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Lil Wayne – No Worries (Feat Detail) [Music Video]

Thu, Nov 22, 2012 by

Lil Wayne No Worries Music Video

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “No Worries” single featuring Detail. The visual, which was directed by Colin Tilley, was shot at different locations around Las Vegas and is inspired by the 1998 movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Cameos can be seen from YMCMB’s Birdman, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, T@, DJ Scoob Doo, and Boo. Weezy F Baby‘s forthcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being II, is set to drop in early 2013!

Click here to view some photos from the “No Worries” video shoot and here for some footage!

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  • Lil Wayne india


  • willogert

    second niggas

  • caked up

    danny doesnt work for europe

  • willogert

    waynes blunted cause he off probation now

  • steph coco!





  • Lil Wayne india

    Can’t see the video!!!!!

  • RedBoneByaaaatch !

    It Wont Work “/ Is It On YouTube Yet ?

  • Tune92

    can’t see the video.. yet AGAIN!
    about as much use as a nun with tits..

  • macknupid

    yo that clip seemed so short
    then i remembered the song only has 2 verses
    wayne should of made that track longer

  • hq all day

    looks like they all had fun shooting the video hehe

  • Call Me KRY BABY

    WOAH! That was trippy as FUCK!

  • it was dope n hard n funny i love this video

  • B
  • Gaza

    Clean version sucked

    I could hardly get into the song

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    read nigga!! “Check back soon for a video that plays in every country!” stop asking question! anyway)it looks good. its funny, i only watch this one

  • Weezy


  • Rajat

    IANAHB 2 coming February 19 , 2013

  • video was hard n funny n dope i had a great laugh tonight n got hype

  • Jared

    sick and he wasn’t skating

  • WhatupDoe

    Let’s look at the hustler musik, lollipop, and got money vids, compare it to no worries and my homies still.. And then judge. I love wayne, his wordplay, and his lyrics && energy he brings to rap.. But let’s be honest, my dude fell off..

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  • yes

    true he kinda fell of and i feel very sad.. gone miss hustler musiik Im me and pmw weezy ;(

  • yes

    and mr carter, gossip, you,

  • Eshall

    Most fun video ever!!! I love you Wayne.

  • @trumcbride on twitter

    damn to bad its fuckin edited


    Eshal is one fucked up bitch if you dont realize what went down in the filming of this movie you are the next bitch that wizzle will find and lock in a cage somewhere. when they find out what that nigger has done he’ll get the death sentence for sure, who was the old man that they kidnapped?

  • Swaglikeyanni

    Bro this video trippy AF!!!! It looks like they had fun filming it tho

  • B2rhom

    Where is the dirty version? There is no reason to listen to this song w/ a clean version. Great vid. Thank Danny 🙂

  • Lil wayne looks so sexy in his new video “no worries” I love you tunchi

  • tony_montana

    @danny…do you think lil wayne only has fans in the USA??!????

  • dank

    @everyone complaining about video not playing in Europe….

    That is how all MTV online videos so shut the fuck up and get over it. It will get updated when there’s a different one for him to put up.

    And to dude above me Danny isn’t from USA so why would he think all Wayne fans are… dumb kid

  • zuckzess

    Well I’m from Germany and I can watch the video thankst to a little tool named
    It unlbocks all youtube videos that are blocked by our GEMA because of copyright reasons by using a proxy-server in the States.
    I’,m using google-chrome but I’m sure there are similar add-ons for Firefox or IE es well!

  • When is the dirty version comming out!!??

  • Ed!

    Fuck yeahhhhhhh! Luv that Video:D

  • Joemummm

    Please put a video clip explicit its shit when u listen 2 it clean

    • The VEVO video should be premiering tonight, so I will update when that version drops!

  • smoke
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  • tootsie

    , I Lovee The Video , Its Dope Ihtdd Looks Like They Had So Much Fun Ionn This Video , Dope

  • Banned 4rm TV

    This shit is stupid. Only kids and white people would enjoy this video. Wayne fell off. Not gangster no more.

  • me, LT

    where u from? how u became a wayne fan? Im from germany too and id like to know

  • man if you think weezy only have fans in usa you dont now nothing .i from cape verde and i love weezy.allways all day anyway .bu sta dodo

  • AGA

    Im in Poland and can see this video :)))) that’s crazy & funny one…WEEZZZY in Europe soon….wooohooo

  • jarsito del jamalita

    fuck them haters! Awesome video! Big up weezy!

  • james

    hi lil wayne
    just got a question can you send my duagther some posters of you and birdman she really like your rhimes and wants to be a dancer in your music video our Adress is
    32 Muller Street ; Palm Park ; Eerste River; Cape Town ;South Africa
    much apreciated
    by the way she dont beleive me when i say that i follow you on face book the posters will really convince her that
    thanks mr james louw word

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!



    Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, AWESOME!



  • john

    Lil Wayne – No Worries Ft. Detail EXPLICIT VERSION HD 1080P –> /watch?v=euFRO9s0cgM

  • LilWeezyAna

    The vid is funny but the song is crap and they don’t really go together. It ain better than My Homies Still.

  • LilWeezyAna

    BTW, I’m from Poland and I can see the vid on the MTV page, there was a message that I should use the Polish version of the MTV website but I just clicked the option to go to the US page and it works fine 😉


    fag shit wizzle’s fanbase if a bunch of fat fucks from other countries meanwhile the real niggas in usa would kill a wizzle on site.
    fuck niggers

  • dmx

    yall above niggas crazy smh lol n gay.. thirsty to be the first to comment sad . #need hobbies #mind frame #job/hustle # pusssssyy

  • TheTruth

    Weezy got to the point where he lost his mind. He doesn’t give a fuck anymore!!! Haha

  • patriots

    yo seige how you gone say the real niggas in the usa like you down or one of us or sumthing then say fuck niggers yo u real twisted plus you know weezy yo favorite rapper dont know y u try n act like u dont like him knowin u love the man

  • the infamous

    i know wizzle but i dont love him. honestly u can suck my dick then the patriots can lose to the browns. if you dont believe me watch this.
    later. biotch.
    go eat a waffle faggot. it only costs 45 cents

  • flames

    lil wayne the truth bleedat

  • patriots

    yo know wat i think, i think seige and the infamous r the same people see i was commenting on what seige said then the infamous says sumthing pretty strange huh plus we found out were seige lives over in dat shitty ass ohio state and was go eat a waffle susspose to be a dis i know u can come up with sumthin better than but since u like eminem u probally cant

  • Lol

    My baby hella funny!

  • arth

    the first time i see him wearing normal clothes, not trukfit, since a year ago


    Come out to Bahrain though !! Kim K will be out chea Dec 1. Come out here show love to military and other local fans !

  • lilwaynelover36
  • LIl Wayne Fan Girl

    I LOVE YOU LIL Wayne
    I Love You Very much because … You’re very very… Hum … :p So I Love You X’D

  • LIl Wayne Fan Girl

    No Worries <3

  • Lil Wayne Fan Girl


  • BoneZ Btich

    hey anyone kno who the old white dude is in the back seat…. ??? who is that?

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  • Ceaser

    Men i jux cant stp playing dis song u need2hear diz fone done dae repeat since mawning oh!! Here iz d link u can al downlod it

  • Yea who is the white guy in the backseat????????????

  • rolliwayne

    tunechi in this bitch,every body should be worried…….i love that

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  • Love you

  • wezy floow

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