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Lil Wayne Reveals Flow As Latest Young Money Artist [Video]

Wed, Apr 4, 2012 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne introducing a new member to his Young Money label at NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, Florida on February 25th. The guy who Weezy is introducing goes by the name of Flow and you will all mostly know him from his appearance on Wayne‘s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape.

I’m a fan of Flow‘s music and I am glad Young Mula have finally signed him to the label. You can read more info about Flow on and view some of my favorite tracks by him on the LilWayneHQ Forums.

Hit the jump to watch some more footage from the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend party at the Showalter Executive Airport, which has only just surfaced online.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on Flow‘s music and Tune signing him to YME!

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  • Mick

    Flow raw af! Nice

  • thumbs up

    i been listening to flow ever since you posted his music on youngmoneyhq dan, he dope

  • 5Star

    LOL at that SOOOOWOOOO shout at the end

  • WayneFan

    He looks like a crack head.

  • YMCM B


  • tha fuck is a flow ??

  • Pete

    Look at how much Lil Wayne is a weird fool nowadays. Just watch that last video.

    Oh and I couldn’t care for this FLower dude, lol.

  • Coniva


  • Young mula babbyy

    Flow sick….listen to that heroic mix tape he did

  • Fuck Lil Wayne

    So this Tuneche guy got a funny way of announcing his new artists. He did the same with Christina Milian at a party. SMH

  • Hell ya nigga Flows to raw..I been fuckin with him when he was in flame gang on YouTube..this is a good look for YMCMB!


    Is this Scoob Doo ?

  • I remember when Flow said I’m sittin back coughing while I’m sparking up a goodie ..your girl by my oven baking chocolate piff cookies haha he too nice! I told y’all I been fuckin with him for a while know. I seen that video with him Marley G and Pop LoTTie. YMCMB we winning!



  • 100

    Dan I listened to his songs on the forum – he sounds like the younger wayne

  • I go so hard they call me gosohard

    He ok, nothin special tbh

  • The motto

    Jus watched that interview hahahaha flow was higher than a mudafucka

  • Krazy J

    Dude killed his verse on Inkredible foreal.

  • Weezy

    is Flow the dude out of the New Orleans Street Cypher crew?
    if it is then he just WANTS to be Wayne haha.
    anyway, just drop D4 man Wayne :/

  • Wayne train

    Need to hear a song just between flow and tune



  • anthony

    what is the song at 6,33 with birdman ? thanks.

  • Jaime

    Flow is basically the next Lil Wayne. Just watch.

  • Vsksh

    Another black rapper

    With a wack ass name who raps the same shit as everyone else does

    Probally his main subjects are hustling, weed, bitches and money right ?

    When is this bullshit gonna stop ? Im so fucking sick of it

  • Gabos

    I been listening to this nigga since inkredible…he the best in the game after lil weezy and trust me when im saying in a couple of years he will be known as the best rapper ever.that’s how much i expect from thil lil nigga

  • siege

    Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)”
    (feat. 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes)

    Come get me
    Motherfuckers if you want Shady
    If Pac was still here now,
    He would never ride with Ja
    Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na

    Makaveli rest in peace
    Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body
    Mouth like a .12 gauge shotti

    [Chorus 2x]

    You ain’t no killer, you a pussy
    That ecstasy got you all emotional and moushy
    Bitches wearing rags in photos, Ja’s words being quoted
    In the SOURCE, stealing ‘Pac’s shit like he just wrote it
    You loud mouth, pray to god, hoping no ones listening
    See 50 coming for me, I’ma guard my, my position
    No one will pay attention
    To me, please Gotti, here I go
    Gimme this pill, ecstasy got me feeling so
    Now all of a sudden I’m a fucking mad man who screams
    Like I’m ‘Pac but I’m not, enemies, Hennesy
    Acting like I’m great, but I’m fake, I’m CRAZY
    Sweat drip, get me off this trip, someone stop this train
    Some say my brain is all corrupted, fuck from this shit
    I’m stuck, I’m addicted from these drugs, I’ma quit
    Saying motherfucker’s name’s before someone fucks me up
    Ain’t no pussies over here, partner, see you hell, fucker

    [Eminem Sings]
    Come get me
    If you motherfuckers want Shady
    If Pac was still here now,
    He would never ride with Ja
    Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na

    Get off that E
    Before you try to fuck with me
    It’s Aftermath here now
    Shady Records got it locked
    La, la, la, la , la, la, la, la

    [50 Cent]
    Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers
    Never realized the precious time them bitch niggas is wasting
    Institutionalize, my bitches bring me product by the bundles
    Hustle hard from the cell, G-Unit motherfucker, WE BALLING
    Catch me counting trees when I’m calling
    Can you set my car, Ceo let me sip on Henessy, “Can I sips some more?”
    Hell, I done been in jail, I ain’t scared
    Momma checking in my bedroom, I ain’t there
    I got a head with no screws in it
    Motherfuckers think they can stop 50… they losing it
    Lil’ nigga named Ja, thinks he live like me
    Talking about he left the hospital, took 9 like me

    [50 Cent]
    You living fantasies nigga
    I’ll Reject your Deposit
    When yo lil sweet ass coming out of the closet
    now he wondering why DMX blow him out
    next time grown folks talking bitch close your mouth
    Peep me I take this war shit deeply
    Seen too many real niggas balling like these bitch niggas beat me
    yous a motherfucking punk and you see me with gloves
    quit scaring them fucking kids with ya ugly ass mug
    and you can tell them niggas you roll with whatever you want
    but you and i know whats going on Nigga pay back I know your bitch ass from way back
    Witness be strap with macs You know I don’t play that
    All these old rappers trying to advance its all over now — take it like a man
    HAHA–Irv looking like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick
    trying to play hate on my shit – man eat a fat dick
    Loving this shit, thats how you made me-feeling like I got you niggas crazy, i like
    Against all odds up with my dogs motherfuckers now
    It’ll be the realist shit I ever wrote
    Against all odds, up in the studio getting blow to the truest shit i ever
    spoke 21 gun salute

    [Busta Rhymes:]
    Hey yo I’m one of the most humble, rep the streets to the core
    Hey Jeffrey, What the fuck you come involving me for?
    You spent a long time coming like a bless and a check
    you see 106 and park fans don’t even fucking respect you
    It’s kinda funny, wanna be PAC wanna be fake like he thug
    running around talking shit that he ain’t even capable of
    now let me OFF this cock sucker watch me handle you nigga
    If i recall Violator use to manage you nigga then took a closer look and
    realized you was an empostor theres never been a Violator on a Murda Inc rosta. Dumb ass
    now who shoot? — Ah made you look, you said Busta singing the same old hook, You Stupid
    if yall shoot I take a look at ya man the bitch shot himself in front of Def Jam
    Chedda Bob ass nigga start adjusting ya plan
    you let the streets down nigga – Apologize to ya fans
    watch ya pull a lil stunt like we ain’t know where you are ya lil faggot
    desperate be trying while we establish a buzz I know the shit is driving you crazy You wondering how
    The streets ain’t never want you Beatrice what you gonna do now?
    Now if you wanna beef with me, then I’m beefing with you
    I think about the game and what its like and “WHAT WOULD IT BE WITHOUT YOU”
    You finished I ain’t trying to repeat this just because I’m cool shouldn’t
    take my kindness for weakness

    [Busta speaking in background]
    Ooh shit ha ha That was fun Next time you got a problem with me, Address me
    before you try to make the shit a public issue homie, I’m return back to my regular
    self and have fun again

  • If this nigga wasnt good Tune would neverr signed him to his label ! lets C what records hiim N Tune go hard on… PJ morton is new to YM and HIm and Tune did that lover record nice track ! tho still gonna wait on the CDQ…

  • Nava

    My Nigga Flow! Flow only 18 he’s gonna be bigger than Lil Wayne. He might be spitting harder than Wayne as of lately.

  • 187JoshM187

    @Danny M do you know how old flow is?

  • siege


  • Tha Don

    Flow had a raw verse on Inkredible RMX. Lookin forward to hearing the collabs and shit. Flow fan.

  • Good

    Finally a good sign. Flow spits. And he a real nigga that’s actually a blood from new Orleans unlike Wayne.

  • jc

    He’s not bad, but what is he bringing new to the game? Every other line had the word kush in it, horrible rappers like wiz khalifa and mac miller have been doing this their whole career. YMCMB looks like a freakshow right now. A girl with an unrealistic sized ass dressing lady gaga, a skating clown, emotional crying singer, this new crackhead guy, and the rest suck besides tyga. I don’t even have to say who’s who, you already know which proves my point

  • fuckeminem is retarded

    i like flow but for people saying wayne wouldnt of signed him if he wasnt good those people r stupid ymcmb r goin rnb look at p j what ever hes called and torion evan nicki nicki gone pop he signed all those and there all shit

  • BR!@N

    Tbh this whole video was gay. Busta Rhymes was like the only part i liked lol.

  • Gabos ——>my personal favorite

  • # 8 is childish…

  • boochie

    The kid is not a random signing. He’s a hot artist and your gonna love him. He young with potential. We taking over baby. Flamez

  • Nava

    That dude @jc is a fucking idiot for compairing flow to garbage ass mac miller and wiz lol. That nigga obviously don’t know his Muzik

  • Fuck all ya’ll whu be hating on Flow, the nigger knows his shit ayt. Nd fucking WeEzY knows wat he is gnd ok.. So fuck ya’ll

  • Flame gang and YMCMB get wit it nigga!



  • dee

    ima big flow fan fuck wrong witchu if you don fuck wit him kill ya self, flame gang goon gang free BONKA

    follow me @suckmypichon

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  • chase

    Do ppl not understand that they rap about what they do? hes from new orleans, what else u expect from him? He smokes a lot, makes money. So why shouldnt he rap about his life instead of being a fake ass rapper? I dont see any of you on his level, fuck off

  • @Mustie_Sucks

    Word @ chase. The nigga just rapping abt wat he does n his lifestyle. He aint faking. Fuck off, if he doesn’t fit in ur box of being a dope mc.

    Flow said ‘Niggas looking funny, well I’m just getting blunted/
    And everybody’s wondering if I’m really with Young Money/
    Well is a pig’s pussy pork? Do bears be shittin’/
    In the woods and wipe they ass with a rabbit when they finish?/’