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Nicki Minaj Speaks On If She Will Be Featured On Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album

Mon, May 19, 2014 by

Yesterday, Rap-Up TV got the chance to chop it up with Nicki Minaj on the red carpet at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During their interview, Nicki spoke on the Pills N Potions” single, her upcoming The Pink Print album, and if Drake will be featured on the project.

The Young Money Barbie also mentioned that Lil Wayne had sent her something for Tha Carter V, but she does not know if it will make the album just yet.

Would you like to see another Minaj and Weezy collaboration on C5?

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  • Chrizzy

    Hell yeah nikki on C5

  • dejay

    Can’t wait to here them both spazz out on a beat shud be tough

  • Quit

    Nicki needs to be on c5

  • mortimerr2014

    Id rather have nicki then shanel or beiber. So why not. She’s been killin shit lately. Just no Barbie shit straight spittin over a beat I’m all ears

  • fewcha

    i don’t want her on carter 5, did you not hear her verse on lay you down off IANAHB2? that song was terrible and by far the worst on the album


      Only song I have saved from carter 4 is,the interlude with Tech N9ne and Andre 3k. Wayne will not deliver for c5 and you know it deep down as a fan but for some reason you can’t move on

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        what u talking about carter four for? you got the wrong album looool

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          Making a,point most irrelevant one in the group still dresses like a bum

          • Lethu

            And here you are!

      • The Carter 4 wasn’t horrible, it had great quality songs. Y’all just bandwagon the shit talk.

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          Just trying to see where I said c4 was horrible.

        • Khosta

          no C4 was the best lil wayne album, you guys don’t understand the song on C4 that’s why

      • TinaTurnup

        Yo hairline looks like its moved on.

        • Time


        • Young Hitta

          Lmao that hairline singing started from the bottom now we here

      • YoungJT1092

        Cuz John, Mirror, 6 Foot 7 Foot, Nightmares of the Bottom, and Megaman were just horrible right? Naw, you gotta be 100% bandwagon.

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          Stfu.. quality music is quality music. And I never said it was horrible. Just the best song on the album far as skill and just spittin. Those songs you named have no real impact like carter 3&2 wayne & mixtape wayne. And nightmares of the bottom was horrible compared to the live version he did

          • YoungJT1092

            My nigga, I know C2 and C3 and the legendary 2006-08 mixtape run was the truth. John wasnt a deep song, but dammit it was hard as all hell. But if you sittin there tellin me C4 was worst than or just as good as D4, IANAHB2 or D5 (all of which had few bangers if given a fair shot) then that’s fucked up.

          • YoungJT1092

            And Mirror was quality music! It was nothing but depth.

          • Saïf Aree Tugood

            John didn’t have impact?

          • Ye’

            Carter 4 sold more first week than C2 what was that impact thing you was talking? Sorry 4 the wait 2nd most downloaded mixtape of all time

            • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

              i’m not surprised with delusional fans like yall still exist.. Plus that only happened Bc of C3’s success from lollipop which 95% of the credit goes to static Major bc Wayne didn’t even wanna do “record.. .. after that all they really cared about was sales.. And you and the rest of yall zombies caught up too. Just fall for anything.. The man’s songs,are pointless and meaningless most of the time.. That’s fine but keep him in his,lane bc he is notva great or better than anyone.. Just comes up with metaphors,like he’s playing a word game that doesn’t have nothing to do with purpose.. Anybody can learn how to rap all he,does is,make up shit and brag.. Weezy f baby the f is for a thousand different things.. Only thing special about him was his,voice because it was addicting .. And that was bc he was drugged out.. He rarely has a different flow.. Just keep him in his,lane .. In his,own world.. Numbers and money don’t mean shit if Kesha and lady gaha getting million and millions for trash

              • Ye’

                Numbers don’t mean anything?? So the fact that kendrick sales more than anyone else in TDE is a coincidence ? Mad city sold more than I am not a human being 2 coincidence? STFU you have no facts behind anything you say you try to diss wayne and end up not proving anything for your favorite artist in the same breath ignorant at least have a good argument coming here with that trash

                • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                  Kendrick album came out oct. 22 2012 .. Schoolboy q came out feb. 25th 2014 .. Soul and Rock have yet to drop.. They drop this,summer.. Kendrick debuted at #2 .. Gkmc.. and Schoolboy Q debut at #1.. Oxymoron.. Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo ep better than oxymoron but it didn’t sale more.. Gkmc better than oxymoron but it still debut at #2 while oxymoron hit #1 .. And Maad city is my least favorite on the album bc I didn’t like his voice.. If it’s the most purchased it’s bc when he does it live it’s dope.. But I don’t see your point.

                • Ye’

                  Kendrick sales the most in TDE because he’s the dopest in TDE numbers don’t lie that’s why wayne does what he’s does just STFU & go somewhere

                • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                  At this point Nicki and birdman the best in the group

      • D M C

        U didnt save 6 foot 7 foot, she will, John, nightmares of the bottom, mirror, how to love, president carter? Dis shows dat u didnt even listen 2 d album

        • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

          As far as i’m concerned Kendrick Lamar owns 6 foot 7 foot.. Also.. Yeah how to love, mirrors, two shots, up up & away, she will was good. I could still listen to those.. But nightmares of the bottom album version was trash compared the live version. . But for his last carter album i’ll rather hear something with purpose. Like devol type material shit he wrote when locked up.

          • Anti

            Kendrick owns 6 foot 7 foot? Lebron own yo hairline, but u don’t have a problem w/ that though

      • JayHighAss

        Shut yo big forehead I mean Five head ass up

    • TinaTurnup

      Have you not heard Danny Glover remix, Chi-raq remix or yass bish??? Nicki be killing shit lately and uoeno.

      • will

        If she can spit, like she did on my nigga remix, then i wouldn’t mind her on the album.

      • Trey

        And lookin ass nigga.

      • dumbo

        Chiraq was the original, not a remux

    • Tune Up

      Is you, sippin’ on that cain? What the fuck, is you sayin’?

    • nfs444

      Do you remember Still I Rise from Dedication 3??? Probably not because YOUR A FAKE FAN!!!!1

      • based guy

        i’ve been a weezy fan for years and nicki is hands down one of the worst rappers/performers i’ve ever heard/seen . her lyrics are nonsense. she even performed at powerhouse with backup vocals. that requires no talent. i will be beyond dissapointed if she is featured on c5

    • nfs444

      Wowzers was the worst song btw

    • T@

      Wowzers was worse

    • Bongani Addic Ntuli

      did you hear how hella her verse’s on “Yess Bitcch” ft Solider Boy???? That Shit could do da Carter5 well.i think

    • Anti

      both their verses weren’t that good, i think it was just that song, b/c nikki be goin crazy

  • Right now C5 seems like its going to be packed with features.

    • Fuck tha Fame

      Who knows there hasn’t been any music yet that has been confirmed to be Carter 5

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Shout out Nicki Booty

  • lol @ u


    • TinaTurnup

      Everyone is loving believe me!

    • JayHighAss

      Lmao you said it dead on bra

    • Orrboy35

      That’s so true lol

  • Don_Hooper19

    Believe Me, Dusse, I can’t wait to see what Wayne does this Wednsday I don’t think it will be another song but it would shock me if it is

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      scoob doo probably going to release a 15 second video of weezy walking to his car

      • Don_Hooper19


      • Skenny

        Hahahahahahah damn xD

      • TwizzieTwitch

        Lolololllololol at the end it gone be like “Maybach” coming soon

      • Fuck tha Fame

        if it’s 15 secs you know new music coming soon

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    the first single from carter five should be called something like ‘young money forever’ and feature nicki minaj, drake and gudda gudda

    • YoungJT1092

      Haha, lucky for you Gudda was confirmed to be on C5, but Drake already got Believe Me, Im not really up for double features. Let everyone take a verse, and go, leave the rest to Wayne.

      • YoungJT1092

        But I will admit to ya, I couldnt see C5 without Gudda, after all, Gunwalk, Devastation, Heat, Young Money Hospital, Demolitions 1&2 were all speakers destroyers.

      • Ye’

        What lil wayne && drake have the most chemistry fuck is you talking

    • nfs444

      Young Money Allstars

  • Tune Up

    Nicki deserves to me on C5 in my opinion…but she better bring that “Still I rise” and “Go Hard” nicki flow. Yass Bish went hard, so did mercy. I’m still waiting for her single.

  • Tyrone

    She better be on the album, she’s killing everything lately. We should get a Lil Wayne ft. Drake and Nicki on C5

  • roman

    Nicki ain’t good enough for tha carter albums that is why she ain’t made any of them before

    Only good enough for Wayne’s IANAHB series or rebirth or his mixtapes

  • Obvious King

    As long as she doesn’t say that someone is her “son” punchline again…then i’m cool with it…she been saying that shit since like 09 it’s annoying.

    • Time

      So true

    • blahhh

      Can’t be bias weezy Has his life is a bitch lines and the F is for lines

  • The Future

    Every song Wayne & Nicki done has been fire.

    My favorites: High As A Kite, High School, Knockout, Mercy (freestyle).

    So yes, she should be on #C5

    • Time

      Lay You Down was not fire.

      • The Future

        I meant just them two. But okay.

  • Skenny

    I always wanted a nicki and wayne collabo
    But not on CV

  • Nukey

    Well if the collab doesn’t end up on C5, then Nicki should put it on her pink print album because usually they make fire hits together, but I wouldn’t mind if she was on Tha Carter V she’s been killing shit recently!! 😀

  • Time

    I am still waiting on the full version of Tradegy….

  • Lageon

    Y’all gotta look at the bigger picture. Eventhough Wayne said C5 MAY be his last album, he didn’t say anything about not doing features or mxtapes. Not to mention the comp albums

    • YoungJT1092

      Word. The rap game needs I Cant Feel My Face dammit. That’s probably the only album I know Wayne can out do his C5 numbers with.

      • Anti

        I doubt it b/c collab albums don’t usually do as good as solo albums

        • YoungJT1092

          True, but if C5 makes a huge splash as expected, ppl will wanna hear more Wayne, which could be a perfect time to drop ICFMF, have everybody on some throwback music, and Juelz gets his fame up all at once.

  • up north

    The hype for Carter V is dying

  • YoungJT1092

    And yeah, Im down for a Nicki- Wayne collab. We need the best female rapper alive to collab with the GOAT for his final Carter album.

  • TwizzieTwitch

    We need Lil Wayne Ft. Lil Wayne cuz that nigga a beast

    • Linoh Locc


    • Dwayne

      GOAT – Lil Wayne ft. Weezy F. Baby


        Stop dick-eating, you sound like a Eminem fan.

    • Tunechi Tha Don

      Best comment ive ever seen

  • Matt


  • Linoh Locc

    Dawm she look good in this interview lol

  • YoungThug

    Yo young thug killed that track with t.i “about tha money”

  • Eshall Flawless

    I could live the rest of my life without hearing Nikki. I think C5 would be better without her.

  • Swift_TrukIt

    Nicki is literally the female wayne..

  • Anti

    He need the 2011 Chief keef on the album #Chiraq

  • fareeeeeaal doe

    Nicki can spit that shit#rip rip

    She gone destroy her versus,I believe

    Just have to be the right track,

    Wayne went as far ass grabbing mannie for C5,which he promised us he would do better after no award nominees,C5 gone be the shit # instant classic

  • martianspacedout

    Hey can all real weezy fans come together and tweet him on his twitter page let him know who rap artists and singers should be featured on Tha Carter 5 ALBUM like Nelly Lloyd Trey Songz Bobby V Keri Hillson Ludacris Shanelle Juvenile Juelz Santana Fabolous Chris Brown Shawt Dawg Lil Chuckee Lil Twist Euro Ymcmb Flow Cory Gunz Cassie Justin Bieber B.o.b. B.G. Turk Birdman5StarStunna Jae Millz Tech Ni9e Ricky rozay Currensy Wiz Khalifa Juicy J Drizzy Drake Gudda Gudda August Alsina Kirko Bangz Game T.I. JayZ and Jay Sean hopefully have more features weezy have more artist in the studio fans please make this happen #C5 Season