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Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Feat Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Q-Tip) [Music Video]

Mon, Nov 25, 2013 by Danny M

Here is the official music video for Busta Rhymes‘ “Thank You” single featuring Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Q-Tip.

The visual, which was directed by Director X, includes cameos from Mack Maine, Mack Wilds, A$AP Ferg, and more. You will be able to find the song on Busta‘s upcoming album called Extinction Level Event 2, due to be released in 2014.

Click here to view some behind the scenes footage from the “Thank You” video shoot!

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  • stephanie

    nice n first n this bitch

  • maurice


  • stephanie

    ey ppl did u find out lil wayne lost in the AMAs hope he wins next time I really wanted him 2 win n voted every day but I guess I didn’t happen :(

    • fewcha

      he lost to macklemore which was obivous

  • JJ

    the longer I wait for a new song to drop the more I see that Wayne is def one of the greats of all time from the sqad days to Carter 3 even some Carter 4

  • wayne4life

    waynes part is way to short..

  • joe

    featuring wayne just cuz hes the boss



  • flystealth

    weeezy flystealth

  • flystealth

    weezy flystealth

  • CVON

    That song was so dumb I didn’t listen to the whole thing haha weezy and kanye should have parts.. Busta needs a bigger beat too like look at me now.. This ones too soft

  • Lani. #FreeFlow

    I’d like to thank God for the girl at 3:28.. Yes Laaaaaaaaaawd.

    • TittBoi

      Dat ass

      • tunechi f baby

        her name is Rosee Divine #thankmelater

  • Tune

    I know damn well Kanye and wayne wasn’t in the same place when this was shot.. you can tell lol

  • zeke

    The beat is pretty dope

  • Eshall Flawless

    I love this entire song!!! HURRAY FOR THE VID!!!

  • Tunchilee

    I wonder when this video was recorded because he’s still got his long dreads. Must have been a few months ago

  • ibrotunechi

    Danny you made a big mistake!!! Y use disqus? Some mobile phones don’t even support it

  • Best

    Welcome to the bank, where you deposit Young Money and.. and you get Cash Money. Tunechi is the Boss :)

  • Best

    Welcome to the bank, where you deposit Young Money and.. and you get Cash Money. Tunechi is the Boss :)

  • based god

    this shit dropped forever ago u lackin danny u douche

  • Thug Life

    Anybody who speaks thug knows that “car jacking tavo’s” means stealing a fools car. “Jacking a tavo” means robbing somebody, aka “pulling a lick=taking a fools shit”.

    Only whores and haters would think that “jacking” means jerking some one off in a car!!!