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Busta Rhymes Collaborates With Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Q-Tip On Upcoming “Thank You” Single

Tue, Aug 27, 2013 by

At the weekend, Busta Rhymes shot a music video in New York City for his upcoming single called “Thank You” featuring Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Q-Tip. The visual is being directed by Director X and the song will appear on Busta‘s upcoming Extinction Level Event 2 album, which currently has no release date.

Busta Rhymes recently spoke to MTV about the track and mentioned that he collaborated with Weezy, Yeezy and Q-Tip to show that there is no beef between YMCMB and G.O.O.D. Music.

There is no word yet on when “Thank You” will drop, but hopefully it will be soon considering a video for it has already been shot.

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  • lilwayne4evver!

    everybody from good music is ok exept pusha t, i don’t like him, but yeezy is cool! am exited for the track!

  • Don

    Yes A Wayne and Kanye song I’ve been waiting on this for the longest man

  • Raw

    This should be interesting

  • fugly

    it would be amazing if this comes out today

    it would definitely hold me over until d5 comes out

  • Yoooooo

    Wayne better not spit a bad verse on a record with Kanye and QTip

  • Bookey

    All I want is the tracklist that’s all

  • Don

    @fugly I know right lol or a track list for D5

  • Lil ZeeTune

    I bet dis iiiish gona be dope,Wayne trynna rise da bar high,any other rapper hu wanna jump nd get it?

  • Tunechi96


  • lil teo

    weezy killed yeezy

  • yella boi

    smh it was never a rumor of beef between them as a team only wayne birdman and pussy t. ye and wayne were always cool his company did wayne album cover you forgot? and big sean got tune on his album and single and vide

  • Bander

    All I want is d5 damn that song

  • Bob

    Wayne finna shit piss and throw up all over d5 !

  • Taylor

    Baby please I want that how many drinks freestyle # D 5 Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • khosta

    Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
    Ahem, Big Money Weezy
    White wife beater with the sig underneath it
    How do I feel? Bitch, I feel undefeated
    Snap my fingers disappear from the precinct
    Yeah, I’m ballin’ we ball out
    Ball ’til we fall until the ball bounce
    I send some niggas with guns at y’all house
    Only to find out you live in a doll house
    Damn, but I thought you was tough, though
    We carry choppers on our necks, call it cut throat
    We, bury cowards on the set that they come from
    We know magic, turn weed smoke to gun smoke
    We, bomb first when we ride
    You, in a hearse when you ride
    I put my shoe down baby
    And I’m holding down Young Mula baby!
    That’s why!!

    He sounds so innocent though the lyrics so gangster

  • kevin

    He is really the best!!!!

  • Alkiuris

    God daaam this has to be a banger ..i hope weezy spits a good verse ….and we need dat d5 tracklist asap

  • Still

  • Wayne 4 president

    I need that tracklist then ill be patent but I can’t Waite no more mannnnn

  • Ed!

    Gay clhoes

  • zaq

    im so glad hes finally doin a collab with an big artist like kanye so itll bring out the beast in him cuz lately he been stooping so low working with shitty rappers like lil B, soulja boy,Trina, Boo, Odd Future and Lil Mouse… i mean c’mon lil wayne your better than that dont work with anymore shitty rappers keep working with big artist cuz your a fuckin legend man and my favorite rapper

  • Ed!

    OMG he work’s with kanye!!!!! So Weak men.

  • Don

    @khosta is that the verse from this song?

  • Wham

    @don that’s Wayne’s verse on I’m so paid

  • Don

    @wham oh yea I haven’t listened to that shit in a while it did look familiar lol

  • Don

    I just heard a snippet of that I Do It song by 2 Chainz ft Wayne and Drake. I must say that, that track is gone go hard it sounds like 2 Chainz is on the hook and a verse so that means Drake and Wayne got verses and not just on the hooks. Yes thank you

  • Yall go show Wayne some love at datpiff . Com in dedication 5 page lots of people hating there

  • Sir. T

    @Don it soundz dope.. Fuck my top dawgz on a track Yeezy and Weezy fuken dope man. Now Im impatient of d5. Any leaks??

  • I’m ready

    D5 is on livemixtapes now in the unreleased section

  • Don

    @Sir. T Kanye and Wayne my favorite rappers but naw no leaks tho

  • Banns

    You can prestream d5 on datpiff but you gotta be logged in

  • D5

    Actually next album is Devol so we should be expecting any love song in d5

  • lyton

    U the greatest repper alive boss

  • dickinthebutt


  • Kidd

    Heres my dream tracklist

    1.5am in Miami
    2.Bugatti ft. Boo
    3.Feds watching
    4.Black skinhead
    5.Type of way
    6.Dont kill my vibe ft. Drake
    7.Started from the Bottom ft Birdman
    9.Demolition pt 3 ft. Gudda
    10.Versace ft T.I.
    11.Like whaaat
    13.Shit ft Future
    14.Skit #2
    15.Control ft Drake
    17.All me
    19.Skit #3
    21.Mad fo
    22.Poetic justice ft Wale
    23.Spitter pt 2
    24.Memories back then
    25.Still the best rapper alive
    26.The takeover(jig is up)

  • Kidd

    This list would be legendary and it really would be a takeover

  • Don

    @Kidd man if that would be the mixtape of the year if he did that smh can’t complain about that lol

  • xicano101

    I need a Busta, Gunna and A$AP Rocky track

  • YoungTunechie

    Hope it’s a dope track! 🙂

  • Ok Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Aka Lil Wayne is officially the most underrated rapper for no reason. Why? People either don’t understand his complicated lyrics and I’m not just talking God Bless Amerika, I’m talking half the songs he’s ever made. You bitch niggas shouldnt be hating when you dont even inderstand the song. You say his rock bad when you prob don’t even understand cuse idk how you can say rock songs like Spit, Prom Queen, Paradise, Die For You, Back To You, runnin, one Way Trip, Over You, etc, are bad. next, oh no did he just say a sexual reference

  • ^^ exactly

  • Estitack

    @kidd I wish you were right bro. That would be the dopest mixtape ever…. Lets hope D5 is nothing less than legendary tho

  • Friday

    I just want d5 to be better than d4 that’s all or at least half as good as no ceilings is

  • ROCO


  • Dome

    @roco that’s not a leak its a preestream but can you give us the tracklist

  • Krema jr

    D5 gon be pushed back @mikebanger

  • I just seen the D5 track list idk if its real on not but I’m quite sure it isn’t cause Danny ain’t put it yet

  • tunexx

    @Jaybitch123 post it. Or say where you seen it

  • D5

    1) This is the tracklist that been all over twitter so, if nobody have seen this its posted below. (Its not 100% true, but the most of these songs are possible to be on D5)
    2) DevoL is next album so Im expecting any love songs on D5
    3) When Wayne’s Buggati song ends, the beat from “Nothin’ On Ya – Gucci Mane ft. Wiz Khalifa” starts so, should we expecting this on D5?

    1) I Am God
    2) Ocho Cinco ft. 2 Chainz
    3) Comedian
    4) Type Of Way
    5) Ain’t Worried ‘Bout Nuthin’
    6) Versace
    7) Shabba
    8) Bugatti ft. Boo
    9) Initiation ft. Tyga
    10) Knock Knock
    11) My Bible
    12) B.I.T.C.H. ft. Future
    13) Tamale ft. Nicki Minaj
    14) U.O.E.N.O. ft. Ty Dolla $ign
    15) I’m Still Laughin’
    16) Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit ft. T.I
    17) Dre Day
    18) Started From The Bottom
    19) El Final (Encore)

  • D5

    @khosta thats waynes verse on Akons track “Im So Paid” lol..

  • i really hope this is not the real tracklist cuz i dont like the im god song if he did blood on the leaves weezy will kill that beat and if he hoped on holy grail song feat jt that would be will be classic

  • 2 more days

    If you have a datpiff account you can prestream d5 and get a 15 minut download

  • trav

    Yea he killed the beat from blood on the leaves beat back in the squad days

  • Krema jr

    D5 gon b pushed back,mike banger says xo on twitter

  • musoma boy

    yeaaaaaaarrrr the beeet hit 2 bt my speaker

  • gggggggggggg

    heres the link to hands up

  • I bet lil wayne z gon go hard on d5…he sed dat on bugatti…#f*ck around with some real n*gga and get mobbed#

  • Lil tune what up

    That kid who weezy told 10 more days already listened to d5 yesterday and he said its crazy look at his twitter hes got pics with weezy on there.. Cant wait for D5

  • Don

    @Lil tune what up ya he said he done made history again bro that makes me want it even more

  • Peace Of Mind

    D5 won’t be pushbak cos Wayne made 2 fans listen to it, and the response is positive… And nicki aint on it

  • Krema jr

    Yea n one of em dudes says Newslave,fuckn problems n fwmukigt are in d5

  • Don

    @Krema jr is Drake on there?

  • Lil tune what up

    There isnt going to be alot of pussy lines either that kid from twitter said he said its bars… Hell yeah fucking right.. Weezy bout to show hes still the best rapper alive

  • Don

    @Peace Of Mind where yal getting this stuff from man

  • Peace Of Mind

    And he hoped on new slaves, fuckwithmeuknowigotit and f@*kin problems… Can’t wait

  • Don

    @Lil tune what up are you sure cuz I’m tired of people lying about D5 real talk

  • Don

    Lol yal making the hunger for D5 rise man I hope yal not fuckin around

  • Lil tune what up

    @Don i mean the guy who listened to it on twitter said its all bars so im going to believe him lol..

  • Peace Of Mind

    @Don cheq Wayne’s twitter, he mentioned them. So I went thru they TL and they wer hyped men

  • Don

    @Lil tune what up ok cool cool man lol

  • Krema jr

    @don Ol i knw s nicki aint thea bt as 4drake i dnt,jst go chek out out em two nikas hu listened to t on twitter n olso chek mikeBanger

  • Don

    @Peace Of Mind ok

  • Don

    @Krema jr ok I’m bout to

  • dalow/ @iam_dalow plz follow me

    Mann I wish I was @WisamKizyJr,dat dude was wit wayne n listened 2 D5,,Congrats dude….man I wish 2mrw was friday

  • Krema jr

    The two guys who got the chance to listen to D5 @Wisamkizyjr @Javinmesi,chek em on twitter

  • Dom

    Man those guys in twitter made the hunger for D5 even worse lol I can’t wait this is about to be the longest 2 days ever smh man

  • Don

    Mybad the comment above was mine Iol

  • Kidd

    First of all d5 is not getting a push back mike banger was making a joke by saying it came our the same day as detox

    Secondly, apparently d5 talked to mike banger and told him it was the shit i hope d5 aint false claiming lol #believethehype

  • kyleb

    miley cyrus tho

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