Cortez Bryant Hints At “Tha Carter V” First Single Dropping Soon With A Lil Wayne Text Message Tweet

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Cortez Bryant Hints At Tha Carter 5 Single Dropping Soon With A Lil Wayne Text Message Tweet

If you watched part 1 of Lil Wayne‘s CRWN interview earlier today, you would of heard Wayne talk about his forthcoming Tha Carter V album and when we can be expecting the first single.

Tunechi mentioned that he will be letting his manager and best friend Cortez Bryant pick the single off the project, as well as release it to the world. He does not know exactly when the song will drop, but he said that Tez will text him and let him know.

A few hours ago on Twitter, Cortez Bryant hyped up us Wayniacs by tweeting a message saying that he is about to send Weezy F Baby a text to kick off the C5 promo:

“I think it’s time to send Wayne that text to let this CARTER V movement fly!! Hahaha #CRWN”

Does this mean that the first single from Tha Carter V is about to drop?

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  • Legggooooo

    Dropping tonight for “weezy Wednesdays”???

    • That shit needs to be renamed to Tunechi Thursdays.

      • Devon T

        Tunechi Tuesdays sounds cooler, but I know what you mean 😉

      • razor

        Its dropping Thursday’s because it shows lil wayne’s Wednesday. He cant record and drop it the same day if he’s showing how his day goes

        • marc hare

          100% true

        • Jbadd504

          Well so far they look like they have all been recorded a while before they ever drop. I think they are just late with the editing or just lazy with it altogether..u can tell from the footage that it has been exactly what wayne has been doing on that wednesday

        • Go back and look, it doesn’t show Weezy’s Wednesday at all you so wrong about that.

        • Nexoduss

          Well if you haven’t noticed already tunechi lionchess is a complete fucktard and proves taht time and time again. Everything he says is idiotic.

      • 44

        No way! We want weezy, not tunechi.

  • Can’t stand this giraffe lookalike.

    He always picks the worst singles and never releases them on time.

    • ken


    • Shaquan James

      Lol he do kinda look like a giraffe

    • MrNinoBrown

      yes the worst thing is that it is true he always picks the worst singles. Just look at the IANAHBII first single “my homies still” it was like the worst song of the album in my opinion and then it’s what he chose

    • Nathan Bryant

      If you think about what you’re saying, it’s the artist. You shouldn’t have a bad song on there. That’s like blaming me for anything you do. Tez doesn’t spit in the booth. When you get the album you’re gonna wanna hear every song. Some may be better in opinion, but none should suck.

      • wayne-train

        i see what tunchi lionchess is saying tho. Tez arguably picks the worst song in terms of what is going to appeal to the audience. It’s clear that us wayniacs are going to love any song that is going to be chosen as a single, i mean shit were all on this damn website thats completely dedicated to lil wayne. I’m sure if Danny could post when wayne is taking a shit people would still love it. But believe it or not the majority of society hates wayne and says that he’s a garbage rapper (we know otherwise). However with that being said Tez needs to step it up on picking the catchiest song with the most catchiest beat and catchiest hook/chorus so everyone is forced to love it.

        • Farid Zarioh

          euhm c3 lollipop nd a millii CIV john nd mirrors those were all fire singles man

          • Nexoduss

            what about 6 foot 7 foot. I feel like that shit dropped sooooo long before c IV

            • wayne-train

              dude 6’7” dropped in december 2010 and carter 4 came out august 29 2011!

            • Tp3 da truth

              Cuz it did 6 foot 7 foot dropped in like November or December an c4 dropped in August

        • Nexoduss

          I can see the title now. “Wayne takes second shit of the day, stay tuned for further details on the release.”

  • ken


  • Get It

    Should’ve just dropped the single!

  • hiphopfan

    Drop that shit weezy

    • Olonjonson

      He already did its called two men down

      • Quantaruis Johnson III

        Prove it

        • BlackMamba

          lmao did you just reply to yourself??

      • hiphopfan

        How u know?

        • Olonjonson

          Don’t worry about it bruh

          • hiphopfan

            I wanna hear it, it better be good

    • Zane Kirkwood

      You are a troll. Get out of here.

      • hiphopfan

        Who’s a troll you dumbass

      • hiphopfan

        You are a idiot. Get the fuck out of here.

  • dudleyy ho

    Who rdy?

    • jyhy

      Kill yourse

      • dudleyy ho


  • Olonjonsun


  • Young97Amazing

    Hell yeah! Weezy’s not gonna disappoint c5 is gonna be fire. You can never underestimate wayne he always has something up his sleeve just wait world.

  • Olonjonsun

    It’s amazing and it’s a solo track

  • BlackMamba

    I’d guess they release it on Friday the earliest but we’ll see

  • Cocaine Biceps

    tez pulling the ‘DJ DRAMA’ on us..

    • We should all put some money together and order a hitman.

      • Nexoduss

        Yeah we can take donations from everyone and put a hit out on your dumb ass.

  • dudleyy ho

    Btw .…interview was dope af ,(wayne)*imagine pulln up nxt to your teacher car at age 14 nd ur shit way DOPER* .lol dats reaal

    • Brian

      Af, nxt, nd, dats….

      You really don’t have the time to put together complete words?

      • marc hare

        Who cares? Why everyone tries to be so uppity now days..u kno wat the dude mean, get a life

        • Brian

          Actually I’m bored at work and thought I’d stir the pot a little to get a reaction.

          I sometimes scroll the comments on this site and it’s always the same horribly spelled and put together sentences.

          I like reading comments and seeing peoples opinions but it’s hard to respect and take seriously when it looks like an 8 year old typed it.

          • Nexoduss

            Yeah it’s hard to read the words of ghetto ass person typing from the public library lol.

          • Weezyfan24

            Get back to work than instead of sitting on forums, I hope you get fired little bitch. Quit talking shit and do your job, Idiot.

            • Brian

              Well seeing that I’m my own boss it’s unlikely anyones going to fire me. This isn’t a forum by the way, it’s just a comment section on a blog post.

              Also I wasn’t talking shit, just making an observation.

              Sorry for attempting to give people pointers on their grammar.

              People are some touchy on here.

        • dudleyy ho

          Thnkk you! Lard ppl,smh

          • waywaywayhat

            Do you purposely spell things wrong? You must.

            • dudleyy ho

              Yall rlly gon sit here n complain abt how anotha nigga types? Lol tf “/

              • Nexoduss

                Well after reading your comment i am. You must have dropped out of school after 4th grade.

                • dudleyy ho

                  You forgot to capitalize the “i” in your last sentence.You fucking so called autocorrect guy.

                • Eddie123

                  Sheit u can actshaley spel sthaff rate

                • Nexoduss

                  Lol because I forget to capitalize a word you have something to say, but you can’t spell one fucking word correctly. Dumb fucking inner-city piece of shit. Good luck getting out of the ghetto. I’ll think of you the next time I give change to a homeless person.

                • yilder


      • Nexoduss

        don’t forget btw, pulln, ur. I guess he makes up for it by adding another a to real and capitalizing the “word” doper

    • Riz90s

      He should say that shit in a song

      • dudleyy ho

        Yeaa man,, dat wuld b really kool

  • wiseman91

    i’ve to realization that this forum is fuckin ass

  • Damain

    Hyped af

  • Weezy

    Sayin it’s getting released tmrw with Weezy Wednesdays

  • jyhy

    Lil wayne is number one rapper hands down

  • Devon T

    so excited! TEZ looks like he’s very happy about this single, so I think we’re about to witness something “out of this world” or at least I hope so!

  • The transe

    Luck my pudding cup clean

  • Fireman

    Sad when I knew shit before it’s ever posted on this site, bout too start my own site fo sho haha


    Yo I hope it’s gonna be some banger like “6 foot 7foot” or “a milli” where wayne just straight kills shit! I’m like hoping to god its something where Wayne just goes in! #hope4bangladesh lol

    • razor

      Im hoping that too, since he’s done it for the last 2 Carters in a row.

      • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

        Actually he did it with c2 too ” tha mobb “

    • TBRA

      man ya dont know shit. me and bang had a dispute about unpaid royalties not too long ago..why would i work with the nigga.. anyways i need ya to forget that ya even heard that moment bullshit and get ready mayne, this joint ima bouta drop..just get the weed . #tune.

  • TUNE

    the song aint out yet
    dont worry itll be the biggest leak
    right now….patiently waitin!!!!!!!!1
    LETS GO C5

  • TUNE


    Buy The World (Do The Impossible)



    • BlackMamba

      That’s the single of Mike Will Made It

  • Cespo2430

    I think it might be called “Let It All Work out” because mack Maine tweeted that around the time of the tez tweet. I realize I am completely taking a shot in the dark lol but I guess we all are

  • TUNE


  • TwizzieTwitch

    I thought the single was called “Bang” featuring kanye west and 2 chains?

    • BlackMamba

      track was fake unfortunately

      • TwizzieTwitch

        im glad cuz i want a solo. i want to hear wayne not 2 other niggas lol

        • BlackMamba

          true but a wayne and kanye track wouldve still been dope tho

          • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

            Not with 2 chainz on it. That just ruins everything, i mean you can cut out his verse but you would still have some memory of it.

          • TwizzieTwitch

            yeah i feel you! i believe kanye will be on the album though.

  • Tflames Bitch

    Regardless…juz a LIL closer to the release date of a legends last solo album. REAL fans support my nigga…he been puttin n work a long ass time

  • weezyftunechi

    Weezy the greatest. C5 about to be dope. Waynes last album…thank you and i mean that THANK YOU for everything you’ve done Tune

  • weezyftunechi

    Really fortunate to have grown up in Wayne’s era of dominance on the game. Been a pleasure watching the GOAT kill the game….

  • Chuck_Brazy

    I think the smart thing to do is build up hype and radio play. If Tez drops another How to Love/Lollipop or 6 Foot 7 Foot/A Milli type single, I’m sure it’s gonna go #1 on the charts real fast. After that I’m pretty sure C5 will get a milli in a week.

  • TBRA

    droppin this joint soon ya just get the blunts lit in the meanwhile. #Wzy.

  • TUNE

    KEEP CALM!!!!!1

  • YhBruh

    Anyone else been listening to all ‘Tha Carters’ lately?

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      Yep… Tuesday: C1 Wednesday: C2 Thursday: C3 Friday: C4 and all the mixtapes around it.


    Damn no weezy Wednesdays to be found on youtube what’s going on

    • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy

      because of the single

  • Amays4456

    Weezy Wednesday?


    Weezy Wednesday? Where is it? Does this mean it’s gonna be Tunechi Thursday?

  • The Future

    I’m so hype for this single!! Shit better be good!

  • Nukey

    Can’t wait for the single to drop!

  • Cv

    Tune go on tour and come back to buffalo pleaseeeeeeee

  • Skenny

    Mmmmmm, where is weezy Wednesday’s???

  • Weezy


  • Go Michigan State!

    Pretty sure it’s called “Bang” w/ Kanye and 2Chainz

  • Weezybruhbruh


  • T@

    Hopefully it drops at 5!

  • Come on Weezy. Drop that shit!! I’ll fucking promote that shit on every single of my media sites! I’m a well respected event coordinator. I’ll make sure ma DJs play that shit loud tonight and all the night at every hott club in Hollywood and los Angeles. Lego Weezy. CV!! Swoooop!!


    I hope that single dropping soon got a nigga too hype

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Best Rapper Alive Weezy Frank Baby gonna smash the world and surprise all biggest Cash Money fans who been rockin since 99 hot boys album gonna drop Carter V hit y’all hip hop music fans and go out with a bang last Carter album recorded we need fans worldwide help weezy baby album be his biggest selling album of all time like y’all did for Jayz and Kanye west too Lol

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Fans should get Weezy too ask Mannie Fresh to produce the album and all thet tracks and have Juvenile Turk Birdman all together featured on the album as well Cash Money Millionaires for life C5 coming soon long awaited anticipated album Best Rapper Alive hard work say go weezy go weezy go WaynesWorld bitch $$$$

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Wayne gonna spit dat fire becuz he still got that rock gonna take this music rap game on a highest level y’all gonna be shocked this album Carter V gonna be so crraazzyyy got some fire real bangers up on there let’s pray he sell out like Michael Jackson Thriller album 60 million copies sold break records for those who hate on Weezy should phone home becuz he da Best Rapper Alive hands down $$$$ Lol

    • You know this Homie Weezy gna DO RIGHT AND KILL EVERYTHING!!

  • Christian

    Man, I’ve been checking this site forever it seems like, waiting for the single to drop. If I don’t have the single by Saturday, I will be upset.

  • 5*stunna

    Hopefully tommorow friday or monday cmon tez shoot a dope track


    Go to twitter and type in @realyung money he said that they have to greenlight to release the first single off of C5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamron Sosa

    how many songs is in tha Cater 5 ? is the gonna be a (Deluxe) edition of C5