The Rappers Who Influence Young Thug Are “Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne & Lil Wayne”

Mon, Mar 17, 2014 by

In a recent interview with FADER, Young Thug mentioned that his musical influences are Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne, and Lil Wayne.

Also during the interview, Thugger confirms that he is affiliated with YMCMB after saying his label status right now is Rich Gang, says Birdman is like a real father to him, explains how he felt after Nicki Minaj jumped on his “Danny Glover” song, adds that he is working with everyone in YMCMB from girls to guys to kids, and more.

Young Thug must feel on top of the world right now after performing with his idol Wayne at the weekend and also recording a song with him!

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  • Matt

    Need a thugga and weezy song in my iTunes asap

  • Danny

    My idol too… Lil Wayne.

  • alex

    Uhh gaaay!

  • Time

    “If it ain’t about no lean I don’t care”

    This nigga reminds me so much of the old Wayne.

    • ted


      • Nexoduss

        Lol Idk who’s worse this dude or future

        • YMCorey

          You mad pussy??

          • Nexoduss

            How could I be mad when I’m deepstroking your mom’s pussy

            • YMCorey

              But u have a mangina

              • Nexoduss

                Good comeback douchebag

    • Young Cuban

      I really wish i could downvote your comment.

      • Time

        You can tho

  • Who heard young thug new song with tyga today? It’s sooooo good.

    • Jbadd504

      Correction, Tygas verse was good lol……I cant get into young thug man..dudes a joke and his music really does sound like shit….and I rarely ever say that about anyone

    • Skenny

      Young thug in my opinion is wack as F

  • St3v3n

    All of my cups so muddy!

  • Paul

    Young thug fuckn sucks he cant rap for shit and is a faggot…now I see why Drake doesn’t really fuck with ymcmb that much anymore they keep signing these horrible no talent rappers, ymcmb is turning into a joke

    • Weezus F Baby

      Right !

    • blahhh

      But drake has a song with him

      • Paul

        No he don’t

        • blahhh

          They have a new single coming out

        • adam

          young thug – ewww feat. drake droppin soon

          • Skenny

            “ewww” ??????????????????????? oh man I gotta kill myself .

    • paul mama sucked my dick

      man stfu wayne and drake and ymcmb still cool wayne JUST accepted a award for drake at the woodie awards last night you dumb fuck!!! just cause he isnt holding hands and skipping down the street with him doesnt mean he dont fuck with them. you ol’ fag ass nigga

      • Paul

        Mann shut that shit up


      STFU and get a life word of #advice instead of expressing your views about a nigga and company who give two shits about you go do something constructive like read a book or get a job and no you don’t have one cause if you did your lame ass would be to busy to be taking time out ya day to comment on nigga you don’t like lmao

      • Paul

        How you gonna call somebody lame for posting on this website when yo dumb ass just posted on this website smh..nigga you stupid as fuck you just made yourself look real dumb nigga

        • CARTERSOSA

          Wtf can you not read you dumbass I clearly said your fucking lame as fuck for taking time out your day to come to website to hate on a nigga that don’t give a fuck about you…..I clearly am not hating on your dumb ass and I like Wayne that’s why I’m on this site unlike dumb ass niggas like you who cant read and go on websites to talk shit lmao your a fucking idiot

  • Weezus F Baby

    Fuckin Fake Ass Wayne I Don’t Fuck With Him Or His Music && Stoner Is Probably The Most Ignorant Song Of 2014

  • Don_Hooper19

    Didn’t they say stoner remix Wayne would be on it

    • Basedchiefsouljatune

      Nahhhh thugga said in an interview that he would try and get weezy on the remix but nothing got confirmed

      • Don_Hooper19

        Oh ok

  • Deontre Lewis

    Is this nigga on crack? He stay inchin in shit , ….shakin for no fucking reason lol

    • Skenny

      I hate young thug

    • G121390

      lol…Yes, he admitted to being hooked on crack. I dont know if he said before or still is but once a fiend always a fiend. He couldnt lie if he wanted to look at em….. i cant stand his ass he oozes shady-ness ….#whothefuckisyoungthug

      • TREDO

        bruuuuuuu ….u super late u really went to a post a year ago lol

        • G121390

          Ha ha u replied tho.,.,, i hate young thug i cant help it any chance to go in on his lame ass will be taken advantage of…. But yes i seen that after i had already posted the comment. My bad im human…….. All i know is if i walked in ass naked this mofo would probably be like “get this bitch outta here….. Where my daddy?” He was on some gay shit then n he on some gay shit now.
          Please dont take my sarcasm personally its my opinion n isnt meant to start a comment war.

  • Michael

    Man I’m not really a fan of these new rappers like Young Thug, Cheif Keef, Migos etc. I look at them as a joke like why are record labels even signing them. Do they really see any talent in them ? I miss the days when YM was just Wayne, Drake, Nicki, Tyga, Jae Millz, Twist, Chuckee, Shannell, Gudda, Mack etc. but now they just signing everyone that makes just a banger. To many one hit wonders getting signed to record labels. That’s why rap is becoming a joke now days. Don’t get me wrong, some of the shit sounds nice but I don’t count it as rap. I still fuck with YMCMB and will always support them cause I grew up listening to Wayne all the time, but they just need to chill on signing all these artist and rethink if they really have talent. Only good artist they have signed lately is Euro. Some of y’all can disagree with me but that’s just what I think. My bad for all this essay shit lol

    • Jbadd504

      This nigga itching and scratching like a dope fiend….and can barely talk straight… is this shit man…

    • YMCorey

      Atl run the rap game fool

    • Skenny

      You right .

    • Best

      Young Thug is not that bad. I have never listen to Chief Keef songs, but Migos is not a rapper to me, I don’t know why he keeps rapping

  • JayHighAss

    ” I might Fck round & do a song with birdman young son ” lmfao

  • jay1282

    all these new rappers coming out wont make it my phone.. they sound horrible all the do is say one catchy line and say it over and over again.. I will never listen to rich homie anything young thug tranidad james…just lil wayne old and new

  • Flare the Truth STREET

    This skinny nigga on Straight drugs NO FUCKING DOUBT

    This cat is weird af he itching to sell his Soul got dammit!

  • Sk Vice Off

    Okay lets get something good out of this I have a question

    If “it ain’t bout no rap” then what is it “bout” for you and how good are you delivering that message to the people you’ll be sending it out to? Matter of fact, What will you be trying to send out to the people?

  • asdfghjkl

    U guys know there is a snippet of a new wayne song with 2Chainz & Ye?

    • Dayne

      doubt it. where?

    • Ryan M

      Where is the snippet ???

  • Tahir
  • swaggg

    am a stoner, am a stoner, and am a stoner

  • Mack

    Our favorite rapper kissed his “Father” in the mouth on several occasion up until the picture came out that he really KISSED BIRD MAN in the mouth, then old footage came out of him doing it, So are we really going to question the sexuality of This guy and Just act like Wayne never did no sus shit in the past? Really?

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    hes itching so much because of the codeine , the opiates make u itch

  • TheTruth

    this dude itching so much IM ITCHING.. wtf wrong with him?

  • JustAGuy234

    wayne and baby kissing was a suspect thing no way around it but they were able to move past that even tho they had pics of em kissing and they kissed live on BET 106 & Park. but that was it. YOung thug strikes me as two things: possibly gay and a dirty mafucker. he looks like he aint showered in years and you cant be on no dirtball shit now that youre a famous rapper. lol….

    and yeah he got that Ray Charles junky itch goin on smfh

    • Godo Zilla

      You gay for judging another man.

      • JustAGuy234

        you wild corny… which thing i said was homosexual? because the guy looks dirty? if u see a human being that looks dirty and you state that opinion that is in no way gay. nor is saying he has a junky itch. notice he cant sit still just like ray Charles when he was on heroin. keep your corny ideologies of what makes someone gay the fuck outta here.


  • Misunderstood

    Young thugs songs go hard as f.

  • Skenny

    Man young thug is bullshit
    I hope he goes hard with weezy

  • Kayode Owolabi

    seems young thug is on drugs from the way he keeps scratching!

  • King Sosa Bitch

    If anything Young Thug has the most talent out of any of the new niggas they signed. He is the most original sounding artist. Danny Glover my shit!!

  • Wiz Khalifa been on them clothes boy catch up to Wiz that’s what everybody needs to do.

  • Wiz Khalifa been on them clothes man the whole music industry needs to carch up to Wiz.

  • Tp3 da truth

    This nigga jus said he would buy his mama a new heart an brain he was dead ass serious wit the shit