Lil Wayne Wants $25 – $35 Million For Another Solo Album After “Tha Carter V”

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Lil Wayne Wants $25 $35 Million For Another Solo Album After Tha Carter 5

While on set of Young Money’s “Senile” video shoot, Lil Wayne sat down with MTV for an interview about his forthcoming Tha Carter V album.

Tunechi confirmed that C5 will be the last album in his Tha Carter series, but also mentioned that if he was to do another solo album after he releases C5, he would need to be paid around $25 to $35 million. He discussed how much work he is putting into this album too!

However, even if Weezy F Baby does not make another solo project after Tha Carter V, he promised that he will still help out with guest features on his YMCMB label-mates’ records.

“25 to 35 million would get me to do another solo album after this. I didn’t smile when I said it.”

“I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes and it’s definitely the final Carter album. It’s the final Carter album. It’s stopping at five.”

“I plan on it being my final solo album. Whenever I have to pitch in for a Young Money album, a Like Father, Like Son album and something like that and maybe something out the blue.”

“It seems like it will be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else.”

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  • Bandz

    He better not retire

    • boss nigga

      What you gone do about it nigga

  • V8

    This all a plan to get more hype for c5

    • paul

      When the album goes platinum he’s probably gonna be like ” nah, I can’t retire my fans love me to much

  • King Weezy F

    Paper chase never stops, Carter V baby

  • Michross


  • John Brown

    “It seems like it will be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else.”
    Am I only one who was hyped from those lines? I think Weezy really put damn work on Carter V
    Hope album will be classic, because that’s how legendary and most well know hip hop series should end.
    But it’s really sad that there won’t be any more Carter album

  • Darryl RipAssuan Long

    My Nigga Gone Be Missed

  • Weezy F Daveyy

    The GOAT & we have yet to hear his best work yet…..!

  • YM Nation

    Alright… well, let’s start saving up! We can pay for more.

  • Boxing247

    Give the man $35m’s so we can hear more… cause we want more!



  • ij0eYz

    How he gonna say it will be impossible for him to work this hard for anything else. That’s wack

  • jaz94

    whats happening to devol anyone know if its still going to be released 🙂

    • riley

      Tez posted on twitter saying its done and it’ll be released when its the right time not too long ago

      • Martiansfromouttaspace

        Other weezy songs pure colombia /still got that rock/new slaves/swagger like us/wasted/dick pleaser/whoever you like/get silly/ No quitter go getter/Run this town/Burn/So dedicated/Cashin Out/Hailmary/Marvin s room/HYFR/The Motto/Pop that/My Last /Oh let’s do it remix -Tunechi

        • Martiansfromouttaspace

          Rollin/Tunechi back/Magic/No Worries/Dark shades/9 piece remix/ Dey know remix /John/Mega man/Comfortable/ Amilli Sold/Banned from t.v./Look At me now/Gimme that remix/Gimme what chu got/Loyal ft Chris Breezy/In those jeans/Mrs Officer and Can’t Believe It ft TPain /Bang bang Pow pow/Back 2 da money remix Lol


    Didn’t he have a record deal for 4 more albums, IANAHB2, Devol, C5 and another one??

    • bet


      this is why its all a plan to make ppl buy the album


    Danny gonna be unemployed soon

    • John Brown

      I laughed harder then I should 😀

      • T.D.E

        And I fucked yo momma harder than I should

    • amber rose

      youngmoneyhq niggaaa

    • Orpickaname

      Where is this GuddaGudda guy? Waiting for “”.

    • YMCorey

      Lol that’s fucked up

    • Punjabicheckonwiki

      No kid, he not gonna; Tune need break and he is outta; and he also know Lil Twist is getting high on all verse and is next PRESIDENT OF CASH MONEY/YOUNG MONEY. He is kinda bit jealous of him , so he pack up not 4 good but no solo album b;use cann’t compete with twist after listening to him on Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire”; so now he gonna just show-up after C5 ( which I believe will be 1 Billi { he should make one number 1 Billi) with some verse with YM gang now or then and will hunger to be part of (Lil Twist – Kill U all feat Lil Wayne, future prediction about him) and will be happy to be part of Lil twist solo album and tour actually tours. Even when twist gonna come up with BOSS with TWIST mixtape he gonna be in in outro of that mixtape and will be like thanks twist but twist willbe bigga than JUSTIN for sure and then Justin also will be begging to him same like tune for verse but twist gonna give him chance (they buddy though). SO now uknow why he speak “Lil Wayne Wants $25 – $35 Million For Another Solo Album After “Tha Carter V”

      Anyway now back to Danny, He will be working for sooner or later and all u BAS, FAN will be on it and asking Danny when twist gonna put his next verse, mixtape , song or ALBUM, and all u nigga will forget TUNE, but thatz okay it is life, wave come and go, go to sea to know it.

      Danny is employed4 life all u nigga even after u all dieofdope.

      Anyway back to
      “03 Bang (Feat. Lil’ Twist, Euro & Corey Gunz)”
      “06 One Time (Feat. Lil’ Twist, Tyga & YG)”
      “09 Back It Up (Feat. Lil’ Twist & Tyga)”


  • Nathan Bryant

    You always hear the hype it’s off the wall good from people in his camp. You know they’ll say anything. Hearing it from him sounds a lot better, but still not convinced until we hear it. It just gives hope.

  • Khosta

    man I’m so afraid, when I heard him speak I started shaking, this will be the best thing to ever happen to hip hop!

  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    Lets be honest here, i’m not hating, but a lot of people are getting hyped for Tha Carter V but a lot of us know that it wont be as good as we are expecting, i personally don’t believe it will even be as good as Tha Carter IV let alone Tha Carter III, some people say Tha Carter IV wasn’t too good however it was the last project that Wayne put out that was met with generally positive reviews, however since then its been going downhill, lets forget about Wayne before prison for a minute and think about 2010 and 2011, even then Wayne was at the top of his game in terms of solo work and features but after 2011 he’s work has been generally met with negative reviews including Dedication 4 and IANAHB II, i believe Dedication 5 was a step up but i don’t think Tha Carter V will be as good as Tha Carter IV. i personally believe that Wayne is going to follow in the footsteps of Jay-Z (retired 3 years) and Eminem (retired 4 years) in terms of retiring and coming back after a few years, i believe then it will be Wayne’s moment to shine again and show everyone why he was the The Best Rapper Alive and why he still is.

    • John Brown

      Well said bro,
      but time will show us what will actually happen

    • Razor

      Well eminem just had a hiatus. He didnt really retire.

    • mortimerr2014

      Well said bro. But wayne wouldn’t drop his ‘final solo album’ and not make it a classic. He said the way he’s workin on this he couldn’t and maybe never worked this hard on a project before. That right there tells me it at least has to be better than c4

  • Razor

    Thats a little more than 2 million copies sold. Lets do this 🙂

    • Dillon

      Yeah maybe in the first week already

  • Tune Up

    I don’t care what anyone says…Carter 4 was a classic. Just the intro alone is just classic, not to mention Nightmares Of The Bottom, Abortion, President Carter, I’m Good and many more. Also D4 was insane, it was all hype music to get turnt up to. He killed that shit No Lie and Green Ranger and much more shit. IANAHB2 = Fire he made lot’s lots of sex references because he isnt that serious on the album he says what he wants on there but even still songs like God Bless America, Trigger Finger, Trippy, Romance, Hello, Back To You and more went hard. Fuck what you heard he been going hard.

    • paul

      Carter 4 isn’t a classic bruh, either your in denial or just dickridin hard..True Wayne know his latest projects were complete letdowns

      • Tune Up

        True Wayne fan”s support whatever he does.
        True Wayne fan’s know what good music when they see it.
        True Wayne fan’s don’t only point out the negatives.
        True Wayne fan’s don’t say “Wayne fell off”.
        True Wayne fan’s know C4 is a classic.

        • paul

          Nigga everything you just said just made you look like a yes man smh

          • Tune Up


          • marc hare

            He write about everyone just focusing on negtives..its funny how his underground fans think he suck bit his mainstream fans love him. .that should tell alot..he make music for more than one audience. ..I think he will start making music for underground again if he retire like he said he will

            • Chris Fox

              Serious. Tha carter 4, if it’s ANYTHING like that weezy hasn’t made a classic! Couple gd tracks but all together not top form bra what you sayin

        • Shaquan James

          Dickriding at its finest

        • Tony Altrudebta

          Bsically, over the years, Waynes brand grew bigger & broader than what most rap fans thoughts and expectations for rap, has always been limited to. Just thought i’d sum it up for you.

          People who know the game and understand that at his level of success, for a rapper of his caliber, it’s hard to stay true to yourself. But through it all, even through all the changes, he did one hell of a good job at it. He stayed true to Lil wayne.

      • young pash

        Carter 4 was actually pretty good and can be considered a classic. Not one song was bad. I’m still listening to it now. I mean imnahb 2 was let down but c was good

        • Deontre Lewis

          Classic….drought series, D2, C3, C2, D5,Block is hot,

    • Justin Turner

      Amen brotha

  • WeezyLi

    My favourite Weezy Tracks:

    1. Something you forgot – Lil Wayne
    2. I´m gonna getta – Lil Wayne
    3. Me and my drank – Lil Wayne
    4. Back to you – Lil Wayne
    5. Told ya´ll – Lil Wayne
    6. I´ll die for you – Lil Wayne
    7. Full No Ceilings Mixtape – Lil Wayne
    8. Paradice – Lil Wayne
    9. 30 Minutes to New Orleans – Lil Wayne
    10. In the morning – Lil Wayne

    • John Brown

      What about the Trouble? One of my fav song. He has amazing wordplay and flow and everything there. If Wayne will have just 1 song in carter 5 like that then it going to be classic album!

    • Malik

      Niggas most not now about gossip, I’m me, LA LA LA, oh no,moment of clarity, or dear summer. I can keep going but it’ll be pointless

    • rg198526

      and what about ..the sky is the limit, seats down low or i took her…and for sure crying out for me wayne s part 😉

    • gavinr927

      There are too many songs.. Its too hard to get a top 50 without leaving something off lol

    • Chase Allison

      #5 Told ya’ll is one of waynes most overlooked tracks. Will always be in a league of his own

  • LilWaynesFanHQ

    If all true weezyfans give 35 dollars to ymcmb, over 1 million copies were sold in one week for carter 3! So if all of us who bought the carter 3 do this shit then we get 35 millions… cause we want more!

  • xgoblin

    I just hope Carter 5 has mostly concept songs with meaning like “misunderstood, something you forgot, pray to the lord, tie my hands” etc those type of songs last longer and turn into classics over time because it’s real music but songs like 6foot7, John, no worries etc don’t last long cuz they have no meaning and just fade away quickly…I hope he took his time with Carter 5 to make a classic album since he’s retiring

    • I Want A “Pussy” Record Featuring Nicki Minaj & Trina !

    • Razor

      Idk I was listening to 6’7 and John for months lol. Maybe more like C3, some meaningful songs and some songs where he just spits.

  • Nukey

    what happened to DEVOL isn’t that meant to be a Wayne solo project and finished??

    • YmCmBxOvOxOfWgKtA

      Cortez said that Devol is finished and that they are waiting for the right time release it.. so who knows

      • The735Truth .

        i thought Devol was a book he was writing about his time in prison? And didn’t wayne say somethin about a love album are sum shit like that

        • Nukey

          DEVOL is his version of a love album and the book is called gone till November what’s still in the works according to Cortez, whilst the DEVOL album is finished but hasn’t got a release date…..

          • The735Truth .

            Oh ok.Thanks foe the info

            • Nukey

              No Worries

      • Nukey

        Well I think Wayne should release Devol before C5 as I think his lyrical game will be 1000 x’s better on C5 than Devol

  • dnyght2

    Wayne said it years ago that when he release the last Carter he was gonna have people going crazy for more

  • Made1nbg

    No its not nice wat he say i need him and his music

  • mixtape mangler

    Never worked this hard for a album. We all know tune is a workaholic. He’s dedicated to us fans. This will top all Carter albums.. he should call it “C5 The Last Carter” we definitely will get some mixtapes tho…..

  • THA CARTER V-May 5th

    Wayne said for him to do it will cost 25-35 million. But Tez said DEVOL is already done so that means he doesnt have to “DO” another album. Devol is done, so what he’s saying is if they want him to create another solo album that is how much it will cost. devol is done so he doesnt have to DO it

  • kenny

    Long live lil tunechi weezy f baby weezy mixtape weezy he start rapping at age 8 sign his deal at age 11 put out his first solo album at age 14 in took off every sense he got lots of styles from rapping to rocking to sk8broading he bout all these different world’s in to hip-hop over time ps Imma huge Wayne fan

  • simone12

    wayne looks more like he is growing a palm tree instead of dreads…

  • Shaquan James

    Danny mad late with this one

  • Shaquan James

    He needs to get back to that carter theme where he’s in the building like actually from the movie new jack city that’s where he got the album name from and also obviously his last name

  • Best

    Wayne doesn’t need to retire, I think he needs a break for 2 or 3 years. I don’t fuck with this retirement shittt

  • Gianluca lopetale wayne

    carter 5 king of rap

  • Skenny

    R E M E M E B E R M Y W O R D S !!


    Hurry someone give him 200 mill just to keep him here till 40 years old

  • mohamed ali

    If lil wayne stops rapping ,i’ll stop listening rap 🙁


    I feel he gon get bored and come back

    • Nukey

      Don’t forget Wayne’s still got Devol to drop before or after C5….

  • Tunechidaboss

    I’m finna cry

  • wezzy4president

    I don’t think he’s actually gonna retire. Who knows how much music he has just laying around! He could make an album full of leftovers from all tha carter albums and it’ll stiil be better than a lot of albums nowadays

  • JayHighAss

    I want this too be Wayne’s last album I want him too retire he’s been in the game for ages & has done it all said it all went everywhere proved too the world that he’s one of the best rappers too ever do it C5 should be his last album cause he has nothing else to prove to No One !

  • Michael

    Wayne got resigned to CashMoney in 2012 and he said that he has a deal for 4 more albums. We got IANAHB2, Carter 5 and possibly Devol. That’s only 3, so can Wayne just stop after 3 or does he have to do 4 ?

    • Tune Up

      I don’t think they have to be solo albums.

      • Michael

        So LFLS2 could count ?

    • weezyfan

      He doesnt have to do 4 albums just cuz he signed a contact wit cash money. Wayne is ymcmb no matter what its not like he gotta do anything

  • Chris Fox

    Tha carter 5 will be amazing Wayne’s been killin his verses this year, I just hope this is all abit of an album plug, to get this best sales.. Certainly sayin this the last album gonna do jus that! I just hope he still does keep albums comin, or just pure mixtapes!!! He didn’t mention that? Otherwise somebody better get frontin that 25mil. Danny you’ll have to get a fund Goin if things get too dry!!

  • The Album Is Gonna Do Good On Sales Period For The Simple Fact It’s a Carter Album

  • Long Live Tune

    I’m sorry but 25-35 mill for another solo album???? I think that’s totally worth another album. Especially from Wayne. I say we wayniacs raise that shit and give to weezy what he gave us.

  • Lil Will B

    Nigga, how much did your last album sell? I don’t think you are getting anywhere near that number. He knows it and that’s why he put such a high number. xD

    • Lmfaooo You’re Hilariously Stupid …

    • Glenn

      Nigga ianahb never sells that much its not the carter series its a CD full of throw away tracks Wayne don’t even care about it but the last carter album sold 964,000 in the first week because thats where Wayne serious and his fans know that so get yo facts right lil bitch

  • Malik

    “something out of the blue” means mixtape, I hope

  • Christian

    I hope C5 a mix of his best work. The energy of No Ceilings with the diversity of C3 and maybe a track or two with the C2 rawness. Of course some completely new Wayne is welcome. Nothing too experimental tho, like Rebirth and too extent IANAHB2.

  • Travis Watson

    Lil wayne keep coming hard i’m a big fan ymcb

  • Dillon

    So Danny I guess you also planning your retirement…..

    • LilWaynesFanHQ

      no danny won’t stop, lil waynes life aint over cause he retires..

  • LondonB

    Wayne look like a on official alien right about now… real talk


    were can you get the necklace hes wearing from?

  • RegggiNWord

    Maybe in his prime he was worth this amount, but since he became skater and full time cunnilingus employee this nigggas raps aint worth shit anymore

    Maybe he should use some of the money he has to look less like hes living in a sewer

  • Davidson Lumas

    Carter v will be niceee

  • Tarik Berrada

    this will definitely be waynes last carter album but i can guarantee you its not his last solo album, im a huge wayne fan and i know that him saying it will be his last solo album is hard to accept, but i know with out a doubt this wont be his last solo album and his remark about 25-35 mill is used as a form of exaggeration to get us really hyped about the carter 5 and also him saying its the last solo album will make his fans wanna buy it no matter what, because we might not hear him put out another solo album, so this is all a brilliant marketing scheme, lil wayne would say its definitely my last solo album if he wanted to stop making solo albums, because thats what he said for the carter v, ” it is definitely the last carter album”

  • Tarik Berrada

    Also he did smile when he said it
    its very well covered but you can read his eyes

  • Your BOY

    If you’re Wayne, why wouldn’t you go all out on this last album? Seriously, you only have one life, and you’ll always be remembered by your final effort. It sounds like he’s working his ass off, so he realizes that if you have one more chance, you gotta make it count.

    Let us not forget, “Moment” was crack and it didn’t make the cut. That’s a good sign! If he limits the features, C5 could be much better than C4.

    Plus, remember how he complained about the instrumentals that producers were giving him last time? Hopefully they responded.

  • YoungBlood

    If all goes well , C5 will be his greatest work according to him.

  • vegan

    lil wayne final carter. he is finished.
    25 million for an album, because he can not do it, not because he is worth that much.
    physically, he is old and been abusing drugs since teen years
    mentally, unless he finds another series to hop on or gets interested in things ohter than bitches and money.
    anyway at his age the rap game is stupid especially when it comes to rapping about bitches and money.

  • Guhodlee

    Talking about how hard he’s working and shit is getting me so fucking hype!

  • davido bugatti

    The truth is that I love wayne’s lyrics and i listen to them every single day, his album and featured are perfect. Cater4 was superb and I want Carter 5 to be more than classic

  • davido bugatti

    Tunechi is a genius when he comes to rap. They’re really interesting and makes me laugh but the thing is it makes a complete sense in every word. Wayne is good and I don’t want him to quit music right now because he’s my mentor my idol in music and he’s songs makes my day sometimes. I pray cater 5 will be great I wish him all the best. Love you wayne

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Y’all really love weezy f baby and don’t wanna see him retire and want him too do 3 more solo albums I think its best all fans should vote the whole nation worldwide for Cash Money records please 5 million fans pay $25/35 million just too see if weezy really means it no games Lol Best Rapper Alive scream play Dat song over and over time again $$$$ Lol

  • KingKT

    No Ceilings best lil wayne project

  • Hustler musik

    As a Wayne fan for awhile, this is sad. But to be honest, I think we all know Wayne’s best is behind him. It’s time to move on. He’s been in the game long enough and he made his mark. It’s nice to see him going back to his old style recently. I’m really digging his recent stuff. I’m expecting the Carter V to be big and he will go out on top. Let’s just celebrate the careers he’s had. #weezy

  • Real live

    C2,C3 best albums

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  • LuvTunechi

    I neva wanna see my Babi stop working solo, but he needs tu go with his heart… It will b tough for me, but he gotta du wats best for him… He has had an Amazing Unstoppable career. Alwayz been da rawest since he came on da scene at 11 in 93. ♡♡♡♡♡



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