Juvenile Discusses Whether Young Thug’s “Carter Six” Is Karma For Lil Wayne’s “500 Degreez”

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Juvenile Discusses Whether Young Thug Carter Six Is Karma For Lil Wayne 500 Degreez

While at Tom Joyner’s 2015 Fantastic Voyage cruise just over a week ago, Global Grind chatted with Juvenile for an interview that you can read below.

During their conversation, Juvie confirmed that we can be looking forward to some new music from himself, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh to come in the future!

Juvenile also spoke on if he thinks Young Thug wanting to name his project “Tha Carter VI” is karma coming back to Weezy after he named his 2002 album “500 Degreez“, which was of course inspired by Juvie‘s “400 Degreez” album title.

Manny mentioned that you, Wayne, and him have been running a little more. Can we expect more music from the three of you?
We been running, we haven’t yet hit the studio, but we’ve done 12 shows together so far. We just never got the chance to hit the studio. We got the music lined up, so it’s definite. We don’t want to make a promise to people that won’t happen, but I can guarantee you it’s going to be some Wayne, Manny Fresh, and Juvie music coming.

Did you talk to Wayne about the Young Thug thing?
I don’t get involved with that. I have no opinion on none of that.

I feel like it’s kind of karma for him doing the 500 Degreez album.
People say that, but I don’t fall in it, I’m too old for all of that. I don’t like negativity or anything negative coming to Juve. That’s why I end my show with “do something positive with your life.” That’s how I feel right now. I don’t want to do things like that anymore. I’m not with that, beefing or battling with each other, because at the end of the day, we’re all black and trying to get money and them niggas need to cut the bullshit.

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