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Video: On Set Of DJ Khaled’s “Welcome To My Hood” x More

Sat, Jan 22, 2011 by

Here is some more behind the scenes footage from DJ Khaled‘s “Welcome To My Hood” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne, Plies, Rick Ross, and “ugly-ass” T-Pain. Weezy says he was scared of shooting his parts on the platform because he is scared of heights, and he is looking for some “snatch”. Shouts to MTV, and you can view some more behind the scenes footage from this video shoot here and here!

As a bonus, you can watch two other videos after the jump of DJ Khaled talking about Tunechi‘s verse on his single, and the making of this record.

DJ Khaled finalizing his “Welcome To My Hood” single:

DJ Khaled speaks on Lil Wayne’s verse for his single:

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  • Wayyyyyne


  • J-Mal


  • Wayyyyyne

    Bitches* whoa I’m sec to hahah

  • Chris

    This video is going to be hot. Can’t wait to see it.

    Also, Can you people who shout out “First” grow the fuck up. If your under 15 years old get the fuck out of here, no one cares when you posted, we can count. Relax. Go get some friends or something.

    Weezy your the best, been a die hard fan for 6 years now. Ever since you’ve been out of jail you’ve been dropping some hot fucking tracks! can’t wait for carter 4. Omg.


  • Wayyyyyne

    So we no 5 tracks that will most likely be on tha Carter iv

    6 foot 7 foot (feat. Cory gunz)
    Brain (feat. Kanye west)
    Afrika lambaataa <<or however u spell it
    Waynes world
    maybe she will (feat. Drake & Rick Ross)

    Correct me people if I'm wrong that's just what I've heard I'm not 100% sure though

  • ahhh

    whats snatch mean?


  • Brady Mason

    DJ Khaled is fucking annoying. And snatch is pussy.

  • check out international pop star Lara Veronin and myself

  • ricardo laguna

    weezy the best

  • jen

    SMDH… he is cute tho’.

  • wayne was first scared of the birds now he scared of heights lol but waynes hilarious though tpain with his ugly ass oh thats mack maine i thought you were tpain with your ugly ass too.

  • @ahh yeah snatch is like a old folks word for pussy.

  • Shaawn


  • Aleeks

    Danny i gotta question. I just had my birthday and since I’m full of money now, I want to buy me some Lil Wayne hoodie or tshirt. The problem is that I don’t know where I can get some and second I live in Germany. I’d appreciate your help!

  • steph


    Haha, T-pain is so funny

  • steph

    “snatch” is pussy ­čśë

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @steph wtf u talkin gbout T-Pain wasent even on this video post lmao!!!

  • Byrdboi


  • that nigga still goofy as ever

  • this is awomse

  • geezzy

    dx shit is crazy…cant wait for dx shit right here! am out

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    This shit is crazy, what all goes down to make a track like this. Damn can’t wait for the video to come out

  • sqeakyG

    dat shit was lame az fuck…the more thingz change the more they stay the same..

  • CW


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  • Wee-see

    Shit son, he done record the 6 foot 7 foot in a hour sonny boy!

  • bknyhustle

    @wayyyyyne i ‘m only sure of ye’s, drizzy and 6’7 but who kns may be the rest might pop up too.

    but hey im the least worried about tracklisting tho cuz i kn for onething wayne’s gon feed the streets some real crack shit, carter 4 will shit on em suckaz trust blood.

    “in this game nobody is my plateau” hahaa brat brat waynegems>>>>

  • bknyhustle

    “in this game nobody is in my plateau”


  • c_lozz

    nice pics!!!!!

  • Love!!!! I never thought that My Baby was scared of heights! being at the top of the game for so long I thought you would be used to the altitude!!!! The streets round here are snowed in but you got my address if you really want some snatch. Ask me out on a date. Tha Lady would only say Ho to you. LOVE!!!! 100!