Lil Wayne – Dedication 4 [Mixtape]

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Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Mixtape

Here it is!! Lil Wayne has released the fourth installment of his Dedication mixtape series hosted by DJ Drama. The tape consists of 15 tracks with features from Birdman, Detail, Nicki Minaj, Boo, Lil Mouse, Young Jeezy, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, J. Cole and Flow. Also on the tape is the second single off Weezy‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, which is called “No Worries” featuring Detail.

Hit the jump to grab the download link and view the back cover with the full tracklist on. If you are not feeling the official front cover for Dedication 4, then I have included two other covers below that you can use, courtesy of Olly.

Download: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4 [Mixtape]

Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Mixtape Back Cover

Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Mixtape

Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Mixtape

Click here to download the previous Dedication mixtapes from Lil Wayne. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with what your favorite tracks off this tape are ❗

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  • Rick Nash

    wayne killed it. whoever say lil wayne is just lil b obviously you’ve never listened to c2. fuck outta here with that fake ass wayne fan shit.

  • Kyle Shorter

    Want a better mixtape for the end of the summer? Look up Benny Bravo outta Chicago.


  • its yall fault

    Yall say yall want the old wayne back. But turn around and say “TRUKFIT!!!” and support that shit.So therefore wayne thinks that the people fuck with it and he makes money off of it and he stays in that ego.And on another note,dont hate on wayne because hes skating and doing what the kids say “Fake Nigga” stuff.Because down here in New Orleans (yes im from there sadly).The first thing you want to do is get out.And the last thing you want to do is go back.So dont blame wayne for changing and not staying real to his hood.Blame all of you so called “FANS” that still support him.Also,ive been wayne’s biggest fan since the day before he was born.I know where he comes from.And trust me,it ain’t pretty.So from now on just let the man LIVE!!!

  • its yall fault


  • daReal214

    I wonder if we will get a Masterd version of this tape cuz some of tha songs have bad quality

  • Loni

    I’m downloading it with high expectations! don’t fail me Wayne

  • Loni

    In my opinion for free album, it is what it is! However I expected more, I guess all the mixed tapes before this one spoiled me. I’m not sure which version of the artist known as Lil Wayne put this together but PLEASE bring back, Tha block is hot, 500 degrees, Carter everything Lil Wayne, he aimed to please! #ijs

  • Rick nash

    Some of u niggs need to stfu w. the quality. Maybe, just maybe, it’s your bitch ass system that needs to get “mastered” lmfao, niggs and their shit

  • daReal214

    @ that fag above be, yeah you FUCK YOU and YO WHole FAM!!!! real shit, nobody was asking for you gay ass opinion,

  • daReal214

    and I still say that we need a mastered version of this Tape!! if u cant realize or hear that you need to get yo fuckin ears checked, if this had good quality they would have not made a mastered version of “No Worries”!! check tha mastered version of “No Worries” song and then listen to tha “No Worries” on tha mixtape, there is a big difference between tha two

  • anonymous

    i honestly am a proud weezy fan, i love you so much Dwayne!
    you’re amazing <3

  • 2Real

    This Shit is ok definitely wasn’t worth the wait its tracks that shouldn’t have made it n how dare n e 1 say Wayne is the best rapper ever like it wasn’t a tupac or biggie come on yall b 4real and FYI birdman has stock invested in for profit prisons

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  • Mac Miller

    @Danny M
    What is your favourite song in Dedication 4 ? 🙂

  • mlibo mthembu

    yall weezy fanatics, i c yah..weezy nd i scream pussy, pussy, pussy..nd all h8rz open our zipper screaming dicky dicy dicky…..

    Songo.net dat’s da wap 2 get ’em tracks

  • B-sell

    this sh*t is dope. my girl downloaded this for me few months ago and i cant stop listening to it. love weezy mixtapes.

    also….. weezy when you gonna drop devol ???? i been looking forward to that man hit us up let us know

    pCe #chuckstrong

  • Damicho

    The whole mixtape go

  • Alonzo

    Wayne’s the best. Stop insulting dis nigga. And i say nigga cuz i call erbody nigga fk race. Yal ignorant mfs insultn dis genius cuz he’s truthful amd dnt care bout society? God dam i hare hatn ass mfs. Get a lfe

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