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DJ Khaled – Bitches & Bottles (Feat Lil Wayne, Future, T.I. & Ace Hood) [Music Video]

Sun, Dec 2, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for DJ Khaled‘s “Bitches & Bottles (Let’s Get It Started)” single featuring Lil Wayne, Future, T.I., and Ace Hood. Cameos can be seen from Birdman, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Mavado, and Mike Will.

This visual, which was directed by Gil Green, was shot in Miami on November 7th. The original song (without Ace Hood‘s verse) can be found on Khaled‘s Kiss The Ring album that is available in stores today!

Click here to view some photos from on set of the video shoot and here to watch behind the scenes footage.

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  • hmm

  • CArt3r

  • tune f baby

    weezy swag on point

  • addicted to mula

    bitches n bottles was goodBitches that r blunt in this bitch

  • Chief Queef

    Future and Lil Wayne made this song good.

  • Abdullah

    Plz change the type of lyrics and vids we kinda got rid of this same shits




    lol i heard none of lil wayne hahaha

  • yes

    weezy’s lyrics for people who are intrested:

    Its tunechi you..**** ****** ** ***
    *** ************ *** ***** ** ****** ***
    bench press em ****** ****** ** *** **** **** ** ** *****
    ********* ** ** ********** **** * *** *** ** **** **** ** ** *****
    ******* ** ** ******** **** * **** **** ** *** **** ** * *****
    ******** ** ********** *** * **** * ** **** **** **** *****
    ****** ** ** ******* **** * **** **** *

  • Banned 4rm TV

    What happened to Wayne’s dreads ? lol 😮

  • Chris

    Such a sick track.

  • Jeeward

    Need a explicit and higher quality version Danny

  • Censored

    To all them… hatin hatin hatin hatin hatin hatin hatin hatin hatin

  • whats the point of censoring this shit

  • stfu


  • maria_latina_wayne

    i love this video and to bad it was not explicit version

  • Wow ….bitches and bottles SUCK…but I still fix with WAYNE

  • Eshall

    What has 2 thumbs, a bottle and loves this vid? This bitch wit a bottle loves it. Keep up the great work.

  • Omar

    @Banned 4rm TV wayne has a lot of new growth those are new dreads growing in the same shit is happening to me. i just watch the shout out music video and u can tell they recorded both at the same time

  • Yeah Yeah YMCMB WE THE BEST 🙂

  • YMB!!

    Weezys swag at 4:35 on point! Hell yeah, fuckin right!

  • ToolMusik

    @Omar, They shot Shout Out in LasVegas and Bitches & Bottles in Miami.


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  • volcomnukka

    Why is ace hood always flexing. Trying to look like the hulk yet he’s small as fuck

  • ineye gabriel

    wayne’s swag on this video was on point i loved it.

  • lilangeltunechi

    Jst love tunechi’s part and ace hood should jst go back 2 rapping abt hustling

  • Weezy swag flyinstealth!!

  • Still

    Seige is still here blabbing about Wayne? Man I left his new material ages ago simple over the fact that he’s changed.
    And I don’t like it.
    He’s no longer raw,street,hungry for a title.
    He’s got it all.

    Wayne never fell off as an artist, he’s just adapted over growth thru a long long period.

    I would still purchase C5 seeing as i’ve been a weezyfbaby Dick rider since 07.
    But I’m no trukfit boy and all this whack grandad flow he’s producing now.

    I mean, we don’t have hundreds of dollars and all the pussy he talks about I’m tied down to two chicks haha.. So why would we rock his lines based around
    Money. Trukfit. Whores.

  • Joseph

    The girl towards the end woth la tetas is beautiful

  • Hahahahahah! Damn @stil ur towking shit buddy, ymcmb rock and their lines ar tough, y dnt u put ur ass down, and shat ur stinky ass, stp bla bla bla en put ur hands up? #weezy f baby

  • Still

    @ YoungHunni
    I would be happy to rap against ANY artist. I only write music myself because i can’t record. I’m smart as a motherfucker an write lines you an your boyfriend couldn’t think of darlin.

    I was just stating earlier that wayne has adapted over these years and it’s true. I don’t like his new stuff because it’s not raw.

    I hate knowing i don’t like weezy because.. i was so deeply involved in the mans life and now i’m not.

  • Still

    Obviously still check this for updates of ( ALBUMS – MIXTAPES ) That’s all.
    I am still a dope ass fan.
    Rock all the good tunechi releases.

    Just not the new bullshit he mostly puts out now.
    I never give up hope though, alot of tracks he puts out in a bunch i’m sure to like a few.