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Lil Wayne, Birdman & Euro – We Alright

Wed, Jan 22, 2014 by

Lil Wayne, Birdman & Euro We Alright

After hearing a snippet a few months back and Mack Maine warning us yesterday, the first single from Young Money‘s upcoming Rise Of An Empire album, which will drop on March 11th, has been released.

After thinking it would be Flow that is featured on this S-X-produced song titled “We Alright“, it is actually YMCMB’s latest signee Euro, who murdered his verse, along with the bosses Lil Wayne and Birdman!

You can listen to this dope track after the jump below and purchase it on iTunes here.

“I’m working on that Carter V, I got this bitch in fifth gear”

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  • Tee

    They killed this shyt

  • daknite


  • daknite


  • CV

    Euro murdered it !

  • Niño Bones

    Dope song

    • jaquan mcintyre

      Just to let y’all know the my nigga remix dropped and wayne put the beat in a body bag lol and set that bitch on fire

  • Liltunethekingboi

    Songs absolute fire wayne back on his shit carter 5 gunna kill it let’s go!!!


    YMCMB gon be good when Wayne retires, Euro is dope

  • Buudelboy

    Wow euro is good

  • Semi

    top 10

  • music


  • music


  • Persona

    Proud of Euro, wayne is back, great song

    • Ron gotti

      Yes hes back hes really back 2014 belongs 2 young money and waynr

    • LP

      I like the cover art’s been a drought and its about to storm!!

      • 3 peat

        For sum reason the cover reminds me of the r.a.f video

  • Weezy215


  • Milli

    Euro stole this song damnnnnn

  • tony_montana


    This Is dope.

    • ghghgh

      Kill ya fuckin self

  • WeAlright

    Got chills when wayne verse came

    • JayHighAss

      Hell yeah !

    • Ron gotti

      Yes I did also

    • nighty

      From the number of likes u can see that more people are joining.. Great changez.. C 5 MADAFAQA

  • realness

    Finally it looks like wayne really think about the next steps he wants to go and care again nigga im happy af

  • Euro Killed it

    This nigga Euro got a acid tongue

  • Aapo Linna

    “And im working on that carter 5” Fucking chills! Awesome start 4 2014, ymcmb ball weezy, ball!

  • t

    whole song is filth

  • Vishal Aggarwal

    Dope Shit! Long as weezy is raping we alright…

  • Trizzy

    TF is baby saying? He doesn’t sound bad though. Euro outshined all them

  • this song is amazing 10/10

  • nighty

    Finally new music

  • thug8200

    this that old ym shit brah im feelin it

    • 3 peat

      I agree this that 07 YM before nicki and drake fake asses came in the picture. Weezy back 100%

      • thug8200

        07-08 type shit

  • KingLabe

    This song is fire, so we alright

  • Jj

    Fuck this other shit, where’s C5 lol

  • JayHighAss

    This just made my day

    • Ron gotti

      Me 2 I havent stopped hearing it im hearing it right now

      • JayHighAss

        Lol, Hell yeah me too I’ve played it like 100x already

  • Jj

    C5 gonna shit on C3

    • Ej McCarty

      woah bro you can’t go around saying stuff like that until it’s out and it’s not debatable

    • Ron gotti

      I agree wayne is turnt this year u can tell.. he sounds a lil cranky about sumthing maybe sleepin so long

    • Young Cuban

      Sorry bro, C3 is a classic, no hate but I don’t think Wayne can outdo that album. But we will see.

  • Kidd

    Aint gone lie euro killed wayne and baby but wayne got something left in him this song is to promote euro cuz this WILL be big on the radio and euro will blow up

    • 3 peat

      Nah he killed baby not wayne, honestly this is the best ive heard from wayne in a MINUTE!!!

  • sticckki

    Two word$ just DOPE!!!

  • Trukin’

    This shit is really good!

  • Best

    Nice song. They killed it, from Euro to Wayne

  • Young Cuban

    Young Money > Every other Clique

  • Leggooo

    And tunechi gon be alright as long as he got his pills

  • Young Cuban

    €uro ate his verse.

  • Jesus

    Dope. Even Birdman killed this shit “Bags full of every president that ever died” Euro and Wayne fucking murkd this song. Love it.

  • saqib

    Yesssss Wayne back

    • Little Boss

      He was never gone

  • sid

    euro killed it,birdmans verse was decent, and wayne killed it even his lines about pussy was dope great track.. im glad flow wasn’t on this flow is good but he would of ruined this song honestly

  • Muhliciouz
    • Marko Velikinac

      Where dafuq is Birdmans part?

  • Linda_weezy

    damn…! ”she thinks i’m a window of opportunity,close the curtains”.#wayne a beast,don’t give a fuck about what anybody say.and EURO knows he the greatest coz he even mentioned it by saying ”and i be spending time with the greatest of all time” refering to wayne.this album definately gon’ be awesome.i salute wayne,he gets my highest respect

  • 9th ward G

    Look euro a beast and all but flow would fuck clean over this nigga but they on the same team and the only reason flow was not on this song is because this not his type of song flow and wayne need to have a song on this album where they rap back to back for a whole song

  • Steph_Baby16

    Loved this song !

  • Trukyagurl

    This my new shit

  • Ron gotti

    Wayne spit his with so much emphasis.
    I aint trippin over no ho0oe
    treat that hoe like a servant
    I noe that hoe better noe how 2 deep troat like a serpent

  • rey quezada

    Where’s the MP3? -_-“

  • hiphopfan

    Safe to say Wayne is back, well correction weezy is back

    • Guest

      Can I get a headass

  • stephanie

    Finally YM is back

  • Rilledaman

    Tunechi is finally back !!!!

  • xgoblin

    I fucks with wayne verse but Euro was off beat like a mutha fucka

  • stephanie

    We starting da year good keep it up YM n wayne
    Shit Ymcmb till I die !!!!

  • stephanie

    Wayne I fuck wit ya

  • GotThatTunechiLEE

    Wow just dope. Simply Weezy Simpin Lean smoking weed.

    • GotThatTunechiLEE


  • KingChuck

    ”she thinks i’m a window of opportunity,close the curtains”

  • KingChuck

    ”she thinks i’m a window of opportunity,close the curtains”

  • hiphopfan

    Imma say I am deff feeling this song reminds me of the C2 Wayne cuz he sounds hungry but I need to here more new shit before I actually say weezy is back but definitely glimpses of him taking rap serious that and no pics of him skating Ina while.

  • Tunechi F. Baby

    Two words: Killed It!

  • Rell

    Wayne ain’t never fall off.

  • Dae_View

    Wayne smashed this shit carter V gone be something serious!!!

  • We..Alright

    Damm this shit is serious!! YMCMB b on top!

  • fewcha

    should of got a hook from future o nthis

  • Michael ym

    Drake should of had a hook on this but wayne sound hungry again !! I hope he is cause if he’s goin out after tha carter 5 it’s only right he goes out on top cause that’s were he deserve to be.

  • 504allday

    Never really post on here cuz I be reading alot of hate…after getting the song I had to come back and comment..Tune killed that shit!

  • nasty69

    Beats sounds kind of like “no love” song

  • Obviously There Isn’t An MP3 It’s A Fuckin’ Single To An Album.

  • 3 peat

    This song is also kinda sad because it simply shows will be retirering soon

  • kobe

    This was recorded before he got off probation ? Cause the snippet came out before right ?

  • kobe

    This is not that good relax it’s ok

  • tune4life

    Why does Wayne always have the shortest verse when he’s on a song with a bunch of rappers?

    • Jahzii$uave$implex

      Its because he can kill it easily with his effective punchlines..

  • Sole Shop


  • Caleb

    Danggg! Euro killed it like I knew he would, birdman actually did something good, and Wayne did that good good that we’ve been waiting for!!! This is on repeat now

  • Kidd

    Is it just me or is drake and euros style almost identical something is weird

  • Kidd

    Is it just me or is drake and euros style almost identical something is weird

  • lilduke1

    my nigga tune!finally. and some different shit he talm bout..

  • loil

    Wayne with that LEGEND flow! Long as weezy rap like this y’all…… We got #beAlright.

  • Wiz Dillah

    euro & wayne go hard in this track!!! #Wayne2014

  • jimmy bond

    yo danny my niggA IS OUT

    • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

      N weezy kilt it

  • Don

    This nigga Wayne killed My Nigga Remix smh

    • tune4life

      Just heard it…Dat nigga snapped his flow sounds better

      • Don


    • 3 peat

      Just heard it, wayne back on that 07 shit aint he smh

  • Levi Blue

    To that my nigga remix is out w/tune post it

  • Baneezy

    could’ve been Flow instead of Baby

  • Deontre Lewis

    Lil wayne my nigga remix out!!!!, hotnewhiphop

    • Zach

      Yeah I just saw it! They should put it up on lilwaynehq soon haha

  • Deontre Lewis

    Wayne killed my nigga @danny


    Wow weezy killing my nigga remix dis year is going to be his

  • arth

    Some day, wayne is gon let the chrone to Euro
    i aint a hater but fuck Flow

    I was wonderin why wayne had not been in any good feature in 22 days of this year, no activity at all…

    now i can see why!! he’s been gettin ready to have a really good year, i know fo sure that in this year he’ll release at least 2 albums, no nigga can tell that Wayne isn’t FUCKIN BACK!!!!!!!!

    • Glenn

      Euro can’t fuck with flow tho nigga you better listen to heroic vol 1 mixtape flow would eat the fuck out euro but they on The same team so the album should be the truth

      • Kahlil448899 .

        you’re crazy if you think flow is better than Euro. Euro’s punchlines, wordplay, flow(Dedication 5), lyricism, storytelling, and metaphors are way better than flow’s Flow is just another corny rapper that raps about nothing and just use cheesy metaphors and similes .

        • 9th ward G

          You must never really listened to flow if you say euro better than him the only reason flow wasn’t on d5 was because he was locked up euro was off beat like a mutafucker on this song that boy aint fuckin with flow euro nice but flow would eat that nigga

  • 3 peat

    Wayne is officialy back!!!! On sum real nigga shit I think wayne is commin back harder than ever this year because between this and my nigga remix, Wayne finna own 2014 just watch, he finally realized he been sleep to long cuz its been improving since D5 and up. Keep it up wayne, the wayne I have seen lately is the wayne that I remember not skate board tunechi

    • tune4life

      Yeah Wayne is back..I just hope he drops the skateboars for good


    Its time to kill these other fake niggers Weezy!!!!!


    Its time to kill these other fake niggers Weezy!!!!!

  • thug8200

    he killed my nigga remix too damn weezy f

  • scottdeezy24

    “Ratchets don’t touch me if that pussy smell like catfish, salmon, trout or guppies”!!! Lol mars bars… hottest rapper under the sun!

  • Nick

    Everything is great about this song! Beat, Flow, Content! Nobody F***ing with YMCMB this year!

  • Trizzy

    Danny!!! My Nigga Remix is out!!!!!!!

  • JayHighAss

    Everybody get ready for that YG My Nigga Remix ft Rich homie, Wayne & Nicki it’s coming soon trust me

  • JustAGuy234

    my nigga eemix is out got wayne and nicki on it and meek



  • jjdestructs

    Drought over and wit good shit post that my nigga remix danny he killed that shit! !

  • Lotty

    Why does everyone call C3 the classic from the carter series? C1 and C2 shittin on everything!! That’s dat real hungry Weezy F. Plz say da Baby flow!! And of course mixtape Weezy is better than anything to ever touch a microphone!!

  • Lotty

    Why does everyone call C3 the classic from the carter series? C1 and C2 shittin on everything!! That’s dat real hungry Weezy F. Plz say da Baby flow!! And of course mixtape Weezy is better than anything to ever touch a microphone!!

  • Harry Hannafin

    Wayne killed it, so did Birdman lol, Euros gonna be big, but his flow don’t go with this beat

  • jimmy bond

    lol chief keef tweeted where d6

  • blahhh

    Danny why are you late for the my Nigga remix

  • blahhh

    Danny why are you late for the my Nigga remix

  • A-Jay

    lil wayne is back!!

  • Little Boss

    YG – my nigga remix ft Lil wayne Meek Mill nd Nicki. Weezy nd Nicki murdered that shit. Check it out

  • tha_realtunechi

    wayne never left, but weeezy is back ! He killed that “My Nigga Remix !!” no pussy lines #word

  • young

    Weezy is baaaaaack 2014 gonna be a heck of year

  • Brittany

    this song too long to b listening to tha whole thing lol i wanna hear wayne!

  • Twiz

    Swap out Baby for the Game and you’ve got something here.

  • What’s that in the picture?

  • Marcus

    9/10 because of Birdman lol. But Wayne is back

  • Baneezy

    for real, if they don’t want the album to flop embarrassingly they shouldn’t have birdman on the ANY song

  • criminal

    he aint back till he kills a song by himself

  • Dawn Bosley

    Workin’ on that Carter V bring it on Greatest Legend of All Time, Weezy F. Baby

  • inewwiththis .

    love it but its not on Itunes store in eruope yet

  • Carl Ferguson III

    The Best Rapper Alive is Back can’t wait to Tha Carter V

  • Young Money 4 eva

    man wayne the best but hands down euro had the best verse

  • Carl Ferguson III

    Euro verse the best also Wayne verse YMCMB Forever

  • Robert Wayne Montano

    We alright, alright alright!!!! Tunechi killed in this b!tch! 🙂

  • D4Ve

    this YM album may actually be listenable this time…

  • Jeunel Delfin

    W0w Got it TuneChi

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  • DiegoBandino

    Dope remix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • TunechiBabi

    Amazing as alwayz!!!! #REALSHIT

  • Revolt

    baby ripped dat shit

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