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Watch Lil Wayne’s Hilarious Deposition Video From The Quincy Jones III Lawsuit

Tue, Sep 25, 2012 by

If you didn’t know, Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III recently claiming that he never gave him permission to use his music off Tha Carter III in the DVD Quincy put out called “The Carter Documentary“. In the videotaped deposition above, you can watch Quincy Jones III‘s lawyer, Pete Ross, ask Wayne some questions, but he does not seem to give a single fuck.

Weezy pulls his TRUKFIT hoodie up and gives hilarious, as well as awkward answers to the lawyer in front of the judge, such as he doesn’t recall going to Rikers Island in 2010. We all shouldn’t laugh, because it’s a serious matter, but you can’t help it when you watch how Tune replies to Quincy‘s lawyer.

At the end of the video, Tunechi even tells Pete Ross that the judge can’t save him in the “real world”. Let’s hope Marley G don’t see this!

Thanks to TMZ for the footage.

UPDATE: I have added another clip from Lil Wayne‘s deposition video after the jump below.

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  • wezzyf


  • mattyswizzle


  • casto

    Dammmnnn! Tunechi

  • ctwins3644

    He does realize this isn’t helping his case, right? You’re just making it harder on the lawyers Wayne- your judgement is about as bad as your current rapping sometimes.

  • he asked that man if he remembered havin the number 1 album basically wtf………

  • Chris T

    That lawyer did ask some stupid ass questions, WTF

  • JIM SD



  • king

    “i don’t know but i know i did perform at this bad ass bitch birthday party recently, she was stupid thick”

    who is wayne talkin about? trina?

  • Big Wayne

    Let’s be honest, Little Wayne was a complete dick in this interview. He needs to have more respect, who wears his hood up in a deposition! If he had just answered the questions normal then he would have been able to go home to his kids. What a tool!

  • i aint got no worries

    “yeah its something out of your ass”




  • James YM

    Lawyer – do you recall that in late 2009 you pleased guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon?
    Wayne – I don’t recall that

    Lawyer – did yoU serve any time in jail?
    Wayne – I don’t know

    Lawyer – didn’t you serve 8 months in rikers island?
    Wayne – I don’t know

  • fuck em

    dis shit was funnyAF yo

  • vIP



  • no worriez

    weezy was a clown but the lawyer was stupid too so they both at fault

  • Fly Dungas

    this is kinda sad… i think wayne lost his mind

  • ET

    Why did you say “lets hope Marley G dont see this”???

  • I was talking to myself

    So the plan is Lil Wayne is now going to send his goons to this lawyer, won’t that look suspicious if something does happen to him or his family??

  • Birdman

    So does this make “Tunechi F Baby” a gangster….

  • Birdman

    Or a real “blood”….

  • Jays

    The sad thing about this is that people are gonna support waynes “funny” deposition because he is famous.. had it been a nobody everybode would have realized that that video was the most childish and stupid video we have ever seen from him

  • nina

    that lawyer probably went home, got all of his family and got out the country after this interview was over. or he changed locks on his house

  • Didn’t make me LOL

    If you found this funny, then you are really immature. PERIOD.

  • weezy is a narrow-minded person..
    He has a inferiority complex

  • Baby Sasha Tidus

    reminded me of the movie balla blockin when none of them answered the cops seriously lol

  • Real shit

    I understand why he was actin like an ass towards that interviewer … Seeing that he is suing Quincy for using his music and this dumb ass lawyer is asking questions that don’t even pertain to the fuckin reason they’re there !! Faggot ass lawyer

  • trent

    the thing is people, wayne knew exactly what he was doing lol. do you think he’d really do something like that if it were to get him in more trouble? he can give whatever answer to the questions he wants. it was a desposition, not a hearing in a court lol.

  • Big Daddy Maine


    weezy the best

  • NarDyNarD

    “Let’s hope Marley G don’t see this!” …lmfao!!!!!

    …”Marley doN’t SHOOT em’!” hahahaa

  • Tony Montana

    youtube + Lil wayne Girl Pants @ HoodRavenEnt

  • sweeetnest

    lawd have mercy! my honey is crazy!!!

  • he cant save you

    “he cant save you”-wayne

    “and what does that mean”-lawyer

    “i was talking to myself”-wayne

  • Chris

    GANGSTER TO THE CORE!!! Hey… Wayne raps about it. He’s a real nigga. No fronting. Clearly no matter what!


    wayne super high lol

  • lawl

    look all this n1gga’s hating on wayne, while they take the effort to type and watch what this n1gga do as being their role model

  • lawl

    wayne’s cool btw, he takes life as a joke.. thats whats important

  • Young Money Soldier

    @Danny M
    it was 2010!
    forgot already? haha

  • “D’Wayne Michael Carter Jr” PERFECT ANSWER! FUCK THA GREAT AMERICAN INJUSTICE SYSTEM. Love Darlin’ smoke that one off. G code.-

  • daReal214

    LMAO Wayne is NOT going to win that case at all!! And Wayne must been on a Molly or sum coke cuz he was in agg mode for real! Lol!

  • daReal214

    hey Danny you might wanna delete this post, Youtube just blocked tha video!!

  • Omar

    @Danny M Tweet the Vh1 Greatest Male Artist So Everyone Can Vote For Wayne Over MJ


  • Enrique

    I fuckin love Wayne’s hate for stupid shit. That’s it! Wayne is wayne! I dig it! Plus this shit made me die laughing

  • Gahaha

    Okay people
    Back to reality

    Wayne has bein in the studio since the age of 12
    How the fuck had he had time to do anything gangster ?

    On a other note this a perfect example of
    “when keeping it real goes wrong”

    He can act as an ass to a lawyer and make sneak threaths all he wants because hes the man right ?while being filmed and being judged by a judge who could sentence him to anything
    This just shows what a dumb human being wayne actually is, if anything happens to that lawyer after this who is the first who gon have to report ? Wayne
    Thats the real world you idiot and clearly he doesnt realise it cause hes to busy being real on camera

    I see a new jail time coming on real soon cause believe it or not
    The brainless wayne followers will do anything for this fake actor

  • Sk8,

    Now do yall fuck nigga’s still think , lil wayne front on his songs ?

  • Tsands55

    Wayne did the realest thing he could! He answered each dumb question with a closed-ended answer! Next if the lawyer wants better answers, he should ask questions that arent so dumb!



  • Weedy jr

    @gahaha dumbass fucking retard Wayne can’t go to jail if Wayne is suing the man and u can’t go to jail over a lawsuit.


    @Danny M
    I Agree With OMAR Try And Put A Post Up About The Vh1 Greatest Male Artist So Everyone Can Vote For Wayne Over MJ. We Need Wayne To Win.

  • Gahaha

    @weedy jr

    I see reading is not your strongest point
    So let me tell it again in babysteps

    Sneak threating a lawyer in front of a judge and a camera is most stupid thing a man can do cause now there a proof of a threath

    Probally brainless wayne fand as yourself probally agree with him and maybe go as far to look for this lawyer and probally harm him or even worse for asking relevant questions to your god wayne

    If this does happen what do you think will happen to wayne, who just sneak threath a lawyer in front of a camera for the world to see ?
    Wayne is fucked if anything happens to thislawyer

  • Jays

    @Tsands55 Pete Ross is a partner at his firm, he knows what hes doing. which questions do you think he should have asked?

  • AieCoy

    I think wayne was SOOO FUKIN RIGHT! Quincy Jones III or whatever is an ASSHOLE! thats all

  • if i was dat lawwyer i would of back hand smak lil waynes fukin face…
    sikk ass rapper.. my favoute rapper ,but hes a fukin ingnorant fuk , cant fukin let the man do his fukin job

  • F

    Haha it’s not easy to interview Lil Wayne as a lawyer, lol. But seriously Wayne should have answering the questions right not fooling around, please!

  • OverZero

    Aye see that’s what I’m talkin bout Wayne. Wayne comes up with metaphors that a celebrated Shakespeare couldn’t fathom….How you figure he can’t pick out when a question is a matter of opinion. My n**** is smart. If you can tweet about a new hot rap artist, tweet about me and help me out with this cause. I got a purpose and judging from this video, it looks like it’s time to show that the hood got the highest of potential no matter what the media portrays. We do what we do but we got the same aptitude. Time to show em….check the link…and tweet about it (at the least).

    Math From The Hood( “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover Mutha******”)

  • Tony Montana

    @WEZZZYFREAK hell yea

  • Scott g.

    That lawyer is dead. Lol right now he gettin shot up. Wayne was clownin, and none of the questions presented are relevant to this case in the slightest.

  • LP

    LMAO I miss this attitude. I would act the same way if a dumbass lawyer started asking unnecessary questions

  • Stretch

    Ya niggas gay as fuk (I miss his attitude nd dis is da old Wayne) lmfaoo all ya is really sun fukin bitches/pussies/gay ass fags.

  • Savage

    U can tell wayne kno his rights..he kno how that system work.

  • Cosmo

    Like who really gives a F*…

  • FuckGahahaha

    @Gahaha….ur a fucken fucked up piece of fucked fuck…so how did ur fucken hatin ass have the time to come on dis site?????…keep talkin shit u faggot.wish i knew u in person.cut ur fucken throat.HOE!…GTFO this site

  • YungGod

    Wayne must just hate lawyers/(Law enforcement too) period. Clearly, he hates them and did his best to make their life hell during those moments. Honestly if you hate lawyers for whatever reason you would act the same. Its the same as when you dont like your teacher, you wouldnt answer them politely. Practically all of you have done the same thing but cant notice it because you dont see yourself. Anyways it was funny for a serious matter and the lawyer did ask rhetorical questions.

    Guy: You must wait for him to finish the question
    Wayne: Oh sorry thats my psychic


  • YungGod

    Real G of him to say the judge cant save him lol Take it however you like a threat, advice, tip ,etc was still cool lol Even if something happens to the lawyer Wayne did not say in the video for someone to do something. Aslong as wayne has no ties to anything bad, we’re good

  • Zay

    Lmao!!!!! That was some funny shit, the lawyer was asking some irrelevantly stupid questions he got wat he deserved…… Shit!!!!! & who gives a fuck how the lawyer felt? If yall didnt know he dont like authority figures remember??? Dats y he always screaming fuck the police!!! Fuck the judge and jury. Come on guys some of yall seem like the folks on here need to join the neighborhood watch or something. Hilarious video. Weezy forever!!!!!

  • Zay

    And he cannot get in any trouble about wat he did even if the lawyer come up stankin cause his hands aint gon b dirty and he got enough money to do that all he said is the judge cant save him if it was something that he could be gotten over believe me the lawyer wouldve used it against him. It is wat it is

  • 3Peat

    I think Wayne was right to be like this considering the lawyer is trying to make people believe that Wayne is a liar, hell if that guy was assking those questions to me i’d be the same, its just who Wayne is, your obviously immature by thinking this is immature by putting him on blast for doing him.

  • YM Salute

    Some may say what he did was immature, but it was actually really smart. Certain questions he didn’t answer because the answers you give could be used against you in the future.

  • Darkshades23

    Seriously Pete Ross sounds like he’s trying to get a an interview and not a lawsuit plus those are some dumbass questions and me I like The Carter Documentary but I think it portrays Lil Wayne because all it mainly shows is him drinking syrup and smoking.

  • James

    Fuck I love this soo much!! TUNECHI!!!


    If he answered his case would be even more messed up

  • Nucklez

    Need a youtube link

  • RomanEmpire

    Hi guys. What’s up?

  • daReal214

    This shit funny af when you’re high! LOL that nigga Wayne was looking like he wanted to kill that that nigga for real! LMAO!

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i can’t tell if he is bored or but he does not seem to give a single fuck . he looks so bored and looks like cant this be stop, finish, end soon. i like it when wayne just say no no to the qustions

  • Face it bitches

    U people mad cuz people find this funny
    Y’all haters
    Nigga can do what he wants
    He did all his time and got probation still hanging over him
    They can’t send him back to jail for suing a nigga
    Point is he gone win this…
    He can do what he wants, he a nigga wit money and y’all love to hate him
    And he feed off that shit and it shows up in tha music keep it up

  • lolll uhh i dont recall

  • Yep

    What’s funny with that ? He’ buried himself, definitely.



  • Yoloswaggym


  • Jeff

    Isn’t this bordering on perjury? Dude should just answer the questions, acting like a gangster wont help him.

  • Hype





    IT FUNNY 2 ME….


    "i aint gotta shoot cuz my goons do" …

    wayne dumb lmao….



  • Sash

    Wayne was real TECHNICAL & borderline petty.. it is what it is. You answer questions to the best of your ability he did just that. Can’t prove that he knew any different at the moment. Yes Wayne threaten dude but it was indirectly.. he didn’t say what dude cudnt save him from. it was implied but technically not said..

  • tezzy

    Wow got ta love him just put it out there justt like dat… and what dat cracker can’t say shit to da king… love ya hubbi keep being u… can’t mess wit a tru Libra. Wayne you da best…

  • lam

    i love this man!!!!!!

  • Brrrrrrrr

    its funny af, that dude is askin the most stupid questions ever.. stop whining about immature shit, this is how most would respond if the interviewer is dat stupid

  • lawl

    all this people that hating on wayne here, and worldstarhiphop got simply no life.

  • Stretch

    FuckGahahaha u do not wanna know me cuz unlike most of dese fake hardcore ass niggas on dis site I will really have you murdered nd it won’t be no cost for it nigga I’m not even guna state my business out but I stick my red flag up nigga.


    the funny thing is…
    wayne was being in-compliant because if he had answered those questions to the best of his ability and honestly he would have incriminated himself.
    its only a matter of time before that nigger is dead.

  • Stretch is a fag

    Stretch your a fake blood. Shut up you nigger

  • Tony Montana

    Stretch ur asshole fake blood real nagger nagger

  • Stretch

    Im a fake blood. Ya niggas must got me fuked up fareal niggas ya don’t know shit bout dat brim gang nigga hat gang niggas fuk wrong wit ya nd I’ll tell ya da fukin address my nigga wats brimmin wit ya fags I didn’t even wanna put my business out dere but ya could really get fuked up so really nigha wats poppin

  • Dope boy

    Word stretch dey don’t know bout dat shit cuz BRIM DA FUK UPPPP! Ya pussy as niggas.

  • Stretch

    Lmaoo chill out cuzzzz.BRIM BITCH! My nigga dope boy smh

  • stoned420

    @SEIGESAYS Nigga you sucha lame to come to a lil wayne fansite and hate. Do you really have nothing better to do?

  • Stretch

    Naw bra I’m not hatin if u read da first shit I put I’m defending weezy my fav rapper no matter wat he rap about but pussy niggas dat be actin hard aggravates me u feel me


    poor wizzle. he is on his middle school shit. at least he looks cool tho even tho he’s a dumb ass.
    keep doing ya thang wizzle! you got every1 mad at you bro! #realniggaretweetthisifubloodnhoodnuontwitterbitchtweettweet

  • Rocki

    This is too funny

  • Coolbluelee

    Y’all do know Wayne got a degree right? Plus if the lawyer asked relevant questions instead o trying to be a smart ass then he wouldn’t have got treated that way. The judge sitting right next to him and ain’t say shit to Wayne about his behavior. Obviously he knows what he is doing and the lawyer tried to make Wayne look stupid…but failed. So the best thing to do is apologize and try it again, asking relevant questions.

  • JB

    I was laughing my damn ass off, that lawyer had some nerve to ask totally unrelated and moronic questions just trying to get Tune all fired up, but Wayne was just fuckin with the guy. And seriously people? All he means by ” he cant save you in the real world” is that his rich spoiled lawyer ass wouldnt last a day in uptown N.O.

  • casey

    HUGE fan after seeing this. Huge. Cant b bigger.

  • @tearDropptune

    this made my day lmfaoooo. he cant save you

  • Savaq3

    Aye it Was Funny After That Pete Niqqa Start Tlkin n he Kept Sayin Idk Idk Idk , You got to wait until hes done with the sentence , Wayne: Oh Sorry thats My Sychic , (Sorry can’t Spell that word)

  • Christian

    Lil Wayne is one of the most badass people in da world.

  • real G

    Guyz yoll sum fake ass fanz really,errrbody knws Wayne has a background in psychology,he knew exactly wat he was doing!Do u think his attorney would have allowed him 2 incriminate himself?his 2 intelligent,he made the both the lawyer n judge really stupid!Plus he is suing how can he go 2 jail,all of the answers he gave aren’t related 2 the case lol!Lil Wayne is the most educated n intelligent rappers ever,as 4 the threat dat Pete Ross guy gona be like nah let’s let him win the case!psychology…lil wayne is a real blood u knw hw em n!99as fuk up wit crimes n get caught,he may nt hold the gun but he is sure as hell holding it down with his brain,money,power n exposure(through) music,#blood gang,6 flangz,no rollecoster,we hold the bread the hoes hold the toasters”…lMAo

  • YAGA!

    My nigga Tunechi! yeah that nigga nice!…..beasted on that lawyer….He is gona truck that niggas wife lmao

  • sdag

    It’s pretty obvious he didn’t lose his memory, he just answered “I don’t know” and “I don’t recall” just to be done with all the stupid ass questions being asked. You can clearly see that just off the first couple of answers he gave.

  • Tunechi-James

    yeah its something outa your ass hahahah1 so funny you thhe man tune! it was carzy stupid dick! lol

  • aaaaaaaaaah I LOOOOOVEEEEE HIM :””””””””””””””””((((((((((

  • kingkobra

    Lil Wayne was simply exercising his rights. He didn’t have to answer any questions if he didn’t want to.

  • Flee

    He makes good music (most of the time), but if he was talking to me like that – man I don’t give a f– who he is I’m going to smack him so hard that he will never talk to nobody like that agan. Then he can sue me, kill me – but he will learn to respect everyone and not only his YMCMB “family” ….

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  • John Witherspoon

    Do y’all not understand he did that on purpose. If you can’t see that then you’re an idiot

  • he mr carter you have to wait till the eternity has finished asking the question ” im sorry thats my pyschic” lmao

  • Ah lolollol

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