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Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” Single Featuring Future & Drake Enters Top 10 On “Hot 100” Chart

Thu, Feb 28, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Love Me Single Featuring Future & Drake Enters Top 10 On Hot 100 Chart

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne‘s latest single featuring Future and Drake, “Love Me“, has moved up to the #10 spot on the Hot 100 chart.

This makes it Weezy F Baby‘s 18th song that has been in the Hot 100 top 10 list, tying him in second place with Ludacris for the most top 10 tracks among rappers. Jay-Z leads the list with 19 songs, so I’m sure Wayne will overtake him in no time.

Love Me” also marks Future‘s first top 10 track in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, so a congratulations goes to him, Tune and Drizzy on their accomplishment!

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  • Greatest

    Keep it dup!

  • dipset

    1st in this b!+€#..!!

  • tunechi is the best

  • sorah

    happy birthday luv miss rip

  • tity boi


    ymcmb stay winning

    future need to sign with the team

  • DJ Arsonist

    Real niggas do real nigga things #BestRapperAlive

  • Tunechilionches

    S.a I this bitch

  • i c u

    lol wayne saying that emmit till line got this song higher on the charts



  • hoe!

    Any song that has wayne or drake on will get in the top 10

    what do you expect ?

  • ctwins3644

    I’m interested to know the yearly distribution and frequency in which Wayne’s songs have reached the top 10. With his music quality deteriorating I would expect it to be slowing down, but I also am aware that his music is more commercial now and appeals to a larger target base. Any reliable links anyone?

  • Tatsumaki

    Fuck me in the Ass Weezy is the best

  • Weezy been killin niggaz since day 1

  • me, lt

    again tunechi has proved that ur hate cant stop him but only makes him stronger and after all the shit and accusations he had to deal with lately he really deserves this achievement! Could reach top5 if u ask me 😉
    keep hatin haters keep pushin him cuz thats all u will accomplish by doing that

  • me, lt

    diss weezy tell lies about him all u do is contribute to his success

  • Patriots

    Could’ve went 2 the top if it didn’t get leaked and took them a while 2 decide wether it should be the next single over rich as fuck

  • me, lt

    so true but its waynes management what else did u expect?

  • cowboyfan88

    @Danny, would it have been 20 top 10’s if the billboard charts counted the Young Money releases “Bedrock” & “Every Girl”? Why don’t they count them?

  • Bobby

    @cowboyfan88 It only counts when it is Wayne’s actual song. It can feature other people, but has to be released by weezy. If it counted songs he was featured in there would be way more than 18

  • 4wayne8

    @i c u you got the wrong song my dude.

  • Yo

    Waynes management should know anything Drake does is gonna bank hella more than any shit 2chainz could do

    Thats why Bitches Love Me > Rich AF

  • Eshall

    Tunechi in this list, fresh watch him do it. Neither Gay Z nor Luda have a 15th of his popularity or vocabulary. Gettem Tune!!!!!

  • nice it’s good song


    Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 (tracklist)

    2.No Worries (ft. Detail)
    4.Lay It Down (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5.Trippy Kid (ft. Soulja Boy)
    7.Love Me (ft. Future & Drake)
    8.Shit Stains
    9.My Homies Still (ft. Big Sean)
    10.R.A.F (ft. 2 Chainz)
    11.My Throne (ft. Meek mill)
    12.1 Life
    13.Terrorist (ft. Cory Gunz)
    14.Got It All
    15.We Ballin’ (ft. Gunplay&2 chainz)
    17.Outa’ This World

    1.I Ain’t Nervous (ft. Boo)
    2.Evolution (ft. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda)
    3.King without a crown

    Itunes bonus
    1.Bag Full Of Green

  • YM/CM

    Wayne got himself a top 10 hit single with this one, he’s still killin the game

  • maria_latina_wayne

    Tune and Drizzy on their accomplishment

  • Love


  • wait 4 2moro den wil hear watz da official tracklist, stop bitchin here abt fake tracklist Faggot

  • Isaiah

    I love women but I fuck bitches, thats just the way it iz

  • @w3ezyf

    Lil Wayne Is The Best , s/o To Those Still Repping My Nigga Tune #Mr.YMCMB , Much Appreciated Yall !

  • hayzzyb

    Wayne doesnt Write!! Wow, that niga just spits, wow, i just saw him skating!!! That niga greatt

  • Sir. T

    WOW!!! Big up to Tune, Drizzy and Future (Your future is @ YMCMB bro, no lie). Well deserved. Come 26th of March, can’t wait for Tune’s #I’M NOT A HUMAN BEING2.

  • All of Wayne’s recent shit sucks. He only steps his game up for Tha Cater albums. Every god damn song has the word pussy in it at least 4 or more times c’mon mang where’s the drought 3, no ceiling, and carter II Wayne

  • jesse

    @nut sniper, look at names on the songs bitches love me, rich as fuck ifyou dontexpect pussy lines out of his songs that are named like this you are dumb as fuck. get with it or get over it fool

  • Weezy

  • Waiting

    Still wa!ting 4 dah tracklist.#PISSED#

  • Kremajr

    Jst chekd out tunechi’s sales,..#love me 649,035 n #no worries 919,783,..ths nica sales @chartnews twitter

  • A dawg i knw u dnt knw me bt im 1 of ur big fans 1 dae i wud lyk 2 see yoh as ma homie plz accept wah im syin its lil heart de best rappr in South africa

  • I really love lil wayne naturally indeed

  • Fuck that shit. He gon jet pass jigga in no tym.

  • Lil’NDOSH

    Its MARCH nd wayne s hot lyk HELL,what bwt summer???,he will be hotter than the SUN…YM rules the WORLD!(Fact)not an opinion,if you have a problem with it then kill your self N***!!!

  • This hoes love me like satan