Swizz Beatz Talks “Hands Up” Single Featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz

Tue, Jul 2, 2013 by

We first heard about this song a few days ago, now here is a video of Swizz Beatz confirming he has single on the way called “Hands Up” featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz.

Swizz tells Mikey Fresh on the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards that he will drop the track as soon as he is finished mixing it and that they have all already shot a music video for it at the weekend in Los Angeles, California!

Are you looking forward to hearing this “summer smash” ❓

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  • Ballin

    This will be song of the year

  • jessica

    First 🙂

  • First HAAAN

    First HAHAGA

  • who cares


  • jessica

    I was wrong i wasnt first 🙁

  • raw tune

    hope wayne kills it……

  • i c u

    yessss cant wait to listen and see the video 😀

  • Nick

    Hope he goes old wayne on this

  • F Baby

    It’s the same lineup over and over.

    I’m getting bored of it now.

    Where the fuck is that other Swizz and Wayne collabo too with Lenny Kravitz?

  • ayy

    i bet it gets pushed back to end of the year.

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Weezy go hard,i hope…….cnt wait on it

  • Ibrotunechi

    Where the fuck is God Bless Amerika Video ??

  • Yoooooo

    Remove Nicki and add Future please and thanks.


    HYPE LEVEL = 0

  • Sir. T

    Damn! Thats a tight featuring

  • I bet the verse is gonna be like:

    “Pussy,hoe, gun, trukfit, pussy
    I beat up the pussy while she got her hands up, Tunechi!”

  • boss nigga

    *… thats getting old nigga. if you not a fan then gtfo

  • hopefully Weezy will murder it!!!!

  • yo danny is it true that Torion Sellers sueing and young money ?????

  • Shaq

    Add future plzzz him nd wayne on a track always equals success

  • Khosta

    I hope wayne goes hard on this, come on wayne. You off probation now get em!

  • Don

    @Khosta it’s official he off probation?

  • Kidd

    I just remembered when wayne said you dont get dissed you get disfigured on no worries he should disfigure that ugly ass nigga jigga cause that nigga deserve it

  • Umm

    Wayne’s on probation till November

  • bret

    @ f baby I agree its always the same lineup over and overagain it gets pretty boring, they need ta switch it up sometimes

  • tef

    I just hope Wayne don’t talk about his dick and pussy…

  • lil tune

    @kidd,I remember wayne saying that 2, and d song might be like tapout.

  • Michross

    Wayne’s been of probation since June 30th so like 5 dayss

  • Ummm

    @michross- where did you hear that?
    I thought it was until November

  • Khosta

    Oh ja my bad, it is untill november

  • Moses Soka

    “Niggas fucking with the wrong nigga,
    first ask you bitch who’s dick bigga
    Lets get this straight, you fucking fake
    and the diss is late and I aint surprised u actually pressed ur breaks ”

    “i put the pressure on em my AK hungry for em
    I leave u dead in a Coffin please no coughing for em cuz I’m sick of the bullshit i need no ruba tousin”

    I make a nigga regret that he fucking rapped it
    but the nigga confused my gun make em refuse that he actually losed
    take a swing take a punch i drink that nigga for lunch
    him and pusha are just to fucking much”

    “Ok cortez we got this nigga but our money is smalla,
    but our bars murk the nigga can yall see the pictcha”

  • Sticki

    Yo danny tf we’v been going on abt Wayne’s probation since last yr n u seem not 2 care man wake yo azz up n get us some info. Abt his probation put us out of our misery fucking wrong with u nigga!!

  • jeelalouf


  • LuvTunechi

    THIS GONNA B SICK AF!!!! ;+)) <3 TUNECHI <3

  • Don

    Man his probation is November lol I hope not

  • TCtreet

    Swizz is just pure genius..DAMN