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Birdman Believes “Tha Carter V” Will Not Be Lil Wayne’s Last Album, Upcoming YMCMB Songs

Thu, Mar 6, 2014 by

Birdman Believes Tha Carter 5 Will Not Be Lil Wayne Last Album, Confirms Upcoming YMCMB Songs

During NBA All-Star Weekend In New Orleans, WorldStarHipHop caught up with Birdman for an interview, which you can watch below.

Baby talks about his YMCMB artists Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga, as well as his industry friends Young Thug and Rick Ross.

The #1 Stunna believes that Tha Carter V will not be Weezy‘s last album before he retires and mentions that Thugger has a collaboration with Tune on the way (he must be happy).

Birdman also confirmed that there will be an official remix to Young Thug‘s “Danny Glover” single featuring the YMCMB family and that Thugger‘s next single titled “Eww” will feature Drizzy!

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  • 2unechi

    waitin for that ym album to leak just for Moment. I doubt C5 would be his last either. still got Big Tymers, LFLS2, Devol etc. so hopefully those come out as well

    • Jason


  • Nfs444

    Lil Wayne said himself on The Carter Documentary that he wouldn’t retire until he’s 35… even then he says he will be the “Brett Favre” of rap and keep coming back. He’s only 31 right now so I say we’ve got at least 4 more years of music out of him.

  • Young Cuban

    I don’t think he needs to retire, but i do think he needs to take a break. Like Jay Z did back in 2003, after he dropped ” The Black Album” and took 3 years off, Wayne bars hasn’t been up to par as of late, and i know he still has what it takes to drop another classic album. I just think he needs to take a long break, rest up and open his mind to new words.

    • T.D.E

      Yea I agree I think he needs to take about 2-3 years off after C5. He needs to rest and get refreshed. If u think about it, wayne been droppin albums and projects every year since the start of his career. Tbh if he takes a 2-3 year break, I guarantee he will come back refreshed and ready to murder these rappers just like he did in 2005-2007. Part of the reason why he fell off is because he is tired. He’s done so much that he cant really think of anything else. He works way too hard and he definitely needs to take a break after C5. So yea after C5 he should take the break, focus on his kids for a bit, and just live his life and breathe for a moment. After his break he will come back to the game refreshed and ready to go!!!!!! Like I said I guarantee it

      • brandon

        i think 2009 to now are waynes best years except for tor the rebirth album he seemed refresh after getting off the syrup faster tempo he seemed more energized a lot of people say da drought 2 and 3 are his best mix tapes and i went back and listened to them and i had to turn it off after a few songs my fav mix tapes are no ceilings D4 and D5 and i the C4 was better than C3

        • Shadra

          Ctfu wait a min…….If u think C4 was better than C3 and D4 and D5 was better than the droughts then you need to go jump off a cliff bitch!!!!!!!!

          • brandon

            aint no need for name calling homie u like wayne better then i like wayne better now thats all

          • Brandon Harris

            at the end of the day he gets paid millions to make words rhyme we could all do that if we wanted too were going to support him through the good songs and the bad so who cares what u like and don’t like

        • DGettn2DaMoNeY

          idk bout drought 2 but drought 3 is easily a top 5 mixtape of all time 2 disc no skits bars on every song (aside from the intro/outro)

          • Brandon Harris

            thats cool man their songs i can pick out that i like but as a whole i just like D4 n d5 better

            • DGettn2DaMoNeY

              iget it ilove d4 and d5 also jus statin my opinion

        • JustAGuy234

          i’m not some shit talker but im curious did you ACTUALLY listen to wayne forreal before 2009? I have a hard time understanding how you could think 09-14 wayne is better than Dedication 1-3, Carter 1-3, The drought series, SQAD series, Prefix, The Block is hot, 500 degreez and the countless features and remixes he jumped on (we taking over, im so hood, make it rain etc.) — the best thing/ONLY TRULY amazing (not ok, not pretty good but AMAZING) thing wayne did from 09-14 was No Ceilings

          respect tho

    • Nathan Bryant

      I agree he probably could use a break, but I also think he needs to open his mind to new content. Really be opened minded and take his craft much further then the shallow punchlines. I would like him to reinvent himself like he did when he was hot. He completely changed his flow and and upped his lyrical ability a few years ago. I want him to go even further and have content with lyrical ability that go over heads. Distance himself from other artist He’s not a rapper that I can say he needs to slow or dump it down for others to understand his content

      • Frank

        Its dumb dumbass

    • Weezy

      u say that now and when theres no music out, y’all gon be like “we need new music”..dkm lmao!

    • YMCMB Of America

      I am affiliated with ymcmb and Wayne is currently working on Tha carter V cover but he sent me the tracklist so here it is

      Here is the tracklist:

      1. Tune In (Intro)

      2. “AL!VE (Co-Intro) feat (Chris Brown)

      3. T.B.H (Freestyle) feat (Kendrick Lamar)

      4. “Moment”

      5. Kray

      6. “Here For The Night” feat (Drake)

      7. “Stop Playin”

      8. O.N.E feat (Pharrell, Nas, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, & Diddy)

      9. Get It Crackin’

      10. Alone feat (Mary J. Bldge)

      11. Everyday Life

      12. Sh*t Happens feat (Ty Dolla sign)

      13. Astronaut Music

      14. You Ain’t Real feat (Que)

      15. Thug Shit

      16. Man Of My Word feat ( Andre 3000, Yo Gotti, & Meek Mill)

      17. Legendz (Outro)

      Deluxe Edition Tracks:

      18. Bigger Picture feat ( The Weekend)

      19. F*ck Love

      20. My F.A.M feat (Detail)

      • TwizzieTwitch

        nigga its not real and if it was real you;d be risking your job at YM gtfo the website

      • Bang

        i believe when I see

    • Lacia

      Lil wayne is not Jay z bro.
      And Weezy dsnt rap for u bro.
      We enjoying his music bro,and if u dont FUCK OFF

  • Any Ideas On When The YM Album Will Leak ?

  • Vukani Mavura

    Danny why u didn’t post the snipet of moment

  • Michael

    Damn Trophies is such a tough ass beat, I wish the whole YMCMB squad jumped on that track for a remix. Wayne, Nicki, Cory, Euro, Tyga just everybody man, it’d be such a great song !

    • brandon

      leave tyga off any thing YM does lol

      • DGettn2DaMoNeY

        Tyga is a very good artist on YM y leave him out?

        • Brandon Harris

          i think every rapper goes through droughts in their career were your like cmon really thats what u came up with i know u can do better than that sometimes like wayne. and i think tyga is in a drought right now

  • jbadd504

    Stunna man Thursday’s !

  • Countin’AllDay

    Hey Danny you should put up the video of Cory gunz and Euro freestylin’ for some radio station. #impressive

  • Little Boss

    It’d be a blessing to hear Carter 10 I’m d.a. I love wayne so fuckin much nd I will never hate him regardless of wat he does


      What if he touched lil boys and turn gay

      • Little Boss

        That won’t make me gay so he will still be my favorite rapper of all time. Matter that nigga get too much pussy lol

  • xgoblin

    I don’t think Wayne should retire i think he needs to slooow down, he’s burning himself out flushing out all these projects back to back…i mean like seriously do we really need a father like son 2 and devol?..he should just drop an album every two years and or so like other artist

  • The God

    I hope c5 has like a demolition part 3 with just him , and that waynes world song on there to, he said after he releases waynes world it would make other rappers put they mic up

  • JustAGuy234

    Young Thug is a gross lookin dirtball, come on homie you in the public light and you makin a lil money now you gotta practice basic hygiene smfh.

    But anyway so Wayne might be on Danny Glover (YMCMB Remix) as birdman just said, also another song with thugga, and drake on a song called Eww/ill i think that should be a good amount of songs + Moment from R.o.a.E album should hold us over until C5

  • Guest

    The song Moment leaked already


      Shit where don’t play

      • THA CARTER V-May 5th

        Moment has leaked y’all! FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT MY TWITTER!




          Got it thanks

        • nfs444

          You’re name should be “THA CARTER V-May 5th, 2015” not “THA CARTER V-May 5th” LOL you already know Wayne be repping all 5’s

    • Skenny

      Link iittt!!!!!!!


    Oh shit it did moment out


    Oh wow wayne killed em shit he murdered everyone and left


    This that carter5 it’s like on my final caper


    No wayne they wasn’t ready oh lord


    Why you killem on that moment song oh lord

  • Cj Heard

    Ayeee y’all moment by lil wayne just dropped and i gotta say this Nigga wayne is trying to prove something!!

    • 6mile-ju

      true im listening to it now

  • THA CARTER V-May 5th



    • BlackMamba

      you’re late son lol

      • THA CARTER V-May 5th

        lol nah bro i’ve been spreading this on my twitter since it came out, i only recently came to this site to share it. trust me bro, I was spreading this first when it came out

  • THA CARTER V-May 5th

    Moment has leaked y’all! FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT MY TWITTER!



  • BlackMamba

    moment is pretty good…it’s a step in the right direction


    Moment going to my favorite weezy songs playlist I got like 4000 songs in that list


    Who produced moment t minus ?

    • THA CARTER V-May 5th

      Anthony Lee Norris

      Follow me on twitter for all the latest news!


  • YungLesTxMade

    My moment just leaked! Wayne killed it

  • Weezy

    moment went hard..production coulda been better..shoulda added adlibs to his verses

  • Glenn

    I’m smoking gettin head lookin down tryna read lips” my nigga Wayne killed moment C5 may 5

  • TwizzieTwitch

    Waynes “Moment” is a fuckin warning listen tot he lyrics “All i been doing is celebrating” ” already made my mark please dont think i just pop corks” Carter 5 i feel like im on my final caper” this nigga works so hard he basically just told y’all dont think i fell off. and he even shut up pusha t “all y’all that lashed out i’ll come see what thats bout” and in carter 4 on “Abortion” he said “I just bought a new attitude” if that means anything to y’all. but this song is a motherfucking warning/anthem!

    • TBRA

      ..speechless. “All ya that lashed out, ill come see what thats bout, but you dont need to call a fireman to put a mothafuckin match out.” (kendrick diss?)

      • Really … REALLY Kendrick ? How About “The World” That Shit Went Directly Towards Anyone Who thought Wayne Was “Falling Off” Smh Kendrick My Ass Dude Dropped His Album 2012 Just Passed A Million Mark FOH

  • wiseman91

    brah wayne aint anything average in 7 months

  • tyty

    Wayne proving he the best to ever rap on moment bruh! Rns!

  • veezus

    Lil Wayne moment killah,

  • wayne should drop C5 & ‘retire’ for a year. spend a lot of time on C6 and the production of it and then have a massive comeback.

  • Best

    I don’t want Wayne to retire. He should take some break like 2 or 3 years

  • we finally going to get to hear a young thug and weezy song

  • Mikey

    I pray to God, Allah, and Zeus that birdman is right and Tha Carter V is not Weezy’s last album

  • inewwiththis .

    i love it i laught a lot. and that bottel is half of me

  • David

    Lil Wayne das nothing need to retire BC he is the best rapper alive

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  • Antwain Williams

    wayne been out since i was in 7th grade hotboyz was why we rocked soldier rees an saconys back then wayne is bored he just need a break to get into new ventures dudes a workaholic he just gotta rest for a while fuck retirement