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Trailer & More Sneak Peeks Of Lil Wayne’s Interview With Elliott Wilson For CRWN [Videos]

Tue, Mar 18, 2014 by

Trailer & More Sneak Peeks Of Lil Wayne Interview With Elliott Wilson For CRWN

As we already know, Elliott Wilson interviewed Lil Wayne for his CRWN series during SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 14th.

A trailer for the interview that you can watch after the jump below has been released, which shows Weezy F Baby in his dressing room and Elliott Wilson asking him why he thinks us fans connect to his music.

Also after the jump below, you can watch a few sneak peek clips from Elliott‘s interview with Tune were he speaks on Cash Money still being relevant after all these years, his relationship with Birdman, his passion for sports, losing someone who was like a second mom to him, his favorite athletes, early sports memories, being locked up in Rikers Island, and reacts to getting asked about if he is getting married again.

The official first installment from the CRWN interview will premiere online tomorrow!

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  • Emil

    First comment, my time to shine, i wanna thank everybody, my family my friends, especially my mom and dad, Thank you all for your support.

  • YM Nation

    Can’t wait for the full interview!

  • Turn up

    RIP to Wayne’s second mom 🙁

  • I like how he didnt answer if he was getting married or not lol.

  • Frank


  • Just waiting on them other parts of the interview! 🙂

  • They misspelled Rikers on the 3rd video lol

  • fewcha

    waiting patiently for the c5 single ya heard mere

  • Tflames Bitch

    No matter wut he tlkn bout or who the interview is with….wayne STAY relevant yeh dig

  • Jbadd504

    Dear lord, I just want one weezy interview, I wanna sit there press play and enjoy..looks like were gonna be getting clips of interviews for weeks on that woody award shit alone.

  • nfs444

    Lil Wayne Carter 5 album cover just dropped… Damn Danny M you are late again!

    • Jbadd504

      Lol no way thats the art work…

      • Tune Up

        Ikr the face pic is from 06-07.

      • MRsandmanJR

        Yeah it’s actually real. I just checked

        • Jbadd504

          Nahh.. I know better than that lol.

      • devin

        Lmao hell no, that cant be it

    • wat a fuckin idiot u are

    • xgoblin

      You got too much time on your hands

    • Lageon

      This pic been around since 2011

    • hiphopfan

      This nigga looks old as fuck, no way this is the real cover

    • LILpunjabiIndia

      Check this out!

    • lilpunjabi

      Check this out, real one, dope one

    • lilpunjabiindia

      This is real

      • nfs444

        one of your covers is an edited version of The Leak 5 LOL

        • nfs444

          Told you

  • Aaron

    “I went to the day room today, played cards, whopped a nigga ass in Uno”

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Hoping Gudda is featured on the first single off C5

    • fewcha

      no we need a future hook on it

    • Skenny

      Fuck you



  • Lageon

    I ain’t gon watch the parts cuz I don’t wanna spoil it. I don’t wanna be watching part 1 and knowing what he’s gonna say

  • Part 1 ? Smh Gonna Have A Nigga Waiting …

  • Christian

    Lol, trailers and sneak peaks? A lot of hype for an interview.

    • Weezy

      Lmao I feel u

  • devin

    How come danny didnt post bang snippet

    • Tune Up

      Some people aren’t 100% sure if the song is real or not. Guess we will find out when it drops.

    • Cause it’s fake.

  • Tune Up

    It’s Tha Carter muhfucka, I came back around… Dope!

  • Nathan Bryant

    It really annoys me when people say “pause”. Who assumes you’re gay now for what you say? If it’s used in the right and legitimate context, then what’s gay to think about it? You’re a kid and you’re crying on your family members or close family figure chest, on their arms.. That’s perfectly normal.
    Anyways, Wayne is always entertaining during interviews.

  • mortimerr2014

    I hope the snippet with 2 chainz and future isn’t a c5 track. I don’t want features for c5 if anything Em,nas, Kendrick , jay etc. if it is the single hopefully it’s just the like ‘lollipop’ of c5

  • Weezy

    Possible Carter V cover

    • Tune Up

      lol nah.

  • Weezy

    bet y’all part 1 gon be most of what we got today

  • Tune Up


    • Glenn

      If that was real it would be clean af fareal

      • Tune Up

        I made these in PS, these are just my prediction’s of what I think he will probably do with the original cover.

  • jackiozz

    1- The Death of Tunechi

    2- The Rebirth of Lil Wayne (feat. The Hot Boys)

    3- Trina’s Room (feat. Drake and Trina)

    4- Something You Forgot pt. 2 (feat. Andre 3000)

    5- The Redemption

    6- Final Atonement (feat. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon) (Method Man on hook duty)

    7- Lighting up My La La La pt. 2 (feat. Jay Electronica)

    8- Rap Legacy (feat. Nas and Jay-Z)

    9- Fly Out for Good (feat. Posthumous 2pac and Biggie verses)

    10- Momma Name Cita

    11- Best Rapper Alive, the Crowning

    12- A New Chapta (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

    13- Dwayne Carter

    14- Rehabilitation (feat. Eminem)

    15- This is Goodbye


      Nigga u chri$$$

    • Skenny

      Fake .

    • bb5132014

      no lie this would be legendary if it was true


    Love women cherish every moment with them. Make them feel special and needed. Always hug, kiss and talk to them, but most importantly RE$PECT THEM!!!!

  • C5 !
    May 5th, #JustWaitOnIt …

  • Sk Laflare


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