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Young Money Win At 2014 BET Awards, Lil Wayne Performs “Krazy”, “Believe Me” & “Loyal”

Mon, Jun 30, 2014 by

Young Money Win Best Group & 2014 BET Awards, Lil Wayne Performs Krazy, Believe Me & Loyal

The 2014 BET Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California last night. Lil Wayne attended the awards show with his Young Money artists and also performed at the event.

Weezy F Baby performed his “Krazy” single live for the very first time before going into “Believe Me“, which was supposed to be with Drake, but for some unknown reason he was a no-show. Wayne also joined Chris Brown and Tyga to perform the smash record “Loyal“.

Young Money picked up the award for “Best Group” at the BET Awards and you can watch most of the label walk up on stage to collect the award and give a speech, as well as the live performances, in videos after the jump below!

Nicki Minaj and Drizzy were also winners for solo awards on the evening. During Nicki‘s speech, she brought Tunechi up on stage with her and thanked him. Click here to watch that clip!

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  • thchase

    Ym stay winnin

  • Tune Up

    YM’s year!

  • Please

    Wayne you have to fire your stylist

    • Trey

      AND TEZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • fewcha

    BET suck
    they don’t censure when he actually says ‘fuck’
    but they do when he says things like ‘bar of soap’

  • Leggooo

    That c5 shout out at the end tho!!

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i bet we get a release date in july

  • King Weezy Carter

    Reginae was ratchet at the awards

    • Pedophile.

    • purp and lean

      man stfu she’s a fucking teenage girl. plus she was caught off gaurd and nervous af …she was just playing around. you act like she was at obamas’ house giving a damn speech

  • King Weezy Carter

    That moment when Wayne destroyed da mic

  • That performance sucked and you all know it. Wayne’s voice is wack now.

    • blahhh

      It was one of the better performances great band the only problem was the censoring

    • Look At You … Shoving Opinions Down Our Throat, You The Man.

      • Byrd

        Look at you… Now look at us…

    • lordran

      Man Forreal tho. I miss Wayne’s old raspy sizzurp voice. He sounds like a str8 up crack head these days mehhhh. That performance was horrible and TRUKFIT needs to be burned smh. I’m tired of Wayne allways in these wack ass clothes smfh.

      • Magic

        He doesn’t have that voice cuz he don’t sip sizzurp no more. The sizzurp is what was making his voice sound like that. Ever since 2010 his voice ain’t been sounding like that cuz he stopped sippin.

        • Salder

          No, what had making his voice sound like this is cocaine, and smoke doesn’t help. That’s also cocaine which make him fell off, look his eyes now they’re so empty, that’s really sad.

          • Frizzy with a Lil Wayne today

            Wayne don’t smoke no damn crack wtf is wrong wit U?????? I do agree when u said his eyes are empty these days tho. It’s like he’s lost and doesn’t know where to go in life smh. Rykers really fucked this nigga up meh.

            • Salder

              I don’t say he smoke crack, but he sniff cocaine that’s sure. I know cocaine, it can change your voice if you take that often (and i’m sure wayne can had all the drug he want) so…it’s explains a lot. Yeah, for real, i was thinking rykers gonna make him change, in the right way… but it is the opposite.

            • The735Truth .

              Just incase he was ever on that white girl.I just wanna say novacane is my shit.

        • LuvCoolJ

          Wayne just stopped sippin syrup last year after those seizures, what u talking about 2010? Idk why y’all think Wayne stopped smokin weed and sippin. He didn’t. And that has nothing to do with how he acts or how his voice sounds. He sounds like that cuz he chooses to. He just fugazy as shit now, that damn skateboarding n shit turned him wild like the white boys. That shit corny

    • purp and lean

      i RWALLY REALLY hope you’re NOT a dude cause u ALWAYS b saying some suspect ass shit on this site about Wayne. ….. kinda like this. comment im replying to .

  • Kai Balduin

    Great Performance ! Weezy f Baby !


    BET is racist!! Are this award show only for black people?? Cause I see artist like, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Ariana Grande being nominated.. Like really I see August Alsina winning best new artist?? Ariana Grande are in the billboard top 10 and he wins the award for best new artist I can’t even name 1 of his songs and also iggy on top she got the biggest hits nicki not even on billboard but she win best female.. BET are not fair

    • D M C

      If iggy nd nicki were nominated for any award 2geda( bet, mtv, grammy etc) nicki will always come out on top at d moment. ..her hits dnt matter, so long as its fans dat vote…. bt I dnt understand y august alsina wud win tho

    • triggacity_813

      Cause in hip hops its not about sales but their actual ability

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      BET = Black Entertainment
      its a tv station for black people lol

    • Truth

      Are you aware that BET is for black people…if you want a white award show then watch all the other ones

    • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

      People voted for the awards, bruh. There aren’t any judges or shit. BET has mostly black viewers. Can you really picture some ratchet kid from Tennessee voting for ARIANA GRANDE over AUGUST ALSINA, because I sure as hell can’t!

  • TRIPPY_94

    Honestly when Young Money was on stage it brought back so much memories from the we are young money days.


    Diz hoes aint loyal

  • Flest

    One of his best performances in a while, and when they went up to take the award… It was all good, except Reginae’s whatever-she-did.

    • & What Was Wrong With What She Did ?

      • King Weezy Carter

        she was ratchet

        • Ddatwee

          She’s a teen and nervous also mayb she dosen’t even knw when she did it.

    • Shaquan James

      The performance was horrendous stop it

  • Shaquan James

    Wayne is trash man I lost all hope in this clown b

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      u krazy

      • Shaquan James

        U korny

    • purp and lean

      yo mama lost all hope in you soon as she saw yo ugly ass at birth…. so she gave you a bitch name just to match your bitch nigga ways lil hoe

    • KBW AK 47

      and yet you still on lilwaynehq smh

    • LuvCoolJ

      Word up lmfao

  • Ddatwee

    Wayne is d man. #bleedat

  • TuneLion

    Not Waynes best performance live but still great to watch
    Hope next year Wayne picking up a few awards for himself not just with the team, well done Young Money though

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    expected a better performance
    krazy was ruined with the censoring
    believe me was ruined cause of no drake

    • ibfndwarfs

      Agree didnt like the live band either an where tf was drake he won an award an was posed to perform ??

  • sdf

    what you think 2 8 on weezy shorts, 2nd of august

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      fuckin idiot
      it said ’82’
      thats the year weezy was born

  • kingT

    wayne’s performance was somewhat boring…band took the show

  • TRIPPY_94

    NEVER QUESTION GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jc_love

      man he got every award but a Heisman

    • shhh_theylistening

      Lil Wayne sucks I was going to give him a chance by listening to krazy but that shit was horrible it sounded like a new artist coming out with a trashy song I swear this shit is garbage the beat the chorus the voice..Verse lyrics are a right but he’s tryin but I’m just being real this is not a good song…#real #honest on the other hand believe me is a good song…

    • rob da god

      I cant wait til he pass the torch to Flow or Young Kobra

  • aka remix baby

    big shoutout to chris rock


    [Original] Gudda Gudda, if the BET awards are only for black people why in the hell do they nominate white people? I don’t get it! And I’m black.. They actually nominate white people who deserve to win

  • Nemisa

    Young money, we da hardest team, forever winning bitch, we on our charlie sheen!

  • Anti

    his performance wasn’t on shit he should’ve did the regular beats

  • keepin it real

    Fake ass fans always complainin “Wayne’s performance was weak” STFU and those of you who are saying Wayne lost it over a performance stupid in the head that has nothing to do with his music being good I know y’all gonna let that man perform how he wants to before your lucky he was there at all

  • SwaGG

    Sorry y’all… But this performance was wack AF…. Wayne voice sounds like he constipated or some shit… Smh he chose the wrong song also cuz that song got too many bleeps he should have done dusse or do like he used too and surprised us with a new song like that time he did gossip… And he should have left believe me alone cuz everybody wanted drake lol it was kinda embarrassing… I was even praying drake came out and saved the show… But either way I salute wayne for at least trying and actually doing a performance… But his delivery, appearance and performance just ain’t there no more…

    • triggacity_813

      I feels you it didn’t leave a message or nothing but next year its his hopefully

      • SwaGG

        I hope bro

        • Dibadi

          Wayne wants out… He’s tired of this shit

          • SwaGG

            Unfortunately… But if that’s the case just leave cuz why do sum thing u don’t love anymore and just do something to do it… It’s honestly fucking up his legacy

  • AK

    iam a big lil wayne fan but man that nigga fell off hard dawg if u compare his bet performens in 2008 and now 2014 its a big different and fuck tez for picking up that krazy song, fire that giraffe nigga weezy

  • ffgghhj

    “young mula baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *smashes mic* Fuck yeah, heavy metal

  • Eshall Flawless

    Young Money Winning!!!

  • shhh_theylistening

    Lil Wayne sucks now I was going to give him a chance by listening to krazy but that shit was horrible it sounded like a new artist coming out with a trashy song I swear this shit is garbage the beat the chorus the voice..Verse lyrics are a right but he’s tryin but I’m just being real this is not a good song…#real #honest on the other hand believe me is a good song…

    • Nathan Bryant

      I wouldn’t call Krazy horrible, but it’s not his best lyrically. Personally I like the beat. So many people want that bass heavy type or something with bass in it. I think Krazy is a unique beat. I do think Wayne’s mind is definitely somewhere else. The only thing I actually liked of him since he came out of jail was his feature on Buy The World and the most recent feature he was on Think I’m Lyin or something like that.

      People have a really unrealistic standard for any celeb, but you can definitely see that something Wayne had before is no longer there. His rap content, lyrically, attitude, you name it. He was never the most positive rapper subject matter wise, but he would give you witty lyrics, fun word play, and some solid bars all in a logical order. Sometimes it would sound like a freestyle because he would be raw on the beat. C1 and C2 songs were carefully planned out. The songs made sense from beginning to end with tough southern beats. It was a story. Quickly changed when the C3 came out, which was still a solid album in my opinion, but it didn’t have that same story or scheme. It was mainstream like. After C3 he was still running the rap game just off features alone and mixtapes. I’m not sure what happened, but something happened.

      So many people still think he drops dope lyrics and what not. Smh you haven’t heard his old stuff or other real lyrical artist that drops bars over heads. Real rap kind of stuff. Substance, content, story telling, etc. Tell me what song has he came out with that tells some type of story or makes sense from line to line from beginning to end recently? Nothing. Sometime it just sounds like words that rhyme. Go listen to C2 and C1 and listen to C3 and C4 and tell me there is a difference.

      I don’t mind change, but this isn’t a good change. C5 will resurrect his career or end it in my opinion. I hope he stops all that fan basing rap and popularity crap. If you rap real well, then you should be good on that alone. Funny, because he even said that on a mixtape a long time ago.

  • shhh_theylistening

    Hey wayniacs Lil Wayne sucks I was going to give him a chance by listening to krazy but that shit was horrible it sounded like a new artist coming out with a trashy song I swear this shit is garbage the beat the chorus the voice..Verse lyrics are a right but he’s tryin but I’m just being real this is not a good song…#real #honest on the other hand believe me is a
    good song… now analyze this pic

  • Miz Boss Grind

    Tunechi I’m on his dick ” naw but fr I love lil wayne.

  • xgoblin

    I gotta be honest man, Watching Wayne at the BET awards this year was embarassing…that performance was god awful and that outfit made him look like a fukn joke, shit like this is the reason no one takes him serious anymore..and what happened to humble Wayne why was he actn so crazy and shit slammin the mic and havn his headphones in his ear smh..c’mon Wayne

    • Salder

      Agree with you that performance was sad to see, wayne’s high as fuck and it’s hard to see how much drugs kill himself, first he was “funny”, now he is just trash when he performs so high.

    • LuvCoolJ

      Agree smh

    • Jbadd504

      I just think he chose the wrong song to perform..he could have even chosen a mixtape song BEFORE Krazy. .but its the yes men around him that tell him all the wrong shit to do…us hardcore wayne fans know what songs will go hard more than tez or mack Maine do

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  • Skenny

    I missed the live stream
    And I can’t watch it now

  • ibfndwarfs

    Y are all yall muh fuckers on a lil wayne fan site if all u gonna do is hate.. i will admit i didnt like the live band but krazy an believe me goes hard af period…

  • ibfndwarfs

    I didnt like how drake was a no show either but fuck if lil wayne is spittin im listening.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Besides the cursing being bleeped out, there was nothing wrong with the performance really. I do wish he went with something unheard of like Gossip and showed the viewers I’m here and never left.

    If you’re hating what he wears, then that is a personal issue with yourself. Does that really mess your day up? His clothes on his back really mess your day up like that?

    I do think him throwing the mic down was childish. Maybe he did it out of frustration and not being in the lime light like before, criticism, not nominated earlier in the year, or whatever. He obviously wasn’t nominated for anything this year because his timing was late. You can’t just come out with a song a month or so before the awards and expect to be nominated. No type of award show works like that. So if you’re a fan and hating because he wasn’t, then you don’t understand how they nominate people. It’s actually a time frame to this.

    His daughter is young and probably didn’t know what to say. Who cares.

    And group wise, they are the only group actually so that award was a given. Not trying to take credit from YM, but who else in the rap game is an actual group? The others are just label names. Not groups.

  • Best

    This is for the haters: Young Money is still winning hahahaha 😀 😛

  • CJ

    Say what you want but every other minute during the show the camera was being turned toward him. Especially when the camera was looking at stars in the crowd.

  • FuckThisShit

    Can’t even view the video’s damm this shit sucks, fuck you lilwaynehq

  • Khosta

    I literally cried when I saw wayne perform and winning the YM award

  • kingT

    when last did wayne even win a solo award??????

  • Best

    I’m proud of you guys. YMCMB Forever!!

  • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

    YOUNG MULA BABA–*throws down microphone*

  • Fuxk the world


  • L!lWeezy

    hey guys pls tell me whos the women @ 2.40 min (Believe me)

  • savage813

    jheine ankio or how ever u spell her name..prolly my fav performance

  • savage813

    Wayne Always Do His Thang

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  • L!lWeezy

    na bro thats not jhene aiko..

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  • LuvTunechi

    Damn Rite! They alwayz deserved tu win; PERIOD!!!

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