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Game Speaks On Missing Lil Wayne Video Shoot x More

Thu, Jun 3, 2010 by

“I flaked on the video,” Game said of the track, which features Lil Wayne and Birdman. “Bird was like, ‘Listen, daddy, you can come down here. Junior is gonna turn himself in next Wednesday. You can come down here. We can shoot the video before Junior go in. You just have that in the safe.’ I blew it. I didn’t make it down. Once he went to jail, I was like, ‘I can’t use this.’ I didn’t want to save it, so I gave it away. That was like, ‘Single!’ ”

So what was so important that he couldn’t make it to Miami for his own video? He was finishing up tracks with the most successful hip-hop producer in the world.

“I think I was in with Dr. Dre. I couldn’t move,” he thought back. “I think we was finishing up his records. When Dre is mixing, you don’t leave. You gotta stay posted. But I couldn’t move. So I gave it away. Fans appreciate it, though.” – MTV

What do you think about this ❓ Would you of liked to see a video for “Everything Red” ❓ Do you think Game was right to miss the video shoot to be in the studio with Dre ❓

In other news, Drake revealed a special version of his “Light Up” track with Jay-Z and Weezy to Rap-Up yesterday: “Drake reveals a special version of his Jay-Z-assisted track “Light Up” on which Lil Wayne spits a hard verse “live from Rikers” over a non-mixed, raw-sounding beat.” I can’t wait to hear this… if we ever will!

And in more news, Eminem spoke to Skyrock Radio in Paris over the weekend and mentioned Tunechi: “I’ve always respected what Wayne does, and Lil Wayne, to me, is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now”. I think we can all agree with what Shady said.

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  • Damn, i’d really loved a video for Everything Red!

  • Free Tunechi

    that video would of been hard! and live verse from rikers? cant wait to hear it!! 🙂

  • weezyf

    third 🙁

  • Wisheezy

    Yeah I agree with Em’ he’s definitely one of the greatest, however, Eminem is ‘THE’ greatest 😉

  • yeedee

    So im guessing that there wont be any track on the RED album with Wayne. i thought they made one track for the album and the mixtape. fuckin bummer

  • lovalle

    i really liked everything red, i wish they’d made a video for it. hopefully maybe after wayne gets out. that wouldnt have been a really good single anyway.

  • yeedee

    Games a bitch though. he gives Dre way too much respect. even ditched out on a sick video with Weezy before he goes to prison? fuck that shit auto tuned game

  • deshaun1

    i wuda wantd ta see a evrything red video

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  • Does anyone here know if is legit.

  • Is the song that’s supposed to be released soon the full “Role Model”?

  • @… why wouldnt it be full

  • No I mean is it gonna be Role Model or another song.

  • DWILS407

    light up has already been released just download fetti holmes 2 mixtape on, everything red was the shit tho too

  • DWILS407

    fuck nevermind they didnt include waynes verse thats some bullshit

  • DWILS407

    nevermind they didnt include waynes verse on it, thats some bullshit

  • Young-French-Weezy

    Yeah Skyrock is a famous radio station here in France, thanks Danny

  • olboy

    is there a specific release day for nino brown 3 or what?

  • damn i wanted that everything read video. it will be sick 🙂 free weezy 🙂

  • thatkidfromthedub

    workin with dre…cant knock that hustle…plus i wouldnt want to see any videos with birdman on it

  • yeedee fucked me over when i bought nino brown and never got my dvd or money back

  • @… nope, Role Model is an old Unreleased song from Wayne back in the days, Role Model is avaible at:

    but its too expensive and the site is down now due traffic 🙁

  • weezy.f.b.

    game is stupid man.. he can work with dre everyday, doin a video with the greatest rapper alive (not one of the greatest) before he goes to prison, damn thats priceless.. even though the song is hard

  • weezy.f.b.

    and I would love to hear a Light Up Version with wayne on it – one of the best songs on Thank Me Later

  • A-Bjerg

    i don’t really care about a video for Everything Red… But a nice comment by Em.

  • that video was gonna be sick, you know!!
    i think he should have go to make that video!

  • tee

    um why did he say listen daddy

  • Woocky

    I really like Everything Red. But I think The Game did the right ting, I mean, you can’t just leave Dre there you know? Too bad for Junior and Senior, that vid will come later 😉

  • humairrr

    Man… I just hope they shoot a video for it when he comes out, ’cause that song was fucking raw!

  • Tunechi Lionches

    It’s a N. O. thing…..

  • good article, I love scanning it. I hope one day I may have the same. have a nice day.

  • Game always stays controversial, seems to be the most popular business plan nowadays though.

  • frega bao

    Lil wayne spits a hard verse live from Rikers!!!what a surprise?cant wait to hear that track wazeiyah

  • Jonathan Wayne Welch