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Lil Wayne Announces Tour Dates For His 2013 European Tour

Mon, Dec 10, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Announces Tour Dates For 2013 European Tour

Lil Wayne warned us that he would be going on a worldwide tour last month, now here are the dates for his forthcoming European tour that will begin on March 8th in Dublin and end on March 27th in Amsterdam.

As well as Ireland and Netherlands, Weezy F Baby will also be visiting France, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Sweden on this upcoming tour. The opening acts have been confirmed to be Mac Miller and 2 Chainz. You can purchase tickets from your national Ticketmaster website.

Hit the jump to find out which countries and arenas Tune will be performing at next year.

March 8, 2013 | Dublin, Ireland | The O2
March 10, 2013 | Toulouse, France | Zenith De Toulouse
March 11, 2013 | Marseille, France | Le Dome De Marseille
March 13, 2013 | Copenhagen, Denmark | TAP1
March 14, 2013 | Oslo, Norway | Oslo Spektrum
March 15, 2013 | Stockholm, Sweden | Ericsson Globe
March 17, 2013 | Amneville, France | Galaxie
March 18, 2013 | Hamburg, Germany | Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
March 19, 2013 | Berlin, Germany | Velodrom
March 21, 2013 | Paris, France | Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
March 22, 2013 | Dusseldorf, Germany | Mitsubishi Electric Hall
March 23, 2013 | Davos, Switzerland | Snow Jam
March 25, 2013 | Brussels, Belgium | Forest National Club
March 26, 2013 | Frankfurt, Germany | Festhalle
March 27, 2013 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Ziggo Dome

I’ve purchase my ticket for the Amsterdam concert! Will you be going to a show? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • First From Sa!!!!!!


    Waynes banned frm the uk because of his criminal record

  • First From Sa!!!!!! Weezy forever

  • F

    I’m going!!! (SWEDEN!)

  • pensyFbaby

    3Rd! .niGGa wen u commin 2 NiGerIa???????????????

  • Thomas


  • Just Kno Dat

    Already Bought 3 Tickets To The Amsterdam Show

  • why no coming to spain??? 🙁

  • fat maine


  • Tony


  • Sergio

    Spaiiin! 🙁

  • Pain

    He better come to the UK because he has so many fans here

  • Tweezy11

    Yeah, Paris BERCY !!! 🙂

  • JSPR


    Mac Miller support act hoppa.

  • Going to that Amsterdam Concert!!!!
    Since I live right there
    Mahn weezy Gone kill
    Havnt heard a track from him in a while


    Dope ass picture of Weezy

  • Rack city

    He was not lying when he said he was going to do a tour after his album drops 😀

  • Hey Danny When is Wayne coming to Ghana..Wayne Got alotta of fans here…!

  • GBE

    2 Chainz and Mac Miller are support acts Danny M

  • Marco

    In Italy? :'(

  • Weezlefan

    Will most def be going!! Oslo, Norway!! shitexcited!!

  • Kim

    I’m going! (Sweden)

  • Linus Trukin’ it

    Sweden that’s awesome! all i wear is trukfit! fuck with it!

  • YoungWeezyFBaby

    going to amsterdam! already bought a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • yes


  • Pia


    I am buying tickets tomorrow, I cant wait!!!!

    I love you weezy, thaaank you for coming to Norway, we fans have waited for you in a long time now!

    Love from Norway! <3<3<3

  • chal

    fuck yes ill be in amsterdam!!!

  • xweezy_

    23 march he’s in switzerland with mac miller and nas. 😀

  • chris

    Germany??? 🙁 -.-

  • Msact

    and GERMANY???????


    Dheam… bout Africa….#proudly south african

  • ronie

    yeaahhhhhh finally./… waitin for germany or fuck it im gonna go to amsterdam

  • SkullTune

    Weezy should come to cologne!
    If not we HAVE TO go to Amsterdam!!

    TUNECHI <3 F Baby Motherfucker!!!!!

  • Fr33styl3r

    He aint comin to Greece.. F*ck it

  • tunechi425

    Going to stockholm ! tunechi Li gonna killt it soo woo

  • Ireland mufuuuuuuuuuu 😀

  • ties

    e thomas, waar kun je de kaartjes bestellen

  • Teejay

    Why not India?? 🙁 so sad for me 🙁

  • Ill b there waitin on him to come to Germany.

  • yes

  • frenchguy

    no worries german people! he comes in berlin, dusseldorf and hamburg

  • TunechiBoss

    Im going ! (Amsterdam)


  • gabegabe


  • ThatNiqquhOverThere

    No LONDON Concert? C’mon son..

  • Giorgia.

    Why does not come in italy?

  • Tyga54

    Here are dates for GERMANY! They were published by

    18.03. Hamburg – Sporthalle
    19.03. Berlin – Velodrom
    22.03. Düsseldorf – Mitsubishi Electric Halle
    26.03. Frankfurt – Festhalle


    You can get your ticket for germany tomorrow, starting 9:00 am!

  • sean

    Dublin Ireland I am from Liverpool he is not coming to the uk but am going the first show


  • addicted to mula

    It would kill him to be d here but europe is even b etter weezy we

  • YoungGod

    london :'(

  • PortugueseFAN

    Portugal 🙁

  • Huhu1030

    What about Brussel ?

  • Enweetee

    Finally Weezy will be in my city Amsterdam again, I aleady bought the ticket. Waited for this so long ! Also great is that Mac Miller will be the opening act.

  • WeezyFGravy


  • Robert

    What about the U.S.? United States

  • dannylo

    Brazil? wheeen!

  • Cleo

    I cried my fucking eyes out when I saw this! He is coming to SWEDEN!!!! FINALLY!

  • Mac Miller


  • Mbminas

    y no greece? Fuck my dream is over..

  • yes weezy

  • Amsterdam


  • FBta

    Is he Comming to Portugal???

  • sboy

    Amsterdam, will be there!
    been waiting for this for a long time!

    Weezy F #YMCMB

  • NO WASHINGTON ??? Pussy ass nigga never wants to come over at this side cuz he scared of the real thugs cappin his ass.

  • Lil wayne no finland?? U didn’t came last time..

  • Lasse

    GOING in norway buying my ticket in 15hours!! 😀 WEEEZY

  • Ice

    Sweden !

  • yes

    the best for last


  • Valkyrie

    Norway (Y) 🙂 Pretty cool that he goes to the whole scandinavian! I would easy bought a ticket to Sweden and denmark 🙂

  • Rk

    Sweden!!!!!!! Wazzup? Im goin’

  • lloyd

    amsterdam show will be the one everyone goes to haha

  • KaneB

    why he aint commin to germany :((

  • Fraspen

    SWEDEN!!!!!!! 😀 <3 See ya all there!

    Till alla svenska fans, följ mig på Twitter..? 🙂 @Fraspen

  • Carter0512

    HYFR! I’m going to buy tickest to Norway,Sweden and Denmark 😀

  • yes


  • Jdl

    Why he’s not coming in finland??

  • Fast Money JJP

    please Wayne come to germany !!!! best rapper Alive

  • jr

    danny how come on it says cory gunz mixtape drops in 0 days but i cant find it anywhere and when is flow droppin somethin new i cant get enough of him

  • Sind

    Copenhagen is the place I’m gonna watch #WEEZYFBABY swag his #TRUKFIT line all over the fucking TAP1 so shout out to all y’all lil Wayne forever bitch!

  • valeria

    Is he coming to Mexico?): please tell me I really want to see him):



  • Hughzy

    FOR SURE !!! Amneville 17th !!

  • I’m going but does anyone know if there ia any agelimit

  • Waynes Mistress


  • troy

    i want 4 tickets for tune in amsterdam or belgium 😉

  • came to SPAIN Wezzy best rapper alive

  • Cashlei Banks


  • xBradathan

    Wow no shows in the US?

  • Abraam

    Come on Weezy come to Spain please!!!!


  • Egge

    What are the price for this?


  • He better come to the UK because he has so many fans here <<<< Lil Wayne isnt welcome in the UK -_-

  • hear me

    why not FINLAND,please come here!!!

  • AlexMik


  • Lmfao

    Post a tour and the foreigners come outta the woodwork..Fuck Europe.

  • charlie weezy

    I really want to be there with lil wayne here is my contact +2348162680776

  • Sandra

    SWEDEN! Cried like a baby when I saw Stockholm at the tour list!!! Think I’m gonna die

  • Kuzz

    Got Amsterdam tickets already, nice Holiday and see Wayne while I’m there… Why not!

  • Cleo

    @sandra me too, haha. Äntligen kommer han till Sverige!

  • denilson

    E no brasil que é bom nada 🙁 🙁

  • Germany-YMCMB

    Finally in GErmany!!! Will be there for sure !!! 😀

  • antiimalo

    Come to The UK Tunechiii…

  • SaleMdfkz

    Why not Serbia or Hungary, come on Tunechi, visit this part of Europe!!!

  • Fred

    I thought this nigga wayne had at least 3 dates in the US , that fucked up. I mean I know it’s a European tour but this nigga had at least 3 US sites to perform. This nigga gets more money doing shows out there !

  • Eirik

    Tunechi to Norway! #YMCMB truk da wurl!

  • Big Daddy Maine

    amsterdam motherfuckker 2chaaaainz

  • Chandni

    Wtf, what about India? We waiting too since ages.

  • Nukey

    Wayne better come to the UK!!

  • 9ja{kwara},wen r u cumin?

  • moustafa

    hey Weezy what bout Africa.Morocco!! 😉

  • Micha

    Belgium is confirmed!
    Dreams come true!

  • iamcroobscoob

    SWEDEN it is!!!!!
    See ya’ll in stockholm beeeeeitches

  • ADD:



  • yes


  • ronie

    Berlin Baby… im from poland but i have to go there:D maybe london(if he will be there) and maybe amsterdam…. on show isnt enough:D i will wait 10 hours but i have to be in the first line :d it will be my first not vip section, everything for wayne

  • AGA

    Wow! Best news I’ve heard lately! i knew that he would not come to Poland, but Im HAPPY he’s gonna be in GERMANY for a few days :)))

  • twitter : kimpalainen96

    visste inte att det var så många svenskar som följde sidan, sjukt kul! Ses i globen !

  • chess

    Just ordered my ticket =D #Amsterdam

  • AGA

    Im from Poland too and m happy so much of this tour…hope 2 be in Berlin!! WEEEEEZZY F ♥

  • maria_latina_wayne

    hell yes lil wayne is comeing to sweden i cant wait and im going to his concert.

  • maria_latina_wayne

    and i wish lil wayne could have meet and greet i real wanna meet lil wayne and take photo and get autograph


    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck tune! Come to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @iNani_Lisa

    “Im Coming To NORWAY! Who Way? What Way? Your Way! Norway!”

    “Im Coming To Germany…. & I Got A German Sheppard”

    Lmao who remembers this?

  • rozayy

    Hes about to get high as fuck in amsterdam hahahaha

  • Why not south africa

  • Dwayne

    Yeeeeeees fucking Denmark! Love you

  • Be at every show.

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Just ordered two Tickets for Hamburg – cant wait 🙂

    Young Mulaaaaaaaaa Baaabyyyyyyyyy

  • Michaela

    i’m coming in Sweden :D!

  • Nik

    orderd 2 tickets for Frankfurt/germany ! im from munich. im so excited! love to weezy! thx!!

  • Tunechi

    Where I can buy tickets for ADAM ?

  • me, LT

    try to gather some friends but if nobody wants to i ma go alone whatever … first row hamburg what up

  • markinwayne

    Brazil and he will come here

  • yes

    for amsterdam LIVENATION.NL

  • Showiz

    Omg my cousin lives in Dusseldorf :/…

  • Wind17

    Fnally Denmark, Copenhagen!!

  • Benin,damn,we wait his in africa…..YOUNG MULA BA….BITCH

  • Rem111

    Helllll Yeaaaaaa I’m coming!!!! Lil Wayne in my town, Toulouse!!!!!

  • Micky

    March 18, 2013 | Hamburg, Germany | Alsterdorfer Sporthalle | WOHHOOOOO, lets go Bitches!

  • Sandi

    Like Wtf¿ come bck to USA!!!!!!! 🙂

  • carlie

    he needs to come to the USA !!!! <3

  • lillo

    i am

  • Daniel

    what happend with austria? pls. visit us 2!!! 🙂

  • Denise

    Im going to tunechi at ziggodome, Amsterdam <3

  • Oslo

    Oslo Norway, Comiiiiiing. See yah tune!

  • 101yunior

    Please come to Latvia, cause you never there was and if is it true about your carrer in music, then really you should come to Latvia!

  • Hannah

    PLEASE COME TOO THE UK!! preferably Scotland, or even Newcastle or Manchester! I’LL DIEEEEE

  • Wayne never comes to Brazil. ¬¬’

  • da tunchi son

    hey look plan something about asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • jakub


  • BigWayne

    A’dam! Ill be there!

  • Bigfan

    He goes to switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))))) love you tunechi with nas and mac miller !!!!!! Yeaaaah

  • I’m going to see my babyyyyyyyy OMGGGGG i cried so damn much i feel deshydrated !! <3 Paris , France , March 21st can't wait !

  • RicardoSilva

    Come on man…come to PORTUGAL!!!!

  • keks

    21st March 2013 : PARRRRRIIISSSSSS

  • J Chris

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weezy baby c’ya in COPENHAGEN! lots of luv. mwah !

  • rebeccacarterx

    got mine for DUBLIN, even though i live in scotland hahaa dedication.

  • Damien

    I’ll be there in Amsterdam Ziggo Dome,,,

    Goddamn i wait for this moment since his last time in the HMH that was amazing !!!!

  • YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB

    Czech Republic, Prague – SaSaZu Arena

  • T-Kaane


  • Please send me a email when u r going to do the U.S.A. tour I would Love to see u

  • yes


  • wezzy f turkey

    why not come turkey 🙁

  • zarha muneer

    As if there aint no london date 🙁 ive waited for years for him to come to the uk and he dont even come to london? i give up never gonna see him 🙁

  • aaaahhhh you guys are lucky as efffff i wish hed take a trip to cincy or indy soon thatd make my fuckin year for shore! GO WEEZY!!!

  • ymcmb for life !

    wat about Milwaukee wis. ??.. come down here weezy !!

  • Still


  • Maxksii

    Weezy!!!!!!!!!!!! Come Live in Frankfurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be there!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait…

  • Weezy F


  • Gagi

    instagram me – feoy504
    whos comin to frankfurt and amsterdam ???

  • Weezy F

    Just purchased 3 tickets for his tour in Frankfurt!
    Can’t wait anymore, a mofuckin dream comes true!

  • Claudio

    I T A L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • locololo

    Just got my ticket for Parisss !!!!!!

  • Ricky

    South Africa????????????? Fucck man

  • Dwayne

    Denmark weezy so fu.king Nice

  • youngmulahbabe

    i go to the concert at frankfurt and does anybody know how i could meet him after his show? i dont know where i could get backstage passes , i tried to search the number of the tour manager or something but i can’t find out something. could somebody help me? PLEASE ! it my last chance to see him im waiting my half time of life to see him and i want to say him thank you because he helped me in my life !

  • Andre

    Going to Amsterdam as well !!!

  • FemaleWayniac

    What happened to “Dreaming of being in Greece” ? Anyway, I hope I’m gonna meet ya another time../: #GreeceLovesWeezy

  • Crazymaaen

    Fuck yeah got tickets for his concert in Norway! Finally i’ll get to see him! Maan this is just to crazy have been waiting for this day for maaaany years!

  • What’s about Spain? Fuck off, I’m furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AmsterdamYM

    Amsterdam!! YMCMB!!

  • StockholmYMCMB

    I’m going Sweden Stockholm 15 march! i was the first in sweden who got a ticket! number 1!!! YMCMB

  • Kai

    March 22, 2013 | Dusseldorf, Germany | Mitsubishi Electric Hall !

    I’ll be there with my girlfriend 🙂 !

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    Who Goes 2 Ireland & Not ENGLAND!
    The guy dunno how many Mandemz he got over here!!
    Still Luv Ya Tho Weezy 

  • zazaxx

    I’ll be go to Marseille !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • veyskap

    Where is the Turkey !!!???

  • Aurora


    I am going, and I’m so excited, its like a dream come true


  • Sylvia

    Does anyone know which songs that will be played?

    I am going to the norwegian concert!

  • Javlen

    Dem cant travel all the way from nigeria down there..yo weezy you got cool fans down here in africa when are you gona show up in nigeria..will be waiting for that.JAVLEN

  • TuneNo1Fan

    Fuck sake why ain’t wayne coming England now I can’t see him urgh!!!!

  • Keyon

    He needs to come 2 illiniois

  • Oniika

    Eyy, what about the Czech Republic? :/

  • Lilia

    I’ll be in Paris 🙂

  • meeegan

    Bought my Stockholm, Sweden ticket and Copenhagen, Denmark ticket yesterday. Cant wait for my fucking idol to finaly see him live muuufaaakkaaa

  • Chazz

    already bought my ticket first thing tuesday morning.(march 19th)
    cant wait to see weezy live, FINALLY !


  • betsy

    WHY are you not coming to the UK?????????????????????????????????/

  • lilsandy_

    he will be in switzerland!! it will be an openair in the middle of winter but i don’t care!!!!! I WILL WAYT FOR YOU MAESTRO!!

  • jagziiswagg

    He saved amsterdam for last cause he can smoke weed there!

  • am going to dublin to see weezy. cant wait love him. number 1 fan right here

  • Celine

    Thank you for this wonderful gift at the end of the year that you make us!

  • yes

    best for last EYEAHHH!

  • 27march Amsterdam ziggo dome I WILL BE THERE BRO!

  • SweetyS

    there are any VIP PASS for your concert in paris the 21 of march ??

  • Weeeeezy_

    My mom better let me go see him in Ireland, aahh!!! YOUNG MULA BABY

  • Blondie_Georgia.x

    I’m going to Dublin!!! Ymcmb! X

  • MwayneE

    Why there’s no tour in lille?!!!


    never came to PORTUGAL …



  • SWEDEEEEN, I’LL BE THERE TUNE <3 can't wait

  • dom


  • Tomek

    Poland pleaseee <3

  • Jordan

    Paris Bercy Niggu !!

  • DomzYMCMB

    Trinidad?? 🙁 this sucks :/

  • Laaaaani

    Okay, I do not understand why people are getting disappointed and putting comments like “Trinidad?? :(” and “South Africa??????????”… Before you read this, you should understand that this is a EUROPEAN tour, it means he’ll be touring around EUROPE, in case you didn’t notice… You don’t live in Europe… Its not going to be a European tour if he was performing in other continents as well.

    And, I don’t understand why people are commenting stuff like “Come to the US”.. You do know he lives in your country right? Let us Europeans over here get some love too, he comes over like once every 5 years, its a shame that he’s not in the UK but I’ve got my Amsterdam tickets 😀

  • AnitaWeezy

    Dusseldorf!!!! <3

  • GrouGrou’

    Yeah 🙂
    On se verra au Galaxie alors 😛

  • Mz Carter

    I need to order two meet & greet tickets to see Lil Wayne at Dublin o2.

    Can someone please get back to me thanks

  • Chuck demonster

    Got 2tickets 4 de Berlin show

  • helen

    I’ll be in Frankfurt and i cant wait tho..His Music motivates me!! Tunechi i fuckin love yo ass 🙂

  • J Chris


  • wisconsin

    Is he coming to wisconsin

  • Dawzy

    Bought 3 tickets for Dam babbyy!! Staying 4 nights… Now listen my weed loud… 2 Chainnzzz, Mac Miller and of course Tune!

    Hopefully see Wayne round Amsterdam the day after as its the last show!

  • Alex b

    Damn you need to come to England man !

  • Uhummmm,,,, its sold out in Amsterdam.. i heard that,, BUT I GOT 2 TICKETS yeahhhh,, its gonna be awesome

  • Maxksii

    WOOOOOHHHOOOO cant wait to see lll Wayne in Frankfurt!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    And we all know why Amsterdam will be the last show 

    Nuff said

    Weezy 

  • Me and my boys b flying from Luton uk to Ireland dublin Shout out my homies that b rolling wiv me YMCMB Weezy guna kill it #bestrapperalive

  • weezy queen

    Germany baby, i sure won’t miss that..

  • Weezy please come to Lisbon (Portugal) 😉

  • Liam

    Is he gonna add more dates? England ????

  • Wayniac#1DkAA

    I’m gonna be there!!! In Copenhagen i’m fuckin gonna be there so fuck y’all haters a wayniac#1 i’m fuckin xcited Biatch
    #Trukdawurl #trukyagurl

  • filipbp

    cooooomeee to coratia<3333!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Cant wait for Dublin 😀

  • Leandro Sclaunick

    Nossa mano, por que não vem no brasil

  • Saurabh

    can any one please help me with where to buy from for dublin and amsterdam?

  • Charlotte

    You should come to ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • milo

    Weezy I want you….in Italyyy!!!

  • Josefin

    Hi Im gonna se lil Wayne in Sweden 15 march and i wanna hav met and Greet but he dosent have that!!!!

  • sam

    Going to see the main man in dublin, flying from birmingham on the day and leaving early hours of the morning, can’t wait to see him amazing !!!!!!!!!

  • Barrance

    Amsterdam here we come! Will he stay in the dam, after tour is finished?

  • united kingdom

    Lil wayne needs to come to scotland or england! I love him so much please come to britain!!<3

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  • B-star

    Me and tha lads at dam for weezy F baby…..CHyeeeeaaaaah!!! Fuck With It!!!!

  • B-star

    B-star,Rastaman,Runnerbean………Fuck with that!!!!!!!!!

  • runnerbean

    Shit i fucks wit ya homie!!!!

  • Bulgaria

    Why don’t you come to Bulgaria, you have no idea how many fans you’ve got here… 🙂

  • JJ

    I heard the Lil Wayne tour is canceled. Go this from a source who is in touch with management. Anyone heard something?

  • Tunechi

    Weezy has canceled ALL concerts. OMG that’s not FAIR Weezy ! 3rd Time you canceled the concert in Switzerland 🙁

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  • anonymous

    Omg, please come to baltic countries (Lithuania or Latvija, Estija)

  • Zwelakhe Dodo

    Yo Weezy will you include South Africa in your next tour(2014)if there is gone be one.

  • and what about Czech Republic? 😛 I want to see ya!!! :'( Pleaaaase Lil-come to Czech :*

  • Naja

    When are you going to visit Serbia? 🙂

  • Mark

    Men u bad,and am like your fan big tym no play.

  • Lil Yasmin Carter

    Why isn`t he coming to Turkey ? ;`(

  • Clemzou

    PARIS BERCY J-48 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mahela Millen

    ar in couple oh yer u lieng

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