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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne & Young Money Perform Their “How We Do (Remix)” [Video]

Thu, Jul 12, 2012 by

It’s been a quiet day today with Lil Wayne news, so I decided to do a one-off “Throwback Thursday” post here on LilWayneHQ.com. In the video above, you can watch a rare video of Young Money performing their “How We Do” remix on their tour bus and at a show from when the group was just Weezy F Baby, Mack Maine, Boo and Curren$y.

I know most of you have all seen them “Young Money on Tour Bus” videos, but I am pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen this video. Wayne also talks at the beginning of the clip saying he has no beef with Game, 50 Cent or G-Unit after people thought he did when Tunechi spat this line: “I ain’t got no Lamborghini doors on that Escalade, I’mma just go get the Lamborghini instead”.

Watching this video reminds me of back in the days when I used to play the shit out of this “How We Do” remix, because let’s be honest, they all destroyed that beat!

In related news, click here to watch a rare Tune freestyle from the Sqad Up days.

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  • Mac Miller


  • billzzzzzzzz


  • Jordan Abdullahi

    wayne spit another freestyle over this beat #classicweezyfbaby


  • pill popper

    back when young money was dope…..before drake and nicki minaj who all ruined what young money is 2day

  • C0unty

    BOO killed his verse

  • call me jam

    I never knew Wyne remixed Game’s How We Do record?? this was my jam back in the day too

  • why didn’t you put my link up pleiboui?

  • champion

    props danny! never seen this video. reminds me of how good young money used to be 🙂




  • well done ^^^

    damn tune kilt that freestyle like a skirt
    no shitty ass skateboarding raps or trukfit lines

  • Weezy F.

    “The new AK got crazy grip”

  • boi


  • weezy went over this beat twice

  • Great watch, wow!

  • TeamTunechi

    @Trukfit Game has been tryin 2 sign 2 youngmoney 4 a while nw, bt dey probably don’t wanna sign cus he’s got a lot of haters.

  • south side in here

    why couldnt young moula stay like this instead of letting currency go and signing artists like nicki minaj and lil twist 🙁 🙁

  • Chris

    Great vid danny, post things like these every once and a while.

  • Nanna Kristine

    Do someone know if Lil Wayne plans on going to Norway or Europa in the future? There’s so many fans here who really would appreciate that! Weezy, the best rapper alive! <3


    aww yea – cockroach shit!

  • Thats not Tunechi, thats just Tune.

  • allan derp

    you should do this every thursday danny


    do it everytime weezy forgets to release a mixtape sports corner or facebook promo. ill understand if u dont have all that time tho

  • ineye gabriel

    I went on net to download all my old weezy’s songs and I really can see the difference between now and then. Jeez weezy has gone sloppy to be honest. He should bring back auto tune and N.O flows that what made me love him at first not rapping about wheels on woods and some shity clothline.

  • Dats My Fucken Jam! That’s Classic Weezy F Mother Fucken Baby There. Its Because of Shit Like That, That I “Fuck” (No Homo) With Wayne and Will Continue To.

  • ceej

    u are such a confused little white boy dillon.
    go find a dread headed rasta nigga with a white girlfriend and ask to suck his dick u faggot.

  • ceej

    cuz thats all ur doing on this site and ur ipod fag

  • YunG based god

    back when wayne was a og. sushi baby is a completely different rapper/artist. weezy f baby is a legend and one of the hardest working men in the history of music. “tunechi baby” not so much…


    Back when Wayne was a REAL THUG and when he really went hard.


  • siege

    thats coward shit forreal.

    a real mc wont go on a record say some shit. find another record say some different shit. thats mc wizzle shit.


    and that is all u need to remember

  • Rodrigo

    I miss that lil wayne, the real weezy f baby, in todays his style sucks :/ ! But whatever, the rap is the best 😀 ! Weezy BABY

  • weezy is still da best hoo is better than him right now no one LIL WAYNE BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • who is better than lil wayne?

    slim shady
    royce da 59
    jay z
    50 cen
    nicki minja
    snoop dog

    in that order

  • I’m getting tired of dumb azz niqqas saying they love old weezy but they hate new tunechi…. If u actually listened to weezy’s old sh!t, u would realise that he’s been calling himself tunechi since way back in the old days… That’s how I know ya fake niqqas haven’t listen to Wayne’s old songs, ya just go with what the majority of people are saying, which is pathetic!!!!

    & then ya talk mad sh!t about him now, until he release’s sick ass bars like in “Look @ me now” or “The Motto”, then ya start 2 hop on the band wagon with the rest of them D!ckriders…. Ya losers need to fuking GET A LIFE!!!

    The diference between me & ya bumbass haters is that when there’s a Weezy track that I ain’t feelin, I don’t talk mad sh!t about him saying he fell off & sh!t… I just say I ain’t feelin that track, cuz not every Weezy song is gonna be a club banger… I keep it real, not like ya fake ass losers who run ya mouths about how he fell off, until he release’s a hot joint, then ya say he’s back… Do ya realise how fukin stupid ya look when ya do that?



    anyone else think that this is the kind of shit that got wizzle’s tour bus raided in the first place?
    phase one shitty ass ymcmb. partying in a bus.
    phase two by a weapon without a permit. get busted by cops.
    pase three sign shitty members to ymcmb with zero talent
    phase four go to jail
    pase five come out of jail crazy and try to skateboard and try to be a fashion designer
    phase six….?

    wtf happened to currency and boo anyway, and why hasnt it happened to wizzle ?




  • Who is better? continued

    Meek Milly
    Cole world
    YunG khalifa mang
    Big K.R.Izzle mang
    Ace Hood
    T raww
    Jae Millzy

    just to name a few

  • ^thats not rite

    thats cool. i’m glad u think so lowely of wizzle however i think most of them are just as bad.

  • YunG based god

    BIGWEEZYPACZ u a fuck nigga. everyone knows he been calling himself tune but what does that have to do with weak ass bars, jeggings, and ugh boots? ever since he got out of jail he embraced the name tunechi and started gettin lazy. I know you’re a fake ass fan when u say he dropped sick bars on the motto. that shit was straight wack and the last lines make me cringe everytime. U a fuck boy

  • Who is better? continued

    u already put hova and em on the list. don’t know why nicki on ur list tho

  • YunG based god

    that verse was straight wack* fuck nigga

  • f

    @fehinho follow instragram

  • @YunG based FAGGOT, is u serious bitch nigga? 1st off y are u paying attention 2 what a niggas wearing? U’s a homo… 2nd, u don’t know shit about sick bars when u a dickriding Lil boosie fag, also when u just said the last line makes u “cringe”???? WTF??.. Nigga u is gay… & 3rd, y the fuck r u on a Weezy fansite, just so u can talk shit about him… U are fucking pathetic kid…. What I find funny is, if Weezy’s bars r not sick, y don’t u do better & make millions? Oh yeah that’s right, cuz not only u can’t, but ur 2 busy goin on fansites just 2 hate on niggas like a fucking loser with no life… Hahaha… BITCH MADE NIGGA!!!!! -BIGWEEZYPACZ

  • siege

    u would have do be a moron to be a hiphop artist in this day in age…
    u wanna get famous how about rite a book. (not a wizzle boook a real book with real words no tunechi truk wurl non of that BULLSHIT)

  • YunG based god

    BIGWEEZYPACZ u a questionable bitch nigga jus like sushi

  • tha infamous

    im loving this blog rite now.

    i cant believe i just said that. i think im gonna cut the internet off for a couple days guys. ill be back tho cuz im sure wizzle is dying to release some of his already late weak shit

    thanks for supporting the cause of not supporting
    and for all of u out there still talking them up and overlooking their tremendous fuck ups…. SOON.


  • @Siege, how is this a fansite, & ur the hating ass mothafucka who comments the most? U must be a little ass kid to have all that time in ur hands just 2 hate on Lil Wayne.. Maybe if u would put half the time that u use sucking Lil Wayne’s dick on that book idea of ur’s, u would prob. Be famous & have a lot of money… Lmao.. But I guess once a loser, always a loser… Enjoy posting 10 more hating comments on a fansite, cuz i’m pretty sure thats all ur good at!!!


    i wrote 10 books nigga. all of them are about how gay ur superman little wayne is

  • @YunG Based BITCH NIGGA, HAHAHAHA.. That’s when u know u just got SERVED, when ur comeback is the exact same thing I said, but all u did was add ”
    “questionable”… & WTF is “just like Sushi”? Omg u r that much of a loser & u been on this site 4 that long, that u made up the most gayest nickname ever 4 him? Kid GIVE UP LIFE, as much time as u waste here, i’m starting to think ur a closet faggot who actually loves Lil Wayne, & wants 2 suck him off 4 how much u b on his dick… How do u post more hate comments then fan comments, On a fansite…Lmao smh… Kid I advise u 2 stop now, cuz u a marshmallow, & u just got ROASTED!!!

  • @Siege, How fucking gay r u? first of all I know u haven’t wrote 10 of shit, but even if u did, that would make u the most Lil Wayne hating/dickriding person ever… U r so dumb it’s unbelievable… So regardless if u made it up or not, what u just wrote made u the Gayest Faggot on this site, & prob. Of the world… NUFF SAID HOMO!!!



  • Realtalk

    U know what i hate …….bitches talking shit, @siege u lil pussy ass nigga the only thing u do is talk a lot shit y dont u shove ur ego up ur ass pussy ass nigga stop hatin on wayne cause he has a better life then u cock sucker


  • Realtalk

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  • Siege

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  • Realtalk

    The #1 bitch that complains a lot and is faggot in this website is @Siege


    fuck 50 cent fuck eminem fuck gay-z fuck the rest

  • I joke around a lot, but I actually like Lil wayne, he’s one of my favorite rappers, I just like 2 fuck around a lot cuz i’m bored as fuck, I have nothing to do all day… So yeah, wayne’s a pretty good rapper, I joke a lot… Goodnight!!! 🙂

  • tony_montana

    People getting 0n dis site and shitting 0n each other all da time,dis iz actuali starting 2 get irritating now ey…Danny u should jst close dis site down coz niggaz don’t knw da purpose of dis shit iz.you’ supposed 2 comment on da post not shit on eachother and calL each other faggots and shit non stop,yall can follow eachother on twitter and shitt 0n each other der nd jst stop irritatin us here….anywae da song waz a banger!!!

  • @Fony Montana, shut the fuck up u lil canadian piece of shit, everything that u just wrote was irritating, omg, did these guys hurt ur lil vagina?

    So instead of saying something like, “Shut down the comment area.”, ur dumbass solution is 2 shut down the site? Really?…. Danny’s not dumb, we can all c that ur a Lil Wayne hater, so do u actually think that he’s gonna fall 4 ur bullshitty reverse psychology? Ur a joke kid… Then u say “Niggas r suppose 2 comment on the post”, yet if i’m correct, I read ur name b4 talking shit about Weezy on a fansite, & I don’t even think u were commenting on the video, so not not only r u a idiot, but ur also a fucking hypocrite!!!

    Here’s 2 ways where ur little vajay jay doesn’t have 2 get hurt, either don’t read the comments & watch the vids, or do us all a favor & pretend that this site is shut down, BY NOT FUCKING GOING ON IT U FUCKING LOSER ASS BITCH!!!

  • @Fony Montana, shut the fuck up u lil canadian piece of shit, everything that u just wrote was irritating, omg, did these guys hurt ur lil vagina?

    So instead of saying something like, “Shut down the comment area.”, ur dumbass solution is 2 shut down the site? Really?…. Danny’s not dumb, we can all c that ur a Lil Wayne hater, so do u actually think that he’s gonna fall 4 ur bullshitty reverse psychology? Ur a joke kid… Then u say “Niggas r suppose 2 comment on the post”, yet if i’m correct, I read ur name b4 talking shit about Weezy on a fansite, & I don’t even think u were commenting on the video, so not only r u a idiot, but ur also a fucking hypocrite!!!

    Here’s 2 ways where ur little vajay jay doesn’t have 2 get hurt, either don’t read the comments & watch the vids, or do us all a favor & pretend that this site is shut down, BY NOT FUCKING GOING ON IT U FUCKING LOSER ASS BITCH!!!

  • Wayne never started calling himself Tunechi until the Carter 3, he never called himself that shit before that. He used to call himself Tune but not Tunechi.

    so stop making shit up.


    yall need to quit bitchin at me

    wizzle is a douche bag and yall know it.

  • CEEJ

    but really tho wizzle has been saying toon on tracks for a while, cuz actually eminem knew about it back on the eminem cd, he refrences toon and cartoons unnessesarily just to make the point that eminem does not like wizzle aka weezy f aka tunechi aka tunafish aka lil dwayne.
    it doesnt matter how long he’s been saying it, it still sounds gay. TUNECHI!

  • CEEJ



  • ym_corey

    2005 memories… Youngmoneyent.com was shut down in 2008

  • jaime

    I laugh at CEEJ’s comments.

    He doesn’t know anything about lil wayne’s career, he’s just another white kid who listens to eminem, so now he thinks he knows hip hop lol.

    He doesn’t even make sense when he types no wonder you guys ignore his posts all the time lmao.

  • Yes

    Poppin, but Danny you showed offffffff by saying how nobody could find tht vid. Good loox doe

  • Realtalk

    @Siege lil piece of shit go suck a dick quit hating on tunechi go do something better like……suck Dick bitch ass nigga

    # The Best Rapper Alive Tunechi

  • Realtalk

    @Siege, @Tony_montana and @Ceej are the only dick suckes and douche bags on this website


    who likes eminem is a rat

  • CEEJ

    Pussy dont be hatin


    im a fuck nigga who will be a wayne groupie no matter what bullshit this bitch nigga does. thank you YunG based god for all the swag that you have. ima go kill myself

  • CEEJ

    Pussy dont be hatin ^

  • tha infamous

    i know more about wizzle than any of u c3 fans. yall are retarded if u think wizzle is hiphop. and if u dont like eminem u r definitely racist because he is clearly the most dominant lyricsist in the game. his words actually make sense unlike those technine niggers who just throw an accent over their sylabuls.

    and if u guys would actually ignore me i’d appreciate it so i could just post a comment concerning wizzle’s faggot shit and not respoding to u guys hate or lousy attempts to twist my words.


  • Siege

    Fuck Tunechi and fuck young money they can all die

    # Best Rapper Alive Slim Shady

  • Alex

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  • YunG based god

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  • tha infamous

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  • YunG based god

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  • Do It Again

    You can tell that it is SIEGE from his picture. Just looks like a complete dumbass.

  • @YunG Based Faggot, @Siege, @Fony Montana, @ Ceej:

    OMFG I just realised it, no fuking wonder u got the same hatin ass niggas saying the same shit, u are all the same person!!! My god kid, u r PATHETIC!!!!

    & im not gonna even ignore the fact that u put all 4 of them to say that u love cock, how do u talk mad shit about lil wayne, yet u say the most gayest shit like that.. & FUCK Lil B aka Lil Bitch Nigga….

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  • Yeya

    Thkx man for remember me the old wayne, the one that I like !

  • MoonMan

    Wayne said tunchi in his 10,000 bars retard. So it was way before tha carter III was released.


    i love balls

  • YunG based god

    ^i knew it

  • I don’t even know y I worship lil b, when I know that I know that the real based god is Lil’ Wayne!!! Thank you so much for this site danny, if I knew where u were, I would suck ur cock & let u cum all over me!!!

    Danny + Lil wayne > 8=========D—–d:) <ME

  • Alex

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper do ur thang!

  • Realtalk

    A lot of respect for the homie @Da REAL BIGWEEZYPACZ for saying the true on this bitches

  • @Realtalk, thanks man, we gotta let these little bitch niggas know, cuz there are 3 types of people on this site: The Haters, The dickriders & the real niggas who actually listen 2 music, so far it looks like U & me are the only realist niggas in here!!!

  • weezy till the death of me

    S/O to τ̣̣ђё homie @BIGWEEZYPACZ α̲̅πϑ @Realtalk, tthey are true weezy fan, blood gang, #TeamWEEZY #TeamTUNECHI, haters go kill ur sorry shitty α̲̅πϑ smellin ass off… YoungMoney they winning

  • i love weezy no matter what

    Big respect to all faithful fans.. α̲̅πϑ fuck all those who hate weezy, get a life ya’ll hating cos ‎​♏y man is getting dollars with every song he sings… *tongue out* to τ̣̣ђё haters

  • YunG based god

    im the realest nigga alive. which is y i dont like tunechi. real recognize real and Da REAL BIGWEEZYPACZ, Real Talk, and tunechi baby don’t look familiar

  • @YunG based Faggot, kid shut the fuck up, u don’t get an opinion when u start saying gay shit like u love 2 suck cock, the reason y u don’t like Weezy is cuz ur 2 busy listening 2 the real gay shits like lil b, & justin bieber… Fuckin HOMO!!!

  • YunG based god

    based god real. sushi baby fake

  • murk game

    @tony montana’s right though,yall need to stop shitting on each ada and just comment on the post. S/O 2 him 4 dat. GuD post by da wae,dats da real lil weezyana

  • Now and then

    That young money was way better now its nothing but pop stars and children im still screaming bring the hot boys back free turk


    Man Why the Fukk do y’all even care wtf somebody says on here if u don’t like Lil Wayne dont fukkin listen to him period y’all just some haters…III don’t give a fukk what u say bout him that shit ain’t gone change the fact that he’s the best rapper alive now stfu kids


    Im a queer!

  • Tony Montana

    U cocksucker using my name to say shit get lost!
    There is only 1 Tony Montana

  • Siege

    Yeah you’re right there’s only one Tony Montana fag in this website and that’s u.

  • Tony Montana

    Attaboy bow down and try with siege name


    If yall don’t like the new Lil Wayne BUY HIS OLD ALBUMS & MIXTAPES YOU DICKEATERS! And I could’ve sworn this was a FANSITE-IF YOU’RE NOT A WEEZY FAN GET THE FUCK OFF OF THE WEBSITE, go somewhere else with that HATING SHIT!