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Nicki Minaj Not Worried About Lil Wayne’s Health Recovery, Kelly Rowland Releases “Ice” Video

Wed, Nov 14, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Kelly Rowland‘s “Ice” single featuring Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, Weezy F Baby does not make an appearance in the visual, which was directed by Matthew Rolston.

Kelly‘s forthcoming fourth studio album, Year Of The Woman, is set to be released sometime in 2013. You can view the lyrics for “Icehere!

In other news, MTV recently interviewed Nicki Minaj about a Young Money tour and Tunechi‘s health scare after he suffered from two seizures on his private jet in the space of 24 hours.

Nicki says she does not know if YM will ever do another tour again and she’s thankful that Tune is okay. Watch the interview below:

“He said he was OK. I know they didn’t want him to fly. Everybody that’s around him is taking care of him. Wayne has so many people around him that truly, genuinely love him. I’m not worried at all. Even him being on the plane, thank God that there was somebody there right away that was able to help him. I’m just thankful that he was OK.”

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  • brian

    nikki sounds sooo fakeee

  • Dark Shades

    How the fuck are they going to not put Wayne in the video when he made the song 10x better than what it is

  • strange muzik

    ….. so is weezy all good now or wut? has he recovered fine??

  • Trizzy

    It soundz like the bitch doesn’t give a single fuck

  • Christina

    Yes . Lil Wayne is fine now. He was in the hospital for 6 hours & he made a quick recovery! It was because he was dehydrated .

  • weezy-king

    i hope all the ymcmb artists do a massive worldwide tour together

  • No Worries

    Kelly Rowland is sooooooooo hot =p

  • ray

    thats some bullshit keeping lil wayne verse but not putting him in the video

  • Lmfao

    @Christina thankyou we didnt know you were lil wayne PR person. And dehydration. Wow only celebrities go to tha hospital for that shit. What the cure for dehydration? Water. Whats the cure for exhaustion? Sleep. What a fuckin joke. Fuck nicki minaj shes the reason Young Money gets the title SELLING DREAMS!

  • Just wanna thank God that my Wayne is finally well, fit and health.

  • Spitta

    On November 14, 2012 at 6:40 pm Christina responded with…
    Yes . Lil Wayne is fine now. He was in the hospital for 6 hours & he made a quick recovery! It was because he was dehydrated .


    Bullcrap! Why would they stop a plane for dehydration? LOL

  • Eshall

    I could Careless about what Nikki has to say. I keep Dr Carter in my prayers regardless of his physical health.

  • LilFlash

    Hey check out the official remix to Cash Outs “Hold Up”

  • We used to Shred Ninja Turtles

    Ik this christina chick is retarded. Dehydration? Its callllledd A DRINK! hahahaha fuck nicki minaj. Ymcmb is officially the most hated group in Rap. They need to change there so called swag. Its gay as fuck. Just cuz waynes doing him dont make it cool

  • niz213

    wow no siege comment akward strange is he dead LOL

  • niz213

    fuck nicki


    miss me?


    ^^Fuck u bitch ass white boy siege mother fucker

  • Bailey ave.

    i thought it was both dehydration and severe migraines and its always good to be hated they just gonna keep doin them making millions of dollars while just watchn n hatin i feel sorry for yall got nuthin to do but hat

  • AGA

    Nicki u should be over HIM this time!! I understand i have ir work but he needs you 4 real

  • kakemixxx

    damn dwayne! jus who u r hold such uh hih place in dis world errybody wnna b up in yo shit..take care of urself an i pray dat werr evuh u r u gettn plenty of u time..shake all da madness an do wut chu do!!!!…concrete baby


    I Love lil wayne, i never hated him, sorry for all the bad things i said about him.

  • RomanEmpire

    Nigga shouldnt’ve gotten all dem seizures. Nigga is crazier than krustry the clown smoking a battery acid laced blunt filled with crystal meth, mescellin, and rhino feces


    its funny that yall want me to like him so badly when in reality he is the worst person involved in making muzik, he is literally ruining the youth one club banger at a time barack


  • hakel kalvin

    hala gangastaz l lyk wat ever u do

  • fck

    I still dont understand why that little muthafucker siege comments everything, get a life bitch, u have waaaayy to much free time


    hahah take ur own advice douche, i have a very busy schedule

  • fck

    Busy schedule? Like observing a lil wayne fan website? Why are you here? I thought you hate him


    hey man get off my balls, are u little waynes body guard or something?

  • Weezy fan

    Fuck you SIEGE, you will die very soon for all the rude comments you’ve been saying about wayne,jealousy will actually kill you siege, if you comment again that means you’re a wayne fan,whiny bastard.