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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs “How To Love” In Pittsburgh x Performs In Bristow, Virginia

Sun, Jul 24, 2011 by

In the video above, you can watch Lil Wayne perform “How To Love” last night (July 23rd) in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania at the First Niagara Pavilion for part of his “I Am Still Music” tour. Weezy will be performing in Darien, New York tonight at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.

After the jump, you can watch lots of videos of Tunechi performing live in Bristow, Virginia at the Jiffy Lube Live on July 16th. When you see Wayne say stuff like: “If your pussy stink, then be quiet!” and then do stuff like his “hustle dance”, this just shows he is one of the greatest entertainers ever!

Lil Wayne’s entrance to “No Love”, and then performs “I’m Goin’ In”, “Look At Me Now”, “Bill Gates” and “A Milli”

Lil Wayne performs “Motivation” with Shanell

Lil Wayne performs “John (If I Die Today)”, “Hustle Hard Remix” and “I’m On One”

Lil Wayne performs “Go DJ”

Lil Wayne performs “Money To Blow” with Birdman, and “Every Girl” with Mack Maine and Gudda Gudda

Lil Wayne performs “How To Love”

Lil Wayne performs “Drop The World”, “Nightmares Of The Bottom” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot”

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  • Pleco


  • Make Me

    He also says if you are on your period, be quiet LOL

  • waited 4 days for this? come on D

  • Jeremy

    Saw Weezy in PGH last night, awesome fuckin’ performance. The man is on top of his game. He’s also good at brainwashing Augst 29th into all of our heads lol. Anyone go to the after party at Obsessionz?

  • weezycartertunechiwayne

    yeah weezy 4 life !!!! 2nd !! lil wayne !!!!

  • Lil Nikka go hard rapper alive

  • first!!!!!!!

  • GC

    When is nightmares of the bottom gonna be released?

  • young-stunner

    numberz dnt lie u r da best rapper eva!!!8 SOLO ALBUMS+6COLLABORATN ALBUMS+C4 equall 17albums!!23mixtapes+e.p equals a LEGEND,LILWAYNES S MIXTAPES ALNE CAN RUN CIRCLES AROUND UR FAVOURITE RAPPERS ALBUMS COMBIND now salute dz nigga and remembr he hasnt retired yet

  • young-stunner

    lilwayne after jail s stats:releasd am not a human e.p,6foot7 whch went double plat,john whch ddnt do badly,motivatn wth kelly went plat,how2 love reach no.6 on billbord,look at me nw went plat an won an award,gave u stan pt2,im on one doin major things,gave many gud tracks as trash 4rm last nov tl nw,releasd s4dwait mixtape and u CALL DAT FALLING OFF?

  • BodieBagz

    I wanna Push Shanell’s Button over & over Again:)

  • weeeeeeezzzyyy

    August 29 nikka

  • tee

    waited 4 days for this? come on D I SO AGREE

  • dave

    not the best. he performed better back when he was stoned.

  • rattyrat
  • mr tunechi

    he was rockin the addidas wings those shoes are so sick

  • June blazIn


  • Jason

    To the dude above what is he up for

  • June blazIn

    1 for best collab with chris brown 2 for best hip hop for 67 and chris brown again

  • Pauly D

    weezy F the monster

  • June blazIn

    Why wayne dont where his red flagg no more he need to keep reppin that shit foreal bigger bs uheard 2gunz

  • Megan

    Wayne is so unique hes really one of a kind i swear

  • June blazIn

    @megan word i feel u

  • wayniac

    dude nightmares of the bottom just leaked, wow it’s really crazy. the beat sounds like a symphony:

  • Nuni

    Best Rapper Alive

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    @danny m

    do you know the releasdate of the 4th c4 single or what do you think about it?

  • tyson

    Uh…. How is this considered art, or talent?
    This just confirms he has no talent.
    Trying to sing with auto tune, don’t make you
    Talented, anybody can do that.
    Any respect I had for dude, just went out the
    Back of the bus.
    Fucking should be embarrassed.
    Pull babys Dick out your mouth, finish going
    Through puberty and stop with the auto tune.
    If u have money, you can make anybody a star.
    Just don’t understand how people are to ignorant
    To see this.
    Send me money, I will read poetry with a whiney voice.

  • huss

    We want dat Nightmares Of The Bottom in CDQ.

  • niger beater

    Give me that gun, u scared to pull the trigger.
    Right between his eyes, cover that tattoo of the “c”.
    Give me auto tune a whiney voice, and sum gay Ass poetry.
    Now call me the best.

    It’s all about the money….cash.
    When I was in prison, I had a sore Ass.
    Now ima take that Dick out my mouth, close the cell door.
    My daddy left my mamma, cause that birch was a whore.
    I kiss dudes on the lips, call me a smack addict.
    I got computers to do my songs, cause I’m no good at it.

    Don’t be mad, u know its real life.
    If this greasy Ass Niger didn’t have money, u wouldn’t look twice

    Fucking Talentless waste of time.

  • young-stunna

    @nigger beater wth hs wack lines,i aint a beggin motherfucker bt faggot plz stop hating,u say my ass s sore bt u stl dick ridin me,u r whiney dats y u cnt even recognise real wen u c,i single handedly changd da mixtape game and i put my team on,dump u in da bush nw get ur camp on,shoot u in ur asshole and let u die gay mothrfuckr…talentless hating bitch

  • good day,your music rocks-i like peace.

  • MJ

    watch the throne droppin on the 12th, then c4 2 weeks later damn. gonna be alot of competition, hope c4 sells more

  • Camss

    Great videos! If you want to see a really good rapper, watch this video:

    His name is Young Staty, his french but he rap in english and that awesome!

  • wito montana

    is it me or did wayne performe How To Love one time with auto tune and once without ?

  • LJ

    @Tyson & Niger beater What the fuck are you doing on this fan site then? Obviously you guys are on his nuts if u have to criticize everything he does. He’s selling records getting paid, & has enough fans to back him up. Why don’t you guys get the fuck out of here go listen to something else! dumb fucks!

  • Jeremy

    @wito montana he definitely did. I remember seeing a vid without the auto-tune, and it was terrible. I wasn’t lookin forward to hearing HTL until he had the auto-tune on in PGH. MUCH better

  • tyrone diggs

    I agree with tyson, and niger beater and jeremy. He’s awful, without money n a computer, he wouldn’t be relavent. Its sad that people are fooled so easily by the main stream market. Its all politics people, open your eyes!
    This aint talent, its commercial pop, no diff than britney spears.
    The niger will b famous for a while and then his drug habbit which he has cause he knows his image is made up, will control his life. Next thing u know, he be shaving those nasty dreads and attacking cars wit umbrellas! Funniest thing is, a few years from now, you will all feel dumb as hell! Just ask britney spears fans lol hahhahaha idiots

  • young stunner

    Shit, I’m a dude and I’d suck his dick! Young stunner!!!!!! I’m all on his jock yo. I love sum lil wayne niger dick n my mouth while I pic reginae and toya! Do that make me gay? I don’t think so…. Lil wayne best rapper in the world!

  • young stunner

    I just love dick n ytha mouth yo! If I’m picturing his ex and reginae, how that make me gay?
    If I swallow his bullets,
    And like anal play!

  • MJ

    ^ a classic faggot

  • mj

    > Although I’d suck him off as well

  • LJ

    @Tyrone why are u looking at his fan site & listening to his music again? yeah cuz you like it! so shut the fuck up! you’re an idiot. go jump off of a building or jump out a window. I bet you’ll be buying tha carter 4 too! tryin to front to fit in. smh stupid ass

  • does anyone what time did the concert finish ? cz i have the toronto show comin up and want to khnow wen does it finish

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!