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Cortez Bryant Speaks On Handling Business Deals For Lil Wayne & A Possible Return For TRUKFIT

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Cortez Bryant Speaks On Handling Business Deals For Lil Wayne & A Possible Return For TRUKFIT

Cortez Bryant recently chopped it up with VIBE for an interview, which you can read in full below.

During their conversation, Tez discusses handling numerous amount of Lil Wayne‘s partnerships, the new Young Money collection with American Eagle, why they chose the brand for their new clothing line, and more.

Tunechi‘s best friend also revealed what the easiest and most difficult things are about getting deals done for him, what the difference between this new fashion line and their previous one TRUKFIT is, and mentioned TRUKFIT will eventually make a come back!

You’ve handled a lot of partnerships for Wayne in the past. What makes this new collaboration special?
Cortez Bryant: We always look for things to expand the brand of Young Money outside of just music. Clothes are a level of expression. This year we just wanted to find something that resonated and was more affordable for all the fans across the world because it is an international campaign. American Eagle has integrity, good quality clothes, and the partnership made sense.

What’s the most difficult thing about locking in a business deal for Wayne and how did American Eagle achieve that with you guys?
The money has to be right for one [laughs]. Some people are archaic and don’t understand the power of hip-hop. It was definitely like that early on but 15 years later, you know numbers-wise, hip-hop is the biggest genre in the world. Some brands get it when it comes to locking in these types of partnerships and some of them are still archaic in thinking and still haven’t understood that hip-hop music is pop music right now and it is pop culture.

Some don’t get it, and then some who try do get into it and do get it but they undervalue what the partnership is so that’s why I said the money might not be right. But luckily with American Eagle, they got it off the rip. They came proper, you know, how we structured the deal was dope. We have full creative autonomy on the line which is super dope and they’ve been great partners.

What’s the easiest thing about locking in a deal for Lil Wayne?
Wayne is a workaholic and I think every partnership that we’ve had, you know, they don’t know what to expect because Wayne is such an enigma.
He’s not the extrovert, there’s not a lot of stuff out there on him besides what people make up. They expect Wayne to just be the voice and the face. Once they meet him and they see him in all these meetings, they see he believes in the brand and believes in the product and will be working for it. You don’t know how much easier that makes everything. It all works out and everyone is happy.

What made American Eagle the right place for Lil Wayne to come and do this collab?
I’ve always seen American Eagle growing up and at the mall. In my opinion, as far as where we’re from, it represented a certain demographic. I kind of looked at their strategy and what their brand is about, you know I did my research. We just don’t hit these partnerships because the bag is right. I had to do my research on what their brand stands for and where they were trying to go. All their ideas aligned with what we were trying to do with our brand. So we came together and it was a natural fit.

This isn’t the first time Wayne has dipped his hands into the fashion game. What are the biggest differences between this collab and Wayne’s TRUKFIT line?
I think TRUKFIT kind of dissolved out. I also think the business of streetwear brands died down once the internet took over and people started shopping online. TRUKFIT was like a Sean John, like a Rocawear, that was our version of streetwear. We added in Macy’s and all that. But a weird trend happened were a lot of the kids started getting into the merch game and online sales and that’s why we kind of put TRUKFIT on the back burner.

Wayne was already a staple based off what we did with music. Merch was getting more popular so we were just like let’s go all-in on Young Money merch because that’s what all the kids are drawn to. They go to these merchandise lines and that was the whole idea of putting TRUKFIT on the back burner right now and really focus on building an apparel line based off Young Money the brand.

Do you see streetwear making a strong come back?
Yeah, I think so. Time is flipping and revealing itself. I see Iceberg and FUBU making a comeback. I see a lot of these older brands that are trying to get back into the marketplace with a lot of the brands that we were wearing in high school and the early 2000s. Fashion revolves like a damn hamster wheel so I feel like everything is coming back.

We’ll see where it goes whether it’ll be a niche or capsules here and there or whether the whole lines can live how they used to live. We’ll see where they are going and where they’re going to live because I don’t know where they’re going to live or whether it’s going to be a collaboration with Supreme or something you know? Fashion is going forward and reversing back to the madness with those brands. I see a lot of those brands coming back. I think there will be more TRUKFIT at one point down the line. Eventually, we’ll come back.

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