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Preview Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne’s “High School” Video, Animated “I Am Not A Human Being II” Cover

Sat, Mar 30, 2013 by

Above, you can watch a 30 second teaser for Nicki Minaj‘s “High School” music video featuring Lil Wayne, courtesy of MTV. The Benny Boom-directed visual will premiere this Tuesday (April 2nd) at 10:53AM on all MTV channels.

Click here to view some behind the scenes footage from the “High School” video shoot and here to check out some photos!

In other Weezy news, hit the jump to watch an animated version of the I Am Not A Human Being II artwork, which was created by Kanye West’s creative content company DONDA.

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  • KAI

    YA DIG !

  • Dope! Weezy F

  • break mwah


  • swaggggg

    that clip of the cover is so dope

  • What Up Doe

    That Birdman Cameo Haaaaaaa !!!

  • baarbiee

    the video looks awesome i cant wait until tuesday ;D

  • Cutie

    Awww weezy looked so happy when nikki kissed him

  • Kurrupt

    Y’all knw nicki & weezy share alot in common a kiss dnt mean nothing

  • Homecoming

    Why does Shit Stains recycle his verse from Sweat?

  • dipset

    @kurrup hahahahah true mane

  • Loyal fan

    Great album(IANAHB2)

  • danny are you ok?

  • lol


  • @official_X_

    Danny is gud.. people

  • The teaser is dope..and the animated cover goes hard as well..WEEZY is still the best rapper alive!!!

  • Weezy is still the fuckin best.

  • Lol @ that sad faggot trying to be me. Fuck outta here.

  • weezy4life!!

    @Wisheezy thank god, i just thought it would be true until i read your comment, and btw this post is by danny so welcome back danmy! ;D

  • maria_latina_wayne

    cant wait for the video

  • Khosta


  • #111111orlast

    I was always suspicious of Danny. Going off the fact he created a website about a guy who kisses other doods. And remeber if your not first , your last.

  • liltune

    am i the only one who realized that wayne repeated part of his “Sweat” by BowWow verse in the second verse on “Shit Stains”….whats up with that,,,???

  • erick

    @liltune wayne had said that the album would be made from leftovers and some new songs maybe it was just a leftover verse.

  • erick

    wayne looks so young for some reason haha

  • @liltune

    No everybody noticed but who gives a fuck! That songdope as fuck

  • fucking scrubs.

    Fucking funny all the dudes on here freaking out when Danny doesn’t post about Wayne for once, everyone freaking out thinking Danny’s hurt and shit the dude can have a break people.

  • trigger finger itching

    Danny why u so quiet..I thought maybe this site is closed

  • See me walkin with a limp..that’s my gunwalk…!!! Weezy f***n dope


    Dope fuckin cover!!!! I want Kanye West to do that 4 my debut album!!! Love it!!! Especially the smoke that turned into the skull!!

  • weezy done fell of u fuckin losers


    Wayne still b the sickest rapper.I wasn’t happy that he wasn’t on top 10 hotest mc’s in the game

  • Lil Wayne


  • elbee

    really? this guy sold out lol?

  • Bullshit comes and gow! But um this video and track rocks!…….