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Birdman Speaks On “Tha Carter V” Getting Pushed Back, Confirms “Like Father, Like Son 2” Is Still Dropping

Tue, Oct 28, 2014 by

Birdman Speaks On Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Getting Pushed Back, Confirms Like Father Like Son 2 Is Still Dropping

Birdman chopped it up with XXL last night during a private listening session in New York for the upcoming Rich Gang 2 album, due to be released on November 24th.

In this interview, the #1 Stunna discussed Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album being pushed back, Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint album also being pushed back, how Young Thug reminds him of Wayne, and more.

Also during the conversation, Baby listed the upcoming projects that he hopes to drop in 2015, as well as confirmed that his collaboration album with Weezy called Like Father, Like Son 2 will still be released.

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On Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj being so successful:
“Wayne, Drake, Nicki and them, they are on cruise control. There’s pretty much nothing I can say to them. Wayne is one of the most talented artists in the world. What can I say to him? Drake is one of the most talented artists in the world. What can I say to him? Except just put my input. And Nicki the same way. They one of the most talented artists in the world. I’m not just talking about hip-hop—in the world.”

On Young Thug:
“When I listen to his music, he’s very cocky and confident. When I listen to him, I said: ‘Boy, you are so real. You too real.’ Only nigga I heard that before is Lil Wayne. And that’s confidence and cocky. Be cocky and have confidence. Very cocky and confidence.”

On “Tha Carter V” and “The Pinkprint” being pushed back:
“Wayne, man. He’s so much an artist like that. He change his mind a lot. He feel like he want to do more. Really, they be on they call. It ain’t on me. So whatever Wayne want to do, Nicki want to do. I leave that up to them. I don’t decide on dates and everything. I don’t do none of that.”

On if “Like Father, Like Son 2” will ever be released:
“Oh, that’s guaranteed. Like Father, Like Son 2, that’s guaranteed. That’s guaranteed.”

On upcoming projects in 2015:
“I think 2015 will be a big year for us. My goal for 2015 is, I want to drop a Thug and Quan album. Maybe my solo album. My last album. A Drake album. I would like to see a Juve album. And I would like to see Wayne, Drake, Nicki, Quan and Thug do a project together. That’s one of my goals of my career. If I get to do that album, I think that would be the most amazing shit. One of my goals is to build Thug and Quan after their solo albums come out next year. Summertime, Wayne, Drake, Nicki, Thug, Quan. Then, let them go do their thing. I think that would be huge.”

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