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A Birdman & Lil Wayne Single Featuring Flow Dropping Soon?

Tue, Jan 21, 2014 by

A Birdman & Lil Wayne Single Featuring Flow Dropping Soon

Mack Maine has announced on Twitter that a new song from the YMCMB team will be released tomorrow at 11AM EST. While it has not been confirmed, I have a good feeling it will be the first single from Birdman and Lil Wayne‘s Like Father, Like Son II: Tha Last MOB album.

“New music from the team tomorrow…2014 flow”

“2 legends and rookie of the year at 11am tomorrow….we go be alright”

Tthe “rookie” is most-likely Young Money’s Flow and even though Baby and Weezy‘s names aren’t mentioned, they would fit the “2 legends” title.

I also think it could be the full version of this snippet that we got a few months ago, because Mack tweeted “we go be alright” and you can hear in the snippet that Tune raps something similar: “And Tunechi, he gon’ be alright as long as he got his pills”.

Don’t forget Wayniacs that nothing is confirmed here, but it does look like we will get some new Wayne tomorrow morning. Check back to LilWayneHQ then!

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  • Flow Stan

    Flow won.

    He is our replacement for when Wayne retires.

    2014 gonna be his year,

    • MaX-King

      Actually is young thug our replacement

  • Michael

    I was right! Hopefully this is the end of the Wayne Drought.

  • DaReal

    Please this be fireeeeee

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    New single.”

  • i hope it is the full version of that snippet cause it sounds amazing

  • Dayne

    I hope it’s euro instead of Flow

    • its not euro, mack said flow’s name in the tweet. can’t you read?

      • Remember Tha name

        Nah kid it said 2014 flow meaning Wayne’s flow and delivery is prolly gonna change up again

        • PhilWeezy

          He’s right euro and wayne have been spending a lot of time together so he will be on the song can’t wait to hear it hope it’s gonna be fire!

      • Justin Haden

        I have something I want you to read, lyrics, please.

    • DaReal

      Euro is better than flow to me

    • Rasta Man John

      fuk u bitches ass nigga stop hating on my slime flow thta nigga b snapping he never hada wack verse

  • 100

    Wayne drought finally coming to an end!

  • KORY


    • Caleb

      Sad but true

    • LP

      Mack Mane said tomorrow…so we should expect this to drop by 2020

  • Justin Haden

    Man I wrote some sick shit a Song, but with Wayne’s music. Idk. Wish I could present the right person.

  • jesus


  • JustAGuy234

    he dont mean flow the rapper, flow is like swag in that context… like gym flow or work flow or 2014 flow. so its probably Euro…

    • Kidd

      But u never know the way they put subliminals in their tweets like the way they said we gon be alright….its like their telling you but their not u get it

      • JustAGuy234

        nah the be alright part makes sense, the flow part wouldnt and i was right it is euro, songs out xD

  • xgoblin

    Flow sucks he tries too hard to sound like wayne ..

  • jimmy bond

    it euro he just tweeted Mack da fortune teller never lies it not flow

  • GangGreen

    It’s definitely Euro!!!

  • Yeyo

    Lets just hope one of the Legends Mack is talking about is Wayne bcus ya never know ….

    • zeke

      If it’s not Wayne it’s probably Busta or Mystikal there legends…..but I hope it’s Wayne

      • Yeyo

        Yeah, lets hope tho. This wayne drought wild right now lol!!!!!

      • Bustabust

        Its probably busta mack tweeted him saying salute the legend

  • Anonymous

    Flow is the best fuck euricaa

  • stephanie

    finally new music!!!!!!!!!

  • KingLabe


  • nfs444

    The Drought Is Over Pt. 7… Dropping tomorrow. @Empiremixtapes confirmed it

    • tre_soswavey

      You lying.

  • JayHighAss

    New Single ! Oh so now you single hahaha you cr8zy say the baby -Wayne

  • tony_montana

    I hope its busta, wayne and Euro. That would be dope.

  • Godo Zilla

    It’s going to be Lil Wayne, Birdman and Flow. Flow has already said he was doing a song for baby’s album bout a week ago. Featuring Wayne. Its no secret !

  • sid

    its gonna be euro no doubt the way lil wayne and mack were really impressed with what he did on d5 but i wouldn’t mind flow being on it neither

  • Best

    I prefer Flow than Euro, I look him like the future Wayne

  • KFraze

    That picture is boss. Flows gonna have plenty of those on his walls in a few years. Flame gang ymcmb all day. Flow will be the greatest of all time I think for generations to come.

  • Kidd

    Omg yall on flows dick like fr hes alright but cmon now hes no wayne


    He talkin about flow…flow had a interview some weeks ago sayin he been workin with birdman & tune

  • GreenRanger

    Either Flow or Euro sounds good to me man, I think I’d slightly prefer flow, but as long as it’s got wayne + one of them I’d be happy.
    What I’m more worried about is the second “legend” lol please don’t let it be Baby…

  • Too Hot

    Where the song at it’s 12

  • Strikk

    What’s supp when is this dropping

  • Trizzy

    Some say its gonna be flow, some say its gonna be Eurica Franklin, I say its gonna be Pushed Back



  • music

    where this fucking song at
    ima fuck sombody up for no reason

  • Levi Blue

    It’s out on iTunes

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  • Episode Himilaya


  • Morphine Holic

    Euro is better than flow to me

  • Tominater

    Pretty sure sense tune just said I’m workin on that carter 5 and flow in front of carter if that this next song is from The Carter 5

  • Tominater

    Pretty sure sense tune just said I’m workin on that carter 5 and flow in front of carter if that this next song is from The Carter 5