make lyk 4 song in 1 nyt. . .dope, bt half ov hat music is shity music. . .not that I’m a h8r, buh old weezy was da best. . .can’t wait for I.a.n.a.h.b2:>


    For all da hatin mutha fuckas….get off wayne dick man he puts everything in every track he does man y’all be hatin cuz he can actually rap and u sittin at yo mama house ain’t doin shit wit yo life I been a weezy fan since da first time I eva heard him and he kills every track he does some of y’all to simple minded to get wtf he sayin a real fan would kno what he talkin bout all I really got to say to wayne is do u get yo money fuck bitches and keep rappin till u feel like u done all u can do and oh yea #YOUNG MULAH BABY!!!!!

  • Coniva

    Dick Rider^^^, u never gna be on YMCMB trust me

  • YCsep27

    its not panic?

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • Ed!

    Wayne i Love u tatt;)


    Man I been rockin wit Wayne since C2 man that nigga can’t do that again Uhh what he say “WEED&SYRUP TILL I DIE MATTER FACT IT’S GONE KILL ME…CAUSE YOU AIN’T” then that lil goofy as laugh but ever since he quit look like rapping is boring to him now since he dat sober mayb pop a pain pill or 2 but it’s not the Same IKNOW!! all that energy n motivation goes straight to that skateboarding shit n left all his C2 fans hanging…… TGOD NOW WAYNE KEEP FAKEBOARDING N leav it to the young niggas now

  • alex

    You guys are all fucking retards. U act like u all know sooo much about lil Wayne who gives a fuck

  • d boyce

    @alex yess imyall act like yall really no dis nigga smh get off dis man dick he could give 2 fcks bout any of u

  • leon

    carter 2 was the best please weezy come back!!!

  • BKNYhustle

    four words

    The.Block.Is.Hot >>>>>> anything in wayne’s entire discography

    fuck yal youngins talmbout…!

  • Mark

    Follow me on Twitter , I FOLLOW BACK !! 🙂 lilweezy1997

  • MJ

    lol 4 albums? Think about it, thats not too many

    Mack main confirmed thba carter 5 and 6. plus IANAHM2 and Devol thats already 4.

    and thats not including rebirth 2, and all the colab albums he was suppose to do

  • MJ

    but yea im fuckin hyped about him flowing like how he did on c2.

    he should make another best rapper alive track on that new album. maybe name it “Still the best rapper alive”

  • Shazia

    VIVA LA “THA CARTER II” TUNECHI!!!!! Thats how ill always remember and Love you!!!

  • Wigg Monsta

    The hottest, most lyrical rapper from New Orleans, Look me up on YouTube: Wigg Monsta

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  • You guys are fuckingg stupid’ , stop hating if he said he gone do it he is ! Don’t be a fucking fake ass fan just because ”Old Wayne” he is still the same person just a different flow every rapper has a unqiue style they can be different & they can be the ”Old” them but if you saying he fell off you were never fans from the start of weezy career so you all need to chill out & go somewhere ‘

  • Don

    in my opinion no ceilings is the best mixtape he put out. i like the other one but that one he killed track after track. i do miss the old wayne he is the best rapper alive to me people just dont like him because they say he is changing. what really want from wayne is a no ceilings 2, i’am not a human being 2, the collabo wit drake, and a carter 5. if he does that b4 he retires i would b satisfied cuz then when he gone i eill still call him the best. when i say he is the best now people look at me like im crazy, but a long time ago people were sayin the same thing. At the end of the day i just want the old wayne back. waht ever he decides im sure it will be nice. WAYNE THE BEST 4REAL

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  • Juan Ramón Castillo

    The Carter II flow is something a lot of fans are waiting. I´m one of them. Please return to this flow. It makes you BIGGER.

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