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Juelz Santana Says Album With Lil Wayne Is Back On x Justin Bieber Speaks On Weezy Skating

Mon, May 7, 2012 by

A week after Lil Wayne basically called Juelz Santana lazy and announced that their I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration album has now turned in to his solo I Am Not A Human Being II album, Juelz told BET that he has recently spoke to Weezy and confirmed that their collabo album is still in the works. He also explained the reason why he couldn’t send back new music to Tune for the album at the time, which was because his studio had got raided and one of his friends had died in the studio.

After the jump, you can watch a video of Justin Bieber speaking about Wayne‘s skateboarding skills and confirming that Tunechi will NOT be on his forthcoming Believe album.

“He just hit me the other night,” Bieber said. “I was going to go to his video shoot he had. He was skating here in Los Angeles. I was gonna go skate with him, but it was like 4:30 in morning when he called me. So it was really too late for that. He’s into skating, like that’s his life.”

When asked to rate his own skills versus Weezy’s, Bieber explained that it’s more complex than that. “I mean, it’s different,” he said. “I like more street stuff. He does a lot of vert stuff. Vert is like ramps and street is like rails and kick flips. They’re different in their own right.”

After that initial photo of the pair leaked, many fans wondered if it means that Wayne will be spitting some rhymes on Bieber’s new album, Believe, out June 19. “No, he didn’t get the chance to work on the album,” he said. “He’s been super-busy and we just haven’t got the chance to connect in the studio. I was in the studio in Miami for a minute, but we never got the chance to do anything.”

In related news, click here to watch some new footage of Lil Wayne skateboarding on his Miami crib roof, which shows that he has really improved at his latest hobby!

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  • YoungGod RigoRigo


  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    im first like weezy

  • Lil Tunechi


  • @ImADopeBoy

    Weezy need 2 make “I Can’t Feel My Face”, and forget “IANAHB2”

  • Watson

    That gay boy Bieber said Weezy is serious about skating and it’s his life 🙁 🙁

  • muppet

    juelz is still lazy…..



  • Jeff

    Yes the albums back on but well never get it

  • you’re a fool.

    @TRUKFIT, you’re a fool for thinking that. Wayne is a fool now a days as well. Expect a Lil Wayne/Justin Bieber colab in the near future.

    i DONT have any connections or insight into waynes life, i can just tell what hes gonna do now a days..hes so predictable.

    expect him to do a stupid ass colab with stupid ass bieber, and expect him to do a bunch of other stupid ass shit to get mroe attention

  • mattyswizzle

    tunechi baby

  • MoonMan

    Weezy needs to drop a single ASAP!

  • skool

    can justin b even skate b?

  • Chube

    We will still won’t get this project.

  • Cheez in da trap

    @ your a fool
    You guys are dumbasses hating on j bieber because that kid is a boss. He makes like over 50 mill a year more than you both will see in your life combined and that pimp tore up selena Gomez
    So shut the FUCK up he’s a g foreal doh.

  • Murk

    Justin Beiber is a better rapper than Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Big Sean combined.

  • bruce bruce

    Co-sign ^ his new single boyfriend is my shit

    Pretty shocking what happened to santanas studio though, damn

  • mark

    i swear if weezy does a song with just bieber, ill never listen to another one of his songs. look at the G wayne from like ’06 when C2 came out, wayne would not be caught dead with bieber. Wayne Rapping > justin bieber’s singing

  • Sleezy

    Bieber is one gay faggot ass kid. Lil Wayne is one gay ass faggot skater. See the fuckin similarities. Why the fuck does Wayne even talk to Bieber? Old Wayne would’nt have even put his eyes on Bieber’s ugly ass and now Wayne is on his fuckin dick. Good shit Wayne, you becomin a lil skater bitch as everyday passes. Oh yeah and Meek Mill killin the rap game right now fuck Gay ass Wayne.

  • Lastking

    I hate when people say lil wayne is to gangsta to do a collab with justin bieber….he’s not even a gangster anymore he did a song with joe jonas from jonas brothers and other wack ass pop stars and he skateboards and dress like a clown…carter2 wayne would never collab with bieber but tunechi will

  • this is tottaly bullshit!! why cant birdman refuse this gaycrap dannyM please tell lil wayne to log onto lilwaynhq so that he sees how he’s loosing his fans errrday atleast if he made a collabo with lil twist that wud b cool…its so hard to see your best rapper turning into a gay bitch ass singe..and fuck whoever sayin am hating…anyway there’s nuthn we can we’v lost a rapper will miss u 2005-2008 weezy

  • watsonnn

    bieber a pimp all them bitches there for him, thats just at once and can pick and choose!

  • Yung Mase

    Meek Millz is horrible he aint killin shit niggas, Beiber do what he do, I don’t fuck wit the lil nigga tho, Wayne always gone be my nigga, and everybody always refer to the C1 and C2 Wayne, when really the Wayne that made the foundation, is “mixtape” Wayne, that’s when everyone started to notice that niggaz skills, I go back to the Hotboys Get it how u live Wayne, most of yall don’t even kno bout that!!!

  • jeffezy

    can someone plsssss get this faggot bieber of this page…just seeing these pics and videos of him posted out here is bullshit..i mean WTF is the gay doin here anyway..Hate that Mothafucka..n cant even imagine if wayne does a collabo with bieber or if YMCMB signs Bieber…That shit is gonna be bad…Fuck that! YMCMB til i die Bitches. Fuck Bieber. Haaaa.

  • belieber

    Who even goes skating at 4:30 a.m. anyways? lol


    lol dudes above me eminem got a song with rihanna AND Pink WTH STFU NOW BITCHES.FUCK JAY-Z

  • ballin

    i wonder what the video shoot was.. could be waynes new single? 😮

  • kanye

    fuck this shit
    i hope i never see this bitch face here again
    2 times in 1 week is too much

  • F all these gay videos man!!

    Don’t no if you guys have noticed but meek millz is killing shit with his new mixtape!

    Team MMG doing thier thing.. we need Wayne 2 come out with that real shit and prove he is still the best!

    Weeezy FlyinStealth!

  • jeffezy

    Juelz really does sound lazy, doesnt even luk like he is motivated to do something…i mean if the tracks are ready WTF r you waitin for..anyway lets see how the album ianahb 2 wil sound lik..Juelz n weezy need to start comin up with some good collabo..YMCMB TILL I DIE BITCHES…HAAAA

  • realniggawassup

    Video shoot at 4:30 am ? NEW SINGLE BITCHES ! I think i will be blunt blowin 😉

  • Well I don’t know what Weezy’s been up to these past few days…. But one think I know… He aint gone have as many fans as he has if he switches to skating….. Well whatever he do… Hope he aint gone leave his fans like that…. Hate to bring this up but we all know… He aint gone make as much money being a skater…. I mean.. He’s good… But he aint no Tony hawk… He gone so far in the music industry…. He should stay…. I mean,we love Dwayne#NO HOMO#….

  • young sadi baby

    well done


    HIP HOP IS BACK<<<<<<, HIP HOP IS BACK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^