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Cash Money Records Hit Another Big Milestone, 50 Cent Imitates Lil Wayne From His Deposition

Mon, Nov 19, 2012 by

Cash Money Records Birdman & Slim With Their 500 Million Songs Sold Plaque

Cash Money Records have just accomplished another great achievement in their 21 year history by selling over 500 million songs worldwide. Birdman spoke to AllHipHop earlier today about the labels new amazing milestone:

“There is no more dynamic and prolific a label than Cash Money Records and the YMCMB family – point blank. We’re proud of every one of our artists and their contribution to our legacy.”

What’s most humbling is the global reaction to our story. Slim and I built this label from the ground up and seeing our brand connect with people across borders, culture and language makes us appreciate every one of our fans worldwide. We can’t wait to deliver another 500 million bangers.”

“Success is something that Slim and I have always aimed for. It feels great to sell 500 million songs but fans should know, we aren’t going to stop now, and will continue our legacy.”

I wonder how many songs Lil Wayne sold out of the 500 million ❓

In other news, if you want a good laugh then watch a new 50 Cent interview after the jump below with Booska-P that took place in Paris, France, which the bro Navjosh just sent over. At the end of the interview, 50 starts to imitate Tunechi‘s hilarious deposition videotape when asked if he robbed Gunplay’s chain.

Forward to the 11:03 mark to see 50 Cent imitate Weezy F Baby.

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  • Lil Wayne india

    First!!!!! Ymcmbbbbbbbbb

  • James YM

    YMCMB keep on winning and winning

  • mirrio

    50 cent is da maaaaan !!

  • weezy-king

    500 million…..fuck me that is crazyyyy

  • “He can’t save you” O_O

  • no worries

    50 cent loves lil wayne really

    its obvious he is watching every move lil wayne makes

  • Lil Wayne india

    @ no worries he also tweeted about Wayne after Wayne suffered 2 seizures

  • blood up slime

    hahahaha 50 cent is funny

  • Pirate$$

    All about a dolla, fuck two quarters
    Bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water

  • lmao 50 funny as hell

  • Hollaaaa

    Fiddy called Gunplay a junkie *dead*

  • thabit

    soon we might get a 50, lil wayne track. the friendship is gettin far really

  • Samn Damn Tune

    Yo did 50 say “Lil Dunechi” or “Lil Tunechi” ?? It sounded like “Lil Dunechi” to me LOLOL

  • Seff

    CM, YM, Cash Money bidness

  • problem?

    450 million – lil wayne
    22 million – drake
    22 million – nicki minaj
    5 million – tyga
    1 million – the other ymcmb artists

  • sad

    On November 19, 2012 at 10:21 pm Samn Damn Tune responded with…
    Yo did 50 say “Lil Dunechi” or “Lil Tunechi” ?? It sounded like “Lil Dunechi” to me LOLOL


    lmao i thought he said lil dudechi

  • Bdr jr mkm

    Birdman always has Too much designer shit
    And slim looks bummy as fuck

    The smile 50 puts up after imitating wayne is fucking priceless hahahaha

  • yong mi

    Y ’em,see ’em ‘B’.cash money rules Fø̲̣̣я̅ life

  • CashMoneyRec

    See what yall don’t understand this is a career thing. Like Juvenile, B.G., Lil Wayne Turk, Mannie Fresh, Baby, Drake, Nicki M, and the rest. Not just YM!

    Its a good thing that 50 is now cool with Tune.. They didnt like each other for a min.. Hopefully they do some hot shit. It will be a surprise if 50 on INAHB 2…

  • denilson

    50 cent engraçado ! eu acho que em 2013 esses dois deveriam fazer musicas ! ia ser fodá demais!
    Young Mula Baby!

  • jazz boi

    you could tell 50cent had been practicing that deposition by repeating what he said smfh

  • addicted to mula

    Headlines are priceless and we priceless ymcmb

  • lil teezy AKA SIEGE’S GOD FATHER

    Lil’ Tunechi contributed – 489 million in Cash Money’s success.


    more like lil sleezy no affiliation with SIEGE…. u have no way of knowing that because A)nobody affiliated with ymcmb can do even basic math and B) ymcmb is the most unorganized record label around and they dont even know where the money comes from.

    ps… birdman has sold at least 50 million in albums and songs and wizzle is a faggot ass nigger.


    wizzle aka little dwayne aka doomchi aka best rapper who shouldnt be alive meaning he isnt the best rapper when someone shoots him dead and he doesnt shoot himself like a stupid ass nigger.


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  • Lil Wayne india

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  • AyP


  • FvckSwag

    @bdr jr mkm bet slim got more racks den you

  • daReal214

    Hey you all that Pairs Hilton song with Lil Wayne had leaked last night, no BS check out

  • Bdr jr mkm


    Of course he does
    But i dress beter as him

    And adding the word swag to your name has made you irrirelevant for any sort of communication
    Have a great day and fuck you

  • Monique

    Siege aka asshole aka dick u nothing but a HATER AND U KNOW WAT HATERS ALWAYS GON HATE JUST LIKE U MOTHERFUCKER @siege

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    YMCMB <3 fucking keep it up Baby !

    Where can I find the vid where Dwayne is talking to himself ?

  • Lil tunechi girl

    YMCMB for life, lil wayne aka the best rapper alive is the major success in YMCMB, haters gone hate cause they re jealous and afraid of lil wayne, Fuck the haters, get a life out from your worthless life.

  • Umm…

    Who is that? Whoever it was waa trying to sound just like weezyy “i want more, I havent dont enough” shut yo lame ass up 50 nobody gives a fuk.
    ALL ABOUT A DOLLA, FUK 2quarterz, bitch I pour syrp in that vitiman water!!!!



  • Where the wrong about Work…..Love that accomplishment..

  • SeanTastic4Life

    haha 50 keeps talking shit, he felt up and he,s washed up and lame, how bad can it be, french montana is more in the game then you are bro so shut up

  • Ed!

    Thats what it is….100 YMCMB!

  • ruletunechi

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  • Dennis Pittman

    50 your a fag!!! Tunechi is the best!!! hands down!!!!

  • da tunchi son

    fuck all of you muuufucking haters , tunchi is the best i do not why these bastards are on this page if they do not like him

  • ymcmb has always made us (fans) proud. infact they do what we expect from them. believe that