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Lil Wayne Reveals His Favorite Film Of 2012 x Bobby V Speaks On Working With Weezy

Thu, Jun 14, 2012 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne chats to MTV about his favorite movie of 2012 and what his thoughts are on the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight Rises film. Weezy says his favorite film this year is Chronicle and he liked it because he wish he could have all of the powers that the boys had in the movie himself. Personally, I thought Chronicle was wack. If you have watched the movie, did you like it ❓

Click here to watch the first part of Tune‘s interview with MTV at the TRUKFIT launch at Macy’s in Los Angeles!

After the jump, you can read the story Bobby V told SOHH about how he and Wayne had reconnected for his “Mirror” single. Bobby V talks about Tunechi‘s work ethic and says they recorded “two or three records” in one night at the studio.

Me and Wayne had actually lost touch for a minute, because my number had changed and his number had changed and we were both out touring. So we hadn’t talked in over a year, for sure.

Nicki Minaj had hit me up out the blue, like, “Yo, I want you to be on my album.” I was cool with that, so she flew me to L.A. like the next day and we ended up doing the record “Sex In The Lounge” and that’s on her album that’s out now. Wayne was featured on there too, but he wasn’t in L.A., so the song went on the album and that was done.

But a couple weeks later, she had her album release party at Club LIV, so I decided to fly out to Miami to support Nicki; it was big of her to fly me out to L.A. to be on her album, so I had to show support. The whole Young Money/Cash Money was there, you know: Baby and the whole team.

That’s when me and Wayne ran back into each other. He stopped me in the middle of the club, like, “Man where you been! Take my number down right now.”

The next day, I hit him up and he hit me right back. He told me he was gonna be in the lab and to come through. I went to the studio, kinda just chopped it up and we actually ended up makin’ two or three records that night. We was just in work mode.

Ever since then, I’ve be in Miami more because one thing about Wayne is, he stay workin’. His work ethic is crazy. You think Lil Wayne, you think “He has it all, why he in the studio every night?” But he in the studio every night — like right now, while we talkin’ he in the studio, working.

I’m overly happy with how the track turned out. For real. When I played it for him, he was feeling it, too, the whole concept and everything. I really believe this record is gonna be a big record. I’ve been reading the feedback from my fans and the blogs and stuff. Alotta people sayin’ Bobby V back.

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