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Birdman Reveals The Release Date For The First Single Off The Rich Gang Album Sequel

Sat, May 24, 2014 by

Birdman Reveals The Release Date For The First Single Off The Rich Gang Album Sequel

Less than a year after the first Rich Gang compilation was released, Birdman has already started work on the second Rich Gang album. Baby announced that the first single off the project will drop on Wednesday, May 28th.

There is no word just yet on which music artists will be on the song, but what we do know is that the record is called “Lifestyle” and it was produced London On The Track.

The producer also posted up an Instagram video of him previewing the beat, which you can watch below. He mentioned that “two of da biggest artist in da game” will be on the single, so that’s got to mean Lil Wayne is one the features, right?

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  • Time

    It will be the Lil Wayne and Young Thug collaboration

    London On The Beat works with Thug on every song nearly and Thug also posted this cover on his Instagram

    • True shit.

    • Yeah Yeah

      Sudden realization: It’s not only Carter 5 season but Young Money season

      Jae Millz droppin Potent Music 2
      Shannell droppin Nobody’s Bitch 2
      Lil Twist droppin Golden Child 2
      Flow droppin Withdrawalz
      Euro droppin Don’t Expect Nothin
      Nicki droppin Pink Print

      Oh yeah and Rich Gang 2 and Like Father, Like Son 2, damn the future’s looking good.

  • I know what next weeks weezy Wednesdays episode will be…..

    • Caleb

      Forreals man.

  • Najib

    We dont want a rich gang album , btw i thing its kendrick and lil lil wayne or lil eayne and drake

  • Bald

    Can’t wait, only 4 days away



  • arid

    If it didn’t mention londononthetrack as the producer…then I would have bet the single would have been Believe me

  • Rider

    What if its the full version of Tina Turn Up?

    • Skenny

      1.Song’s name is “Lifestyle”
      2.Tina Turn up got confimed being on C5

  • King Weezy F

    Wayne is the biggest artist in the game.

  • Bmac74207

    How come stunna can get projects done quick compared to Tez always pushing Waynes albums back and there being delays

  • master v

    Can plz sum1 give me de download link or youtube link 4 de preview beat.

  • waynedaGOAT

    dawgs its gona be lil twist and lil chuckie…obviously

    • Qiydaar

      Do better dawg. Why would they put chuckee on a song ? The same nigga that just left they label.


    Got damn! 2011 .. Kendrick use to hit this when they first met. SZA. TDE

    • fewcha


    • Tune Up

      Dat a man?

    • Hunter Arrington


    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      she thick but that face is horrendous


        You should know better not to judge off a few pics but she thicker now and wears her hair curly

        • Skenny

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          whatever :/
          go and rape her !!
          but you can’t cuz you probably a gay

      • Tune Up

        I can’t help but notice all this niggas likes on that pic are from people who I never seen on this site before. His no life ass signing into different accounts and liking his own shit. He’s from Worldstar, LOL.

        • Young Hitta


    • DGettn2DaMoNeY

      She not fuckin wit toya or lauren london.


        Toya .. They were 16 I think.. Got her pregnant.. Young rich rapper.. Lauren london was probably a one and done had too.many drinks and fucked around and got pregnant.. And don’t act like wayne wasn’t trying to wife that one chick just last year or so.. Then thirstin after skylar diggins

        • Tune Up

          You a clown bruh.

        • DGettn2DaMoNeY

          Whats ur point? this bitch is ugly and is not fuckin wit wayne old flame and u state useless shit

    • Young Hitta

      Wayne fucked way badder bitches than that, she look like a thot. Shit Toya look better than that and she way thicker. That ain’t nun to pull lol. Shit I’ve fucked badder


        Only because they gold diggers.. Some porn star on worldstar already busted wayne and,lil twist out 2 years ago said they got pencil dicks and that Fabulous was the best rapper she had


        And toya got pregnant by wayne at 16.. I think.. And that pick from 2011. Sza way thicker now

    • Young Hitta

      Bruh, leave this site, you have no life bro, nobody liked your shit you just have 62 different disqus accounts and liked it yourself smh get a life

  • RG

    Oh shit. RICH G/NG. HYPED AS FUCK.

  • .

  • fewcha

    finally a young thug and wayne song

  • Young Thug Is On The Track, He Posted ” CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHO ALL ON IT” .

    • Ernesto

      Actually that doesn’t mean he is gonna be on it. He’s just probably excited about it , an can’t wait to hear who is gonna be in it. You know ?

    • Weezy Da God

      Good shit

  • YaHerdMeh

    Sound like the too much beat to me..

  • Hunter Arrington

    fuck young thug

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      fuck you


    Don’t be surprised if Nicki start spittin even harder after tonight.. Her and Kendrick both in vegas tonight.. And like kendrick said in 2012 “He wanna eat her pink pussy like it’s friday” on black lip bastard remix. He go fuck on nicki just like did Rihanna a few years ago

    • Tune Up

      You wish you can fuck K dot huh?


        Foh bruh .. K dot can get what Drake can’t and Weezy only got it it because he the president. And I bet he got the name weezy from weezing out of breathe when birdman use to make him deep throat .. Weezy f faggot,alien lookin fucker

        • fbg_jonesy

          you talkin shit about wayne on a wayne fansite DUMBASS

        • Tune Up

          You mad bruh?

  • nfs444

    This is so ridiculous…. The first album was fucking awful and was a complete flop. It probably did worse than Rise Of An Empire! Why the fuck would he not just work on something relevant like another solo album or some shit?!?!?

    • nfs555

      I remember reading somewhere that Rich Gang was a scrapped version of Bigga Than Life. He just changed the name to avoid embarrassment. @Danny M

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        if that was true then every song would of featured birdman

        • youngtune410

          Idk bout the embarrassment part but if u think bout it why would he be on so many of the songs verses ppl who actually rap if u remember since rg dropped birdman never mentioned his album since and it literally has a song called biggavthen life on it lol

        • nfs666

          It’s gotta song on it called Bigga Than Life which was probably the title song for the original “Bigga Than Life” album.

  • Young Hitta

    Bruh I have a feeling Tina Turn Up Need A Tune Up is gonna be on this album.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      nah the producer confirmed it will be on c5

      • Young Hitta

        Forreal bruh?!?!?

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    2 of the biggest artists in rap? yep weezy and gudda on this for sure

  • Young Hitta

    Wayne should sign Rich Home Quan to YMCMB. He is influenced a lot by Wayne and he would fit the format. They should replace young thug wit Rich Home Quan.

    • Qiydaar

      That wouldn’t be a good look. RHQ is relevant now. It seems like his buzz is actually running down .

      • Young Hitta

        Are you serious bruh?!?!?, That song walk Thru is all over right now.

  • Amazu Ukoh

    this song gonna be the Eww remix …. Wayne & Drake two of the biggest artist in the game gonna be on it

  • Melo Cash

    It’s gonna b young thug Wayne and drake Ewww.

  • wasTheDeal

    WHY I AM SO SUCCESFUL love kdot all he talks about is that nikka he comes to a wayne site to hate and talk shit I like kdot dont get me wrong great rapper but he will never be or have a resume like wayne shit the nikka is having a hard time with drake

    • Linoh Locc

      Forreal annoying as mothafucker ! Fck kdot !!!!! WEEZY F BABY !!!! No homo

    • Ye’

      I think all the kendrick profiles are the same person

      • Skenny

        I thought the same..

      • Tune Up

        Bruh, it is..

      • wasTheDeal

        It is bro I been figure that out that is hating to the xtreme by doing that bs


      Aint heard from drake since kendrick did the bet cypher.. Drake switched to jay z.. And kendrick album would have been out but he is,waiting on Ab-soul and Jay Rock album to drop. Drake’s,album was only dope bc of the beats.. His,lyrics was weak asf and I could care less about what he rapped about. None of them niggas have kendrick’s fire, flow, skill, storytelling ability, versatility.. And I know for a fact you haven’t heard all of dot’s,songs

      • wasTheDeal

        Drake stay putting out hits constant since he signed with wayne he hasent fallen off and does not look like he is anytime soon were is kendrick at? No singles out his buzz his weak right now while drake is killing shit “if a nikka said my name he the hot shit if I say a nikka name he still the hot shit” kendrick will be forgotten in 2 years th3 most like most rappers “I hear you talking about ur city like u run there th en I braught my tour to ur city u my son now” holla at me wen kendrick has 4 platinum and successful albums lik3 drake bro with that said dont compare him to wayne who has 15 years in the game with all number 1 albums

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          Kendrick waiting for ab-soul and Jay rock to drop their albums next.. Kendrick in september. Then it’s over nuff said.. Waynec lived a,fucking studio life with rich ass bi sexual birdman his whole childhood.. . Was just up in that booth on lean, e pillz,weed.. Just making up shit in the booth. lil wayne didn’t start getting hot until his 2nd studio album.. Eminem himself sold so damn low his 1st album.. But now look at his status.. Drake and nicki had Wayne’s,popularity to break through and been mainstream since 09.. Kendrick.. Oct. 2012.. 1 album.. Still relevant of gkmc, section 80, overly dedicated, and songs like jig is up, jealous, two presidents, cartoons and cereal , nosetalgia.. And his album is quietly coning in september that’s going to fuckin change everything.

  • justicefortrayvon

    young thug go hard doe

  • KING

    hyped for C5 & this shit appears???
    What ’bout C5 now?
    Birdman gotta chill

  • Malik

    I would think and hope it’s Lil Wayne and Drake. But Lil Wayne and young thug would be nice.

  • corbin wells

    maybe wayne and drake. or birdman or Minaj or thugger.

  • Ken Lopez

    I need some young money dick

  • martianspacedout

    Rich Gang 2 Album hopefully Birdman 5StarStunna raps harder and spit fire like his son Weezy f baby its only right gotta rap hard off top if da dome like Carter 2 Album Like father like son Album too this time birdman should get features with Lloyd Trey songz and Bobby Valentino $$$$$


    Tyga – K Dot


    When somebody says Kendrick will never be better than Weezy F Faggot.. I just be like

    • Eddie

      Get a life please… Ure sounding stupid!!
      Ure even insulting real kendrick fans with ur dick riding…




    Teenage Drizzy vs Teenage K Dot..

    Who got more pussy those days?

    • Skenny

      Don’t you get it you son of a wide opened bitch ??


        Your point.. Bootleg wanna,be Justin Beiber


      somebody fuck dis nigga

    • dwayne carter

      this a wayne site not no k dot site u all on k dot dick he not on wayne level so just stop wayne been doing this since 8 man k dot just coming in last year

    • tunexx

      Past don’t matter. It’s all about the present. Drake could get any woman he want. Idk even know why in arguing with you bout this right now.. but got damn you jus been hella annoying on here. This site is about weezy GTFO

    • Qiydaar

      Drake got more pussy. Did you forget the nigga was on tv ? Yeah been in this shit before Kendrick thought about rapping .

  • Shaquan James

    Check this out saw it on vladtv

    2.King Carter
    3.Moment / Dead Or Alive
    4.Venom Feat Kendrick Lamar
    5.Demolition III Feat Gudda Gudda
    6.Believe Me Feat Drake
    8.Criminal Mind Feat Lil Boosie
    9.3 The Hard Way Feat Juelz Santana
    10.Dear Cita
    11.Do Tha Right Thing Feat Sade
    12.Freak Show Feat Mannie Fresh
    15.Live Feat Adele
    16.Good To You Feat Erykah Badu
    17.Untold Story

  • LiL BuZZ

    Shit ‘beat’

  • fun

    ill have these bitches having babies every week beleve me

  • ibfndwarfs

    Look kendrick can rap no one tryn to deny that.. This is a lil wayne fan site tho come on bruh two diffrent typa rappers lil wayne is an OG kendrick can only hope to acheive that status one day. simple as that… we could name 50 wayne tracks that are classics whats kendrick got rigamortis??? lol we waitin on some new info on tha carter 5 an gotta c this stupid shit about kdot wtf bruhhhhh….


      Jig is,up, heart part 1, 2, 3, jealous, two presidents, cartoons and cereal adhd a big song, blessed, kendrick lamar araabmusik, look out for detox, fuck a hook, monster freestyle, his,overly dedicated mixtape, winner circle verse, B Boyz verse, nosetalgia verse, sex with society.. Lil wayne is nowhere near skilled and passionate and real aa kendrick ..

      He not an OG.. That was the lean, pills, weed, all these years.. He off that.. He went from.a wanna be blood bc he never lived tjat life, to a wanna be rock star, and skater.. . You like fucking lil wayne.. Probably the fakest rapper after rick ross

      • Slateer

        Are you stupid? Maybe the passion part is true but he is having fun.
        And yes those are good songs, but Wayne has wayyyyyyy more amazing songs than that.
        And you know you are reaching when you compare someone constantly who is in their peak with someone who is 6 years out of theirs

  • Haroon

    the most disappointing album of YMCMB

  • LuvTunechi


  • King Fresh

    The single was released today. It actually features Rich Homie and Young Thug. Bad news?