Lil Wayne Tells The Story Of Stevie Wonder Telling Him To Shut Up & More [Video]

Thu, May 9, 2013 by

It’s been a good while since we have seen one of these type of interviews with Lil Wayne! While at the SPECTRE by SUPRA launch party in Miami last week, Mass Appeal asked Weezy F Baby plenty of questions for the latest episode of thier “Off Tha’ Wall” series.

Tunechi answered why he decided to start rapping, what memories he had from the Hot Boys days, how he got the nickname “Shrimp Daddy”, what it is like being a rap star, why he decided to start skateboarding, what his favorite SPECTRE by SUPRA model is, how he came up with the name TRUKFIT, what his favorite sports movie is, what the most unexpected song on his iPod is, his guilty pleasures, what his pet peeves are, what he hid from his mother growing up, if there are any quotes that he lives by, what is next for him, and what his last meal would be.

Mass Appeal also asked Wayne who he prefers out of Martin or the Fresh Prince, Michael Jackson or Prince, and Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder. This is then when Tune tells the story of Stevie once telling him to shut up at a party.

Check out the cool interview in the video above!

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  • Carter0512


  • derek

    he seriously needs to stop skatinggg

  • rock n roll

    interview was funny mayne

    reminded me of that narduawar interview lmao

  • P.E.V

    Every question related to food his answer was “pussy”….

  • @becguyzlax

    Weeyz baby..Nepal

  • Mole

    Why does every person who interviews Wayne ask the same question every single time – how did you come up with the name trukfit?

    I’ve heard the answer to that question in every single Wayne interview he has done this past year.

  • bitches love me

    wtf was that song he said he has on his ipod??? it sounded depressing :/

  • LilWeezyAna

    @Mole I just got done bitching about the same thing lol. Annoying as hell

  • Don

    Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That boy Wayne a fool wit it I watched it like three times lol

  • YoungTunechie

    Best Wayne interview!

  • Homecoming

    “Bitch I ain’t bring you here to fall asleep” hahahahahahahaaaaaa

  • narco

    damn he said he was looking for love but then laughed

    does that mean he aint engaged??

  • young tunechi

    Lol this nigga wayne a fool best interview ever nd the be asking him same question on every interview like ask some new ones damn

  • go spurs!!

    “pussy” lmfaoooo nigga crazy

  • dontae

    this reminds me of the nardward interview funny as fuck

  • use your brain

    damn i guess dhea gonna keep getting strung alone this “engagement” LMFAO

  • tasha

    lol this proves that engagement is b.s. and plus that vinny show was filmed last year i believe lol dhea is so dumb

  • AlexSutton

    this was too funny

  • tony_montana

    Lmao look at all these jealous bitches hating on Dhea lol @tasha why are you saying Dhea’s dumb? What did dhe do to suggest that she’s dumb? SMH dope interview though!

  • nik_tune

    the whole interview was just funny and nice to watch but i really had to laugh by myself when he answered the question whats next:”find love”..”that was such a joke” lmao 😀

  • Death Row meal? ‘pussy’!

  • lilwayne4evver!

    “I’m going to find my love. Wow, that was such a joke” hahaha wayne is king! 😀

  • loons

    but wayne and the bitch Italian, are engaged?, I think not, not seen for months together, and the interview with Vinny was recorded months ago

  • Hahahaha


  • ape shitâ„¢

    Dope interview.. funny as hell lol

  • Gianluca

    ciao io sono italiano, e seguo tutti gli aggiornamenti di lil wayne quì. il tuo sito è davvero splendido, io volevo chiederti, visto che sono italiano e parlo poco l’inglese, potresti scrivere tutto quello che dice lil wayne nelle interviste?? così almeno capisco cosa dice, tu lo scrivi in inglese e io lo traduco in italiano, grazie mille in anticipo, buona serata

  • LuvTunechi


  • Corleone

    Che succede? Weezy proprio qui, io sono con il Maestro Pimp.

    D: Perché hai iniziato Rapping?
    Weezy: Quando si fanno rime a 5, è destinata, serio. Con il tempo avevo 8 anni, stavo già scrivendo rap per me e per gli amici. Ho voluto “giocare” rap, volevano giocare missioni spaziali “Apollo”

    D: Le memorie dei tuoi giorni nelle Hot Boys?
    Weezy: Ricordo sempre noi che cade, la nostra caduta su episodi di scena. Che cadde, perché, quale città. Mi ricordo come fosse ieri.

    D: Come hai ottenuto il soprannome di “Gambero papà”?
    Weezy: C’è stato un rapper di nome “Papà Pimp”, che era molto popolare. Era con Cash Money, lui era così popolare e mi è stato breve, così è andata insieme.

    D: Com’è essere una star del rap per tutta la tua vita?
    Weezy: non mi sento in questo modo, quindi è per questo che mi sembra normale.

    D: Che cosa hai in skateboard?
    Weezy: Ciò che mi ha spinto in era Alex Miller pattinaggio in televisione. Ho iniziato e mai smesso.

    D: Come ti è venuta con il nome Trukfit?
    Weezy: Quando ero giovane, c’era un ragazzo alla guida di un camion che ha rubato vestiti e lo ha venduto per un prezzo basso, come il marchio Polo che hai adesso.

    D: SPECTRE favorito dal modello di scarpa Supra?
    Weezy: La scarpa da skate reale, il lowtop.

    D: Film preferito sport?
    Weezy: “Ogni Maledetta Domenica” con Jamie Foxx e Al Pacino

    D: Martin o Fresh Prince?
    Weezy: Martin, Martin aveva il beautifu Gina. Fresco Principe cambiò mogli

    Q: Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder?
    Weezy: Marvin, I will tell you why. I walked into a party, I didn’t know Stevie Wonder was playing the piano. I was talking and he told everyone to be quiet before, so he said whoever is talking to be quiet. (Stevie is blind) He went off on me, remember Boo?

    Q: Most unexpected song on your Ipod?
    Weezy: GG Island – I Abuse Myself, I want to die

    Q: Guilty pleasure?
    Weezy: candy

    Q: Favorite type of candy?
    Weezy: Pussy (vagina de Goomba)

    Q: Pet Peeves (Things that make you mad)?
    Weezy: When you bring home a girl and she falls asleep. I didn’t bring you home for you to sleep.

    Q: What’s something you hid from your mom when growing up?
    Weezy: My gun

    Q: Quote you live by?
    Weezy: Live by a gun, die by a gun

    Q: What’s next for Lil Wayne?
    Weezy: I am going to try to find love. That was such a joke.

    Q: Last meal on Death Row?
    A: Pussy

  • Corleone

    D: Marvin Gaye o Stevie Wonder?
    Weezy: Marvin, vi dirò perché. Ho camminato in un partito, non sapevo Stevie Wonder stava suonando il pianoforte. Stavo parlando e ha detto a tutti di essere tranquillo prima, così mi ha detto chi sta parlando di essere tranquillo. (Stevie è cieco) Si allontanò da me, ricordi Boo?

    Q: canzone più inaspettati sul tuo iPod?
    Weezy: GG Island – I Abuse Me stesso, voglio morire

    D: Guilty Pleasure?
    Weezy: caramelle

    D: tipo preferito di caramelle?
    Weezy: Pussy (vagina, de Goomba)

    D: Pet Pix (cose che ti fanno impazzire)?
    Weezy: Quando si porta a casa una ragazza e lei si addormenta. Non ho portato a casa per voi a dormire.

    Q: Che cosa hai nascosto dalla mamma durante la loro crescita?
    Weezy: La mia pistola

    Q: Citazione si vive da?
    Weezy: Live di una pistola, morire per una pistola

    D: Quali sono le prospettive per Lil Wayne?
    Weezy: Ho intenzione di cercare di trovare l’amore. Quello era uno scherzo.

    D: Ultima cena nel braccio della morte?
    Weezy: Pussy

  • Trukfit and supraaaaa!

  • Mitha

    He’s so entertaining, love me some Weezy baby.. Yo go boy!

  • Maria_latina_wayne

    I love this video and Wayne Look so SEXY

  • love??????????????? wayne and love??????????????
    he just love pussy

  • drake already told u: ”and wayne said Pu**y Pu***y Pu*sy” every girl song

  • truth





  • Corleone

    @truth I rewrote them for the Italian person a few comments up, not for Lil’ Wayne you dipshit. Also, i’m not a NIGGA

  • tunchi’s son

    shout out to u Danny , now i can watch da video on youtube . hope will continuous .thx

  • JkJ a.k.a. YMCMB’s RaPeR

    Pink pussy!! Ya all nigga dats juicy!!!
    Young Money

  • Tunechi Chubs

    Interview was mad funny, loved his facial expressions! Lol. He gonna tryna find love haha, he says that’s a joke but I believe he meant it!