Kanye West Calls Lil Wayne The Number One Rapper In The World

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Kanye West Calls Lil Wayne The Number One Rapper In The World

Kanye West calls up Hot 97’s DJ Enuff to share his thoughts on MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list. During this conversation, Kanye speaks on MTV ranking him at #7 and also says Lil Wayne should get the #1 position, because he is the number one rapper in the world!

“I think Wayne is the number one rapper in the world”

Click here to see a list of plenty more rappers that have complimented Weezy F Baby.

Do you think Tunechi will get that #1 spot on MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list ❓

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  • tune

    DOPE…..he kno the truth

  • Mais je saiiiiiis

    First … Aight

  • Dawn

    I think wayne is the #1 rapper in the world! I don’t really care for mr. West but its a great compliment coming from him!

  • Ted

    Number one rapper but can’t perform for his Europe fans.

  • Wtf

    @DANNY M

    YO danny whats up with wayne in that photo :L

  • wtf

    nawww tyga the number one rapper

    he will get number one this year





  • youneek

    is that mr. carter lyrics on wall?

  • kickz

    danny this aint news

    everyone already knows lil wayne is the best rapper in the game

    aint no one put out better music except for maybe drake, but he aint consistent like wayne

    shout out kanye for this though, its a good look

  • Mi$take$

    LMAO I love the way Yeezy ended the convo xD

  • its just us

    young tunechi haters and kanyetothe aint gonna like this



  • rich nigga

    everyone and they mama know weezy is still on top of hiphop

  • YoungGod RigoRigo


  • This is just a friendly turn. One hand washes the other.

    Wayne let Kayne design the album cover and on the other hand Kayne promotes him and IANAHB2

  • Vicky weezyfbaby and kanye supporter

    Lol Kanye, gotta love him …. facetious much? :p

  • big c

    damn right

  • lol


  • Weezy the best


    HE’S JUST SAYING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY BELIEVES! all other rappers are irreverent. weezy f

  • Wayne deserves that THRONE because he’s the illest.. Kanye you good too ‘RESPECT”

  • Zane

    Wayne isn’t going to get number one though. It’s going to be Kendrick Lamar or Drake to get number 1. Wayne might get 3 or 4. Not hating or anything just stating the way that mtv does this shit.

  • zer0D

    ok, thats cool

  • Hype

    @Zane Drake is #5.

  • tahir

    thank you Kanye ..let em know the truth

  • morriskalb

    well duh ! lol . s/o to kanye tho

  • Weezy4Life

    Weezy is a legend he even competes for Billboard records with like the beatles and Elvis


    2Pac and Biggie Smalls are #1. All these other rappers are shit. It’s always about pussy, money, weed. Pac and Biggie were real. Like the real deal, they rapped bout daily life, sucess other relevant stuff, they were actuall ballers, that everybody can relate to. Plus pussy, money, and weed but not pussy/money/weed all the fucking time. That shit gets old :(. So Pac and Biggie #1 4EVER! It’s the truth.

  • dismas

    weez F the number 1 rapper thats true mr kanye

  • t(-_-t)

    Drake already picked up five and Wayne’s gonna get that one, YMCMB!!!

  • YunG based god

    yeezy is trippen. weezy was once the greatest alive. then he went to jail…

  • Sandy

    Weezy definitely deserve to be number 1!!! Simply cuz he is. All you people keep hating on him have no business to. Put urself in his shoes betcha u couldn’t do it….

  • philly c

    Something tells me that Wayne may have played the IANAHB2 album for kanye….that may be a contributing reason why he said this….but I’m just assuming this !

  • juicy J

    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Kendrick Lamar
    3. 2 chainz
    4. T.i.



  • ZipLiner

    Wayne isnt the best in the world….

    im a die hard fan since hot boyz DIE HARD.

    his prime was D2/C2 – C3/No Ceilings after that he fell. the truth isnt hate. if ANYONE here says he is still as good you are in denial. I LOVE WAYNE i still support despite the drop in quality but look at the truth… C4 sold almost a mil ON HYPE not on quality C3 was a masterpiece. c4 was NOT…. D4 was so highly downloaded cus we were starving for new wayne music but d4 cant hold a candle to no ceilings. Now to waynes credit, he was SO good in his prime that he makes himself look like shit now. (which he said in an interview right after c3 that he knows how tough topping himself will be)

    So you cant blame him 100 percent, i also feel that his quality will pick up a little after he gets off probation BUT i also want you stan fans who dickride his every move to wake up and smell the coffee, because you guys who say his every move is god like and his every track is amazing is a LIE….you guys who dickride like that give us REAL wayne fans a bad name.

    and whoever had 2 chainz in their top 5 is clearly a dickbean. 2 chainz is good and i like him but TOP rappers is what we are talking about

    (in no order)
    Pusha T
    A$AP Rocky

    just a few top guys in the game who ACTUALLY have lyrical talent not just hot hooks and club songs

  • ZipLiner

    sorry for the long spiel

    God Bless

  • dipset

    @philly c yeah its obviously wayne played IANAHB2 for kanye and then kanye heard that weezy went hard in int!!

  • splash

    as far as number one rapper.. I think you have to, almost objectively, give that to eminem in respect to content, delivery, flow (and the ability to invent new flows). Wayne may be the fliest and the most charismatic and entertaining but, from a technical standpoint, I think Em takes it as far as living rappers are concerned when being judged by people who “study” hip hop. Wayne really isn’t that technically sound. He’s dope. I’m a huge fan. But his brilliance comes from confidence and raw creativity in aspects musical and non-musical. just my opinion


    you can burn in hell toonchains or 2chains however u fucking spell it. ur a piece of shit. EAT SHIT

  • comfy

    Lol 2pac and b I g are dead get over it already they call em the greatest cause they are dead and pac and biggie never dominated hip hop solo wayne ran this shit like nobodys biz jay even came out of retirement coz he felt wayne was replacing him

  • Obviously wayne is the best. Hes put in the most work that anyone has ever done. He has the most tracks, Albums, Mixtapes. And his shits just strait up fire. Kayne isnt a retard to me now

  • Btw juicy j your fukn studpid. How dare yu try sayn 2chainz is in the top 5.
    hes in my list of strait garbage rappers

  • Liltune

    Wait so who actually came #1?

  • Jays

    There are so many fresh and exciting rappers in the game today that putting Wayne on #1 would be a punch in the face to real hip-hop. Still, MTV represents the most commercial sort of it, so it wouldnt surprise me if they put him on the top.

    To all of yall thinking Wayne should be number 1, what did he do in 2012 that outshined Kendrick Lamar’s album, guest verses and concerts?

  • Kanye Obviously heard IANAHB 2. Huge respect to the man for comign out publicly and stating Wayne is the best in the game. my tops 5 are. 1. Lil wayne 2. T.I 3. Rick Ross (his just plain worked his ass off in the last 2 years) 4. Kendrick (even though i haven’t ever listend to him, his name has been buzzing) 5. Drake ofcos. In my view Wayne probable wont get #1 but if he doesn’t atleast get some spot on that list then i totally give up on that panel

  • R.i.pDOLLA

    If the homie DOLLA would of never gotten killed he would off been shittin on these 3grade RAPPIN ass niggas


  • please don’t retire

  • Tha Truth

    But Wayen is terrible all he says is Nigga … all of YMCMB is Trash.. Tech N9ne, Eminem even Hopsin is better… Wayne sucks after the Carter II

  • B Reeaall

    I think Rick Ross is the real number one on the hottest mc list

  • Fuck u splash weezy is a real deal and intelligent than any rapper in de buz evn ask ur dick

  • Dshizzo

    U don’t need rocket science 2 knw Weezy is the ILLEST, its vivid

  • truth

    @THATRUTH …..



  • me,lt

    Not only is it a great compliment but also it is true simple and plain. If u look at everything wayne has released and done in his career then ull see that this guy is a fuckin legend who was great in 2005 and became brilliant in 2007-2009 and ist good in what he is doin now – not the best though. but like I said if u compare everything that he has done with other rappers accomplishments and work ethic and skills and bars and so one wayne will always defeat any opponent!

  • miyo

    Huge wayne Fan, but Kendrick deserves #1, think Drake and Wayne going to battle for #2

  • me,lt

    nah kendrick is new. he is a new artist and lets discuss where one has to put him in 5 years. if kendrick is spittin fire in 5 years without having one whack record then he deserves being the one!
    kendrick is in his prime right now and wayne was few years ago so its not fair to compare them

  • Sandy

    Here is the bottom half

    10. Meek Mill
    9. Future
    8. A$AP Rocky
    7. Kanye West
    6. Big Sean
    5. Drake

    Um definitely sure Lil Wayne will be first than Kendrick Lamar!!!

  • Sandi

    Here is the bottom half

    10. Meek Mill
    9. Future
    8. A$AP Rocky
    7. Kanye West
    6. Big Sean
    5. Drake

    1.Lil Wayne!

  • je


  • yabish

    hahahah you know, he’s jokin

  • Edo

    The top 5 may prolly consist of K. Lamar, 2 Chainz, Rozay, Nicki & maybe Wayne according to the past year

  • I’m extremely pleased and exhilarated by what kanye west said, it’s true, Lil wayne is the number one rapper in the world.

  • GreenRanger

    I believe this is probably a very accurate prediction. (deffinetly not my own choices though as i would never put 2Chainz in top 5)

    4. Wayne
    3. 2 Chainz
    2. Not sure lol
    1. Kendrick Lamar

  • tony_montana

    @splash #respect.

    I mean I know we’re all lil wayne fans & everything,but number 1?… Come on now people!

  • Mimi

    Rebecca Manalang is a hoooeee,

  • Mimi

    Weezy is deff the best rapper out there hed kill any new, Old and upcomming rapperr bitttttcccch!

  • philly c

    Ok lets get something straight , some of u all need to realize that the MTV hottest MC list based off what the artist done over the past year. It’s not a career achievement nor is it based on what the artist has done over the past several years. So when I hear eminem, hopsin, etc , then your argument holds no water. It’s simply based on the past year, nothing more or less !

  • noxxee

    #1 spot 4 u Weezy F Baby and de F is for FIRST….

  • Wizzle

    Kendrick lamar should get no1 spot his the best by a country mile

  • Dave

    ZipLiner, you just wrote what I think since he went out of jail . I still listenin to wayne, his new shit. It sucks, but I still listenin cause I love the artist. But for real, since 2011, except some of his featurings or some songs in C4 or D4, all the songz he dropped were shit compared to his prime ! 2005-2009 was Wayne’s era. But now.. you can’t call him the best rapper anymore, “The Best Rapper In The World” either . Guys come on !

  • Jay

    He’s the best in world
    2nd.kendrick Lamar
    4th.a$ap rocky

  • tahir

    I would pay to see the look on Pusha T’s face when he hears his boss say this

  • @official_X_

    @RiP Dolla,
    I neva even heard of him Dolla
    He’s dat irrelevant..I think u should pick up a styrofoam cup n sip till u sleep
    Cuz uono wah u sayn

    Wayne deserves d #1 top spot..#case closed

  • Jays

    Wayne did a song with Dolla some time before he passed away, so you should pay some respect dickhead.

    My top 5 would be something like Kendrick, A$AP, K.R.I.T, Drake and Lupe Fiasco

  • #tony_montana no disrespect 2 u nigga but u a pussy

  • tahir

    truth hurts but Kanye had to let it out ..Wayne dissed good music,beefing with Pusha and Jay but Kanye had to say the truth..I love the fact that he ain’t corny ..Every rapper whos been in the studio with Wayne confirms that Wayne is good…Wayne takes a minute to put out a line but it takes listeners 6 replays to understand what he meant..Ask Eminem he tell ya

  • Daniela

    Lil Wayne is really the number one, I really love him, I am wayniaaaac♡. But, Kanye also have excelent rap ¡Lovethemboth!

  • @official_X_

    @jays,yes wayne made a song wiv him “make a toast”,buh how do u xpect him to be rated #1

  • AlexSutton

    i wonder why in the picture lil wayne has ‘jay z – lucky me’ lyrics on his wall

  • official_X_

    “@LilTunechi: That’s the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius…I appreciate that Yeezy!”

  • Hsjsjs

    To persons still mentioning big and Pac
    Get over yourselfs lame asses its bein longrr then a dEcade and theyr dead

    Big L was better then big and pac combned and never gets mentioned

    My top 5
    1 eminem
    2 mf doom
    3 royce 59
    4 big L
    5 elzhi

  • Hsjsjs

    Asap rocky is a good newcomer with nice songs
    But tjis guy is far from a good rapper

    Let alone top 5

    Lupe fiasco has real smart lyrics ill give him that
    And wayne also nice but compared tO pre prison songs wayne became soft now

  • Eshall

    Lil Wayne has been my #1 for years. It is nice that people are finally admitting it. Veritas vos Liberabit!

  • Fuck yea

    @ Hsjsjs ur stupid ass fuck. Big L is nowere near biggie and pac

  • Hsjsjs

    @Fuck yea
    Livestylrle of poor and dangerouz and the big picture are 2 of thr best hiphop albums ever put out
    Big L is one the greatest rapper to ever live

    Go eat some skateboard dixk you fucking trendy ass faggot
    You should cut tugh life in your forehead an future on your asshole

    Cause you dont knoe shit about rap kid
    Go listen to some more french montana and chiefkief

  • Weezy F Maybe

    Hey, he’s wearing my school mascot , Marlins 🙂

  • Shaq

    The Real CASH MONEY broke up and wayne carried them fa ova 10 years BY HIM DAMN SELF and he still at… Obviously #1 Rapper until he re tire no dickride JUST FACTS

  • xI6IHEATI6Ix

    This sounds like the “IANAHB” instumental on IANAHB2

  • Kidd

    @Zane Its already confirmed the number one spot is lil wayne the only spots unknown are #2 and #4 (rick ross is #3)

  • Tunexx

    When this album bout to leak? Im still gonna buy the album but im impatient

  • Edo

    Nas already at #4 and Rozay at #3, so only 2 spots remaining n its too tight;
    Kendrick? or
    Nicki? or
    2 Chainz? or
    Though I admit Weezy has a small chance there!

  • i lov Weezy F Baby

  • tony_montana

    @edo,weezy has NO Chance at all my dawg!!! Let’s be realistic,wayne fans been talkin about how 2012 was his worst year & everything & now they saying he should be #1 cummon now!!! Kendrick should be #1,wayne shouldn’t even be on the list,this year looks like its gonna be a good year for him so maybe next year he’ll be #1 but not this year though…

  • Edo

    @tony_montana, true dat…lets just wait 4 the next year

  • I luv every rapper in the world, but the no 1 position should go to lil wayne, bcos he is the best.

  • ErkiB

    Well he didnt actually say that Lil Wayne was NR1 alone, he also mentioned Jay Z and Eminem. Those THREE are who Kanye thinks are the best rappers out there.

  • grunger

    Lil wayne he is a best rapper alive !!!!those guys in the game should not try touch fire/water/air cause that how speed up lil wayne is in this game

  • DJ Arsonist

    I’m a huge Wayne fan, but not too burst any bubbles but Wayne aint on the list this year its gonna be 1. Kendrick Lamar and 2. 2 Chainz, Wayne didnt put out any material in 2012 other than Dedication 4, I loved it but it was very criticized, he had no major singles until “No Worries” and his best feature was “Ice”. This is the 2012 hottest mc list, not the 2012 best rapper alive list, Wayne is still the best but he aint the hottest right now with all these young guns grindin’ trying to get where Wayne, Jay and Em are right now..

  • weezy is the best.even if i wasn’t a fan of him,i would still realise and see that he is the deserving rapper to get the number one spot.we are listeners and fans,we don’t know how it feels to create a song everyday without a pen or paper but kanye knows how difficult it is but weezy still pulls it off.e.g jayz takes almost a week to put a verse on a featured song but weezy does that within an hour yet his lyrical content would still be better than jayz’s. weezy’s work ethic is amaizing,thats why rappers ask him for assistance.where ever you are weezy,just know that we as fans are privileged to have a rapper like you.hip hop aint dead,its alive and weezy got it!

  • arth

    damm I finally hear Yeezy talking something real!! haha

  • arth

    I woulda never listened Hip-Hop if Lil Wayne weren’t Lil Wayne

  • Bunz

    Weezy shoudn’t be on the list, he didn’t impress that much in 2012! Kendrick is definitely #1! 2 chainz is clown, he shoudn’t be there too. Maybe T.I and Lupe will be on top 5

  • I

  • LilWaynefan

    Best rapper alive !


    Shit! Idk I think Wayne isn’t gonna be on the hottest MC’s list….this sucks

  • volcomnukka

    Lil Wayne didn’t even place on the hottest mc’s list! DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN this is a sign Lil Wayne step your fucking shit up

  • Bunz

    lool.. I told y’all Wayne dickbeans that this nigga wont make it!!!! Arg but 2 chainz doesn’t deserve it at alll!

  • Bunz

    Wayne is now boring everyone with his “fucking girls” rhymes!!

  • cashoo

    Fucking Truth…he’s iz ganna be d best ever…

  • Bunz

    if u still disappointed, wait for his new album sales, they gonna prove again that Wayne ain’t shit in rhymes these days!

  • Weezy th best but dont fuck the rest, they are the rest on the guestlist….@yangkid_reagan

  • Sandy

    Wayne shulda been 1st!!!! Cuz simply cuz he teh best.. :)Nd chainz #2 that’s cool!

  • Swezy

    Lilwayne not being on the hottest mc list & 2 chains at #2 is a big joke.

  • Fools

    Apathy, immortal technique, Vinnie paz, planetary, king syze, possessed, cyclone, these are the best rappers not the weak as pussies you guys listen too

  • Weezy th best but dont fuck the rest..
    Top 10 of the best rap in the world …namber one…..is.

    1-lil wayne
    3-kanye west
    4-jay z
    5-rick ross
    8-2 chainz
    9-Big sean

    Y.M.C.M. AND MM 4 LIFE…..

  • LuvTunechi


  • Young Teezy

    My big brother weezy iz always and will be tha best rapper alive including tha world no b.s.Thts big bro trukfit all day every day truk ur gurl
    Martians 4 Life x Rich Gang x YMCMB

  • patriots

    Boys don’t the difference between hottest mc and best mc lil wayne always been tha hottest he’s always in someone’s song or has a song of his own his music on the radio is in rotation nonstop wat artist doesn’t want him in their song NONE becuz his name on anything will attract all eyes and ears

  • Koudin

    Lil wayne has not done the best an you can’t say Eminem an Jay Z should be in the list but haven’t

  • Koudin

    Lil wayne has not done the best an you can’t say Eminem an Jay Z should be in the list but haven’t done any thing an can’t an weezy after jail aint weezy no more its Tunechi so fuck Tunechi love weezy

  • Koudin

    Lil wayne has not done the best an you can’t say Eminem an Jay Z should be in the list but haven’t done any thing an can’t an weezy after jail aint weezy no more its Tunechi so fuck Tunechi love weezy an for the respect of weezy has even been in the game for years even now were is Eminem an Jay Z like 50 Cent said

  • @kingpain6

    ha ha dats a true fact Mr West

  • Gwayne callter

    in the school of the hardnuts weezy is a student

  • Gwayne Callter YSSP

    u nar all u nar mamy en bombo*

  • LuvTunechi


  • t_brown


  • jamsb

    Lil wayne sucks I can’t even understand what that faggot says. will find out who the best rapper is a this summer. Shady….