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Rich Gang (Lil Wayne, Birdman & R. Kelly) – We Been On [Music Video]

Tue, Sep 3, 2013 by

Rich Gang Lil Wayne, Birdman & R Kelly We Been On Music Video

Here is the official music video for Rich Gang‘s “We Been On” single featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman and R. Kelly.

The visual, which was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, was shot in Washington, D.C. on August 1st. You can find the “We Been On” song on the Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle album, available in stores today!

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  • Ushhs

    Cheap Ass Usin The SAME Mansion

  • nydel

    First follow me on instagram ice_water16

  • Ushhs


  • Bawse

    Tapout video part 2.

  • pimpin

    bitch its tunechi up in this bitch aka 2 rubbers xD

  • ok

    I gotcha bro @nydel



  • Rich Gang up in dis bitch

    Ain’t it funny how Birdman had the best verse on this song and also has the most swag in the video.

    And he probably the oldest out of everyone there….

  • swaggerchuck

    GOES HARD!!!

  • thacarterII

    They made a musik video 4 dis…haha

  • N.O Nigga

    Cash money is Da Biggest Rap Label of All Time Real Talk…!!!

  • Love Live Life

    R Kelly killed this

  • volcomnukka

    @thacarterII, WOW…. You can watch a music video and actually comprehend that your watching a music video, GOOD FOR YOU! @Ushhs that cheap ass’ mansion is something you will NEVER have. I’m done.

  • tez

    R kelly is a legend, king of rnb

  • ymcmb

    Lil Wayne Is The Best Rapper Alive! He Is In The Illuminati Its All Hidding In His Videos i been fan since 2004

  • Kaplun

    I have been a wayne fan since day 1, love weezy, always went out my way to rep him and fought for him with others that he is the greatest….but lets be honest d5 was good maybe even just ok, not great, and this mixtape was supposed to prove he is the best and has not fallen off. Carter 2, 3, drought 3, dedication 2 are classics!!!! He even went on twitter and apologized to his fans and promised to be better. Weezy is amazing, he is a legend, Best Rapper OF ALLL TIME because of the run he had in 05-09, its legendary, lets be honest. However he hasn’t matured……he raps about the same stuff with worse metaphors

    Danny and everybody else tell me what you think about this….

    Weezy needs to retire! Yes i said it, he needs to retire for say 2, 3 or even 4 years, he needs to live his life, he deserves it. Let him enjoy life, get some new life stories, mature etc. ….

    Then when the game is hungry, everyone is going to be begging for WEEZY, then drop a monster mixtape with an album and NOOOO ONE WILL EVER DOUBT WEEZY AGAIN!!!!

    Danny and everyone else how you feel about this??

  • Loyal fan

    Dope vid!!!

    Cream>dedication 5<

  • lilwaynelover

    I agree in sum parts but I think that if he just put time into his music no 1 will dout he is da best and he should NOT retire and also like other ppl say he should put that sk8 board down for a wile and put time and effort in to his music but I still love him tho and I will be his fan either way. wayanic 4 life!!!

  • lilwaynelover

    I love waynes music tho but I think I could be da best for everyone not only me

  • @CrunkstaRapsta

    Does lil wayne only smoke weed and codeine??. . . Please download my track too :

  • Ushhs

    @volcomnukka Didnt Call It A Cheap Mansion BITCH I Called YMCMB Cheap For Usin The Same Mansion Like Five Times & I Wasnt Talkin To You FUXK NIGGA

  • @kaplun, shut ur bitch ass up, nd stop wit those bullshit pretence of being a fan. As far as i know d5 is a dope mixtape probably the best in d last 5years, nd in case u haven’t heard d mixtape check out 4 songs lyk cream (100000x better dan d Wu teng own), you song, pure colombia, levels they all shit on ur favourite rapper catalog.

  • @kaplun, also check out 4 dis punchline “my navigation system told me death’s around d corner” dats a legendary punchline if u ask me, it’ll probably knock em Klitchko brothers out lol.

  • Mase

    @fem are dumb? That’s a basic as punch line! Learn yo shit, “ma g’s move in silence like lasagna” now that’s a line! And cream and you song are know where near good as you claim, fuckin problems, started, dont kill, new slaves and typa way kill those songs learn yo sh!t even chuckie killed those songs you claim are “good”. You been a wayne fan sense carter 4.

  • bojangle

    I laugh when ppl say something Wayne said is simple yet nobody says the half the shit weezy says. Quit hatin

  • @mase its obvious ur psycopathic ass know nutin bout rap, you song is a classic, wayne was on some story telling shit on dat one nd chance d rapper was on dat andre3000 flow nd cream was 100% carter2 wayne nd even more. Nd u have d guts 2 compare it wit started where he was talkin 2 much bout pussy nd replicating drakes flow, even worse u compard it to chukee’s verse smh, i don’t think d cerebrum in ur homophylic head is convulated, u autistic retard.

  • @mase in case u haven’t heard d mixtape, it got punchlines lyk i’m not an artist but dis is where i draw d line, my diamond grill makes it hard to see im lying through my teeth, b4 she realise she’s been swindled i’ll b cleanin dat luv bird shit out my window, pass dat weed around lyk its contageous, d drug got me num so i don’t feel ashame, smoking on dat strong sumtin lyk hercules, i know i aint gon fall even if im power tripping, dis chumps aint even got chump change, money make d world go 360, i had to change d face of my rolex shout out lil kim ( refering to lil kim face plastic surgery ) soon as i learn how to talk i talk bizness, they are many more but im tired of typing lol.

  • Ed!

    My god !! R. Kelly change men… I Thing he Gose to YMCMB
    Good Video !
    Fuckin hot Models in the Backround i Wanna fuck those Hose men!!!!!

  • WayneEcko

    “Just shot a video with R. Kelly but no homo do”

  • Fr33styl3r

    @Danny you forgot to add d5 on mixtapes 🙂

  • @all em haters around, d5 also got punchlines lyk i’ll sell my work to niggas dat are workaholic, niggas follow my lead nd i ain’t even moses, im flying private in cloud nine, niggas feed dis bitches lies don’t try to food poison my hoe, i’ve been out here gettin bread i don’t need u up in my loaf, when im through wit balling i coach, if u stick ur neck out here i’ll have my goons up in ur throat, i found d way lyk it’s hiddig 4rm me, tell dis rat my a.k go ratatat lyk a snare drum. Nd this lines aint even 4rm 2 tracks they are all in one song.

  • $iMbaDC FWM ZiM,,,,BiXz

    Ahahhahahahahah,,,laMe VidEo,,baaa g8 trX ere

  • -goes back to listening way I’m balling, D5
    all good must come to an end like this blunt burnin my finger tips. NIEL ARMSTRONG

  • Takata

    Everyone who says D5 is better than No Ceilings is fuckin deaf in both ears hands Down

  • @Danny, I noticed sumtin on d d5 artwork, I zoomed it and saw ‘LWHQ’ on wayne’s tats;;; @ d left side of his stomach;;; anybody notice it????

  • Yaya

    Everyone noticed it since the artwork was released u fucking retard kill yourself

  • @takata nobody said d5 is better dan no cielings u bitch nd yall shouldn’t even act lyk no cielings ain’t got wack tracks on it tho, wetter was in no cielings nd it’s mediocre as fuck nd on d no cielings track in which he featured birdman he was talking bout pussy through out wit a dope flow tho.

  • ”you’ll be batman and i’ll be robbin’ the bank”.that shit is dope as fuck.weezy’s way of thinking is amazing,incredible,out of this world and straight to mars,lol…he is the best!

  • ruffbuff716

    Na UOENO when hes like ive been gettin bread why u all up in my loaf

  • @Yaya, fuck u pussyassnigga, I’m sure u jst fuckin’ noticed it… Talk shit n I’mma have a buldozer on ur mama’s ass, jst look @ ur name, who’s d retard here, u jst a fuck nigga with a fuck name, ur shoes cum frm bakeries, I mean who answers Yaya, I’m pretty sure u live under a rock…

  • krema jr

    op ma nikka wayne drops anada mixxtape afta da european tour.sht getn turnt up

  • There was a fuck nigga here sayin’, d worldplays and metaphors Wayne used in d5 are simple; well to that nigga; nt all man;; wat abt dis ‘what if u and I were just letters, shit that would be unfortunate cuz I’ll have to rob a fortunate teller’, I think u av to check rapgenius to get what he meant in the second part… He said this line in ‘You Song’

  • khosta

    D5 is almost as dope as the carter 4 with the punchlines

  • kool video. i only watched to see R Kelly….

  • krema jr

    @dannym da TRIPPLE OG DVD TRAILLER just droppd n weezy is on it

  • Best

    I love the song and video, they all killed it. YMCMB still winning!

  • Drez

    got a bilion bitches im lookin for the one that got away & since all thess niggas watchen ask em fore the time of day

  • Young Teezy

    da video iz dope my bro lil wayne did it again my unc stunna did it again shout out to my homie R kelly YMCMB RICH GANG x FGM x B.W.A x L.A.T #1

    Free Flow
    Martians 4 Life

  • fancy

    Drake the type of nigga that will go in a car wash with no car

  • Johny

    Drake the type of nigga that will take his girl to a restaraunt & pull a seat out for everybody that sits down

  • Don

    I wish everybody would just stop making comparisons to his other mixtapes smh damn learn to just enjoy. If you can’t then just don’t listen

  • Keondria

    Nice video hi sexy pooh!!

  • Tunechi96


  • call me WEEZY F baby nd d ‘F’ is for Fly out if u ha’inq

    “I dance wif the devil in my dream, wake up and still here the same sound”, “I got niqqas on my side, yhu got niqqas on ya back” dn’t knw how yhu guys see those line buh to me they dope #winks#

    Who the heck said #D5 ain’t Dope???

    Lyk bit5# a$$ yhu breath thru ya a$$ hole. Righ?????

  • Peace Of Mind

    Hate it or love it, Wayne is still got da best metaphors n punchlines in da rap game even tho he half da rapper he was… U b!txh n!gs whinin bout Wayne rappin only bout p*ssy but 2 me, he got different metaphors for every track n it never gets borin

  • Tuneforlife

    Lil Wayne killed in this song! One of the best verses from him lately I just wish it was longer.

  • lordbyron

    lil Wayne still the man just keep that in mind when you listen to all the other rap out there

  • Wadup 5!!!

    Nicki minaj,paris hilton like five up in this bitch!

  • DallasTexas

    Y’all are dumb as fuck. First of all wayne is the best to ever fucking do it. PERIOD. No one has done what he has done. And no one will. Killing mixtape after mixtape, feature after feature. He would release a new song every other day. The run he had between 2004-2010 was amazing and unforgettable and will go down in history (if you a true hip hop fan and no fucking wayne hater) He was on the radio every other song. I mean who can forget the memorial songs “Crying out for me” “You ain’t know” “You” “Lost” “Damn I’m cold” “Screw up” and so on and so on.. Wayne made those songs even tho he was feature and like 1000 other songs. That was Wayne’s peak, you can’t go any higher than that. Wayne is a ledgen and still going hard.

  • Levon winstead

    Follow me on IG: kid_baller3

  • All u guys r the reason rap is dying. u all fytin each otha to prove the same damn point. STFU. errbody know weezy dope. Seriously, I don’t think d cerebrum in ur homophylic heads is convulated, u autistic retard. #stolenBUTlegal

  • tha carter II

    @ushhs stfu nigga nobody need yo dumbass 2cent sit yo 5 dolla ass down 4 I make change nigga

  • Rich gang….! we re d best…tunechi