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Mannie Fresh Talks Lil Wayne Not Having A Childhood, His Work Ethic, “Black Lives Matter” Comments, “Tha Carter V” & More

Tue, Dec 13, 2016 by

Mannie Fresh Talks Lil Wayne Not Having A Childhood, His Work Ethic, Black Lives Matter Comments, Tha Carter 5 & More

We have previously heard the three snippets of upcoming Lil Wayne songs that Mannie Fresh played at the end of his conversation with Thedo and MAQ for their “DaTakeOver” podcast, and now we can listen to the full 1 hour-and-a-half interview.

Throughout the podcast, Mannie told a few Cash Money stories from the early days, shared his thoughts on Wayne‘s Black Lives Matter movement comments, Weezy not having a childhood, Turk complaining all of the time, and plenty more.

Fresh also confirmed that he has work on Tunechi‘s forthcoming Tha Carter V album and spoke on Tune‘s “crazy work ethic” by saying he has always been the first one in the studio and the last one to leave!

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  • fewcha

    let me go get the popcorn

  • P0W£R

    Mannie has been bringing a lot of attention to C5 lately, we have to be getting it in 2017 and I think he knows we are😬

    • Patrick H

      I hope man.

  • It’s_Joshh

    iAin’t Speaking To Em’
    iCall My Guns Jumpers
    Cause My Bullets Just Leaping To Em’. 🔥💯

    • Davidson Lumas

      All you boys bustas so soft bet the wind blow em I claim flame I am just rekindlin my intuition is get paid but this glock will knock ya back in fifth grade

      • It’s_Joshh

        I School You Niggahs But None Of You Get A’s. Gotta Bxtch That Won’t Stop To Everyone Of Us Get Laid.

        • Maurice

          All you niggas is son of a bitch made/And if ya girlfriend utta I cut her like switch blades/

          • Malik

            We ride like roller blades
            now gone gimme head until it fall off of ya shoulder babe

            • Young Moneys finest

              i smoke an o a day, thats why im so away. mentally mind blown, now go and blow away.

              • Tuned #BWA #POP

                Y’all niggas is super fake I put you niggas on mute then I mutilate

            • Ak

              I smoke her all day that’s why I’m so away mentally mind blown I’m gone now blow away y’all niggas just super fake I put you bitches on mute then I mutilate I MAC like the computer say my hoes cooper-rate i mean cooperate I don’t know how to say oh but i got to say I 4 5 the way to anyone alive to say I 4 5 the way then I drive away

              • Malik

                I smoke a O a day*

                Paper chasing money running like (IDK how to spell it)
                Better find a way better not be in our way
                I take u father than Zimbabwe

  • Slime Revived

    Kidd Kidd a hoe

    • Patrick H

      Yep he just looking for attention.

    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

      Fuck em

    • realone504

      No not at all

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      He still in his feelings bout Mrs Officer verse



    • You Know I aint Scared


  • Patrick H

    Hardest working person in entertainment is Wayne for sure.

  • Davidson Lumas

    Still got that crack slept on man. Brodie slid

  • Time

    Drop the full of that Start This Shit Off Right

  • Time

    Even my biatch got a mink coat

  • Hope C5 drops next year rs I know that shit gonna be a classic cuz we been waiting for like 2 years now for it

    • Jordan Love

      I went to prison for 3 years and it still hasn’t droped

  • A.T

    “Yeah my life a bitch, and you nothin bout her”…

    • Malik

      Been thru hell n back..
      I can show u vouchers?

  • Malik

    Downloading rn.

    & If this fat fuck telling me sumn I already kno imma be tight 😑

    • You Know I aint Scared

      What you downloading fam

      • Malik

        Niggas came straight to the comment section ain’t read shit

        • shutdifookup


      • Mystic Weezy#Comebacktime

        the podcast :/

  • Kentunechi

    Them Mannie beat was life on the podcast

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

    Lmao what was Turk complaining about? Everybody getting the spotlight but him

  • You Know I aint Scared

    Get lit

  • #1Stunna

    Lmao you guys see Rita ora say she kept Lil Wayne’s used water bottle for years.

    • soulja got that sack

      Where did she say this? link?

      • #1Stunna

        YouTube that ish

        • soulja got that sack

          the sway interview?

    • Khosta


  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾

    Man that hoody baby song with Wayne he previewed on his instagram sound like that old autotune shit🔥no high pitch

  • Aight I am now back from where I came from

  • Weezy F

    Mally mal was just playing a new wayne song on the instagram live thing

  • god

    Can yall help me out? Im listenin to this new ab soul song called YMF. This hook reminds me of either this old ass song or maybe a new song with an old ass vibe. But I cant recall what song it is, its a singing type song. The part when Ab says ‘its only cuz I care about you’ reminds me the most..

  • Weezy F

    New song coming

    • kizzdoggi

      How do you know

      • Weezy F

        On that instagram live thing mally mal was playing im guessin nee music and he played a wayne somg sounded fire tbh

  • Young Boruto ♏

    American’s hate that I’m a American medicine I treat it like peppermints

  • Best

    Hope we get C5 early next year

    • Wayne976

      So many hopes

  • Balt

    What did mannie say about da blm shit

  • Tunefan1234

    Hoody played a Wayne snippet

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