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Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug & Rich Gang Hard At The Xclusive Venue In Columbus, Ohio

Mon, Apr 20, 2015 by

Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug, Birdman & Rich Gang Hard At The Xclusive Venue In Columbus Ohio

On April 16th, Lil Wayne attended The Xclusive Venue in Columbus, Ohio for a stop on his “Release Partiez” tour. Mr. Carter will next be performing live on his nightclub tour later today at Levels nightclub in Carbondale, Illinois.

You can watch some footage of Weezy performing his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 songs “Sh!t” and “Coco” live at the venue after the jump below! Tunechi can also be heard dissing the f*ck out of Young Thug, his Tha Carter VI album and Rich Gang by telling the crowd the following:

“If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell ’em I said: ‘suck my dick'”

“Carter V coming soon, ain’t no motherfuckin’ such thing as Carter VI”

“Anytime y’all book them bitch ass niggas to come up in this motherfucker, before they say one word, you let ’em know Tunechi said: ‘suck my dick'”

I don’t know why the uploader of the bottom video added the title “Lil Wayne tells Columbus he’s retiring after Carter V??“, but just ignore that because Wayne doesn’t say anything of the sort in the actual clip.

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  • Patrick H

    Wayne sending shots to Tyler the creator because his album dropped recently?

    Lol that was sarcasm for anyone who didnt think so.

    • Khosta

      shut up slime but yeaah


      C6 BOY

    • Mula EL

      No he’s not he is on Tyler the creator album dumb ass nigga

      • BEE

        bruh. google the meaning of sarcasm

      • Manolis P

        Ludaversal dropped recently as well

  • Waiting on HollyWeezy video and that remix rick Ross

    • tunchi lionchess is a fagass

      when will you stop dickridin?

      • Tez

        This niggas life revolves around another mans life

  • Khosta

    They call me Michelangelo, you paint them so street

    But you remove that wallpaper, bet that sheet-rock weak, (haha)

  • Mason⭐Weezy

    Lol “Retiring after Carter5” nahh the only way Wayne will leave the game will be when he dies. Even then his legacy will live on just like all the greats. #WeezyTheGoat #CV #FWA

    • Khosta

      Weezy better than him though, you just hating man

      • Mason⭐Weezy

        Better than who? Fuck you talking bout hating?

  • Sirbyron

    I like this weezy the one that don’t give a fuck and just gets on the mic, saying some crazy shit hahaha Get’em boy!!!

    • Khosta

      like when he did moment of clarity “I don’t need the hot boys I still keep my heat”

      • Sirbyron

        Haha but he really don’t the man carried cash money and look where he took ym the hottest label today

        • Khosta

          True, he is Cash Money

    • JTRowling

      We have our 07′ Weezy back!!

      • Sirbyron

        I personally think wayne needed this it shows u can never get too comfy where u at

  • Khosta

    My Flow is like pasta, take it and eat it. But I’ma need cheese if I’M baking the CD..

    Kids today don’t know this guy



      ITS SAD

      • Khosta


    • Clutch Like Kobe

      He said Ziti not cd but I’m guessing you’ve never had baked ziti it’s actually pretty good you should try it

      • triggacity_813


        • savage813

          Niggas stupid talking bout ziti..much as Wayne use wordplay we kno he ain’t kno real fan

          • SqadShit

            It is ziti tho

          • tunechifuckinli

            It’s ziti dumbass

      • dave

        Its wordplay, CD sounds like ziti. Think about it.

        • Clutch Like Kobe

          No he’s saying he needs to be getting paid to make music. I’m gonna need cheese if I’m baking the ziti . Cheese = money

    • DSmith10

      My favourite live performance period, all the rappers/hip hop heads in the crowd were feeling the fuck outta this performance

      • WeezyF0708

        yeah that performance was too sick too be that weak of a reaction but u right the hip hops were def feelin that shit

    • Nathaniel Diaz


  • Hahaha

    Lmao rip baby and thug


    “If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell ‘em I said: ‘suck my dick’”

    “Carter V coming soon, ain’t no motherfuckin’ such thing as Carter VI”

    “Anytime y’all book them bitch ass niggas to come up in this motherfucker, before they say one word, you let ‘em know Tunechi said: ‘suck my dick’”


    • Runnli carter v

      Bird and thug probably aint gonna say shit! Lmao

    • Da_guy

      Weezy f baby tell em man, they aint got shit on you

  • JTRowling

    Wayne makin sure HollyWeezy gets everyone’s attention. I feel him, Birdman a whole hoe for this shit.

    • Time

      I just realized they dropping it at a perfect time too cause Thug said he was gonna come to Hollygrove a few days ago

  • Sirbyron

    ” I might go crazy on these niggas I don’t give a motherfuck, run up in a niggas house and shoot his grandmother up…” classic weezy

  • triggacity_813

    Nobody gonna read the whole post lol
    Wayne is not retiring

    • Time

      Danny should of made that part bigger

    • KingFresh


  • Khosta

    I graduated from hungry and made it to griddy

    • SkeetSkeetBitch

      I graduated from hungry and made it to greedy…

  • Khosta

    Comment with your favourite Lil Wayne line, mine “I hate it when em niggas say talk is cheap. Cuz I’m the type that let moeny talk for me”

    • EndlessEnlightenment


    • nighty

      You all dead me. And me am just a butcher-

      • HollyDADz


    • Emj

      “And Just the other day my nigga Chris killed himself, I pray to God that I never feel the way he felt. Where do we go when there’s no help? He figured Heaven so he went left, y’all know that ain’t right…”

    • SkeetSkeetBitch

      “Real nigga since day 1 cause I ain’t promised day 2”
      “Leave yo ass flatted in my new television”
      “I just think it, hear the track and I stink it You ain’t met a nigga like me a while, my type extinct bitch!”

    • Drilon_G

      “Real G’s move in silence like Lasagna”

    • Time

      He said something crazy back in the day like ‘when you look out my jet window, you see L.A. like a Bruin’

      UCLA is the word play

    • mikeyt

      Protect me from my friends I can take care of my enemies I come from a place where niggas just kill to save energy

  • xxtforkxx

    RG < YM

  • nighty

    Shots fired!

  • Crown Me King


  • Sportz

    Is that Mavado rocking with Wayne?

    • HollyDADz

      That’s what I was here wonderin’ too… Didn’t think anyone on here knew who he was tho

      • Time

        He Khaled artist, I think everyone knows him

    • Time

      No thats not him

  • HollyDADz

    Anyone in this bitch from the Caribbean?!?

    • bary868


      • HollyDADz

        Kool… Y u never comment tho?

        • bary868

          Been on the site reading comments for years but only just joined disqus

          • HollyDADz

            Welcome to the site den

    • wasTheDeal

      right here fam im dominican

      • HollyDADz

        Kool! Thought I was the only one… Good to know others are on here too

        • Time

          Wayne got fans all over the world bro

          • HollyDADz

            That’s why he the G.O.A.T!

        • wasTheDeal

          we in here my nikka

    • Finesse_King

      St Lucia

  • Dustin Golding

    Dude! Columbus sound turnt!!! #FWA

  • D-Rok

    “Ok let’s talk about this ice that I’m carryin….all these karats like I’m a fuckin vegetarian….niggas play, I burry them yall already knowin….I threw out my arms and bitches thought it started snowing!”

  • SliiiimeBo$$

    “fuck nigga meet me there better yet beat me there we dem dicks too nigga”

    • KingFresh

      But thug never went to hollygrove so stfu.

      • SliiiimeBo$$

        He said carter 6 coming out Friday and his first show for the Barter 6 will be at hollygrove dumbass

        • 1017BLOOD

          Thug will not go to hollygrove, niggas need hood passes to go to them sort of area’s and Thug will never have that while he’s beefing with Wayne. If you from the hood or know niggas in the hood then you’ll know what im on about.

        • KingFresh


    • Time


  • SliiiimeBo$$

    “Ima drop a nigga just like a bad habit”

  • Time

    Oh shit Wayne was really angry that day

  • xxtforkxx


  • xxtforkxx

    also Happy 4/20 fam

  • Tunechitunechi

    Another day goes by with no fwa

    • Nukey

      Yup…. But getting a another feature and that HollyWeezy vid today bro

      • Tunechitunechi

        It’ll all get pushed back

        • KingFresh

          You’re dumb

  • DopeisJay

    Y’all know that remix to Vamonos is out right

    • DopeisJay

      And Wayne verse sound like any other verse off SFTW2

      • blahhh

        Wayne s4tw2 verses are fire tho

        • DopeisJay

          If you say so. Nah it’s not that bad of a verse tho

  • 1Broskie

    Coco is hard as fuk live!!!!

  • Nick G

    Wayne need to show these niggas what happens after he hit the kill witch…… let the beat build one of my top like Wayne songs

  • Tramaine Johnson

    All I know is that nigga wasn’t in Hollygrove wid them dicks lmao all bark no bite ass nigga.

    • JTRowling

      I knew Thug wasnt that ignant. HollyGrove will cut his ass up and serve him to sharks steppin on Wayne’s block like that.

  • Locoloco

    I Think the uploader tell that Wayne retiring after Carter V coz he doesn’t know anything about the beef.. and maybe he think that Wayne say there will be nothing more after CV. Anyway, Love this beef cause Wayne is back angry and split some crazy bars !

  • LondonB

    Glad its free. that means no execute or Taz involved hopefully

  • Jason Caughers

    Guys it’s about 15 minutes till we getting this video I’m taking predictions who thinks it’s gonna have a date at the end

    • Guest

      What are you taking about?

  • kb55

    Ima a HUGE Weezy fan but….Barter 6 is a Classic!!!!

  • Trey Hambrick

    Haha. Yea

  • Wow!! You ain’t playin with those niggas, Getem Wayne.

  • Olin Salter

    He stayed when everyone left, shidd he even got cash money across his torso smh