Lil Wayne Discusses Being In A Different Mode Recording His “Tha Carter V” Album

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Lil Wayne Discusses Being In A Different Mode Recording His Tha Carter 5 Album

Carrying on with his interview with MTV, Lil Wayne discusses how he has been recording his Tha Carter V album in a different way than his previous albums.

“I say it’s different, because I’m older and wiser, and I know more things and I know more about myself now. I’m more careful about what I’m doing and trying to be more careful what I’m saying. It’s awesome; it’s coming together dope. I think the Wayne fans are gonna like it. I hope so.”

Weezy F Baby also explained that he is taking a more hands-on approach with his music after the controversy with the Emmett Till lyric that he rapped on Future’s “Karate Chop” remix.

“I knew that I had people above me or around me that was gonna make sure whatever I said or shouldn’t have said or whatever I did or shouldn’t have did. Well now, I’m those people, and I’m telling me what I should do and what I shouldn’t say.”

You can watch the interview in the video below!


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  • Don_Hooper19

    Ready 4 this single



  • Don_Hooper19

    Called bang

  • Michael

    Watch after Carter V drop, haters gonna jump back on the Wayne train or be fast a’f to throw down on it but gonna be slow to recognize what’s great about it. Either way we all know that Tha Carter V is gonna be a great album ! Let’s all get a Milli the first week guys !!

    • Malik

      These fake ass niggas already did hop back smh

      • Nexoduss

        Shutup bitch

      • Michael

        I’m saying when he drop CV a lot more people are gonna hop back.

        • Malik

          I know but ever since dat kush with Rick Ross and gunplay these niggas slowly coming back

  • Zane Kirkwood

    Getting hype as fuck! Can’t wait!

  • I bet the song drops on Wednesday for weezy Wednesdays.

    • Weezy

      that would be dope

    • Cespo2430

      you mean on Thursday when weezy wenesdays typically come out?

  • Weezus F Baby

    Carter V Gone Sell 1,000,000 First Week

    • Young Cuban

      Nah 700k-800k max

      • nfs444

        964k fuck you album was good

        • Young Cuban

          Even the ‘ Rap God’ Eminem aren’t doing those numbers. Wayne will say 700-800k max, that is if Baby buy him those numbers that your throwing around.

          • Farid Zarioh

            Its not about Eminem, Wayne been doing great numbers because his albums got teased by the huge singles he let out before the album dropped, I mean the a millii song had an hour long rmx everybody jumped on nd the lollipop song was a song that everybody used to jamm,,,, same with mirrors on CIV, wayne need an awesome single nd UU’ll see the haters come running back to wayne like he turned water into wine

    • xgoblin

      I just want a good ass album…most of us fans could care less about album sells..a mill first week doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a good album…Carter IV was almost a million first week but the album wasn’t that good..

      • Chris Vs Christopher

        I personally think Carter IV was nice..nd if u think otherwise it’s probably because you let one of these people influence you’re opinion

        • xgoblin

          Im not saying it was a terrible album it just didnt live up to the hype

          • Chris Vs Christopher

            People were just expecting an old Wayne or some shit..but I feel you

        • guythat

          You are opinion? Someone should influence your grammar…

          • Chris Vs Christopher

            Lol I know there’s a difference between “you’re” and “your” phone does its own thing and I caught it after I posted it smart guy

      • marc hare

        U tripping CarterIV was sick

    • Jbadd504

      Why cant mtv just drop the whole fucking interview. .im tired of lookin at bits and pieces a single interview. Wtf

      • LP

        So they can make you watch 10 advertisements before the video starts instead of one..leave it to MTV

    • Tony Altrudebta

      A Milli – A Milli – A Milli – A Milli

  • wiseman91

    1.something 1st week

  • Young Cuban

    I just hope it’s a classic, i would love if he tried to work with new producers, like Pharrell and Dr Dre and or Swizz Beats and Timberland, hell maybe even Eminem. I want him to switch his flow up, and not say the same shit on every track or use the same punchlines on every track. Carter 2 > All the other Carter albums.

  • Young Cuban

    and please DO NOT PUT JUST ANYBODY ON THE ALBUM LIKE YOU DID ON IANAHB2. features from Andre 3k, Nas, Eminem, Jay z, Drake and Kendrick Lamar would be fine.

    • xgoblin

      2 chainz is on c5 :/

      • Nexoduss

        Come on bro don’t ruin the good time lol

      • CMB_

        he better not be….

    • corbin wells

      no features.

  • LilWayne’sFan

    The new single is called “Bang.”

    • nfs444

      Are you the Empire or something? How teh fuck do you know?!?!?! #TDIO7

      • kfreshh

        nah he’s right it is called the bang…..the snippet just came out

        • beetlejuice

          Link nigga

  • nfs444

    I hope this is the “mode” he’s in.

  • Tune Up

    Lil Wayne called Nicki Minaj “The Best Overall Rapper”

    • Nexoduss

      This made me lol

  • weezyftunechi

    Carter 4 is slept on. Its just as good as Carter 3. Carter 5 will be legendary…album of the year

  • weezyftunechi

    Where is everyone getting this info that the new single is called “bang”?

    • Michael

      There’s a snippet that’s rumored to be Wayne’s Carter V single called Bang feat. 2 Chainz & Kanye. The snippet is only 2 chainz though

    • kfreshh

      the snippet just dropped

      • weezyftunechi

        Thanks homie

  • Weezy

    its all over google dawg

  • ken

    I heard the bang snippet could actually be a 2 chainz leftover. Y’all didn’t hear weezy say bang was the single no and just because weezy in there doesn’t mean its automatically going to be c5 since a single supposely suppose to drop this week. And I doubt he would have 2chainz on c5 unless 2chainz actually step his bars up. So let’s not just assume its from c5 lol wayne knows what he’s doing:)

    • Michael

      Exactly what I was thinking. Like who even said it was from CV ? I don’t believe it until I hear it from Mack, Tez or Wayne

      • supermamba17

        Yeah and if the snippet is just 2chainz… It could be something from his album.

  • weezyftunechi

    Really hope that 2 chainz snippet isnt the carter 5 single. I dont want any features


    “Work on the kitchen table where the cash at”

    • realness

      Nigga wit money right?

  • Nexoduss

    Damn dudes I’m going nuts over here. I can’t wait for this fucking album

  • Little Boss

    Rick Ross Master mind album sold abt 180k in it’s first week sales nd Lil Wayne “IANAHB2” considered his worse album sold more than 200k in it’s first week. These rappers can’t fuck with Weezy nd numbers don’t lie too

    • weezyftunechi

      Aint that the fuckin truth! Real shit

    • JustAGuy234

      i agree a lot of rappers arent on waynes level.. or at least the level wayne was once on. whatever u wanna call it

      BUT you cant over hype sales. sales (especially first week sales) = popularity not skill. Wayne will ALWAYS be a popular celebrity. but IANAHb2 was booty juice. Shit Carter IV sold more than Carter 1 and 2 first week but anyone who thinks C4 > C1 or C2 is a clown.


      • marc hare

        Its all in yah taste in music

        • JustAGuy234

          sometimes. but theres levels.
          like if u were comparing Carter 1 and Carter 2 vs. College Dropout and Late Registration thats a good example of “all in your taste of music” but C1 & C2 vs. C4 the first 2 are arguably classics

  • vegan

    I’m telling me what I should do and what I shouldn’t say.
    End of lil wayne

    Maybe start of Dwayne?

  • LP

    I hope there’s a few songs where he just goes in, no chorus. Like tha mobb, 6’7”, a milli, oh no, etc

  • vegan

    He is not wiser
    He is on less drugs…

  • Chuck_Brazy

    I remember when I was so hyped for Carter IV…and I ended up a little disappointed. It sounded like a better version of IANAHB, just a bunch of songs put together with no concept. C3 was honestly the first and only album that had no concept but every song was unique. I hope C5 is more like C3 with a C2/C1 concept.

  • Devolchi

    Wayne said only young money will be features. He might let a few slide though

  • weezyftunechi

    If you want c2 wayne you are gonna be dissapointed for c5. That was 10 years ago..times have changed and so has wayne. C5 will be closer to C4 with maybe a little C3. Even C3 was 6 years ago yall gotta chill

    • Ak

      Agreed like wayne said on blunt blowin “times have changed fuck it get a new watch”

      • weezyftunechi

        Yeah man exactly just let the legend go to work!

        • Farid Zarioh

          I dont know why people keep looking for C2 wayne,, he was dope thats a fact but wayne influenced the whole hiphop industry, CIII song the gossip was the moment everyone knew he was the best alive, cause everybody started giving up, kanye on the lollipop rmx nd game (wayne killed me on my on song so what). we want legendary wayne nd Uu can say whatever Uu want, but he’s still out there, the real artist still aknowledge it, fake fans just to busy jumping from one pole to another

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Fuck no Carter V gonna sell 5 million first week Lol weezy baby you looking at greatness gangsta grills no braces bitch $$$

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Carter V 1.5 million selling first week Amilli Sold Steady mobbin Right above it No quitter go getta Strange clouds Hustla musik Hit em up Bring it back Fireman Go Dj 3 Peat Mrs Officer HYFR American Dream gun walk Blunt blowin She Will Shoot me down Best Rapper Alive

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Small Thing To A Giant Mirror Yeahhh Beat without bass So Good Money On My Mind I Told Ya Green And Yellow Wasted Banned From T.v. Transform Ya Best Rapper Alive Swagger Surfin Devastation I Do It ft 2 chainz Drake 2 shots 9 piece remix Fire flame remix Rollin Tunechi back Motto Loyalty Welcome 2 my hood Hustle hard remix Make it rain remix Ymcmb $$$$

  • YhBruh

    Where can I download Tha Carter 2?

  • IJ

    if Carter V sells less than 500k first week, ill be disappointed. I’m expecting 500k-600k. those are good numbers though.



  • Eshall Flawless

    YAY LIL WAYNE!!! I appreciate your hard work!


    Wayne jst confessed dat ppl around him are yes-men ,, but C5 is gonna fire ,,

  • Will W.

    I’m sure it will be garbage probably worser than IV. We never gonna get old Wayne back. He is dead nigga

    • T@

      Worser is not a word

  • Sk Laflare

    MTV is one of the shittiest TV Stations in history of Television

  • marc hare

    To be honest its all in your taste In music, some people like the poet weezy(crying out for me remix, you song)some people like hard raw weezy (I told yall, like the whole carter 2)some like clever weezy(no ceilings, drought 3 style)nd like it or not some like pussy talking weezy (he had to appeal the female audience. .alot of females wouldn’t understand no ceilings lil wayne…wayne about that we ger the free mixtapes (music mainstream cant relate to or just don’t want to hear and he just make other music for a bigger audience. ..thats all it is period

    • Farid Zarioh

      I like every weezy because thats what I think makes him the best,,, even is rebirth wasnt that “bad” i liked some songs,, but Imma real mixtape weezy fan everything he put out in 08, every single drought, dedication, no ceilings,, thats my shit cause theres no filter he just spazzes but C3 was the first album that was on repeat throughout the whole summer nd CIV was actually really good, it didnt have a concept sow most of the song were just placed on there but almost all of them were fire. I listen to allot of music nd can honestly say that wayne (for me) is the most valueble rapper alive, I mean wayne’s songs never get old look at the songs danny drops every friday, Uu put it on nd the lyrics come back the very first time cause he’s that good, he’s music got that factor that makes him the best alive for me, pac nd biggi are unknockable from they’re spot cause they left to soon but like charlemagne said, weezy would be G.O.A.T if he died during the seizures he had. thats what i think at least

  • TBRA

    Carter 5 single – Bang Feat. Kanye West and 2 Chainz

    • Yeyo

      It dropped ?



      • TBRA

        Snippet on youtube

  • LondonB

    Wayne knows hes got to work hard on this cause hes a legend so he has to make this album compete wit the recent albums of legends and greats. Such as Jay Kanye even those like Drake n Ross. Cause his last album was ok but it flies under the radar to those artist latest work. But im always a wayne fan so im confident hes gonna kill it and ima buy it forsure.

  • Best

    Hey guys we are talking about Carter V here, the last solo album of the best rapper alive. Fuck it, he is going to kill it!

  • Can’t fucking wait for this album.. Ooooooo Weezy gna kill these mothafucking radio stations. Haha

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Some ppl lyk pussy rappin wayne especially WOWZERS,niggas that get pussy

  • Farid Zarioh

    I want a wayne song to kill al giants, I mean the type song that could make everybody wake up again nd its not hard,,, a jay z feature, another with kanye nd drake nd another with nas eminem nd drake doing the chores,,, damn that can’t sound bad even if UU tried,, just plz no more soulja beats get back to the let that beat build producing, to the gossip, to fireman,, that were songs that noone could do better then wayne, so make the Carter end like it started, straight fire

  • Countin’AllDay

    Yea its called Beast Mode #skittles

  • Criss Ross

    looking forward to this chain: Wasted-swag surfin-things you do ft lloyd-nightmares of the bottom-bill gates-cashin out-type of way-you song-started from the bottom-live life-fukcwithmeyouknowit-pure Columbia-fucking problems-moment…if you have this on your play list, trust me you can scream fuck them kendricks,lamars,jay z’s and emi’s…..